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  1. JproxyYesterday at 7:39 PM
  2. Can I ask you for some tips on kingdom
  3. In the past we have always been able to just have everyone building and mining and one or two people looting, but seems like that’s not really working that great, do you think we need more looters or is it just a territory game
  4. Uki just told me to have everyone mine but Iv been doing that and we’re losing rank now
  5. AndnookYesterday at 7:49 PM
  6. That's near as anything to what we do
  7. I think its more to do with other guilds filling to 20 player caps
  8. And them getting a better grasp of what works and what doesn't for their guild
  9. JproxyYesterday at 8:06 PM
  10. Yet you guys still skyrocket
  11. I’m obviously missing something
  12. Everyone is active
  13. AndnookYesterday at 8:06 PM
  14. We honestly do what you said above
  15. JproxyYesterday at 8:06 PM
  16. I’m not sure what it is
  17. AndnookYesterday at 8:06 PM
  18. Theres only so many different actions a player can do LOL
  19. JproxyYesterday at 8:06 PM
  20. I know
  21. How many farms do you guys usually have per season
  22. Maybe we just got royally fucked this season because of our 5 day walk to starting spot
  23. AndnookYesterday at 8:09 PM
  24. Yeah that wont have helped, plus you cant really know what other guilds have
  25. they may have lucked out with good areas straight away
  26. JproxyYesterday at 8:09 PM
  27. Well I do have screenshots of Germanheros spot and territory
  28. Nd Vietnamae too because they are right next to us
  29. AndnookYesterday at 8:10 PM
  30. i always have a conspiracy theory that if we do well, we get shafted next season in spawn location
  31. JproxyYesterday at 8:10 PM
  32. I have felt that too haha
  33. That one season we got first
  34. The next season right after we had 0 runes
  35. AndnookYesterday at 8:13 PM
  36. Not sure really though, as we were literally on the same screen as GermanWings
  37. and both guilds have done well
  38. JproxyYesterday at 8:14 PM
  39. Yeah they aren’t too far from you
  40. I’m looking at their territory and they have like 2 mines
  41. AndnookYesterday at 8:14 PM
  42. they moved away
  43. JproxyYesterday at 8:14 PM
  44. They are all just looting
  45. AndnookYesterday at 8:14 PM
  46. after we started doing stuff
  47. JproxyYesterday at 8:16 PM
  49. AndnookYesterday at 8:16 PM
  50. maybe try that then, could work better for your players
  51. JproxyYesterday at 8:16 PM
  52. They are running almost  entirely on passive and looting
  53. AndnookYesterday at 8:16 PM
  54. Its hard for me to comment as i really dont know your members
  55. JproxyYesterday at 8:16 PM
  56. I can’t convince them to go loot
  57. After musics repeted deaths and Vietnamae terrorizing them with their pvp teams everyone is scared lol
  58. The scariest thing about this is, even after this long, I feel like no one else really understands the big picture, they just rely on me to tell them where to go one step at a time
  59. Even though I have made a very clear mission statement as it were for the season objective (priority territory’s etc)
  60. Just feels like I’m carrying 19 people on my back and not like a team
  61. AndnookYesterday at 8:20 PM
  62. haha welcome to GM a top guild
  63. JproxyYesterday at 8:20 PM
  64. Although I did just get a few new recruits that will hopefully have more spunk, noteable Biased and Stage1
  65. AndnookYesterday at 8:20 PM
  66. now imagine uki doing both
  67. JproxyYesterday at 8:20 PM
  68. Oh my god I know
  69. I can’t even imagine
  70. AndnookYesterday at 8:21 PM
  71. Although im sure if you asked anyone in WAL pre/post Uki they would say him and I have very different approaches
  72. JproxyYesterday at 8:21 PM
  73. A huge part of me wants to just ditch it and take the next application to WaL but I don’t want to totally wank everyone else over, because I literally can’t trust any of them enough to actually run the guild
