They Should've Used a Rubber

Aug 27th, 2015
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  4. >a mare comes into the hospital, dragging an enormous, mattress-sized belly behind her
  5. >she's several months overdue, and has finally entered labor
  6. >a room is cleared out and prepared for her as it becomes clear that this won't be an ordinary birth
  7. >
  8. >the foals are too big, they can't squeeze through her birth canal
  9. >quickly, the doctors bring in a surgeon and prepare for a cesarian section
  10. >local anesthetic is applied, and the surgeon prepares to make the initial incision on her tight, quaking belly
  11. >but just as soon as the scalpel touches flesh - BOOM!
  12. >the mother's belly splits open like a ripe melon!
  13. >the doctors stand around in shock, covered in shreds of the mother's body, when suddenly, a foal's crying is heard
  14. >then another
  15. >and another
  16. >and finally the mother groans, "Can I get some help here?"
  18. >it turns out, the night of conception was a freaky night, and it happened to involve a rubberization spell that never quite wore off
  19. >now she's none the worse for wear, aside from a few stitches
  20. >her foals are fine too, in surprisingly good condition for such a traumatic, overdue birth
  21. The end.
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