SQ42 Script

Jun 28th, 2020
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  1. [E1C01S02]
  2. [Captain Maclaren]: "Never gets old, does it?"
  3. [Player]: "Sir."
  4. [Captain Maclaren]: "At ease. I used to do the same thing when I was first coming up. Post up on the flight deck whenever I could to watch the launches."
  5. [Captain Maclaren]: "Have you seen the F8's up close?"
  6. [Player]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_bludgeon_generic_response_no_0310"
  7. [Captain Maclaren]: "The thing's a beast. Nimble too."
  8. [Player]: "Twelve maneuvering thrusters andthree mains? Yeah, sounds like it.Sir."
  9. [Announcer]: "Captain MacLaren to bridge. Captainto the bridge."
  10. [Captain Maclaren]: "I saw you applied to the flight academy again."
  11. [Player]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_yes_0300"
  12. [Captain Maclaren]: "Keep your head up. It took me acouple times to get in."
  13. [Player]: "Thank you, sir."
  15. [E1C01S03]
  16. [Marcus Correl]: "I talked to Watkins in logistics and he said the recon team was wiped out."
  17. [Gunner 01]: "Really?"
  18. [Gunner 02]: "Then why are we sitting here? Vanduul aren't stupid, if they know we know, they would've hit us by now."
  19. [Marcus Correl]: "Hey, they can take as much time as they want, longer they wait, more of a chance the 42's will get back."
  20. [Gunner 01]: "They can hit whenever. I'm done with this hit-and-run shit."
  21. [Marcus Correl]: "I'll remember you said that."
  23. [E1C01S05]
  24. [Petty Officer 01]: "I'll need you to be a big sister to him, okay? Take him to Lake Pirion when he's old enough and teach him what I taught you. (pause) And do me a favor, hug your mom whenever you can, okay? She might not ask, but she may just need it from time to time. Also, for your own protection, you should learn to cook as quick as possible. (pause) I love you."
  26. [E1C01S06]
  27. [Mess Hall 01]: "Any word on reinforcements? "
  28. [Mess Hall 02]: "No clue. They gotta send them though, right? We've been getting tuned up for weeks."
  29. [Mess Hall 03]: "Ask me a year ago, I would'a said, yeah, definitely. They'd have carriers, battleships, destroyers over here no problem."
  30. [Mess Hall 01]: "Almost like the suits on Earth want an attack."
  31. [Mess Hall 03]: "Maybe we should oblige them, you know? Let a couple Maulers slip on through..."
  32. [Mess Hall 04]: "Hey, can that shit."
  33. [Mess Hall 03]: "Ease up, we're just joking."
  34. [Mess Hall 04]: "Well don't. We're here to do a job, it doesn't matter if we got no reinforcements or every ship in the fleet."
  35. [Mess Hall 03]: "Calm down..."
  37. [E1C01S07]
  38. [Marcus Correl]: "All set?"
  39. [Marcus Correl]: "Talk to you later."
  40. [Marcus Correl]: "You get any sleep?"
  41. [Marcus Correl]: "Yeah, me neither."
  43. [E1C01S08]
  44. [Marcus Correl]: "Oh, bad news, I heard Goofy was assigned to your rig for this last shift, so brace yourself, your controls are gonna be screwed."
  46. [E1C01S08A]
  47. [Tech 01]: "What's the problem?"
  48. [Tech 02]: "Got a ping that the security door isn't triggering."
  49. [Tech 01]: "How long you need?"
  50. [Tech 02]: "I don't know, sir. System says it's busted, but physically, it looks okay."
  51. [Tech 01]: "Pull someone from engineering if you have to. We need this operational."
  52. [Tech 02]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yes_0300"
  54. [E1C01S08C]
  55. [????]: "Are they here?"
  56. [????]: "No idea. Can't see anything."
  58. [E1C01S08CONT]
  59. [Marcus Correl]: "Hey, good luck. I'll see you up there."
  61. [E1C01S08D]
  62. [Gunnery Officer]: "So glad you could join us."
  63. [Gunnery Officer]: "Goddammit Goofy, get the hell out of there."
  64. [Gunnery Officer]: "I want you calibrated and ready to fire in five, hear?"
  66. [E1C01S09]
  67. [Gunnery Officer]: "Everyone up? Marcus, test your tilt, system says it's sticking."
  68. [Marcus Correl]: "Moving now, sir. Seems fine to me."
  69. [Gunnery Officer]: "Good. Alright people eyes open, mouths shut."
  70. [Gunner 01]: "Any idea what's happening, sir?"
  71. [Gunnery Officer]: "You covering your sector and staying off comms. At least, that's what should be happening."
  72. [Gunner 02]: "My money's still on a drill."
  73. [Gunnery Officer]: "What did I just say?"
  74. [Gunner 02]: "Sorry, sir."
  76. [E1C01S39]
  77. [Captain Maclaren]: "Any remaining crew, get to the escape pods. Vanduul forces have seized control of major-"
  79. [E1C01S40]
  80. [Player]: "Hey! HEY!!"
  82. [E1C01S41]
  83. [Wounded Marine]: "Hey. Hey! Help me out of here. Goddamn thing slammed on my leg."
  84. [Wounded Marine]: "Just pull, okay?"
  85. [Wounded Marine]: "Oh shit! Shit!"
  87. [E1C01S41A]
  88. [Wounded Marine]: "Come on, come onnnnnn-aaaaahh."
  90. [E1C01S42]
  91. [Mess Hall 01]: "Holy shit!"
  92. [Mess Hall 02]: "Hurry! Hurry!"
  94. [E1C01S43]
  95. [Marine 01]: "I'm on A-deck. They're all gone. They're all gone!"
  97. [E1C01S45]
  98. [Captain Maclaren]: "Thought I was the only one left."
  99. [Player]: "So did I."