  74. AndnookYesterday at 8:22 PM
  75. Get a more active sub-gm perhaps?
  76. JproxyYesterday at 8:22 PM
  77. Especially since I have been working so much lately it’s hard to take the time to plan stuff out
  78. Kordar is my sub because his time zone is opposite mine
  79. But he is so non competitive
  80. He is always a top contributor but I don’t think he has the salt to run the show
  81. AndnookYesterday at 8:23 PM
  82. Yeah i do the same thing with a US timezone so i get my precious beauty sleep
  83. JproxyYesterday at 8:24 PM
  84. What’s your inactivity threshold
  85. AndnookYesterday at 8:26 PM
  86. Depends on the person really, usually a week and well sort a replacement
  87. JproxyYesterday at 8:26 PM
  88. Longer than I expected
  89. AndnookYesterday at 8:26 PM
  90. We usually run a few people down, but it's a game and real life happens
  91. JproxyYesterday at 8:26 PM
  92. Yeah I don’t want to be a hard ass
  93. AndnookYesterday at 8:27 PM
  94. I had stuff to deal with and was semi active and nobody moaned
  95. so i give everyone else the same grace
  96. JproxyYesterday at 8:27 PM
  97. Some payers are doing bare minimum though
  98. I usually give them 48 hours or longer if they give me a heads up
  99. But I have a couple players who literally only get on that once every 48 hours after I warn them
  100. Technically they are within the threshold but jeez
  101. Make an effort
  102. AndnookYesterday at 8:28 PM
  103. Yeah we replace people all time, i can only think of 1 season weve had the same lineup as previous
  104. had 3-4 swaps this season already and got another i predict to deal with soon
  105. JproxyYesterday at 8:29 PM
  106. I don’t necessarily know their rl situation though and don’t want to be a prick and kick them from a good guild
  107. AndnookYesterday at 8:30 PM
  108. That's dealers choice there, Uki was ruthless
  109. if someone was even close to 48h they'd likely be replaced
  110. JproxyYesterday at 8:32 PM
  111. But if I don’t replace them  then we may not be a good guild much longer
  112. AndnookYesterday at 8:32 PM
  113. You should just do what's best for you, i changed my approch to just to the minimum in the bits i dont particularly enjoy
  114. and focus more on the stuff i like
  115. JproxyYesterday at 8:33 PM
  116. I just don’t know if it’s my strategy or if it’s my players
  117. AndnookYesterday at 8:33 PM
  118. Taking a step back/down sounds like it would personally do you wonders to have fun again, but may (at least in the short term) slow down Infinity
  119. WAL has survived 3 GM's so I don't see why Infinity would be any different
  120. JproxyYesterday at 8:39 PM
  121. Who was gm before Uki
  122. AndnookYesterday at 8:39 PM
  123. Jort
  124. JproxyYesterday at 8:40 PM
  125. Oh right
  126. I knew that lmao
  127. AndnookYesterday at 8:40 PM
  128. Mr Youtube himself
  129. JproxyYesterday at 8:41 PM
  130. I don’t even want to talk about this
  132. This is what I mean by “carrying 19 people on my back”
  133. AndnookYesterday at 8:43 PM
  134. It would be a non-brainer decision for me if I were in that situation assuming I wanted to continue playing
  135. I would swap guilds or at least pass over leadership to avoid burnout
  136. JproxyYesterday at 8:44 PM
  137. It’s sad when your contributions from looting are higher than your most active miners
  138. AndnookYesterday at 8:44 PM
  139. Well contribution stats are misleading a little so i wouldnt read too much into that
  140. theres no way our "worst" players who get the simple jobs but have high contribution than me, have really done more for the guild this season
  141. JproxyYesterday at 8:46 PM
  142. Yeah I understand that, but generally speaking, the contribution score is much easier to gain from mining non stop than it is from looting
  143. AndnookYesterday at 8:46 PM
  144. I see what you mean
  145. JproxyYesterday at 8:47 PM
  146. $200 usd worth of potions and sprinting for 25 days straight has netted me just about 10% more contribution than one guy farming since day 1 without any potions
  147. AndnookYesterday at 8:47 PM
  148. If people do what's required then were all happy
  149. Yeah we have the same here too, people who obviously get massive rewards at the end of the season but never pot
  150. And others that do it on cooldown
  151. JproxyYesterday at 8:48 PM
  152. I usually have the players willing to use pots to camp the ruins
  153. But the 2 ruins we had ran dry and now Vietnamaes 5 man looting team is passing us
