Dadonequus Discord Part 233

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  1. "C'mon Chrysalis, Don't do that. Who are you even trying to impress anyway? Nobody is here to listen to you be arrogant"
  2. >"It's not about arrogance, it's about dominance. But, pray tell, are you doing down here anyway?" Chrysalis began to wonder "It's not like you to wander into my lair without a reason. So what is it?"
  3. "I just want to hang out with you. You said we we're definitely friends right? Well, I'd like to spend some time with you. And I'd appreciate it if you don't try to tease or manipulate me"
  4. >You were serious. You didn't need any of her "Dohohoho manipulate and seduce" shit
  5. >But you noticed something in her eye. The moment you finished that sentence. she had a flash of childlike giddiness on her face. "Does that mean we'll be watching another documentary on humans?"
  6. > you felt kinda bad, she was trying to hide it, but you could see genuine interest in her eyes for it.
  7. "Sorry, it's gonna have to be another time. I used the horn today."
  8. >Chrysalis's expression then changed to that of childish disappointment ".....ergh....Should have known. So then, what are we supposed to do?"
  9. "Talk...y'know. Just try to get to know each other more"
  10. >"We already know each other"
  11. "You know what I mean. I want to have a friendly chat. It can be about anything. C'mon, do you just wanna sit here bored all evening? I could just leave."
  12. >Chrysalis didn't say anything at first. She just turned her head to the side and looked down onto the floor of the basement cave next to her throne. She then looked to you, with a bored expression, and pointed towards the empty spot. "Sit"
  13. >That made you smile, it felt like progress.
  14. "Alrighty"
  15. >You go and brush off the spot a little before planting you butt on it.
  16. >"So then, what do you want to talk about?" She asked, a little curious, thinking there might be ulterior motives to this.
  17. "Well...first. I wanna know if the captain is ok. I heard he failed the mission you gave him"
  19. >"Heard?" Chrysalis let's out a dismissive chuckle "Don't you mean he told you? I already know everything he had to report. Including the one filly knowing going up to three. It's interesting really, I might be able to use it to my advantage. And for that, I gave the little runt some praise. At the moment he's training least that's what he said he was going to do. "
  20. >....wut? Did she just casually tell you she could use it to her advantage?
  21. "What do you mean "Advantage"? Are you just trying to rile me up?"
  22. >Chrysalis smiles just a little as she looks down at you, and you up at her "No, I'm being serious. Friends tell each other things, don't they? I'm telling you that I have the advantage, so take it as you will. It's not as if you could stop whatever I might be planning anyway."
  23. >You sigh, she wanted you to react. And before, you would. But you had thought too deeply into this. You needed to keep a level head.
  24. "Well, ok then. I'll just have to intervene when you try something, I guess"
  25. >"You guess?" Chrysalis found that suspicious "....Aren't you worried about your friends?"
  26. >You shrug
  27. "Not really, you're not going to hurt them. You know what would happen if you did. And you can't trick Applebloom again. So there's that too..." You look up at Chrysalis and smile "Hey Chrysalis, let me ask you a question. What was your biggest conquest in Equestria?"
  28. >Chrysalis nearly double backed, wide eyed in expression, she was having a "wut" moment. "You're interested? Really?"
  30. >You nod
  31. "Well yeah, I gave you the documentary and all that stuff. I think you owe me a great story in the history if your hive. Don't you think?"
  32. >You give her an adorable little smile
  33. >You were plotting in your head. Luna was right, you just had to take your life as a colt face first. Your feelings were never a lie, and that was what was most important. You'd give your life to protect Fluttershy, you knew that.
  34. >When you're home however. You are Anon the human. Not in body, but in mind. You didn't have to play pretend. And as you are able to make that distinction. You have no reason to falter to Chrysalis, she can't do shit anyway. Especially now that three fillies got your back.
  35. >".....hmmm" Chrysalis readjusted herself on her throne to make herself more comfortable. and began to ponder "...I can't even think of any other reason why you would want to know. hrnnnnnn......but" She smiles again, but more casually...more friendly "I guess I forgot that you actually have some neutrality in you, hard to remember after Twilight Sparkle made you into a squishy wuss"
  36. >ok..that one hurt a little
  37. "...She wasn't wrong in what she taught me Chrysalis, it's just that for someone like me. Being nice and friendly and kind ALL the time actually doesn't work. It just kind of makes me into a doormat. That's why you came right? To show me that? Lesson learned."