  100. [Captain Maclaren]: "Look, I'm going to need your help with something. Follow me."
  102. [E1C01S45A]
  103. [Captain Maclaren]: "Have a seat, ace."
  104. [Captain Maclaren]: "Time for your first piloting lesson."
  105. [Player]: "Sir?"
  106. [Captain Maclaren]: "We're setting a new course. For that."
  107. [Captain Maclaren]: "We're running low on power so I have to reroute energy from our shields to our thrusters to change direction. That'll leave us exposed, so get us on course quick. Ready? Go."
  109. [E1C01S45B]
  110. [Captain Maclaren]: "Good, good. Hold that. Shifting power back to shields."
  111. [Admiral Bishop]: "Gauntlet, I ordered you to fall back."
  112. [Captain Maclaren]: "Can't do that, Admiral. You're dead in the water and we can help."
  113. [Admiral Bishop]: "Situation's under control. You are to reverse-"
  114. [Captain Maclaren]: "You won't kill it, sir. Not before it takes you out. You've got five hundred on your ship, mine's boarded and burning. This is the only way."
  115. [Admiral Bishop]: "You lock your course and get off that thing. Both of you, clear?"
  116. [Captain Maclaren]: "Aye, aye."
  117. [Admiral Bishop]: "Rachel..."
  118. [Captain Maclaren]: "I will."
  119. [Captain Maclaren]: "Dammit..."
  120. [Captain Maclaren]: "Gunner, come here."
  122. [E1C01S45D]
  123. [Captain Maclaren]: "We're about to have some company. I've got to try and divert as much power as I can to the engines..."
  124. [Captain Maclaren]: "So I'm gonna need you to hold them off."
  125. [Captain Maclaren]: "Go... now."
  127. [E1C01S45E]
  128. [Captain Maclaren]: "On me. Quick."
  129. [Captain Maclaren]: "I'm almost finished here. The escape pod door is jacked, so I need you to manually override the door. Leave the rifle and I'll cover you."
  131. [E1C04S01]
  132. [Medivac Pilot]: "This is you."
  133. [Eugene Morrow]: "Oh hey, you must be the new pilot. Got you really jammed in here, huh? Welcome to the Stanton. I'm Eugene Morrow, chief engineer."
  134. [Cara Web Webster]: "Morrow, get out the way."
  136. [E1C04S02]
  137. [Joachim Steiger]: "This ones' ID 523-R6"
  138. [Cara Web Webster]: "Okay, Got it."
  139. [Cara Web Webster]: "Seriously, Morrow? I'll tell you when we find your converters. You. Lt. Commander Kelly wants you to report to the briefing room."
  140. [Eugene Morrow]: "Geez, Web, that's how you welcome someone aboard? You're not even going to introduce yourself?"
  141. [Cara Web Webster]: "I'm Petty Officer Webster, chief mechanic. You should go to the briefing room."
  142. [Eugene Morrow]: "I'm headed up to Engineering, I can give you the tour. Don't worry about your bag. We'll get it to the barracks."
  143. [Cara Web Webster]: "Morrow. The rookie has a map. They'll be fine."
  144. [Player]: "Thanks for the offer, but I'd prefer to start learning my own way around."
  145. [Player]: "A tour sounds great."
  146. [Eugene Morrow]: "Totally fine. Feel free to visit engineering if you get some time after you talk to Kelly."
  147. [Eugene Morrow]: "Great! It'll only take two seconds. I'll wait for you by the stairs."
  148. [Eugene Morrow]: "You're hopeless, Web."
  149. [Cara Web Webster]: "I'm busy."
  150. [Cara Web Webster]: "What's the number on that one?"
  152. [E1C04S02A]
  153. [Cara Web Webster]: "Careful with those, Joachim."
  154. [Joachim Steiger]: "I'm careful with all of them."
  155. [Cara Web Webster]: "Fine. Just make sure you're extra careful with those."
  156. [Joachim Steiger]: "Aye, Chief."
  158. [E1C04S02B]
  159. [Cara Web Webster]: "The XO's waiting for you."
  160. [Cara Web Webster]: "You lost? Check your map. The briefing room's upstairs."
  161. [Cara Web Webster]: "If you want to chat, rookie, wait till I'm off duty."
  162. [Cara Web Webster]: "Didn't they teach you in flight school that the deck's not the best place to just stand around?"
  164. [E1C04S02C_1]
  165. [Sigfried Behr]: "So you think they're going to last longer than Heater?"
  166. [Graham Yury]: "Well anybody'll last longer than Heater. Old Man hated Heater. Question is, will they last longer than Lowball?"
  167. [Sigfried Behr]: "Well, standard bet?"
  168. [Graham Yury]: "You're on."
  170. [E1C04S02C_2]
  171. [Player]: "Looking at you two, I'll be surprised if she even flies straight."
  172. [Player]: "Why don't you let me worry about flying and you worry about doing your job?"
  173. [Sigfried Behr]: "POSITIVE"
  174. [Sigfried Behr]: "NEGATIVE"
  176. [E1C04S02C_2_MT]
  177. [Player]: "Looking at you two, I'll be surprised if she even flies straight."
  178. [Player]: "Why don't you let me worry about flying and you worry about doing your job?"
  179. [Player]: "Looking at you two, I'll be surprised if she even flies straight."
  181. [E1C04S02D]
  182. [Becca Farneway]: "Full burn! Kickin' into overdrive! Full burn! Soon I'll be by your side! And you'll see, that the only truth, in this 'verse, is you and me!"
  184. [E1C04S02E]
  185. [Eugene Morrow]: "This way Lieutenant. I'll show you around."
  186. [Eugene Morrow]: "You probably don't want to keep Kelly waiting for too long..."
  187. [Eugene Morrow]: "The debriefing room is up these stairs."
  188. [Eugene Morrow]: "I get if you're nervous but the Stanton's a great ship once you get to know her."