  154. They have 5 people out looting
  155. AndnookYesterday at 8:50 PM
  156. I wouldn't be surprised if they had more than that based off the kingdom logs
  157. And their terrible infinity pvp teams during the active season
  158. JproxyYesterday at 8:51 PM
  159. Yeah it’s hard to compete with that
  160. I would never let my players use their journey teams
  161. Why would you sacrifice the whole game for just a small mini game portion of it
  162. AndnookYesterday at 8:52 PM
  163. Maybe that is their whole game to them
  164. JproxyYesterday at 8:53 PM
  165. It really does seem that way
  166. I just can’t help but wonder
  167. If they are also buying coins
  168. Or if it’s really just useless to buy them, other than the obvious supporting devs
  169. AndnookYesterday at 8:55 PM
  170. stereotype alarms firing
  171. asians love to P2W idle games
  172. JproxyYesterday at 8:55 PM
  173. #truthbomb
  174. AndnookYesterday at 8:55 PM
  175. I play another game and its obscene what they drop on it
  176. JproxyYesterday at 8:56 PM
  177. You know I used to play this Korean mobile game called Elsword
  178. It was absurdly p2w
  179. AndnookYesterday at 8:57 PM
  180. I play, extremely casually, AFK Arena
  181. JproxyYesterday at 8:57 PM
  182. I was rank 1 archer, rank 4 overall for the server, and it was insane how much money it was costing me to stay there
  183. AndnookYesterday at 8:57 PM
  184. and it has the biggest whales and most greedy devs ive ever seen
  185. JproxyYesterday at 8:57 PM
  186. Yeah I started ago arena too
  187. Afk arena*
  188. Super p2w
  189. AndnookYesterday at 8:58 PM
  190. Just joined to play with friend to stop him nagging me
  191. JproxyYesterday at 8:58 PM
  192. That egg event I calculated, it’s literally impossible to get the 350 egg hero without buying eggs
  193. AndnookYesterday at 8:58 PM
  194. and he got me in a decent guild but its 90% Asian P2W players
  195. JproxyYesterday at 8:58 PM
  196. Same Kordar and Daudau got me into it they are playing it a ton
  197. I started a guild
  198. Lvl 3
  199. AndnookYesterday at 8:59 PM
  200. This one is 6 I think
  201. a lot of good players and im by far their worst :smile:
  202. its nice just to be the noob and nobody expects anything haha
  203. JproxyYesterday at 9:01 PM
  205. AndnookYesterday at 9:01 PM
  206. all i know is they told me to save gems for next weeks patch for the new OP hero
  207. JproxyYesterday at 9:02 PM
  208. Yeah ya nice when no one has any expectation
  209. AndnookYesterday at 9:05 PM
  210. I just log in casually and have fun, its easy to do the daily Qs in about 5m tops
  211. JproxyYesterday at 9:06 PM
  212. Yea same
  213. Well I’ll think on your advice a little, I gotta get back to work. If you get a spot (and if you will have me) let me know, If I do, I will likely leave an alt in Infinity to keep them on track, just for* you to consider. I can add you to infinity guild channel too if that is the case, so there’s complete transparency
  214. AndnookYesterday at 9:10 PM
  215. Nah I'd rather not be in there.  No offence, but I just concentrate on our own stuff than know/see other guilds info
  216. JproxyYesterday at 9:10 PM
  217. None taken just on the table
  218. AndnookYesterday at 9:10 PM
  219. But overall, you should do whatever is best for you, whatever decision you decide
  220. JproxyYesterday at 9:12 PM
  221. I’ll probably discuss it with my guild and see how comfortable they are with it, maybe stay with them for another season to legitimately train one or two of them instead of just directing
  222. Thanks for your advice I’ll catch you later
  223. AndnookYesterday at 9:13 PM
  224. Oh and I personally wouldn't do the whole alt thing
  225. If it's what he claims, that's how Uki got banned
  226. JproxyYesterday at 9:46 PM
  227. But Gonda wasn’t banned
  228. AndnookYesterday at 9:47 PM
  229. he had about 3-4 alts in WAL alone, let alone whatever else he had in other places
  230. JproxyYesterday at 9:47 PM
  231. He told me he got banned because captcha got him while he was away
  232. :face_palm:
  233. AndnookYesterday at 9:48 PM
  234. I personally think it's alts + botting
  235. his playtime was ganzxi level at times
  236. JproxyYesterday at 9:49 PM
  237. Yeah I can see that
  238. AndnookYesterday at 9:49 PM
  239. who knows, maybe it was captcha - just seems more like a warning sort of thing, than ban
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