  38. >You snicker at her
  39. "Hope it was worth it, because you only strengthened my resolve"
  40. >Chrysalis mockingly snickers back in annoyance
  41. "Well aren't you the intelligent little fuzzball"
  42. >She then rests her head on her hoof again and sighs
  43. "This is what I get for doing a superb job...."
  44. >You reach your hooves to the side of her throne and pull your head up to look at her
  45. "C'mon, it ain't that bad. And besides, I'm here just as a friend. I'm not gonna try to convert you right now. I wanna hear a story"
  47. >Chysalis leans over and pushes your head down, she was slightly annoyed with the fact she couldn't figure you out right now. "Fine.....But I don't need you looking at me like that. It unnerves me."
  48. "Alright, Alright"
  49. >You gently push her hoof away
  50. "Just don't skimp on the details."
  51. >"Oh, I won' then" Chrysalis clears her throat "I have toppled a few cities, kingdoms, and even an empire or two in my much younger days. Unfortunately, I could never hold them down for very long...but that's a story for a another time. But, as far as my conquests go. The empire of Trot was probably my best work."
  52. "Trot?....that's it's name? Really?"
  53. >"Don't interrupt, besides, it was the old days. They kept things simple. In any case, Trot was both a glorious Empire and city...." Chrysalis stops and realizes something "...I suppose naming your city after your empire is a little unimaginative...but I didn't care. Anyway, they were known for having the mightiest army in the land. An unstoppable force that even had Griffons and Diamond Dogs in their employ But the reason I chose to conquer it because it was also falling into a form of decadence. Love,peace, good will had spread among the populace. Their army was only ever really useful for defending at that point. They never bothered anypony else. And nopony ever attacked them in fear of retaliation. The only other thing that actually made things difficult was that they didn't trust most outsiders. Ready to even fire at any pegasi that flew too close to their walls. Their decadence was only really a self contained thing really. Many of the plans I had thought up we're prone to failure due this fact. Until I heard their prince was a fat loveless loser"
  55. >You saw where this was going
  56. "Ahhhh, I see. So in comes the lost, beautiful young mare with the look of a princess...right?"
  57. >Chrysalis chuckles a light hearted chuckle "Exactly, ohhh but even then it wasn't easy. I had to tell a terrible sob story of abuse and pain just to get through the front gates. From then on I had to learn to become one of them. It wasn't until a month later that I even got the chance to meet the prince. I was stuck with a unassuming family, who happily took me in. Their colt was adorable....I fed off of him for the entire time I was there." Chrysalis snickers at the comparison "He treated me like I was his older sister"
  58. >You hid your cringe. Interested as you were...that was just cold.
  59. ".....what happened to him?"
  60. >Chrysalis shrugged "No idea, I used my free time to pluck flowers near the palace until the prince noticed me. Oh the naive idiot.."You're the only pony to ever notice me" he said "Other girls just see me as a means to get rich, but you notice me for my looks and personality" he stammered...oh Anon, he was so pathetic. He was sweating so much upon our first meeting."
  61. "Woah woah, hold on. you're skipping ahead. What did he say when you both first met?"
  62. >"I just told you what he said. What, did you think I said hi to him? No, the pathetic idiot just noticed me looking at him and batting my eyes and he just walked up to me and said those things while sweating like a pig. I could tell he was very very very lonely. No girl every talked to him like he was a pony. No girl could look at him for a second without gagging. He really was the grossest thing I've ever saw. His pimples were has big as your muzzle, and his guy could barely hold his girdle. And that smell"
  63. >...ohhh...god.