  189. [Eugene Morrow]: "Whenever you're ready pal"
  191. [E1C04S02_MorrowTour]
  192. [Player]: "A tour sounds great."
  193. [Player]: "Thanks for the offer, but I'd prefer to start learning my own way around."
  195. [E1C04S03]
  196. [Eugene Morrow]: "All set? Let's go."
  198. [E1C04S03A]
  199. [Eugene Morrow]: "This is Flight Control and this gentleman here is the one and only Flight Operator Aaron Seetow."
  200. [Aaron Seetow]: "New pilot right? I'm sure you'll hear this all day but welcome aboard the Stanton. I'm going to be the voice in your head while you're flying. Don't you worry though, I'll be gentle. Oh! You hear about Claude? He's on PD."
  201. [Eugene Morrow]: "What did he do?"
  202. [Aaron Seetow]: "No idea, but apparently he really ticked off Kelly."
  203. [Eugene Morrow]: "Connie's not going to believe this."
  204. [????]: "Flight Ops. Flight Ops. This is AV-1. Come back."
  205. [Aaron Seetow]: "Better go. AV-1, this is Flight Ops. I got you. Waiting on some traffic to clear the deck, but begin your approach."
  207. [E1C04S03AA]
  208. [Eugene Morrow]: "Seetow's great, but a bit of a gossip. Don't tell him anything you don't want the whole crew to know. Rumor has it that's why his ex left. But he's probably better off. He told me that she had a gambling problem."
  210. [E1C04S03A_2]
  211. [Eugene Morrow]: "We better get out of his hair. Next stop - the main deck."
  213. [E1C04S03B]
  214. [Eugene Morrow]: "Here's the Mess Hall. Hey everyone, this is the new pilot!"
  215. [Eugene Morrow]: "Barracks and the head's through here too. The chow's pretty good. Never try the lamb, no matter what anyone tells you."
  217. [E1C04S03C_1]
  218. [Eugene Morrow]: "Not sure if you've been on an Idris, but there's a great view of the hangar over there you should check out later."
  220. [E1C04S03C_2]
  221. [Joachim Steiger]: "Hey, Morrow."
  222. [Eugene Morrow]: "You hear Claude's on punishment detail again? Apparently, Kelly said this was his last chance."
  223. [Joachim Steiger]: "Oh, what did he do?"
  224. [Eugene Morrow]: "I'll tell you about it later. Have to finish giving the new Pilot a tour. You two haven't met formally yet, right?"
  225. [Joachim Steiger]: "Starman Joachim Steiger, sir. I better get this to the doc. I want to hear the rest later, Morrow. Sir."
  226. [Eugene Morrow]: "'chim's a great guy. Amazing to think he was fiending on WiDoW just a few years ago. Come on, we'll cut through here."
  227. [Eugene Morrow]: "Hey, Joachim!"
  229. [E1C04S03_2]
  230. [Eugene Morrow]: "Hey, sorry about before. Web's great at her job... but she takes a little while to warm up. I've been here a year, and she only asked me how I was doing for the first time last week. The only person I see her hang out with is Kelly and I'm pretty sure all they talk about is work."
  232. [E1C04S03_3]
  233. [Eugene Morrow]: "The Stanton's been in service for a while now. Keeps us engineers busy, but I figure it's a hell of a lot more interesting than serving on a new ship where hardly anything needs fixing."
  234. [Eugene Morrow]: "Actually, little known fact, back when Captain White was a starman, his first assigment was on the Stanton. When he got his commission later on, he requested her special."
  236. [E1C04S04]
  237. [Eugene Morrow]: "And this is the Cargo Hold."
  238. [Eugene Morrow]: "That's August Beck, our quartermaster."
  239. [Eugene Morrow]: "August. New Pilot."
  240. [August Beck]: "Welcome. If you need anything let me know."
  241. [Eugene Morrow]: "Thanks!"
  242. [Eugene Morrow]: "If you need anything. Yeah, right. If you were on fire, August wouldn't give you a glass of water unless you had triplicate forms signed by your C.O."
  244. [E1C04S05]
  245. [Eugene Morrow]: "That'll take you to Bridge elevator. Captain White's great by the way. He collects model ships. Now that I think about it, a lot of captains do, don't they?"
  246. [Claude Desaily]: "Christ, will you shut up already, Morrow?"
  247. [Eugene Morrow]: "So Claude, what did you do this time?"
  248. [Claude Desaily]: "Go to hell."
  249. [Eugene Morrow]: "Okay, we'll talk later. On with the tour!"
  251. [E1C04S05A]
  252. [Eugene Morrow]: "So this is me, but if you keep on heading straight, the briefing room is around the bend and on the left. Check your mobi if you get lost. Feel free to swing by later if you get some time!"
  253. [Eugene Morrow]: "Hey, that was the new pilot! I think we're gunna be best friends!"
  255. [E1C04S06]
  256. [Connie Hayes]: "There you are. Did you get the converters? White wants an ETA on that relay."
  257. [Eugene Morrow]: "Right... might need you to grab them from Web while I finish taking the new pilot to the Briefing Room. Connie, new pilot - new pilot, Starman Connie Hayes."
  258. [Connie Hayes]: "The Morrow Experience Tour. Lucky you. I'll go speak to her."
  259. [Eugene Morrow]: "You're the best, Connie! Oh! Remind me to tell you about Claude later."
  260. [Connie Hayes]: "I'm sure you will!"
  262. [E1C04S07]
  263. [Evelyn Ishitaka]: "Oh, you must be the new pilot. I'm Lt. Evelyn Ishitaka, navigator. The XO is expecting you."
  265. [E1C04S08]
  266. [Eugene Morrow]: "Hey, where you going?"
  267. [Eugene Morrow]: "Does this mean you don't want the tour?"
