Novice Maid Kanagi Summary (Ch 5 - 10)

Jul 20th, 2018
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  2. Chapter 5
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  5. >Karin: Haaa~~... That was a good one! ( "Detective Girl Maid Mei-chan". But that's to be expected, since it was drawn by the author of Kirin-chan! It was so good, it's a shame that it was a short series! Now I want to draw a story where a maid-san appears too.)
  6. .......Uuu. N, No good...! I can't think of anything! I want it to be a story that's somehow... enough to surprise Alina-senpai...I want some kind of inspiration...
  8. >Kanagi's voice: ...Maid-like...What exactly is... maid-like...
  10. Hearing this, Karin notices that there's someone with their head drooped down sitting on the swings and approaches her. Kanagi hasn't noticed her, since she's lost in thought.
  12. >Kanagi: ...A maid...someone who serves her master... But, humans should all be equal. Is it right for there to be... a master-servant relationship? ...No, right now, that's not what I should be thinking about... I should be thinking about what it means to be maid-like... Ku, this is harder than fighting witches.
  14. Karin overhears all of this and sees the opportunity to get some inspiration for her manga. She goes to ask Kanagi her story.
  16. >Karin: Excuse me~~ Onee-san...What are you doing in a place like this?
  17. >Kanagi: ----!? ...I didn't realize that there was someone here.
  18. >Karin: Hyaaah! Aren't you Izumi Kanagi!?
  19. >Kanagi: Mu, you know who I am?
  20. >Karin: K, Know you? You're the boss of the East after all! I don't think there's any girl who's been a magical girl for over a year that wouldn't know...!
  21. >Kanagi: ...I see.
  22. >Karin: So why are you looking so miserable in a place like this?
  23. >Kanagi: That's...because I'm a horrible maid that's not maid-like...
  24. >Karin: H, Horrible maid...?
  25. >Kanagi: Yeah, to abbreviate it, I'm Horrimaid Nagitan...
  26. >Karin: H, Horrimaid Nagitan... I feel like that's longer than before.
  27. >Kanagi: N, Now that you mention it... I really am a horrimaid...
  28. >Karin: Y, Yeah... (...Sh, She feels totally different from what I've heard about her... She isn't bold at all. The way she is now, she's like a depressed kitty.) .......... (...The normally bold protagonist had something happen to them and they become depressed... From there, they grow and completely turn things around...) IT'D WORK!!
  30. Her sudden outburst startles Kanagi, who asks why she suddenly shouted.
  32. >Karin: I'm Misono Karin. If it's okay, I want to hear your story! I might be able to help you out.
  33. >Kanagi: You can help me?
  34. >Karin: That's right! Besides, I think I can use it as a reference for a story for my manga! That's why! Please! I want you to let me hear your story!
  36. Kanagi admits she has a point, since thinking about it by herself hasn't gotten her anywhere. She proceeds to tell Karin the whole story.
  37. When she's finished, she notices Karin's drawing something. She asks Karin about it.
  39. >Karin: I'm writing it down with an illustration so I won't forget what I just heard.
  40. >Kanagi: Oh right, you were going to draw a manga. It's amazing you can draw, you're an artist.
  41. >Karin: Eh! N, Not at all. For one thing, my senpai says I'm terrible at it... eheheh.
  43. Kanagi then asks what the depressed pig-like thing is supposed to be. Karin explains that it's supposed to be the depressed kitty Nagita--er, a character suspiciously similar to her.
  45. Kanagi tells her that it's okay to call the character Nagitan. Karin happily decides to continue calling the protagonist Nagitan and explains that since Kanagi was like a depressed kitty, she's going to make the mascot of her manga a depressed kitty too.
  47. >Kanagi: I'm a kitty...
  48. >Karin: ...It's done! Um, let's see here... if I sum up what I just heard... Since you're not maid-like, Nagitan, you're about to be forced to quit working as a maid-san.
  49. >Kanagi: That's right.
  50. >Karin: But Nagitan doesn't understand what it means to be like a maid. That's why you're that it?
  51. >Kanagi: Umu, something like that. You did a good job summing it up.
  52. >Karin: Eheh... that's not true. By the way, you want to keep working as a maid-san, Nagitan?
  53. >Kanagi: Yeah, if my hourly pay goes down, it'll be painful. So I think I want to keep working as a maid, no matter what.