  64. "Ok..that...admitingly sounds gross. So how the hell did you put up with it? Like sheesh, I know you can't have that much patience. I would have walked out just because he sounds like a total spaz"
  66. >"He was" Chrysalis snickers "He really was, always ALWAYS, from the moment he let me into the palace, did he go on and on about the figurines he had of local celebrities and always always talking about his insipid dreams of becoming an alicorn one day. I sat there through all of nearly killed me"
  67. "egh...I bet. We have a lot of those kinds of humans back on Earth. They just insert themselves into whatever you're doing and then never shut the fuck up. It's annoying as shit"
  68. >"Oh I don't even have to imagine. You probably never had to live with him. His love may have been delicious, but even in the process of making him mine....he never EVER shut up. It was unbelievable!" Chrysalis leaned back onto the sides of her throne as she raised her hoof at the absurdity of it all "No matter how deep I put him under he still talked about to stupid figurines! It drove me crazy!"
  69. >You giggle at that, that actually sounded funny.
  70. "Oh...don't laugh" Chrysalis flipped around and looked down at you with a more friendly, yet annoyed look.
  71. "Sorry, heh, it's just funny. But...if it annoyed you so much. How was this your best conquest?"
  72. >"Ahh patience Anon, I'm just getting to the good part. Trust me, you'll love it. Anyway..." Chrysalis went on her back again, and looked upwards as she spoke more casually "I spent month after month working him over, easy..yet annoying. However, when I finally decided to make my final move. His father intervened. You see, my plan was to have my family "That still cared for me" over for the wedding. But he would have none of it. They still didn't trust outsiders, the prince even agreed...and he was under my spell. Very very stubborn....You'd think a girl of my beauty would be more respected but Trot was full of fools."
  73. "So you couldn't get your children in then.....wait...."
  74. >Trot.......Tro......Troy? The story didn't match up...but if she needed to get her hive in....
  76. "......Let me guess. You tricked the prince into getting you a really really big gift. One that could only be found outside the city walls. And had your army intercept and hide inside of it. So when the gift came at the gates. They let them in....and...."
  77. >Chrysalis just smirks as she looks up at the ceiling. the very memory bringing her cruel happiness. "Very very good Anon, I'm impressed. I really am. Nopony would have figured it out as quick as you. That's what I like about you sometimes, deep down in your heart lies the soul of a changeling....but yes, that was the strategy. And right when I was made princess of Trot. Both the city and empire...Thats when we struck. Chaos spread across the city as "my love" could not figure out what happened. He tries so so hard to understand. That was my greatest joy, was watching him realize how big of a mistake he made and how truly unloved he really was as to take in a changeling wife. It got even better when my now ex-captain brought me his figurines...and i destroyed every single one in front of him. We plundered his empire for an entire week before forces from neighboring lands came to help them. We we're already gone however. The destruction and drain on the entire empire was already done and we had enough fill to sustain ourselves for a month on that alone. The empire never recovered and was lost through the passages of time."
  78. >Chrysalis nuzzled the back of her head on the armrest of her throne and smiles sweetly "......and that's the end of my tale. What do you think Anon?"
  80. >You clap your hooves, a dark story to be sure. But what's done is done. You already knew she was cruel and evil. No point in pointing out the obvious. And a part of you did enjoy the fact an annoying sperg nerd beta got served....
  81. "Top notch, I actually thought that was a neat story."
  82. >"Neat?....hrnnn" Chrysalis didn't turn her head towards you, she just continued to look upwards, but she was struck with a sense of wonderment over your answer "No criticisms? No disgust? No anger?"
  83. "I'm not actually a pony, remember? I can appreciate a good story"
  84. >".....mnnnn, I guess I expected the usual "You monster" or "How cruel..".  It seems I was right, I just didn't fully realize it. But then, why try to reform me if you enjoyed that story? It doesn't make any sense"
  85. >You hesitate answering at first. putting some thought into your answer.
  86. "Because, it was a good story. But just because I enjoyed it doesn't mean I'll stop. I'd like to see you, my friend, living peacefully with the ponies. I'm telling you, it'd do a lot of good. But I can't expect it so soon. And even then, I actually like your personality....sometimes...sorta"
  87. >"Could have fooled me..." She let's out a hearty laugh "Cute, but foolish to think that will EVER happen.But enough about that, I have a question for you"
  88. >Hmmm?
  89. >"I'd rather not think about your useless attempts to change me. But..." Chrysalis is covered by a green aura for a moment before turning into her filly form. "I'd like you to sit with me and tell me a plot you'd use to conquer Equestria. I'd like to hear one, I know you have the mind for it and I'd find it ever so rewarding and fun if you tell me" She giggled adorably.