  268. [Eugene Morrow]: "You sure you know where you're going?"
  270. [E1C04S09]
  271. [Sophia Kelly]: "Now Captain White likes to meet everyone who comes aboard his ship, but I wanted to have a quick word first."
  272. [Sophia Kelly]: "Sit down, lieutenant."
  273. [Sophia Kelly]: "You understand what an order is, correct?"
  274. [Sophia Kelly]: "I don't have time for this."
  275. [Sophia Kelly]: "At east."
  277. [E1C04S09A]
  278. [Sophia Kelly]: "You wasted enough time, so let's get started."
  279. [Sophia Kelly]: "Little history lesson. Sealed in 2872, the Stanton is an Aegis Idris-class frigate. She served with the 351st Battle Group for almost six decades before transferring to the 87th Battle Group ten years ago. In our last two assignments we've gone from rescue and disaster relief in Ferron to perimeter sweeps along the Xi'An front. We handle all sorts of theaters, all sorts of situations."
  280. [Sophia Kelly]: "Now, some people got big dreams of thrashing 'duul out with Bishop and think a post like this ain't worth their time. That this is a joke assignment, so I tell every new transfer this only once. We may be a small crew, but the work we do matters. If you don't respect that, I'll make sure you spend your career scrubbing decks in the darkest corner of the Empire."
  281. [Sophia Kelly]: "Come on. Let's not keep the Captain waiting."
  283. [E1C04S11]
  284. [Michael Alstead]: "Inspect, arms!"
  285. [Michael Alstead]: "Aldo. Are you seeing this?"
  286. [Aldo Braga]: "How the hell is he screwing up again?"
  287. [Lars Neuer]: "How -"
  288. [Aldo Braga]: "Ho there, private. We were not addressing you."
  289. [Lars Neuer]: "No, sir. I'm sorry, sir."
  290. [Michael Alstead]: "You have to earn an opinion, hear? Now, if you'll let me finish I will enlighten you on the one thing you need to- Marine on deck!"
  291. [Sophia Kelly]: "Technically not a marine anymore, Asltead."
  292. [Michael Alstead]: "Always a marine, sir."
  293. [Aldo Braga]: "Now, present, arms!"
  294. [Michael Alstead]: "He's not getting it."
  295. [Aldo Braga]: "He's really not. I want you to present arms till I say stop. That clear?"
  296. [Aldo Braga]: "Present, arms!"
  297. [Lars Neuer]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_yes_0300"
  299. [E1C04S12]
  300. [Sophia Kelly]: "Go for Kelly."
  301. [Sophia Kelly]: "Put in another requisition with the Fury's Quartermaster, Web."
  302. [Sophia Kelly]: "If they don't have it, they don't have it. Are we cleared otherwise? Good."
  303. [Sophia Kelly]: "Kelly for Vallon. "
  304. [Sophia Kelly]: "Vallon, let the battle group know that we're all set with prep and underway."
  306. [E1C04S13]
  307. [Woodrow Tannen]: "The Army likes to fight, and Marines are pretty tough, but if you want adventure, the Navy's got the stuff. Oh we fly the 'verse, protecting those in need. We serve the Empire, At 1/5th light speeeeed! Oh! The Navy life's for me, hey! The Navy life for me."
  308. [Sophia Kelly]: "Woodrow Tannen, the repairs were supposed to be completed last shift."
  309. [Woodrow Tannen]: "They were, sir, but you know how these older ships are. As soon as I replaced the conduit, the whole breaker blew. Have to change out the entire thing now, sir."
  310. [Sophia Kelly]: "I want a comm as soon as you're finished"
  311. [Woodrow Tannen]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yes_0300"
  313. [E1C04S14C]
  314. [Captain Noah White]: "At ease, lieutenant. Captain Noah White, welcome aboard. I looked over your file and, I have to say, your actions in the Battle of Vega II, well... let's just say I have high expectations for you. Please..."
  315. [Sophia Kelly]: "Your rig's still being worked on but we'll call when we're set to send you out."
  316. [Captain Noah White]: "We've been split up to patrol a number of systems; the Stanton's been assigned Odin."
  317. [Captain Noah White]: " It's primarily used by Corps for mining and research, but recently an outlaw organization known as the OMC has been making a name for itself hunting transports out of the Coil."
  318. [Captain Noah White]: " It's our job to sweep the area clean. That's where you come in."
  319. [Captain Noah White]: "But don't worry, we got you flying with one of the best. Be sure to follow his lead."
  320. [Captain Noah White]: "Kelly?"
  321. [Captain Noah White]: "After a much needed week of shore leave, the battle group's readying to go back on rotation."
  322. [Sophia Kelly]: "(Designer) For now, you've got some downtime. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the layout of the Stanton and her crew."
  323. [Sophia Kelly]: "Dismissed, lieutenant."
  325. [E1C04S14C_0]
  326. [Lars Neuer]: "Sir."
  327. [Lars Neuer]: " "
  329. [E1C04S14D]
  330. [Sophia Kelly]: "I finished reviewing the latest intel, sir."
  331. [Sophia Kelly]: "The Coil's a nasty piece of work. No accurate maps to speak of, and if you do find a way into the warren, the extremely volatile ion clouds are there to make you wish you hadn't."
  332. [Captain Noah White]: "And your assessment?"
  333. [Captain Noah White]: "Even so, I'd like to keep our patrols covering smaller areas. I want to be able to support quickly if needed."
  334. [Sophia Kelly]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yes_0300"
  336. [E1C04S14E]
  337. [Evelyn Ishitaka]: "You made it. Guess Morrow didn't yammer your ear off after all."
  339. [E1C04S14H]
  340. [Sophia Kelly]: "Spend your downtime somewhere else, Lieutenant."
  342. [E1C04S14J]
  343. [Captain Noah White]: "Apologies, Lieutenant. I can't really chat right now."