  54. >Karin: (For money... The protagonist says she's working for the money but I'll just make it so she's really doing it for her family or someone important to her! One setting's done now. I'll keep up the good work and continue interviewing her!)
  55. >Kanagi: ...What's wrong?
  56. >Karin: As far as your problem goes, leave it to me!
  57. >Kanagi: To you, artist?
  58. >Karin: I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to maid-sans!
  59. >Kanagi: Hoh...
  60. >Karin: If you don't know what a maid-san is, you should learn! I'll lend you something good!
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  63. Chapter 6
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  66. >Karin: If you don't know what a maid-san is, you should learn! I'll lend you something good!
  68. Back at her own room, Kanagi looks at her 'textbook', which happens to be the maid manga Karin was gushing about in the previous chapter. She begins reading it.
  70. >Manga: "Welcome home, Master."
  71. >Kanagi: (This is where the protagonists are welcoming their master.) ...Mu?
  72. >Manga: "So you're back, Master. I'm so relieved that you returned safely."
  73. >Kanagi: (Just one of them said something different. Hm, if that's the case then I can do it too. ...Mu, an incident. Are they going to investigate? ...Hoh, they should go left here.)
  74. >Manga: "To the right!"
  75. >Manga: "It's on the right, isn't it? Master!"
  76. >Kanagi: W, Why!? The trap has to be over there.
  77. >Manga: "Wait, the trap has to be over there."
  78. >Kanagi: Right, I think so too.
  79. >Manga: "Protect and respect your will, Master. That's also a maid's job. A mere trap is meaningless in front of I, the Master's maid, Mei-chan."
  80. >Kanagi: Sometimes, even if she knows it's a trap, she'll go along with it in order to respect her master? ...I see, sounds difficult.
  82. She continues reading the manga. In another scene, the Master asks her if she's sure he doesn't have to go too. Mei-chan replies that she's fine, since her master is trying to grow.
  84. >Kanagi: Hm... in this case, it's important for her to be humble.
  86. >Manga: "And now the case is closed!"
  87. >Kanagi: ...Mu? What are these movements?
  88. >Manga: "If you're troubled, leave it to the maid Mei-chan!"
  89. >Kanagi: ...A signature pose? ...I see, that's deep.
  91. Her father walks in to see an unusual sight.
  93. >Kanagi's Dad: ...T, That's unusual of you, Kanagi. Where'd you get that?
  94. >Kanagi: Oh, this? I borrowed it from the artist, for reference.
  95. >Kanagi's Dad: ...Artist?
  96. >Kanagi: The contents were pretty profound. I learned a lot.
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  99. Chapter 7
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  102. A day or so later, Kanagi meets up with Karin at the park before her shift. Karin asks if Kanagi read through it all and Kanagi replies that she did. She also found it very interesting.
  104. >Karin: I'm glad!
  105. >Kanagi: ...But, is that really enough?
  106. >Karin: Of course it is! If you do things like that, you won't have to go back to the kitchen!
  107. >Kanagi: ...Really? Then, I'm off.
  109. Karin stops Kanagi and says she'll come with her to the cafe. For one thing, she wants more reference material for her manga. For another, she says she can watch Kanagi's back and provide help if Kanagi ever needs it.
  110. Kanagi thanks her and they head off together.
  113. At the cafe, Kanagi gives herself a pep talk, telling herself that she has to go all out, or else it's the end. Just then, two customers arrive.
  115. >Kanagi: Welcome back, Master. I'm relieved to see you've returned home safely.
  116. >Guy A: Ehhh...!
  117. >Kanagi: You must be tired. Over here, please come with me.
  118. >Guy A: H, Hey, did you see that?! It's a kuudere maid-san! [1]
  119. >Guy B: You never know, she might've been a tsundere! [2]
  120. >Guy A: No, wait! It's all possible that she's a S...[3]
  122. >Kanagi: ...What's wrong, Master? If there's a problem, I'll take care of it.
  123. >Both: SHE'S A SOLDIER TYPE---!!
  124. >Kanagi: ...Mu?
  125. >Guy B: I, It's nothing! [4]
  126. >Guy A: We'll be right over!
  127. >Kanagi: Hm... is that so?
  129. >Kanagi: (I wonder how that went just now.)
  131. She looks over at the other maid, who seems to be pleased. Kanagi smiles, also pleased to see that she's on the right track. Just then, another employee calls for her. An order is ready and needs to be delivered to a customer.
  133. >Kanagi: I'll be right over.