  90. >Adorably enough for you to raise your head to notice she had changed.
  91. "......why that form?"
  92. >She giggled again "You don't think I  didn't notice the love and lust that was coming off of you when you stepped down here? You've been playing around with your little marefriend, haven't you?  With that kind of aura, I simply had to take advantage. Now come on and sit with me..." She speaks in a cuter yet sexual voice "I'll nibble your ear a little if I like your plan"
  94. "Ehhh...Just don't get touchy."
  95. >You hobble up onto the throne and sit next to Chrysalis. Even in filly form. It was a snug fit. You could feel her flank touching yours.
  96. " did this on purpose"
  97. >Chrysalis gently rubbed against you, bringing the side of her head to yours. "Of course I did, the more I can get from you, the better. Don't let it distract you though. Tell me your plans."
  98. >You sigh, and lean a little away from her. While, internally, you did like the were sure she could already tell.
  99. "Ok, so. How to take over Equestria. First, I'd realize even with my horn. I'd only have one shot to do anything and there's a good chance everything could backfire. In fact, fuck the horn. Let's start fresh. Let's say I go into chemical studies and make a very very powerful drug"
  100. >"What? for healing? How is that supposed to do anything?" Chrysalis was already confused...good
  101. "No no, I don't mean the good type of drug. I mean a drug that's extremely addictive and makes you feel good, but as it wears off, you feel pain and misery."
  102. >"Pain and Misery?" Chrysalis mouth curls into a more cruel smile "I like it already."
  103. >You nod, and start gesturing with your front hooves to express how powerful the drug would be.
  104. "Yeah, it's really dirty stuff. You take it and you'd feel higher than a kite, like...the truest of happiness and love....then? BAM!"
  105. >You smash your hooves together
  106. "The worst feeling in your life! now that I have that explained. I'd make a ton of this stuff and go into a secluded and small town. And like any snake oil salesman. I advertise my wares"
  109. >"Hmmmm" Chrysalis began to ponder "I'm going to guess you're going to give them the drugs for a very low low price...and then?"
  110. >You snicker, you were already liking the sound of your plan and the fact Chrysalis had taken interest
  111. "Better, I'd give it away for free! first. By the end of the week the entire town would be BEGGING to make me their mayor. And dominoes...everything else will fall into place"
  112. >"Very interesting. I didn't think you could possibly be so underhoofed." Chrysalis nuzzles into you "To tell you the truth, it's actually quite attractive"
  113. >You start to blush, but gently push her away.
  114. "Come on, don't. I didn't even get to the best part"
  115. >You look over to Chrysalis, who was giving you the bedroom eyes, turning gently left and right as she had her hooves forward in a cute v. "Well...are you going to look at me. or are you going to continue? Either one is fine....or both would be better"
  116. >egghhh..she was teasing you hard. You just turn away.
  117. "I'll...just continue. Anyway, I'll keep them all in line after that. Having them do whatever I please until my fame as an "honest" mayor is spread far and wide. I'll become so famous that I'll get a meeting with the princesses. I'd only need Celestia and Luna really. And then the real dirty stuff begins"
  119. >You look back on Chrysalis, she wasn't trying to seduce you anymore. She actually looked quite riveted.
  120. >It made you feel confident in your planning.
  121. "I go visit them for a "Grand" meeting. Y'know, to talk about growth and my "Contributions" to Equestria. And then....I show off the drug as a candy. A candy of pure goodness. I don't think I need to say it but, I'll have the castle entirely hooked on the drug. And they will have to suffer and follow all my commands if they want to get more. I'd make sure to bring the most concentrated batch of the drug. It'd warp them enough that they couldn't survive without it...figuratively speaking of course...but still. It'd be a all new kind of hell. I'd make sure to break the princesses in before spreading the drug across Equestria as a candy. And once they are all hooked, the world will be mine!"
  122. >You start to laugh maniacally
  123. "HAHAHAHHA!"
