Stellar Flare (waifu of the month)

May 9th, 2018
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  2. >>I want to speak to your manager.
  4. "Uhm... he's not here right now, but he'll be back in a few--"
  5. >"No,"
  6. "No?"
  7. >"I said I wanted to speak to your manager, right now,"
  8. "But, miss, he's--"
  9. >"Hush and start walking, stud~,"
  10. "W-wait, don't pull on the shirt, it cost me an arm--"
  11. >She wraps her tail around your hand and pulls you towards the storage room, your eyes going wide as her action gives you a perfect view of her engorged nethers, its pink pearl peaking out not a second latter to say hello to you, before plunging back inside her inviting depths
  12. >A prideful 'hmph' picks your attention back up and just in time to catch her smugly grinning at your reaction
  13. >Right before she picks up the pace, but not two steps in do you see her horn starting to glow
  14. >And then the tale-telling mild tickling of magic snaking its way around your groin, followed by the sound of your zipper being undone
  15. "W-wait, miss flare, I don't know if we should--"
  16. >She completely ignores you tho, and you both quickly make your way to the storage room
  17. >"Yes, this'll do perfectly,"
  18. >She opens the door
  19. >She gets on the floor
  20. >Everybody walks the dinosaur
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