  136. She delivers the Heartful Omelet Rice to Karin.
  138. >Karin: Wow! It's so cute!
  139. >Kanagi: Artist Misono, how was my greeting just earlier?
  140. >Karin: It felt good!
  141. >Kanagi: Really? That's good. (If I keep this up then it seems like I can protect my salary.)
  142. >Karin: ...Actually, I wanted you to base your tone and stuff on the protagonist girl and not the attendant, but...
  143. >Kanagi: I did that because out of all the characters in the manga, I identified with them.
  144. >Karin: Now that you mention it... I guess you are kind of alike? But, well, a kuudere maid-san works too!
  145. >Kanagi: Kuudere maid-san?
  146. >Karin: It means you're a maid that's cool and sometimes you become shy and lovey dovey!
  147. >Kanagi: Wow, you know your stuff.
  148. >Karin: Eheheh~
  150. Kanagi asks her what she needs to do next to become more maid-like. She explains to Karin that Karin's basically her teacher. Karin's flattered by the compliment.
  152. >Karin: Ah! I want you to draw something on my omurice with ketchup!
  153. >Kanagi: Wouldn't you be better at drawing than me, Artist?
  154. >Karin: T, That might be true but that's not the point! Maid-sans draw on omurice for you!
  155. >Kanagi: ...So that's how it is.
  157. Karin then asks Kanagi to practice by drawing on her omurice. Kanagi agrees and asks what she wants drawn.
  159. >Karin: Kirin-chan would be nice!
  160. >Kanagi: A giraffe, huh...leave it to me. [5]
  162. She then draws what she assumed Karin wanted. There's a few sound effects of the ketchup bottle being squeezed.
  164. >Kanagi: How's this?
  165. >Karin: I, It's a nice drawing, but... this is a giraffe...
  167. Kanagi asks if there's that much of a difference between a giraffe and Kirin-chan. Karin exclaims that there's a huge difference. She says she'll lend "Phantom Thief Girl Magical Kirin" to Kanagi and tells her to read them all. The maid wonders if that's necessary for a maid.
  168. Karin shouts that it's absolutely, positively necessary.
  170. >Kanagi: R, Really? I'll think about it...
  172. She looks over at her next destination: Aimi and Natsuki's table.
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  175. Chapter 8
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  178. Aimi is telling Natsuki that she brought her here because she heard the boys in her class say that guys dream of maids. She thought that her boyfriend might like them too, so she wanted to check things out. Aimi thanks Natsuki for coming along. Natsuki tells her it's no big deal, since she was a bit curious too.
  180. >Kanagi: Thanks for waiting, Master. Here's your Heartful Omelet Rice. Your drinks will be ready shortly after this.
  182. Aimi's surprised by Kanagi's tone. She thinks she sounds like a samurai warrior.
  184. >Natsuki: So there are maid-sans that are like onee-sans too...
  185. >Kanagi: Yeah, there are maid-sans that are like onee-sans. What would you like me to draw using ketchup?
  186. >Natsuki: ...Ah, then, I'd like... pompoms like the ones used for cheerleadering!
  187. >Kanagi: Sure, just wait a second.
  189. >Nyuuuu~~~n nyuruuuu~n
  190. >Nyunyunyunyu...
  192. >Kanagi: How's that?
  193. >Natsuki: Wow! You're good! Aimi, why don't you have her draw something for you too?
  194. >Aimi: Sure! Whaaat should it be...? The only thing I can think of is Hayato-kun...
  195. >Kanagi: Hayato-kun...? Like this?
  197. A few squirts of ketchup later...
  199. >Aimi: S, She wrote "Hayato-kun" in hiragana! I, It's adorable!!
  200. >Natsuki: Why don't you have her draw a heart on there too?
  201. >Aimi: Eh...!?
  202. >Natsuki: You like that kind of stuff, don't you?
  203. >Aimi: T, That's true, but...! But!!
  204. >Kanagi: Is that so? (She sure likes ketchup.)
  206. Kanagi squirts out a few more drops of ketchup.
  208. >Aimi: T, Two!
  209. >Kanagi: I heard you like it so I put extra on there.
  210. >Aimi: Ha, Hayato-kun and hearts...Fufu...fufufuu...
  211. >Natsuki: Ah, shoot... You might've turned her switch on...
  212. >Kanagi: I'll bring your drinks soon. Please wait.