  124. >You raise your hooves in the air
  125. "NOT EVEN TWILIGHT COULD STOP IT, EQUESTRIA WOULD BE NO MATCH FOR THE MACHINATIONS OF A HUMAN DRUG. ALL WOULD HAVE TO BOW TO ME OR SUFFER! and..hehehe...before you say anything. I'd have Celestia send a personal box of the drugs to Cadence and Twilight as well. So they'd be hooked before it spreads across the rest of the world. Then, I'd truly be unstoppable. Anyone who tries to resist it will suffer, and the payment for the drug will always be high thereafter....Brillaint"
  126. >You look over to Chrysalis with a smug smirk
  127. "Don't you think?"
  129. >Chrysalis giggled and gave you a gentle smile. "I personally think it's a fantastic plan. It's cruel, ingenious. and it gets the job done in a very sneaky a changeling. I love it!"
  130. >Your cruel smirk turns into a happy smile
  131. "You really do? heh, I guess I do have a good mind to be evil if I wanted to be"
  132. >"I agree...." But then Chrysalis leans back onto the other arm of the throne and gives you an adorably cocky smile "But...I do see a few holes"
  133. "Holes?"
  134. >Wut?
  135. "It's perfect! ponies are super dumb when it comes to that kind of thing. Never once did I ever see them have to handle drugs. They will naively fall for it and that's that. You'd be surprised how easily a drug can crush someone's will"
  136. >"And I believe you, the plan is so nefarious that it'd even wipe out my hive due to the fact that it seems you'd be eliminating the concept of love by making everypony have a need.for a drug rather than love. Buuuuut...First, you didn't consider if EVERYPONY would take the drug. There's always the possibility that many wouldn't want your "candy"."
  137. "And? I have kingdoms worth of army now to stomp the opposition"
  138. >"Mhmm, I suppose that's true. But now that everypony else is dependent on the drug. You now have the daunting task of producing enough for everypony."
  139. "Not hard, drugs are made of the most common of resources. I can even have them grown."
  140. >"But for the whole world?"
  141. >.....erm...well, that would be difficult actually. considering it'd have to be taken at a constant.
  142. "Well..I'd have others making it for me"
  144. >"Others? But you said all would be addicted....well, I suppose you could still have them make the drug. Or have others make it, some you employed who hadn't taken the drug. But then you have the problem of paying them. The royal treasury won't last forever, and from the way you're spreading the drug. Eventually everypony would run out of money. And then....Revolt. And while they are rebelling, your distributors would most likely run off. Chaos and Anarchy would reign, and then'll be consumed by the very addiction you created. The ponies will destroy you looking for it. There pain will become yours a million fold. And darkness will be the last thing you ever see. Quite simply Anon, you can't keep it up forever."
  145. >....shit
  146. "W-well, I could always lower the pri...then I'd run out of supplies even faster. ergh, and yeah, having others make it for me risks the fact they'd sell it on their own. And a whole world's supply would be.....ARGH!"
  147. >You fall backwards onto the back of the throne, defeated, crossing your front legs defiantly
  148. "Well...atleast it would work for awhile"
  149. >"Awwww, don't take it so hard Anon. It was still a good plan to me...just not a perfect one. It's something you couldn't hold together. But atleast you'd still taste victory" Chrysalis gently nuzzles into you "And here I thought you didn't have it in you. I really am impressed. I'm being honest"
  150. "Well..."
  151. >You sigh
  152. "Thanks I guess...but it doesn't make me evil y'know, it's just I can think evil thoughts."
  153. >"I figured, still impressed. So.." Chrysalis stops nuzzling and gives you a gentle grin "Is things working out between you and your "marefriend"?"
  154. >You nod
  155. " is"
  156. >"Have you mated with her yet?"
  157. "N-HEY!."
  158. >You give her a mean look, but she just kisses your nose
  159. >"You're so cute Anon...I can't wait to have fun again as your sister"
  160. >You grumble and hop off the throne.
  161. "Yeah yeah.."
