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  1. - Australium is only visible on some stock weapons in 3rd person, at least with my method. All other australiums can still be seen in your backpack, just not in 3rd person. Here's a list of the ones that do work:
  2.     - scattergun
  3.     - rocketlauncher
  4.     - flamethrower
  5.     - stickybomb launcher
  6.     - minigun
  7.     - wrench
  8.     - medigun
  9.     - sniper rifle
  10.     - knife
  11. - I could not figure out how to make botkiller weapons visible in 3rd person (only in backpack) so I decided not to include it. Let me know if you would like to know how to do this anyway, in case you are having trouble doing so.
  12. - Changing the quality of items (colored text) is impossible. The quality will remain the same as whatever item you initially changed. You can, however, use this to fake a better unusual if you already have a cheap one you can edit.
  13. - Unusual effects are not visible on changed hats (item description only)
  14. - If a painted hat gets changed to something else, the paint will stay on the hat
  15. - It's possible to change between a certain cosmetic's different styles (like All-Father's class and thunderstruck versions)
  16. - Achievement items will keep the "Achievement item: not tradable" text even after changing it to something else
  17. - Seems I was wrong in saying changing anything about a hat makes all unusual effects on weapons disappear. Only if the hats are changed into other hats, the unusual effects will disappear (same goes for sheen). So you can still have unusual weapons and unusual achievement hats. Example:
  18. - List of attributes:
  19. - It's possible to apply unusual effects to taunt, but it is only visible in its description. IDs:
  20. - It might be possible to change between a decorated item's different wear levels (Factory New, Minimal Wear, etc.). There exists a "set_item_texture_wear" attribute in items_game.txt, whose value can be changed. I don't have any skins, so I can't test this myself.
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