  344. [Captain Noah White]: "I definitely want to get to know you, Lieutenant, but now is not the time."
  345. [Captain Noah White]: "Lieutenant, I understand that you're new aboard, but surely at some point in your career you were instructed that it's not a good idea to be breathing down your Captain's neck?"
  347. [E1C04S14K]
  348. [????]: "[Over Comms] Battle group actual, this is the UEES Stanton, updating status. We are nearing our patrol position in Odin."
  350. [E1C04S16]
  351. [Medic 01]: "I am sure as the newest crew member aboard you have many fascinating and wonderful things to say, and that we should be making introductions, and small talk, and I should be telling you how good of a job they did with your facial recon, but really, unless this is a medical emergency, I would much prefer if we skipped to the part where I get to go back to enjoying my quiet meal. Thanks."
  352. [Medic 01]: "If you're looking to make friends you may want to try Morrow or Joachim instead."
  353. [Medic 01]: "If you understood how little downtime I spend outside the infirmary, you would not be trying so desperately to rob me of it."
  354. [Medic 01]: "You do know I have the power to take you off flight duty, correct?"
  355. [Medic 01]: "I know you're still there. And yes, I am going to continue to ignore you."
  357. [E1C04S16A]
  358. [Michael Alstead]: "I'm telling you. Some of the most intense climbs I've ever been on. Especially if you hit the southern isles, some of those peaks rival the cliffs on Corin."
  359. [Conrad Vex]: "Bullshit."
  360. [Aldo Braga]: "You should have told me."
  361. [Michael Alstead]: "No lie. There are a couple Grade VI's out there. Easy."
  362. [Michael Alstead]: "I did. Multiple times. You were just always partying with the others at Tasha's."
  363. [Aldo Braga]: "I still would've gone."
  364. [Michael Alstead]: "These would have killed you. You can barely climb sober."
  365. [Conrad Vex]: "Shouldn't we relieve the kid?"
  366. [Michael Alstead]: "Nah. Give the newborn a couple more hours."
  367. [Aldo Braga]: "Then we should have him run Vanduul boarding drills."
  368. [Conrad Vex]: "You two are assholes."
  369. [Aldo Braga]: "Oh, I got the new episodes of Lost Squad if you want them."
  370. [Michael Alstead]: "Yeah? I don't know. I wasn't a big fan of the last season."
  371. [Aldo Braga]: "The end was pretty good."
  372. [Michael Alstead]: "It was okay. I just don't buy that actor. He looks ridiculous whenever he's supposed to look good with a weapon."
  373. [Aldo Braga]: "Eh, it's fun."
  374. [Michael Alstead]: "All right. I'll give it another shot."
  375. [Michael Alstead]: "You mind?"
  377. [E1C04S17]
  378. [Will Haines]: "Hey! You're the new pilot right? I'm Will."
  379. [Will Haines]: "I mean, Starman Haines, sir. Gunner first class. It's an honour, sir. So, is it true that you used to be a gunner?"
  380. [Player]: "It wasn't easy. And you know, there's nothing wrong with being a gunner."
  381. [Player]: "It wasn't easy to get in, but I never stopped trying. If you really want to be a pilot, then go after it."
  382. [Will Haines]: "I know... Hey, thank you, sir. Anyway, I guess I better get going."
  383. [Will Haines]: "Thanks. That means a lot, sir. And I'll make sure to keep an eye on you while you're flying out there."
  384. [Player]: "Appreciate it."
  385. [Player]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_assistance_required_0121"
  386. [Will Haines]: "That's so great. It's kind of what I want to do too. Be a pilot, that is. I've been working on my application for the academy, practicing on the cabs whenever I get a chance. Just trying to get that edge, you know?"
  388. [E1C04S18_1]
  389. [Connie Hayes]: "How 'bout now?"
  390. [Eugene Morrow]: "Still flatline. The new converters aren't syncing yet."
  391. [Eugene Morrow]: "The prophase seems to be off a step."
  392. [Connie Hayes]: "The h-vent is about wide as it can go. If the prophase is off, I'm not seeing a reason down here."
  393. [Eugene Morrow]: "Let me check something."
  394. [Connie Hayes]: "Maybe this blowout'll convince the Captain that we should finally upgrade the end-run system."
  395. [Eugene Morrow]: "The Captain would overhaul the Stanton if he could, but as long as she still technically flies there's no way the brass will hand out the creds for it."
  396. [Connie Hayes]: "The Senate really thought it through when they made those cuts. "Hey, go on and keep protecting our asses, but if you could do it without spending any money, that'd be great.""
  397. [Eugene Morrow]: "Yeah, pretty much the only way to get funding these days is to change your name to Bishop."
  398. [Connie Hayes]: "Seriously. I met a runner on Goss who told me that he delivered 12 j-10s to the Retribution when it was in dry dock. 12!"
  399. [Eugene Morrow]: "I didn't even know those were in production yet. And here we are fighting tooth and nail to get our one j-7. Well, I guess it could be worse."
  400. [Connie Hayes]: "We could be on the Drago."
  401. [Eugene Morrow]: "Don't joke..."
  402. [Eugene Morrow]: "Okay, I reset the whole substrate. Give it another try."
  403. [Connie Hayes]: "It's connecting now, but nothing's getting through. I'm goiung to pull it out and retransfix the binding."
  404. [Eugene Morrow]: "Oh! I never told you about Claude!"
  405. [Connie Hayes]: "What happened?"
  406. [Eugene Morrow]: "Kelly had him scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush."
  407. [Connie Hayes]: "What'd he do?"
  408. [Eugene Morrow]: "No one knows! As soon as we go off shift, we should try to find out."
  409. [Connie Hayes]: "Count me in."
  411. [E1C04S18_2]
  412. [Eugene Morrow]: "There's my buddy!"