  162. >You turn to face her, still a little miffed
  164. "But we'll see how long that lasts until you see that being nice and good is what is best. Hell, you could still feed and be good at the same time. I fail to see the problem honestly"
  165. >Chrysalis just smiles at you with careless abandon "Of course you don't, it's because you also have the naivete of a pony. I don't blame you. It just makes you more adorable...or annoying and making me want to destroy you. It depends, a queen such as myself have to make important decisions every once in awhile. And I prevent myself from destroying you when opportunity arises simply because our friendship actually means something to me. Something you haven't fully grasped yet"
  166. "But do you really consider...never mind. You're just going to try to seduce me after i ask that question"
  167. >Chrysalis nods "I don't need to try, it works everytime. You're a sexually active colt to a high degree. It's so easssyyy. And don't tell me you don't like enjoy my special attention Anon...I know you do"
  168. >She was right. Really, anyone would enjoy the attention. Especially form one who could turn into their waifu.
  169. "...only because I'm a male. Morally, I think it's wrong..or..."
  170. >Wait a minute...the way she reacted to Fluttershy
  171. >"Or?" She noticed you giving a smug smile, she didn't like it
  172. "Or..."
  173. >You climb back up onto the throne and start nuzzling into her instead, even gently hugging her and closing your eyes.
  174. "Or..we can be like actual brother and sister. Nuzzle, hug, and you could sleep next to me, protecting me from awful nightmares and scary shadows. I'd wuv a protective sister to sleep next with. I'd hug onto you and tell you how much I love you every day. And we can fly kites and go on picnics and-OMPH"
  175. >Chrysalis pushes you off the throne "Ok...I get it. Ugh...that's too much Anon" She reeverts back to her normal form as she looks down upon you with utter disgust. "Way too much"
  177. >You fall on your back and yelp a tiny yelp, then look back up at her and grin, the fall wasn't too bad to distract you
  178. "Is it my queen? You wouldn't want a little prince to love and protect?"
  179. >Chrysalis sticks her tongue out in disgust "Egghh, that's not what I meant by you being a changeling. And I can already see where this is going. So I think our time this evening has come to an end."
  180. >You snicker as you stand up, brushing yourself off
  181. "I guess, sad you can't handle a taste of your own medicine."
  182. >"That's because you like my attention, you know I hate THAT kind of attention being so deliberately "sweet and kind."
  183. >You just smile, and nearly have a laugh about it
  184. "Whatever you say sis....Well, it's probably getting late anyway. I need to go to bed for school tomorrow. Seeya tomorrow!"
  185. >You turn to walk towards the stairs out of the basement when Chrysalis says something to you
  186. >"You mean Goodnight"
  187. >hmm?
  188. "Goodnight?"
  189. >You turn back to face her
  190. >"Yes...Goodnight, don't leave me domain without wishing me a goodnight."
  191. >That...was odd..and sudden
  192. "Don;t you mean bad night?"
  193. >"Don't patronize me Anon, that sounds like what a lame villain from a puppet show would say. I'm asking you for something simple. Don't make me go and throw you down the stairs." She looked at you, annoyed with your statement.
  194. >But you only found it odd....huh...
  196. >You hesitate not because you're scared, but because it seemed so odd.
  197. "...Are you ok? It just doesn't seem like you"
  198. >"Do I need to explain things again Anon? I told you last time it was the LAST time. You're going to regret if I have to explain myself"
  199. >hmmmm...She was serious. But was it because she wanted to turn good? Atleast, some part of her?..or..did she take the friendship seriously?...hmm
  200. >Well, she did seem agitated. So..why not give her a goodbye she'd actually like.
  201. >You take a bow, and give her a gentle smile
  202. "No, I got it. So...goodnight, my queen"
  203. >"That's better....mnnn.." Chrysalis seemed to be having a little struggle of her own. "Goodnight..Anon. Now go..."
  204. >You look at her for a moment, then walk back all the way to your room.
  205. >Strange, the visit went well overall. But that "goodnight".
  206. >You hop into bed and gently snuggle into your blanket as you gave it some thought.
  207. >It was odd, but she seemed to be taking the friendship seriously. Or it was another trick...or something.
  208. > had a feeling that was no trick. But, as you put just a little more thought into it. still made little sense.
  209. >egh...probably not a good idea to put too much thought into it. Just ride it, and see where it takes you.
  210. >You close your eyes, and let yourself drift off to sleep.
  212. >you sleep...until there is a tapping at your window
  213. >A tapping?
  214. >You put your pillow over your ears, trying to block out the noise....until you hear.
