Akisame ni Utaeba [Typeset]

May 29th, 2016
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  1. Akisame ni Utaeba Translation
  2. From
  4. >Jintsuu: It's not everyday that you have an autumn festival..
  5. >Jintsuu: and to think it'd end up being rained out.
  6. >Naka: Naka had a concert today too...
  7. >Naka: Everyone's definitely all waiting for me...
  8. >[Naka: Ahhh-]
  9. >[Sendai: What was she planning on doing at the festival?]
  10. >[Jintsuu: Naka said that she wanted to sing Ondo.]
  12. >Naka: Naka is deploying!
  13. >[Naka: For everyone's sakes!]
  14. >Jintsuu: You just hold up right there, light cruiser Naka!
  15. >[Jintsuu: You'll get soaked!]
  16. >Jintsuu: It's rare that you're dressed up so cute.
  17. >Jintsuu: It's going to be a Makeup Meltdown!
  18. >Naka: Ah, alright.
  19. >Jintsuu: the weather forecast says it's going to clear up tonight, so just wait a little more, alright?
  20. >Naka: Yess---
  21. >[Naka: Pbbbt--]
  23. >Sendai: same goes for you, Jintsuu. You've always wanted to wear a yukata but never had a chance.
  24. >Sendai: And then it rains the day you finally wear it. THat's pretty unfortunate too.
  25. >Jintsuu: Well, it's because we've been in a large-scale operation, how could I...[M]-mind your own business!
  26. >[Sendai: Hehehe x2 (literally: bad laugh, i.e. a snide laugh)]
  27. >[Sendai: Ay girl who you all dolled up for?]
  28. >[Panic]
  29. >Jintsuu: Yeah!
  30. >[Blush--]
  31. >Jintsuu: That's right! Let's play Kokontozai and take turns naming stuff related to autumn! (Note: According to the chinese translation and the google translation of this page:, Kokontozai is a game where you just list shit related to a single theme until you run out or repeat yourself.)
  32. >Naka: Gee Jintsuu, sometimes you can be childish too.
  33. >Jintsuu: Ehhh, Naka?!
  34. >Sendai: But, that part of you is really cute too.
  35. >[Sendai: Haha]
  36. >[Jintsuu: Even you, Nee-san!]
  37. >Jintsuu: Really now! Please don't make fun of me!
  39. >[Sendai: I don't mind]
  40. >Naka: But it sounds really fun! Sendai nee-san, you should play along too!
  41. >Jintsuu: Kokon tozai-
  42. >[Jintsuu: what is this?]
  43. >Naka: Autumn words, go! (note: fuck trying to find whatever the second part of this is)
  44. >Jintsuu: Then I'll start. Tsukimi/Moon watching
  45. >Naka: Halloween!
  46. >Sendai: Sanma
  47. >Jintsuu: Sports festival!
  48. >Naka: Autumn reading (note: apparently, according to the Japan National Tourism Organization, "Autumn is often referred to by Japanese people as the season for reading and eating")
  49. >Sendai: Grapes (note: apparently harvested in Autumn)
  51. >Jintsuu: Red leaves
  52. >[Naka: See it's really easy]
  53. >Naka: Geijutsu no Aki (note: the Art of Autumn, which apparently is also related to autumn in Japanese culture)
  54. >Sendai: Modorikatsuo (Chinese Translator's Note: "returning Bonito," denoting Bonito returning to the sea of Japan during the autumn; in Spring and Summer, the bonito migrate north to the cooler climate of Hokkaido.)
  55. >[Stomach sound---]
  56. >Naka(?): Ahhhhh, really! Sendai nee-san, all you've talked about has been food!
  57. >Sendai: Autumn is the season of food (note: apparently it is.)
  58. >Naka: I'm getting hungry, stop!
  60. >Sendai: Recently, when I turn on my searchlight during night battles,
  61. >Sendai: the Sanma start slocking over.
  62. >[Sendai: and they're all splishing and splashing and shit]
  63. >Naka: I'm not asking about that! Let's move on!
  64. >Naka: really! Let's start over!
  65. >Naka: Naka will go first! The Cool Autumn Breeze!
  66. >Jintsuu: Aki Sakurai (note:
  67. >Sendai: The Autumn Moon/Akizuki
  68. >Naka: Acorns!
  70. >Jintsuu: Cicada cries!
  71. >Sendai: Akitsushima (Aki being the word for autumn)
  72. >Jintsuu: ....Nee-san, that's got nothing to do with Autumn.
  73. >Sendai: Well it's got "Autumn" in it don't it?
  74. >Naka: But that's the name of a ship! It's got nothing to do with the season of autumn!
  75. >[SHutter sound]
  76. >[Sendai: well, guess that's it then]
  77. >[Tantrum]
  78. >[Jintsuu: It's done...]
  79. >Naka:AHhhh-really! at least try to play seriously!
  80. >[tantrum]
  82. >Maikaze(?): Hello~
  83. >[knock knock]
  84. >[Sendai: Eh?]
  85. >[Sendai: we can play on later.]
  86. >Jintsuu(?): Come in.
  87. >Maikaze: Pardon our intrusion.
  88. >Naka(?): Nowaki~ Maikaze~
  89. >Nowaki: Eh, Naka-san (note: the term used here is Naka onee-san, but according to her lines Nowaki calls her Naka-san), what are you doing...
  90. >Maikaze: The rain's stopped outside already.
  91. >[perking up]
  92. >Naka: is that so!
  93. >Naka: well then, I'll be counting on you two as backup dancers!
  94. >Nowaki+Maikaze: Yes!
  95. >[Sendai: A backup dancer is...]
  96. >[Jintsuu: WHen Naka sings the ondo they dance along.]
  97. >Naka: Well then, let's go!
  98. >Everyone(?): Yes--
  100. >[Submarine]
  101. >[Jin-II]
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