Aug 9th, 2021
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  1. Ice Station Zebra (1968)
  3. The US, the Brits and the Russkies converge on a satellite ditched down in the wastes of the Arctic. It has a film cannister with very sensitive information. At IMDB the synopsis says:
  5. Ferraday confesses that he has been briefed on the real nature of their mission, despite all the precautions taken by Jones, so he continues to elaborate. The film he's searching for came from a Russian spy satellite, equipped with a special camera stolen from the British, and using a new type of film developed by the Americans, "all very hush-hush," says Jones. Launched by the Russians, it was capable of taking pictures of incredible detail, and it had photos of all missile bases in North America. Unfortunately for the Russians, something went wrong, "and that darling little satellite just kept on taking pictures of Soviet missile bases, even when it wasn't supposed to, making it the most valuable piece of film in the world."
  7. Something went wrong. A "miscalculation." It's almost like the technology is having a laugh at them.
  9. The US proposed Space Force will be conducting -- and watching for -- similar kinds of satellite surveillance, and we'll be taking our 100 year old aggression (if you count the Bolshevik Revolution and fall out years afterward) with the Russians to outer space.
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