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  1. 1. Well, practice does makes perfect, with every action there is a reaction, to counter that reaction you have to apply another action to that reaction to generate the outcome of that action, just like Newton's third law. Not seeing the code runs between the lines which you are in fact correct as which you said "We never see the code because all of this runs within the programming language." Of course DOS applies in real life also, before you take a step you have to know which foot is leading you, the wrong step would take you through a million years of problems. The computer makes work simple for the feeble minded beings but as for technical people we disect every detail till we find the origin of it. Yes, of course a point and a click will get you wherever you need to go but sometimes a click will slip and lead to a whole 'nother direction. By all you, and i, are saying, it reminds me of Newton's third law. I bid you good luck on your run down.
  4. 2. What made you select the findings about the programming language behind powerpoint? By what you have said that the programming language behind powerpoint is VBA which means Visual Basic for Applications. It's the parent of the making of powerpoint to which it has the ability to control options within its program. How would you paste a snippet of the visual basic for applications to powerpoint to control the options if it's already in the porgram? All in all very fascinating, right down to the part of the sequence of images and graphic that is helped being created using visual programming. Having to be allowed to automate repetative tasks, especially from (by what you've stated) simultaneaously delete empty text boxes, rather than deleting them individually to reminders as to how much time you have left for your presentation. You did such a fascinating work on the findings about the programming language behind powerpoint. I wonder, how long did it take you to find such thing?! I bid you a farewell and good day.
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