  214. Aimi's completely lost in a lovey dovey delusion and she starts acting it out too.
  216. >Aimi: Aimi...these hearts...
  217. >Aimi: I didn't put them on everyone's! Just yours, Hayato-kun.
  219. Seeing this, Natsuki tries to drag her back.
  221. >Natsuki: Aimi! Aimi...! Come back!
  222. >Aimi: After all, I...
  223. >Kanagi: Sorry to keep you waiting.
  224. >Aimi: I'm your maid-san and yours alone, Hayato-kun!
  225. >Kanagi: Here's your Bubbly Bubbly Creaa~m Soda and your Chilly Coolcool Ice Tea.
  226. >Aimi: I'm happy that I have such a wonderful maid-san looking after me.
  227. >Aimi: As if...As if...!!
  228. >Kanagi: Is this everything?
  230. That somehow brings Aimi back to her senses.
  232. >Aimi: Hah...!?
  233. >Kanagi: Mu?
  235. After an awkward silence, Aimi explains that she becomes like that when it comes to someone she loves.
  236. Kanagi replies that she thinks it's not good for her to make a scene when there are other masters around. Both Aimi and Natsuki apologize. Kanagi adds that, however, she does think that it's good to have something you like.
  238. >Aimi: Eh...
  239. >Kanagi: Besides, you have a good friend who will apologize with you. That's a good thing.
  240. >Aimi: Ah... Natsuki, thanks for always being there.
  241. >Natsuki: No, don't worry about it. It's not like I don't like your delusions, Aimi.
  242. >Kanagi: You should treasure that friendship.
  243. >Aimi: I will...
  245. Kanagi leaves.
  247. >Natsuki: She was cool, wasn't she...?
  248. >Aimi: Yeah...
  250. Karin sees this from a distance.
  252. >Karin: ---!?
  253. >Karin: N, Now!!
  255. >Kanagi: Mu? ...Oh, I get it. Master.
  257. She turns back toward Natsuki and Aimi.
  259. >Natsuki: Eh!?
  260. >Aimi: Ah, yes!
  262. >Kanagi: If there's something bothering you, leave it to me, your maid Nagi-tan!
  264. >Aimi: ......
  265. >Natsuki: .......
  266. >Kanagi: Now then, farewell. If you need anything again, please call for me.
  267. >Aimi: ...Did she do that so I wouldn't feel as embarrassed?
  268. >Natsuki: Amazing... She went that far for you.
  270. Kanagi goes back to Karin and asks if that was good.
  272. >Karin: That was the best! Even though it was your first time, you did it perfectly! Just as I thought, a catchphrase and a deciding pose are necessities!
  273. >Kanagi: ...Fumu. So that's how it is.
  275. Later, Kanagi receives Aimi and Natsuki's payment.
  277. >Kanagi: I'll always be waiting for your return, Masters.
  278. >Aimi: Yes! We'll definitely come again!
  279. >Natsuki: Me too! It was really fun!
  280. >Kanagi: Umu, stay safe on your way home.
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  283. Chapter 9
  284. ++++++++++++
  285. At the end of the work day, Kanagi's coworker is about to tell Kanagi how she did. But first, she wants to know who the kid next to her is.
  287. >Kanagi: She's an artist.
  288. >Maid: A, Artist?
  289. >Karin: I'm like her instructor. Don't mind me.
  291. The coworker kind of accepts it and goes on to tell Kanagi that she's greatly improved since the day before.
  293. >Kanagi: ---!? ...Really?
  294. >Karin: You did it!
  295. >Maid: But it's still too early for you to relax. You can't get overconfident here. After all, you're still not quite there yet.
  296. >Kanagi: Yeah, I'm still a novice. I don't intend to lose my focus.
  297. >Maid: That's a good attitude. ...Also, I was surprised. Remember those masters from earlier?
  298. >Kanagi: ...The two that came together?
  299. >Maid: That's right. I think only you could've handled that. Acting in a way so that the Master wouldn't be embarrassed... I think I need to learn from you too.
  300. >Kanagi: ...I see. (That's not what I intended to do, but...)
  302. The coworker concludes by telling Kanagi to keep up the good work tomorrow too. Kanagi agrees to do so.
  305. On the way home, Karin congratulates Kanagi. She tells Karin that it's all thanks to her. If it wasn't for Karin, she still wouldn't know what to do, so she's grateful for her help. Kanagi says she'll need to thank her somehow. Karin tells Kanagi that the best way to show her gratitude would be for Kanagi to read all the volumes of Magical Kirin.
