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  1. -------------------------------------------Subject to change as story and characters develop-------------------------------------------
  4. INTRO
  5. >Annoyed with Courage's antics, and having lost/broken his previous mask, Eustace finds a mysterious new mask from a travelling gypsy merchant. She warns him of it's power and refuses to sell it to him, but he steals it anyway, running back home to scare Courage.
  6. >When Eustace comes home, Courage is incoherently babbling about a scary monster inside the house. Eustace puts on the mask to frighten him, but awakens a horrifying power within himself, and unleashes a power onto the entire world.
  7. >Eustace has awakened his stand, 「KATS IN THE CRADLE」and another power, the power of cartoonish invulnerability, strength and speed. Due to the rules of cartoons, Eustace can only utilize these powers when comedic timing calls for it.
  8. >Muriel is killed in the awakening, leaving Courage to fight off Eustace with his own newly awakened Stand 「THRILLER」which allows him to shapeshift his body into any form for a few seconds at a time.
  9. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. >Courage has to learn to conquer his fear of ghosts and ghouls in order to take on Eustace and the Mask, meeting people such as Hank Hill, Samurai Jack, and Lydia who hopefully help him live up to his name.
  11. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. >In his fight with 「MELODY EUSTACE」, Courage is able to use his newfound powers with 「THRILLER」 to avoid Eustace's attacks, but is too frightened to play offensively.
  13. >Eustace's stand 「KATZ IN THE CRADLE」 is a muscular version of Katz who attacks with dual mallets. As mallets are cartoonishly hilarious, it compliments his new powerset perfectly.
  14. >With his unstable powers, he takes the form of a small pink fire that begins to spread around the house. He uses the power of comedic effect against Eustace here, the fire burns Eustace and propels him into the sky, giving Courage a chance to escape.
  15. >Courage runs for days through the harsh deserts of Nowhere, until he comes across a propane store run by Hank Hill.
  16. >Courage explains what happened to Hank, who sympathizes, having gained his own stand from the mask's chaotic power, 「PROPANE NIGHTMARE」
  17. >Eustace meanwhile, is gaining a group of followers with 「KATZ IN THE CRADLE'S」 newfound power, 「CUBAN PETE」.
  18. >Hank and Courage must fight their way through a wave of Eustace's followers in order to reach the gypsy who Eustace stole the mask from.
  19. >During the fight, Hank explores the powers of his stand, and Courage begins to adapt to fighting better, until they reach Eustace.
  20. >Hank engages Eustace directly, as his stand is more suitable for combat. The fight begins with Hank releasing propane gas around Eustace and his stand, but by cartoonishly sniffing around with a giant comedic nose, Eustace is able to detect the smell of the propane fumes and avoids them accordingly.
  21. >Hank is on the ropes as 「KATZ IN THE CRADLE」 mercilessly bashes him with twin mallets. This continues until Hank pulls his trump card.
  22. >A massive gas explosion swallows Eustace and his stand, much to Eustace's disbelief.
  23. >Eustace cannot understand how Hank was able to set up a gas explosion, as he could not smell the gas. Hank explains that propane is naturally odorless, and the smell is artificially put by man for safety purposes. Hank used this to lure and trap Eustace into an area that Hank had released an enormous amount of propane in using the valves on 「PROPANE NIGHTMARE'S」 feet.
  24. >Unfortunately, this only leaves Eustace as a tiny pile of black ash, which, thanks to 「MELODY」, he recovers from quickly, and prepares to put Hank out of commission.
  25. >Suddenly a pink anvil falls from the sky and hits Eustace in the head, once again using the power of 「MELODY」 against him.
  26. >Courage had been positioning himself on a nearby cliff, preparing to attack Eustace at the proper moment, and jumping down when the time was right.
  27. >Using 「THRILLER」 to turn into a rubber ball saves Courage from the fall, and the two prepare to finish off Eustace.
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