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  1. ╰Username: Kookie_Monsta17
  2. ╰Password: Really really by winner
  4. ╰Name: Bae Seung Hee
  5. ╰Age: 19
  6. ╰Birthday: March 27th, 1998
  7. ╰Birthplace: Pohang, South Korea
  8. ╰Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
  9. ╰Nationally: Korean
  11. ╰Height: 167cm
  12. ╰Weight: 47kg
  13. ╰Company: Fantagio Ent.
  14. ╰Backup: Pledis Ent.
  15. ╰Training period: 3 years
  17. ╰Likes:
  18. +Apples
  19. +Cherry Blossom trees
  20. +Writing rap lyrics
  21. +Doing Makeup
  22. +Starbucks
  23. +Darkness
  25. ╰Dislikes:
  26. +Bright lights
  27. +Chicken
  28. +Creeky beds
  29. +Sleeping with the door open
  30. +Fireworks
  31. +The colour green
  33. ╰Trivia:
  34. +She was stuck in the same elevator as Rocky of Astro for 4 hours one day while training at Fantagio.
  35. +She has three siblings all younger, two twin brothers HyukJoo, and Kihyun. Also a younger sister named Sunny.
  36. +She was born at 11:11 in the morning.
  37. +She has a pet hamster named Princess, and a  guinea pig named Star.
  38. +She is a very big G-Dragon fan, and has seen him in concert three times.
  39. +Her current favourite female artist is Heize.
  40. +She once cut the pony tail off a girl in the third grade for stealing her cupcake.
  43. ╰Face claim: Mina (Gugudan)
  44. ╰Backup: Doyeon (Weki Meki)
  45. ╰Predicted ranking: 17th
  47. ╰Why did you audition: She wanted to show people that she wasn’t just some underground rapper, and that she could be successful.
  49. ╰Message to other trainee: Hi I hope we can become great friends, and that we will take care of each other like family. And no hard feelings to whoever wins.
  50. ╰Message to national producer: Thank you so much for opening this show, and giving trainees like me a shot at idol life.
  52. ╰Message to family: Eomma, Appa I’m doing just fine. Please don’t worry too much it’s bad for you health. I love you two so much, and please take care of my siblings.
  54. ╰Your greeting: e.g. "ㅋㅋㅋ Kiki is here! Hello I’m Kiki.”
  55. ╰Rate your skill:
  56. Vocal: 5
  57. Dance: 7
  58. Rap: 9
  59. ╰Extra thing about you: She is incredibly sarcastic just so you know, and she always has a comeback.
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