Norvegicus Black

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  1. Name: Norvegicus “Ratman” Black
  3. H/W: 5/5
  5. Gender: Male
  7. Race:Diamond Dog
  9. One Bad Day:
  11. Burrowing: Diamond dogs can dig tunnels and holes with ease, setting traps, moving unseen and fleeing in unexpected directions.
  13. Lucky Dog: passive; Every dog has its day, and you have yours frequently. Your first turn in combat enjoys a higher chance to be critical, giving your actions Critrange -2 (i.e. An action that Crits on 10 now crits on 8+).
  15. Class: Entertainer (Summoner/Bard)
  17. Alignment: Good
  19. Special Talent: Poor Entertainer-Loses any multiclass abilities to gain 2 free skill points spent between either class, for a total of 5.
  21. Combat Talent: Rats in the Walls-While practically useless on his own, his command over his rats almost makes up for it. Can summon additional minions with "Conjure Minion" while adding +1 to the DC for each extra creature beyond the first.
  23. Skills:
  25. Pet Mastery: passive; you can control one additional minion. This skill can be taken multiple times to gain more minions.
  27. Conjure Minion: recharge 1, spell; Conjure up a small minion with 3/3 health and a random boost depending on the roll (Even: +1 to actions. Odd: DC-1 to actions. Crit, gain both effects). Lasts until combat is over.
  29. Horde: passive; You can control additional extra two minions, beyond your basic limit.
  31. Cheap Shot: recharge 1, weapon; Outside of combat this skill is automatic and renders the target helpless. In combat, 9+ renders the target helpless.
  33. Improvise: automatic instant, recharge 3; Tossing a solution together can be better than stopping to make a plan. Your next roll succeeds on a 4+ but cannot crit.
  35. 1 EP
  39. Inventory
  40. -Shabby  scarlet topcoat, waistcoat, wide brimmed hat, and breeches -filthy and torn
  41. -Journal, quill, and ink
  42. -Small animal box trap (Catalyst)
  43. -Pouch of tiny, doughnut shaped treats (Nearly empty.)
  44. -Regional Map
  45. -Adventuring Pack
  46. -Trap Kit
  47. -Animal Treats
  48. -Light, Tan Robe
  49. -25 bits
  50. -Blackjaw Trophy
  51. -Bottled Phantasm
  52. -Swanky Suit
  53. -Wand:Haste [1]
  54. -Wand:Bolster [2]
  55. -Skull of the Mad Oracle
  56. -Master Chef's Utensils
  57. -Good Luck Charm
  58. -Ashbrandy
  59. -Doomshine
  60. -Brontide Amulet
  61. -Deck of Cards
  62. -Trick Coin
  63. -Lunar Kinship Token
  66. Character Details
  67. -Gambling addict: If he loses a gamble he has to pass a 1d10 roll or impulsively bet again. Can be snapped out of it or pulled away by a third party.
  69. -Unforgettable Scar:Can’t make a lethal attack on an intelligent target. If he does push through and kill someone, gets -4 to all rolls for the next 1d5 days.
  71. -Short in stature. Has black fur, bulldog-like jowls and bright blue eyes.
  73. -Ratcatcher and trainer. Loves to work with animals, but particularly enjoys the company of these misunderstood rodents, who he sees a lot of himself in.
  75. -Was once a pauper, only managing to pull himself out of poverty by using his natural inclination towards the most common creatures around. Rats. After taking the time to understand and tame some of the alley rats he had an epiphany. He could act as pest control by ridding people’s homes of their rodent infestations, get paid for it, and keep said rodents himself. Over a period of time he honed his skills, learned more about a broader array of pests, and started his own small pest control/animal control combination service.
  77. -Charged with assault and attempted murder after a pony collecting on a gambling debt unknowingly opened his basement door. A wave of rats cascaded out and attacked him. The courts laid blame on Black for not killing the creatures in the first place.
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