Inside Bundle Joy's mind

Dec 31st, 2013
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  3. I love it when the mare watches. It's always the best. He seems nervous and excited at the same time, and the glum wife just watches him empty his seed into the superior mare. It would be easier for them to just stay home, but they never do. The barren wives think they are involved, think they even matter. They are nothing. The stallion gits his teeth and pumps like a tiger, under sombre instruction to cum as quickly as possible and with the least pleasure. It's an impossible instruction, but that's our little secret.
  5. I hate being empty. It's so cold and lonely. I hate it so much. Cum is nice, and a full load fills that gap just a little, but the excitement of what is to come dwarfs it. I'm so very fertile, it takes the first time in most cases. My body is thirsty for seed, and knows what to do with it. Soon l feel that particular sensation, and l know it has set.
  7. And that is the best of all. It is a walking heaven, a bliss that l wish would never end. Trotting around even before it shows everyone knows what has happened. It's news, it's gossip, it's on the tips of all the tongues. 'Mr. and Mrs. so and so are finally having a baby' like l don't even exist. That's just fine. I'll be your stork, your fertility goddess.
  9. I grow fat, the burden is a joy l cannot express. When l feel the child, the children, I feel like a greater creature. More than a pony, like a Princess. Creating life, carrying life, it's such a rush of joy and power greater than any drug. It fills my body with pride moreso than the swelling weight. I feel so good about myself, and l look magnificent as well.
  11. My body becomes soft and round, my features angelic. My teats swell, every colt and stallion looks at me. Sometimes l indulge, l admit. New seed can't 'poison' what has already taken, after all. You would think stallions who never want children would be anathema to me, but l revel in them when l am in this perfect condition. They love my plump body, my warm softness. They spill inside freely.
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