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  1. Hi.
  3. Can you access my site? I cleared all the managers. You should now be able to see my site and the badges that have been removed and also the removal of the theme. I will never inflict anything copyright protected or owned to you again.
  5. I'm just wondering since my ban at HackForums was based on my stupidity of GuruForums if i could please have it lifted. I know you've given me a second chance already but I'm greatly asking for one more chance from the bottom of my heart. I really love HackForums and I would be so happy to be back for the final time. I promise to never screw up again I'll do whatever you say from now on, including no legal actions if you tell me to remove a userbar I'll do it instantly, even though that will not be happening again. Since i was back from HF i upped my post quality by a whole lot and even helped people with quality support, I have been reporting all rule breaking posts and even posted great quality in the lounge. I would love to be unbanned for a once and final time. I would personally be happy to pay you $20 for an unban legitly out of my own PayPal to say sorry for all the trouble and time i have caused you, I know what i have done Jesse and i know how to fix it, I just hope you would give me a second chance since your an awesome guy with an awesome forum.
  7. Thanks for reading and i hope you can understand my deep sorriness and apology.
  9. If you do choose to give me a second chance I have a problem logging into HackForums, it says invalid password and the previous emails used were
  11. + +
  13. So i cannot access my account my password was changed and my email was changed, Could you reset my email to this email and i will do a retrieval.
  15. Thank you so much Jesse Labrocca.
  17. If there is anything else you would like removed from GuruForums please don't hesitate to contact me at
  18. I will instantly remove what's requested.
  20. Thank you,
  21. Darryn Joseph.
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