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Oct 21st, 2022
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  1. Large effect
  2. -
  3. photorealistic
  4. hyperrealistic (very extreme effect)
  5. textured skin (very extreme effect - really looks like it's just "textured" and "skin" since it made the whole image about the textures of everything in it)
  6. textured (see above but it messed up all the colors unlike 99% of other prompts)
  7. highres
  8. 3d model
  9. anime screencap
  10. monochrome
  11. sketch
  12. cute
  13. portrait
  14. realistic shadows
  15. fluffy hair
  16. impressionism
  17. art nouveau
  18. flat color
  19. backlighting
  20. bloom
  21. chiaroscuro
  22. foreshortening
  23. ultra-detailed
  24. beautiful detailed [background feature] (adding adjectives to things works great)
  25. wind
  26. glowing particles (added out of focus particles and a wind effect)
  27. light particles (added distinct particles and a wind effect)
  28. world masterpiece theater (actually looked kind of nice quality wise but completely changed the pose and added a messed up hand)
  29. tracing (made all the lines really tiny and crisp)
  30. 4k
  31. 8k
  32. hollow eyes
  33. delicate
  34. ambient light (even more intense than backlighting)
  35. retro/1980/1990/2000/2010s artstyle
  36. evangelion style
  37. various chinese spells (mechanical body armor, clothes made of silver with gold lace and gemstone blisters, flowing molten metal, etc. - the ai is pretty good at simply adding props and adjectives to things)
  39. Medium effect
  40. -
  41. watercolor
  42. oil painting
  43. lineart
  44. line art
  45. thick outlines
  46. ink art
  47. comic art
  48. digital art
  49. illustration
  50. cinematic lighting
  51. colored pencil \(medium\)
  52. intricate
  53. ornate
  54. detailed
  55. extremely detailed
  56. detailed face
  57. intense shadows
  58. painted illustration (this one added a tiny barmaid in the background for some reason)
  59. soft focus
  60. soft light
  61. soft lighting
  62. art deco (this one also added background people)
  63. ligne claire
  64. surreal
  65. unfinished
  66. no lineart
  67. dithering
  68. drop shadow
  69. motion blur
  70. gradient
  71. silhouette
  72. starry eyes
  73. shiny skin
  74. perfect face (note - i tested this against just "face" and it was about the same; you simply need to tell the ai to draw the face more)
  75. curated
  76. curated masterpiece
  77. ink
  78. light (made it draw the light in the background a bit brighter and more detailed and added harsher shadows)
  79. luminescence
  80. wallpaper
  81. hazy fog
  82. standing on the surface of the sea
  83. ocean waves
  84. wind
  85. fluttering skirt
  86. coral
  87. floating bubbles
  88. [prop] on body e.g. gemstone
  89. authentic skin texture
  90. prosthesis
  91. limited palette
  93. Small Effect
  94. -
  95. visible brushstrokes
  96. crosshatching
  97. anime
  98. manga
  99. masterpiece
  100. best quality
  101. pencil art
  102. felt-tip pen art
  103. beautiful
  104. accurate anatomy
  105. dynamic angle (the image was already at a dynamic angle so this is a false negative, probably)
  106. overexposure
  107. light leaks (basically just a DoF effect)
  108. ray tracing (made it a bit more colorful and flat)
  109. long focus (not a long shot image so probably a false negative)
  111. Almost / entirely doesn't work
  112. -
  113. spot color (just "monochrome" with a color in the prompt worked better than both "spot color" and "monochrome and spot color")
  114. glitch (likely because of my negative tags)
  115. abstract (likely because of my negative tags)
  116. emphasis lines (had a large effect but didn't actually add any lines to the image)
  117. speed lines (had a very large effect but didn't actually add any lines to the image)
  118. motion lines (had a small effect but didn't actually add any lines to the image)
  119. film grain (likely because of my negative tags)
  120. scanlines (likely because of my negative tags)
  121. halftone (had a large effect but didn't actually add halftone shading)
  122. vignetting (added a nice DoF effect but didn't actually add any vignetting)
  123. pc-98 (likely because of my negative tags - this one definitely works otherwise)
  124. entering a hex code color (tried with a bunch of different ones)
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