Danuki Diary (Revised) Pt. 8

Feb 15th, 2018
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  1. Entry #8 25th March, AIEG
  3. I write down a lotta stuff, but you know what Journal I've never written down anything I've learned from school outside my homeworks. One time I had to right about something as if they never heard of it, did that when I was in 5th grade. The party's a day out and I got to thinking, what would it have been like if I had never been told about the marriage till the day it happened. Well that thought of mine did lead to a thought, what if there was someone wondering about a world like mine. I guess now would be a good time and start from the beginning of what I know. Well for starters, what I know from books and class is that long ago magic was a lot more common than it is now, teacher told us that it also caused lotta mamono who relied on magic to become rarer. From what I learned, mamono like suck-you-bus don't really exist no more. I mean there are things like paladins and whatnot that still exist, though a lotta is city rats pretending to be em. They go around calling mamono things like "monster girls" and the like, down right disrespectful really.
  5. Anyways, magic kinda went the way of the dodo mainly due to technology bein a thing. As mamono and humans got more advance magic kinda started to take a backseat in all of it. I mean it still exists now,m but it ain't as all around and mainly in holy places like temples and churches where they keep the stuff in like these big old pink-blue crystals. I had to do a big homework project once and learned that those crystals are real tiny compared to the ones in certain parts of the word. What I mean is there parts of the world where magic is really concentrated like, from the pictures and some paintings I saw when we went on a field trip these places got these mountain sized crystals scattered throughout those places. Magic itself is queer too, humans for the large part ain't inclined to using it but mamono are. I know pastor Geoffrey is on the account of every year at christmas he uses some kinda special magic called Holy magic which kinda looks like white fire, but it don't burn or any of the sort despite being warm. He lights this thing where the church bell usually is with it. From what he told me The kinda magic he gets is because the goddess Eros, says that it's a kinda magic that can only be born outta love. Of course the catch is ya gotta have a thing for magic as a human or else you can't use it at all, Makes sense for Pastor Geoffrey I suppose on the account of him bein a holy man and all.
  7. Speaking of magics, there's a lotta different types based off the elements and some other stuff, supposedly they could even be combined but it took lotta concentration, like tryin to keep a plate balanced on your finger while it spins. Thinkin about it now though I think old widow Lydia said somethin once about how long ago mamono mainly gave birth to more mamono and somethin called the monster lord got worried so she went and sealed magic to try and save humans from dyin out. I think though that's a tale that Ms. Lydia told to us kids to keep us entertained since she's all by herself. I should mention Ms. Lydia is a mamono as well, she's like a fox but she's got herself a whole mess of tails, I remember askin her once and she said she had 6 of em. That's not the only story she told either, as a kid I remember her talkin about the paladins and their order. As she said there used to be a time when humans and mamono lived together but some humans were afraid of mamono, and I guess if Ms Lydia's story about magic were true I would be too since if mamono weren't giving birth to human boys there'd be less people in the world and eventually everyone would die out. Anyways, the story went that the paladins waged war against mamono for the most part, saying how mamono were evil demons. Eventually the order went and tore itself apart after someone in their group realized that goin around hurtin innocent people ain't the right thing to do and took a stand against them. Ms. Lydia said the war became a three way with a group of bad mamono tryin to fight both the order of the silver maul as she called em and the breakaway group called the New Dawn. In the end no one came out on top and accordin to Ms. Lydia, the monster lord went and sealed away lotta the magic in the world.
  9. I dunno much more about it, Ms. Lydia says that one day mamono might all disappear from the world since now it seems like humans are outpacing them. Can't imagine a world like that, mamono are probably some of the sweetest girls out there. Heck of a lot sweeter than human girls, like this one girl I knew in 3rd grade who had the right worst attitude. Maybe if I see Ms. Lydia ever again I'll ask her if she's got any more books on the world or stories, would be weird though, bein an adult and askin for kid stories from an old lady.
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