Mar 26th, 2019
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  1. The first wisps of Autumn have just begun to spread across Iron City. The chill from the Badlands seeps in through cracks and crevasses as the people on the streets bundle up. Luckily for you it’s a day off. You’ve been meaning to get back to some old crash drives, and today seems like the perfect time. Alita left early this morning, citing the need to pick up a few things from Ido’s clinic. Even though her body produces more than enough heat for the weather around, you’ve noticed her fondness for jackets and coats. Today’s pick is a deep red; swirling around her as she leaves in the morning. You’re tempted to give her a call and see how her mysterious errands are going, but your conscience gets the better of you and instead you settle in at your desk. The drives are particularly difficult, and it takes you well in to the afternoon before you make any progress on them. Then, a flashed sig-loss and you’re back where you started. Your frustration mounts into a spewing peak and you shove the drives away. As you pace the room trying to crack the problem, the sound of the doorlatch opening catches your ear, and in steps Alita, humming softly as she quietly moves through the house.
  3. You go to meet her in the living room. Her hair has ben tousled by the wind outside, and her cheeks are rosy from the cold, but she’s got the kind of smile which you know means there’s an adventure planned. It must be involved with the massive sack which she has slung over her shoulder. It’s at least as big as her, and it bulges at the seams. You must look confused, as she drops the sack and drifts over to you, giving you a light kiss before speaking.
  5. “Hiya. Guess what I’ve got?” There’s a little mischief in her voice, and a sparkle in her eyes.
  7. Normally you would take a guess, but this situation is so bizarre that you’re lost for words. You manage to stumble through a reply.
  9. “Ahh- I... don’t know?”
  11. Her smile broadens and she taps you on the nose before almost skipping back to the sack. She reaches in and with the other hand inverts the contents over the living room floor, guiding it as it falls. What seems like dozens of pillows and blankets of all colours and shapes immediately cover most of the carpet, and you swear you can see a tent pole poking out from one of the many blankets. She looks at you triumphantly and gestures at the room around her.
  13. “Your place isn’t nearly cozy enough, so I decided to fix that for you.” Your protests die in your throat as you realise suddenly that aside from the sunken couch and cramped bed, there really isn’t much soft in your apartment.
  15. “That’s a lot of stuff Ali- we don’t need that much.”
  17. She pokes her tongue out just that little bit which heralds a second part to this plan. In a flash of movement she bends down and before you can react you see a pillow fly straight at your face. The throw is true, and you stumble slightly as you hear her beautiful laugh behind it.
  19. “We’re building a blanket fort! One of the kids at Ido’s clinic told me all about them.” You throw the pillow down just in time for another to hit you. “She also told me that sneak attacks are how you win a pillow fight.” Her voice is bright with amusement.
  21. Your earlier frustration has evaporated, and you find yourself smiling despite the assault. With the pillows as armament, you engage her in a brutal fight. It’s quickly clear who has the upper hand though. Even with your height advantage she’s much too fast. Pillows are thrown, blankets tussled, coats discarded as eventually she has you on the floor, easily deflecting your feeble attempts to stop the pillow she’s holding from hitting you in the face.
  23. “Ok, OK I surrender! You win!”
  25. She graciously lets you up, only teasing you slightly over your terrible fighting style. You respond by trapping her in a hug, and the two of you stand there for a moment, swaying slightly as you feel the waves of love ripple around the room. You eventually break apart, and after a drink and some organising, the two of you set about building up the blanket fort. The purpose for the tent poles is clear, and with two people the fort rapidly comes together. Despite the many others available, your patchwork blanket provides the crown of the fort. Sweeping off to the left and right are two pillow-encampments, with the back wall provided by your couch. And of course, in the middle is a pile of cushions, blankets, and a couple of soft toys, which seem to have been included in the mix of things Alita brought. The two of you stand staring at your construction. You find that your hand has subconsciously taken hers, and as you stand there you notice that she seems slightly confused.
  27. “So what do we do now?” You chuckle softly before responding.
  29. “I may not be a pillow fighter, but I know how to use a blanket fort. Come on!”
  31. You duck down and bundle yourself up in the blankets. Alita follows you with a delighted sound and immediately burrows in to the blanket right next to you. The roof above is a rainbow patchwork, and you see the afternoon light streaming through the different colours. She entwines her legs with yours, and you feel her head rest on your chest. The warmth of the fort links in tandem with the warmth in your heart as you wrap your arms around her. She hums contentedly, and you feel her hands start to play across your back. She caresses you softly as the world falls silent. Nothing matters outside of these woven walls. You nuzzle your head closer to hers, and with a kiss on her forehead share the in the beauty of this sacred place. Her voice is thick with affection as she speaks.
  33. “This is pretty good.” Your soul floats, spiraling upwards in contentment.
  35. “This is perfect.”
  37. -///- LEWD ALERT -///-
  39. You caress Alita’s side softly and notice a slight shiver in response. A little switch flips in your brain and you run your fingers along her side, with a little more pressure this time. She shivers again and mumbles in response.
  41. “Stop that.”
  43. You suppress a laugh as you ask.
  45. “Are you ticklish?”
  47. She rolls over slightly and looks at you.
  49. “I don’t know? Was that tickling?” Her naivety is adorable, but you don’t let it dissuade you as quickly poke at her ribs, tickling them and laughing as she squirms under you. It’s not often you can surprise her any more, and you savour every second of it. Suddenly though, she shifts and for a split-second time seems to freeze as she rolls on top of you. There’s a glint in her eye and you realise too late your mistake. She straddles your torso and starts poking at your ribs. You try desperately to escape, but she is unrelenting. It’s funny and painful and just as you’re about to beg her to let you go, you notice that she has stopped poking.
  51. Instead she’s running her hands over your shirt as her hips rock back and forth on you. Her eyes are heavily lidded, and the pink from before has returned to her cheeks. She moans softly, and seems to almost subconsciously move her hands under your shirt. You pull it off as she leans down for a kiss. It’s deep, passionate, and you feel her tongue against your own as the pressure increases. You’re grabbing at her now, desperately trying to pull her top off. She breaks apart and breathes heavily, slowly pulling her top over her head. Her cyborg body gleams in the scattered light of the fort, and you run you hands up and down the smooth artificial muscles. She moans softly as you touch her breast, and your grab the back of her neck in response, pulling her down for another intense kiss. The heat between you is unbearable, and you feel as her hands move lower and lower, just brushing over your crotch. You try to stifle a noise somewhere between a moan and a grunt and you feel her smile though the kiss. She breaks off again and stares deep in to your eyes. You see the desire burn in them, and feel it reflected in your own. She takes your hand, and slowly, enticingly puts your finger in her mouth. It’s warm and wet and she stares longingly at you as she runs her tongue along it. You sit up and wrap your arms around her; your face inches from hers. Her breath is hot, and you can almost hear her rapid heartbeat through the cybernetic body.
  53. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Your voice is slightly hoarse, but your words are loving.
  55. “I want to feel you close to me. As close as we can be.” The words send desire spiralling through you, and you grab her for a deep kiss. Today certainly is a special day.
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