  215. >"Anonnn....Annnonnn"
  216. >.......that voice.
  217. >Your ears perk up as you push the pillow away.
  218. >That voice...
  219. >You hop off the bed and look towards the things got really odd.
  220. >then you looked at your clock, 3 AM...huh
  221. >"Anon, can you open the window? I want to talk to private..outside..where the hive cannot hear"
  222. >It was Chrysalis. Private? What in the fuck?
  223. >But you look into her face, she looked pleading and gentle. Did she...Did she do a heel turn on her feelings? Or did she want to privately sort her feelings out with you...woah, this could be the breakthrough you were looking for!
  224. >You open the window
  225. "Chrysalis, are you alright?"
  226. >She nods "...I'm not. having strange feelings. Feelings I can only sort out with you. Can you follow me? You don't need to worry about falling, there doesn't seem to be any true gravity out here"
  227. "Yeah, I figured it'd be like that out there..but private, really? What is so bad that you need to talk to me in private?"
  229. >"Anon, I really can't say it here. I don't want the hive thinking I have grown weak"
  230. >....oohhhh shiiiiiieeett
  231. "..Ok, sure. We can go to that small island floating over there to talk. But Chrysalis, are you sure it's THAT important? What exactly are you feeling"
  232. >Chrysalis looked down in shame, and pointed to her chest where her heart would be, then she gently reached and touched your heart. "I feel a warmth"
  234. "Ok, we'll go over there and talk"
  235. >You carefully climb over the window, holding onto it until you were sure it'd be safe to hop off. You then jump towards the island with Chrysalis next to you. It was frightful at first, then kind of fun. Gravity began to set in when you reached the island however. Nothing major, it was like 1/4 of earth's. You felt much lighter.
  236. >And there you stood. You and was time to finish the job.
  237. "So..what's wrong Chryssi?"
  238. >"Anon..." She sighed, looking miserable and unsure "I've been feeling these feelings of love and care. These feelings...are not feelings a changeling queen should have. And yet...the more I feel them. The seems right"
  239. >YES!
  240. "'s ok to feel those feelings. That means you're understanding what it means to be good. It isn't bad, y'know? I promise I can get things set for you. But you have to be honest with me. You're not lying? not at all? not a teeny bit?"
  241. >"No...these feelings are true. They overwhelm me. And yet, I cannot stop not wanting it. Anon..please believe me. Right now, I don't think I'm ready to face the ponies."
  242. "Hey..."
  243. >You look at her with soft gentle eyes
  245. "Don't sweat it, we'll just take babysteps ok? All you have to do is act nice as my sister and everything will go great. I can meet up with Celestia and show her your progress. And then eventually. Bam! You're living among ponies and still getting food. Protecting and helping eachother and all that great stuff."
  246. >Chrysalis smiled a sheepish smile " you really mean that? I..I don't know what to say. Anon..can we go a little further? I want to show you something..something that..looking upon it's beauty. made me realize how beautiful the world can be"
  247. >You nod
  248. "Hey sure, no problem"
  249. >Chrysalis giggled happily "Thank you Anon, and don't you worry. Once Discord let's me become your sister. I'll make sure to make everything right by you"
  250. "Hey, you'll do....."
  251. >Wait.....
  252. "come again?"
  253. >"Your sister Anon, I know you may have feared that day. But I promise to make it a good experience for you."
  254. >.....
  255. >..................
  256. >.............................................
  257. >.........................................................
  259. "I see...ahrm. Well, I look forward to that. And I'd really love to see this place you mentioned. Buuuut, I do have school tomorrow and I need my sleep. But we can see it tomorrow. Promise"
  260. >"Anon, why? Why can't we see it now?" She asked, looking a little frantic.
  261. >Nope...don't even fucking take chances. DON'T.
  262. >You reach your hoof to your horn to place it on your head. "Chrysalis" was close, but not close enough to react and catch you.
  263. >That is, she didn't need to catch you...her tongue lashes out like a chameleon and snatches and pulls the horn talisman right off your neck, detaching it from it's latch, and slinging it to the ground behind herself.
  264. >And then..she smiled evilly.
  265. >"I've been waiting a long time for this...."
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