Suisei Murder Story

Mar 22nd, 2021
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  1. You ran.
  3. And ran.
  5. And kept on running.
  7. You were stuck in a snowy forest, just lines of trees and snow everywhere in sight. It was dark out, so dark that every so often you stumbled as you ran over a random tree stump or loose rock. Your breathing was erratic and you felt sweat dribble down your body under your winter clothes.
  9. How did you get here?
  11. Last you remember you were watching a Suisei singing stream but when it ended, you felt tired and passed out at your desk. But when you woke up, you were no longer at your desk, not even your own home. You were laying in the snow, frozen like a statue until you got your bearings.
  13. But then you saw HER.
  15. As your concentration broke you tripped over something and fell face first into the snow. You groaned as you slowly forced yourself up and looked over at what caused you to trip.
  17. Then your heart sunk.
  19. Laying there was the mangled body of another person, too butchered to even begin to discern who they were. They were facing up with their head buried under the snow, their clothes ripped and shredded with multiple slashes and stabs up and down their torso. But the most defining feature was the sole combat knife lodged directly into the person's chest. The body had been so frozen that it appeared to have been there for at least a few hours, their blood and skin frozen in place .
  21. “Ah… finally, the last one!” you heard a giddy voice say. With nervous eyes you looked over, and saw HER standing there. Her normally starry eyes were deadened. That usual smile full of happiness and energy now was a hollow grin. That pristine blue hair violated by dark crimson. Her winter jacket, ski goggles and hat were completely doused in blood. She was standing there, holding a combat knife with fresh blood on it, similar to the one stuck in the body nearby. But in the other was a pristine golden axe that gleamed under the moonlight.
  23. It was Hoshimachi Suisei. The idol you once adored.
  25. Now here to seemingly kill you.
  27. “Since you managed to outlast everyone else, you get the axe! It’s an honor, ya know?” Suisei said with excitement as she slowly approached. You were paralyzed by fear, unable to move as she closed in on you. The idol took the bloodied combat knife and raised it to her lips, letting her tongue slide up and down the blade's edge to taste the liquid.
  29. “Normal blood doesn’t cut it, just randomly killing some person off the street… doesn’t have that same, SWEET, flavor and RUSH that you get from the hunt....” Suisei said ominously as she stopped directly in front of you. The girl tilted her head, that grin turning into a wide maniacal smile as she raised the knife first.
  31. “But we can’t just go straight into the main dish… we need to start with an appetizer!”
  33. The knife plunged and embedded itself in your chest. You howled as Suisei was overcome with laughter, ecstasy present on her face while she kept the blade stuck in your body.
  35. “Yes! Keep screaming! It sounds so good…!” she squealed as she ripped the blade from your chest. You tried to fruitlessly raise your hand to block the next stab but it was easily swatted away and the blade was brought down again.
  37. And again.
  39. It kept coming until Suisei sent one last strike, leaving the knife in your chest on impact. You barely even had the strength to hold your head up. Your felt your vision blur, the pain unbearable as felt the blood pour from your wounds. Suisei had stopped for a brief moment, seemingly to take in her handiwork before she twirled the axe around and gripped the handle with both hands.
  41. “Thanks for playing with me… don't worry, I won't let any of that tasty blood go to waste!”
  43. You didn’t even have enough time for your hazy mind to comprehend her words as the last thing you felt was the impact of the blade, then complete darkness.
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