  413. [Eugene Morrow]: "Welcome to the heart of the Stanton. We have our hands in almost everything that happens on the ship."
  414. [Connie Hayes]: "Of course, when something goes right, it's cause of the bridge, when something goes wrong, it's cause of the engine room."
  415. [Eugene Morrow]: "Being an engineer can be a difficult job at times."
  416. [Connie Hayes]: "Speaking of..."
  417. [Eugene Morrow]: "Right. I should really get back to fixing this relay. We'll catch up later, okay?"
  418. [Eugene Morrow]: "Hello again! Found your way to Kelly alright?"
  420. [E1C04S19]
  421. [Lars Neuer]: "Sir."
  422. [Player]: "Why are you guarding empty cells?"
  423. [Lars Neuer]: "The population of the cellsis irrelevant. An order is an order." !!TYPO!!
  424. [Player]: "You shouldn't let them haze you like this."
  425. [Lars Neuer]: "They're trying to help me, sir."
  426. [Player]: "How are the prisoners?"
  427. [Lars Neuer]: "No prisoners to speak of, sir, but brig is secure."
  428. [Player]: "Carry on."
  429. [Lars Neuer]: "Thank you, sir."
  431. [E1C04S20]
  432. [Joachim Steiger]: "I so got you this time."
  433. [Argo Pilot]: "It's funny that you think you can actually beat me."
  434. [Joachim Steiger]: "I've beaten you before."
  435. [Argo Pilot]: "Yelling 'I win' is not the same thing as winning."
  436. [Joachim Steiger]: "Tell that to my trophy."
  437. [Argo Pilot]: "You made that trophy!"
  438. [Joachim Steiger]: "Still a trophy."
  439. [Joachim Steiger]: "Here we go!"
  440. [Joachim Steiger]: "This is so mine."
  441. [Joachim Steiger]: "Give it up, Grace."
  442. [Joachim Steiger]: "You already lost and you just don't know it yet."
  443. [Argo Pilot]: "You don't stand a chance."
  444. [Argo Pilot]: "Is that as fast as you can go?"
  445. [Argo Pilot]: "Check this out!"
  446. [Argo Pilot]: "Let me know if you want me to take it easy on you."
  448. [E1C04S21_1]
  449. [Duncan Chakma]: "Ah, Lieutenant, they warned me you would be coming by. I am the Stanton's Master-at-Arms Duncan Chakma. All pilots are required to carry small arms on missions, but we will need to register you with the system before you can access the weapon lockers, Log in to the terminal over there and we'll get you started."
  451. [E1C04S21_2]
  452. [Duncan Chakma]: "You'll be able to access any of the weapon lockers on the ship now. And please, remember your training. Misconduct will not be tolerated. Be safe out there, Lieutenant."
  454. [E1C04S21_Idle]
  455. [Stanton Crew]: "If you want to test out any arms, you're welcome to use the range."
  456. [Stanton Crew]: "Being comfortable with a weapon is more important than sheer stopping power. If you can't use it properly, it won't matter how big the ammo is."
  457. [Stanton Crew]: "Everything listed on the terminal is ready to use. Maintain everything personally."
  458. [Stanton Crew]: "I don't know what the hell Aldo did to this thing, but it is going to take me all day to get it right."
  460. [E1C04S21_Prompt]
  461. [Stanton Crew]: "You won't be able to fly unless your armed, and I can't allow you to be armed until you use the terminal."
  462. [Stanton Crew]: "If you want access to the weapon lockers, the terminal is right over there."
  464. [E1C04S22_1]
  465. [Aaron Seetow]: "Attention: Would all pilots report to the hangar for launch. All pilots to hangar for launch."
  466. [Aaron Seetow]: "And Lieutenant, before you take off, you're going to have to acquire some field provisions."
  467. [Aaron Seetow]: "(Designer) Check in with the Master-at-Arms to get weapon locker clearance for the mission, and pick up some medical supplies before boarding your ship."
  468. [Aaron Seetow]: "(Designer) Head to the Armoury and Med Bay as soon as you can."
  470. [E1C04S22_2]
  471. [Stanton Crew]: "Hey Lieutenant, you might not be used to it yet, but that 'all pilots to the hangar' thing meant you too."
  473. [E1C04S23A]
  474. [Steve Colton]: "The top back thruster's sticking."
  475. [Steve Colton]: "That means either you missing something, or I'm wrong."
  476. [Graham Yury]: "We checked it, sir. Didn't see anything."
  477. [Graham Yury]: "We'll check it again, sir."
  478. [Steve Colton]: "Who the hell are you?"
  479. [Player]: "I'm your new wingman, name's..."
  480. [Steve Colton]: "Easy up. You want me to learn your name? Do as I say, and live long enough for me to care. That's your Gladius. You ready?"
  481. [Player]: "New pilot, sir. Lieutenant -"
  482. [Player]: "We'll find out, sir."
  483. [Steve Colton]: "Let's go."
  485. [E1C04S23B]
  486. [Cara Web Webster]: "Now that you have Old Man's blessing, you ready to meet your ship?"
  487. [Cara Web Webster]: "A 2932 Aegis Gladius. Yeah, she's been around the 'verse a few times, but for me the '32 is the Gladius. They keep trying to build 'em more agile, but I think the stickier throttle makes lining a shot a ton easier. The cooler's new, the thrusters have all been pulled and cleaned. And the moment Sweeper left, I tweaked the power plant from factory spec."
  488. [Cara Web Webster]: "(Designer) Good. Jump in and we'll start your pre-flight checks. Don't want to keep Old Man waiting too long."
  489. [Cara Web Webster]: "(Designer) She's all yours now anyway. Do me a favour and don't blow her up on your first run, okay? Old Man's waiting so jump in and we'll start your pre-flight checks."
  491. [E1C04S23B_2]
  492. [Stanton Crew]: "She's a good ship, you got nothing to worry about."
