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EQ Legacy Pack Final Changelog

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Apr 10th, 2020
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  2. Future updates will only be top-tier bugfixes!
  4. 3.1
  5. Updated to 1.15.
  7. 3.0
  8. Added randomised textures to Quartz Bricks (quartz_block), Small Quartz Bricks (chiseled_quartz), Stone Bricks, Stone, and Cobblestone.
  9. Added a custom texture to Quartz Pillar.
  10. Changed Granite texture.
  11. Made ores more similar to default (temporary).
  12. dead_fire_coral_block -> Alternative Stone Bricks texture.
  13. dead_horn_coral_block -> Stone Bricks Pillar texture.
  14. Altered Oak Log slightly (testing).
  16. 2.2
  17. Andesite texture made much less blue and much more bearable.
  18. Soul sand now fits in with dirt & coarse dirt, so use it in dirty textures or paths!
  19. Changed Dark Prismarine & Prismarine Bricks to a more tile-like texture.
  21. 2.1
  22. Grass path fixed.
  23. Yellow carpet fixed.
  25. 2.0
  26. 1.14 log types added.
  27. Updated grass texture to have less grass.
  28. Custom coarse dirt to fit with normal dirt.
  29. Updated path texture to fit with dirt/grass texture.
  30. Updated granite, diorite, and andesite textures.
  31. Recoloured stone slabs.
  32. New chiselled stone brick texture.
  33. Moved old chiselled stone brick to 'dead tube coral'.
  34. New mossy cobblestone texture.
  35. New large cobble texture on 'dead brain coral'.
  36. New darker chiselled stone brick texture on 'dead fire coral'.
  37. Chiselled quartz now has same top & bottom as sides.
  39. 1.3.1
  40. Updated to Minecraft 1.13.
  42. 1.3
  43. Split Erebor bricks off into separate packs.
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