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The Shrubbery Incident

Monte_Carlo Aug 26th, 2018 153 Never
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  1. >return to those dastardly knights of ni with a shrubbery
  2. >had to bribe alarune to provide said shrubs
  3. >sir robin might never recover from that, but at least you got the goods
  4. >return to knights by night and present the plants
  5. >yeah, it’s alright we guess, but we are no longer the knights who say ni
  6. >another test is required!
  7. >well shit
  8. >need to cross forest to reach that enchanter
  9. >do your worst knights who up until recently said ni
  10. >we require a second shrubbery!
  11. >alright, sir robin is looking a bit pale, but he can probably get another shrub out of the alarune
  12. >and you must cut down the tallest tree in the forest…
  13. >the knight who used to say ni reaches behind him and pulls out a horrified looking mermaid
  14. >with a herring
  15. >tfw it isn't even an atlantic herring mermaid, but a pacific herring mermaid
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