  493. [Stanton Crew]: "If you want to be a pilot, now's the moment."
  494. [Stanton Crew]: "No one else can get into that cockpit for you."
  495. [Stanton Crew]: "Where are you, kid?"
  496. [Stanton Crew]: "They did teach you how to fly in flight school, right?"
  498. [E1C04S23E]
  499. [Aaron Seetow]: "Hi Lieutenant, congrats on making it to your first flight. Old Man doesn't even let some of the new pilots make it this far. Your comm designation for this mission is going to be Baron-2. Good luck out there. Baron-2, you are cleared for launch."
  501. [E1C04S23_1]
  502. [Cara Web Webster]: "She keeps coming back drier than she should. What do you think?"
  503. [Becca Farneway]: "It could be the flow gate."
  504. [Cara Web Webster]: "That was my first thought, so I took it apart last shift."
  505. [Becca Farneway]: "Of course you did. And?"
  506. [Cara Web Webster]: "Clean enough to eat off of. I'm thinking that maybe we modify the die-nos cycle and pick up some extra data during flight."
  507. [Becca Farneway]: "While we're at it, we might want to keep an extra close eye on the sensor suite. As soon as we got our AO, I started reading up on the Coil. Not only does it obscure vision, but it's a mess of electromagnetic and thermal energy. Thing's like trying to fly through a bowl of soup that's trying to kill you."
  508. [Cara Web Webster]: "The Gladies are a bit twingy dealing with sustained electromagnetic shocks to begin with... Keep going with the PFC, and I'll see what I can whip up."
  510. [E1C04S23_2]
  511. [Cara Web Webster]: "Lt. Commander Colton told me not to let you touch your ship till you spoke with him."
  512. [Cara Web Webster]: "Becca, did he seem like he was in a good mood to you?"
  513. [Becca Farneway]: "Old Man? I don't know. He was in an Old Man mood."
  514. [Cara Web Webster]: "Well there you go. Good luck."
  515. [Cara Web Webster]: "We're still finishing preflight checks. You should go check in with Old Man."
  516. [Player]: "Looks snug."
  517. [Stanton Crew]: "When I visited the military museum back on earth I remember reading that the armed forces a few hundred years ago had shared barracks with no privacy screens for their cots!"
  518. [Stanton Crew]: "Imagine having zero privacy for months on end... anyway, I think I'll get some shut eye now. Nice talking with you."
  519. [Stanton Crew]: "Yeah, and the privacy screens really help if you want some shut eye."
  520. [Stanton Crew]: "Crazy to think they didn't used to have them on ships."
  521. [Player]: "What do you mean, they didn't used to have them?"
  522. [Player]: "That was one cool story, bro."
  523. [Stanton Crew]: "I think I'll make use of my privacy screen now."
  524. [Medic 02]: "(Designer) New Pilot? Great, I've been expecting you! "
  525. [Medic 02]: "(Designer) Don't worry I won't be opening you up just yet, but I do need you to take some supplies with you before you go out for your mission."
  526. [Medic 02]: "(Designer) You'll find some standard med packs in the cabinet over on the wall, take as many as you can carry."
  527. [Medic 02]: "(Designer) Got your supplies? Good. Remember, we always keep the first aid cabinets around the ship fully stocked so if you're running low on med packs feel free to take what you need from any of the available stores."
  528. [Medic 02]: "(Designer) Take care of yourself out there, Pilot. I don't want to have to perform your autopsy after your first mission haha! Oh, that was dark..."
  529. [Medic 02]: "Business on the bridge?"
  530. [Medic 02]: ""
  531. [Medic 02]: "Don't want to keep them waiting."
  532. [Medic 02]: "Hey, Pilot."
  533. [Medic 02]: "Better hurry up."
  535. [E1C05S02_A]
  536. [Steve Colton]: "Two bogeys, and a lot of debris. I'm not getting any regtags on either. Get in position and don't move until I do."
  538. [E1C05S02_B]
  539. [Steve Colton]: "Unidentified vessels, this is the UEE Navy, power down your ships and standby for processing."
  541. [E1C05S02_C]
  542. [Steve Colton]: "Goddammit. Engage, engage."
  544. [E1C05S02_D]
  545. [Steve Colton]: "Gotta be careful of anyone who'd fight the Navy on sight. Let's see what they were up to."
  547. [E1C05S02_E]
  548. [Steve Colton]: ""
  550. [E1C05S03_A]
  551. [Steve Colton]: "This is a damn mess. I'm seeing parts from Starfarer and Mustangs. No escape pods."
  552. [Steve Colton]: "Kid, board the Starfarer to check for survivors and pull data from the navcomp. You ever EVA before?"
  554. [E1C05S03_B]
  555. [Player]: "No time to learn like the present."
  556. [Steve Colton]: "I'll walk you through it and cover you in case more outlaws show."
  558. [E1C05S03_D]
  559. [Steve Colton]: "Any of the cargo left in the external pods?"
  560. [Player]: "The pods look like they've been completely cleared out."
  561. [Steve Colton]: "Those Auroras must have been on salvage duty. Head in through the cargo door. Here's hoping the crew can tell us what happened"
  563. [E1C05S04_A]
  564. [Player]: "Colton, found the crew. They didn't make it."
  565. [Steve Colton]: "A damn shame. Try to access the terminal and let's see where this ship came from."
  567. [E1C05S04_B]
  568. [Player]: "I've patched into the control terminal. Sending the manifest and navData now."
  569. [Steve Colton]: "I'm seeing it."
  570. [Player]: "Reg Tags list them out of Shubin Facility Archon."
  571. [Steve Colton]: "Archon's registered just inside the Coil. Comms won't go through that deep, but it isn't far from here. Let's go let them know. EVA back to your ship."
  573. [E1C05S06_A]
  574. [Steve Colton]: "Welcome back, kid. Time to go deliver some bad news."