  307. >Kanagi: You recommended it to me earlier too, but are you really okay with just that?
  308. >Karin: It's very important!
  309. >Kanagi: Fumu, since it's your recommendation, Artist, I'll try reading it.
  310. >Karin: Hooray! Now there's one more person I can talk about MagiKiri with!
  311. >Kanagi: (...She looks like she can't possibly be any happier.)
  313. Seeing Karin's smile reminds her of when Aimi and Natsuki told her that they had a good time, and that they'll be back. She realizes that their faces were alike and giggles to herself.
  315. >Karin: What's wrong?
  316. >Kanagi: Mu?
  317. >Karin: You were laughing.
  318. >Kanagi: ...I was? I wonder why? I don't really know either.
  321. Meanwhile, back at work, the coworker maid and the manager talk about her progress. The coworker tells the manager that Nagitan did a good job today. The manager agrees, but notes that Kanagi still hasn't realized the most important thing.
  323. >Maid: The most important thing?
  324. >Manager: Well, there's still time. Let's look forward to how she does from now on.
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  327. Chapter 10
  328. ++++++++++++
  330. A few days later at the maid cafe...
  332. >Guy: Nagitaaa~n! Can I take a picture?
  333. >Kanagi: Fine with me. But allow me to hide my face.
  334. >Guy: Sure, sure thing. You were being chased by a secret organization, weren't you?
  335. >Kanagi: I'm not being chased by a secret organization, but...?
  336. >Guy: Oops... that was supposed to be a secret too, right?
  337. >Kanagi: ...Fumu. Let's leave it at that. What pose would you like me to take?
  338. >Guy: The usual!
  339. >Kanagi: Understood.
  341. Flash!
  343. >Kanagi: Are you okay with this?
  344. >Guy: Ohhhh yeah! Nagitan, you're so cool!
  346. Claaaa~nng claaaa~ng
  348. >Karin: Nagitan! I've come over to play!
  349. >Kanagi: It's the artist, welcome home.
  350. >Karin: I'm home! Tomorrow will mark the end of the week, but how's work going?
  351. >Kanagi: For now, there's been no problems.
  352. >Maid: Fufu, you see, lately Nagitan's been getting good reviews from the masters.
  354. She thinks that it's because Kanagi is serious and hardworking.
  356. >Karin: Oh, it's Maid-senpai!
  357. >Maid-senpai: M, Maid-senpai?
  358. >Kanagi: You're my senpai when it comes to being a maid, hence you're Maid-senpai... I see.
  359. >Maid-senpai: If you call me that, I'll get mad. Now then, it's not good to leave our Master standing around forever.
  360. >Kanagi: Yeah. This way, Master Artist.
  361. >Karin: ...Looks like you're getting along with the other maid-sans too.
  364. Karin orders the omelet and asks Kanagi to draw her Kirin sometime off-screen. Kanagi finishes drawing and to Karin's surprise...
  366. >Karin: ...It's Kirin-chan. Woah! It really is Kirin-chan!
  367. >Kanagi: Since I studied.
  368. >Karin: Yep, yep, Nagitan you're on the right track!
  369. >Manager: That's rii~~ght.
  371. Karin's surprised by the appearance of the manager.
  373. >Karin: ---!? W, Who are you!?
  374. >Manager: Oh my, I'm sorry if I startled you, you adorable Master.
  375. >Karin: M, Maid-san...!? A, A guy...!?
  376. >Kanagi: This is the ma...I mean, Onee-sama.
  377. >Manager: Perfect. I see you've finally got it memorized~
  379. The manager is there to tell Kanagi that he'll give her her final test tomorrow, and based on how she does, he'll decide whether she'll be able to continue working as a maid or get sent back to the kitchen.
  382. --------Notes--------
  384. [1]= Karin explains this term later in the chapter, but here's a link for those who need it anyway:
  385. [2]=
  386. [3]= S as in Sadist.
  387. [4]= Upon classifying Kanagi as a military type, the guys start adding "de arimasu" at the end of their sentences. Probably to roleplay as subordinates to the higher officer Nagitan. She has no idea what's going on, so she plays along and uses "de arimasu" in response too.
  388. [5]= The giraffe is called a "kirin" in Japanese, and yes, it's pronounced exactly the same way as Karin's favorite manga character.
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