  576. [E1C05S08]
  577. [Randall Graves]: "I swear, when I heard that pissed-off tone, I couldn't believe it."
  578. [Steve Colton]: "It's good to see you, Graves."
  579. [Randall Graves]: "Good to see you too. Come on. Boss is this way. I'll give you the grand tour"
  580. [Steve Colton]: "Gotta say, kinda strange seeing you out of uniform"
  581. [Randall Graves]: "Kinda strange seeing you still in it. Figured you'd be retired by now, heckling kids from a bar stool"
  582. [Steve Colton]: "Not gonna happen, you wanna rely on Rookies like this?"
  583. [Randall Graves]: "Hehe, you don't change, this way"
  585. [E1C05S09A]
  586. [Randall Graves]: "Sorry it's so busy. You've arrived at rush hour, they're just changing the shifts over. I think our best bet is to take the rear service elevator to the command tower"
  587. [Randall Graves]: "How's old Fordham?"
  588. [Steve Colton]: "Ha! he's a commander now I think."
  589. [Randall Graves]: "What?! They put him in charge of people? Hehe"
  590. [Randall Graves]: "This was a guy, good at what he could do but absolutely no filters if you know what I mean"
  591. [Randall Graves]: "Rather reminds me of somebody else too"
  592. [Randall Graves]: "And how's Galeya?"
  593. [Steve Colton]: "Got tagged in a run in Grinder"
  594. [Randall Graves]: "You're kidding. That's sad"
  596. [E1C05S10]
  597. [Randall Graves]: "Ah, elevator's on the way up. Should be here in a couple of seconds"
  598. [Miner 01]: "I'll be happy when this is all over"
  599. [Miner 02]: "You mean rich"
  600. [Miner 01]: "If I make it that long, I've got another double in D6 tonight. And after what happened to Erin"
  601. [Miner 02]: "He got sloppy. We got what? 2 Shipments left and then-"
  602. [Randall Graves]: " Pewtree? I've got an old friend of mine from the NAVY here, I thought you two might care to meet"
  603. [Randall Graves]: "Pewtree, this is Lt. Com. Colton. Colton, this is Pewtree"
  604. [Miner 02]: "Nice to meet you"
  606. [E1C05S10B]
  607. [Steve Colton]: "All miners like that?"
  608. [Randall Graves]: "Well they spend all their day hitting rocks. They tend to forget their manners"
  609. [Steve Colton]: "Get in Kid, we haven't got all day"
  611. [E1C05S11]
  612. [Steve Colton]: "So what do you mine here?"
  613. [Randall Graves]: "Well just about everything. Oh, you'd have to ask the miners. Me, I just concentrate on the security detail. The simple stuff"
  614. [Steve Colton]: "Outlaws been a problem?"
  615. [Randall Graves]: "We've had one or two incidents over the years, but frankly just lately, it's been very quiet. Why do you ask?"
  616. [Steve Colton]: "Figure there's gotta be a reason Shubin shelling out for ex-military as good as you."
  617. [Randall Graves]: "Ha! well, turns out my rate's not as high as you'd think"
  619. [E1C05S12]
  620. [Randall Graves]: "Steve, a word to the wise. Wexler can be a bit abrasive. Try not to hit him"
  622. [E1C05S12_2]
  623. [Randall Graves]: "Mr. Wexler, this is Lt. Com. Colton."
  624. [Julian Wexler]: "Commander. Hi, Julian Wexler. I'm the field manager of this little operation. Welcome aboard the Archon. What brings the Navy to our little corner of the 'verse. "
  625. [Steve Colton]: "We found the wreckage of one of your Starfarers. Looks like they were hit by an outlaw group called OMC."
  626. [Randall Graves]: "Were there survivors?"
  627. [Julian Wexler]: "What about the cargo?"
  628. [Steve Colton]: "No Survivors.Cargo was taken. Sorry"
  629. [Randall Graves]: "You said one of the err.. Starfarers, what about the other one?"
  630. [Steve Colton]: "Only found one."
  631. [Steve Colton]: "We'll get the Stanton on it. Give us whatever info you have on the ship."
  632. [Julian Wexler]: "No that's not going be necessary, Captain"
  633. [Steve Colton]: "What?"
  634. [Julian Wexler]: "Yeah, I'm sorry, Commander, it's Shubin policy that we handle security threats internally."
  635. [Steve Colton]: "OMC opened fired on us twice with zero hesitation. I don't think they'll-"
  636. [Julian Wexler]: "I know, I know and I appreciate everything you've done, Commander."
  637. [Scan Officer]: "Excuse me, Mr. Graves? We're picking up inbound contacts"
  638. [Steve Colton]: "Tell me you're expecting company?"
  639. [Randall Graves]: "Zeke, Grave's here. Report your position, over?"
  640. [Zeke]: "Patrolling grid twelve"
  641. [Randall Graves]: "This is not good"
  642. [Steve Colton]: "Graves, have you gotta way to comm through the coil?"
  643. [Randall Graves]: "Yes, LDR"
  644. [Steve Colton]: "Call the Stanton. Tell her to move on this position. ASAP"
  645. [Randall Graves]: "We'll need the service elevator for the evac, but we can give you the second elevator that'll take you back to your ships."
  646. [Steve Colton]: "Come on."
  647. [Randall Graves]: "Attention all personnel this is not a drill, I repeat, this is not a drill. All non-security personnel evacuate to the lower levels. This is not a Drill"
  649. [E1C05S12_3]
  650. [Randall Graves]: ""
  651. [Zeke]: ""
  652. [Randall Graves]: ""
  653. [Steve Colton]: ""
  654. [Randall Graves]: ""
  655. [Steve Colton]: ""
  656. [Randall Graves]: ""
  657. [Steve Colton]: ""
  658. [Randall Graves]: ""
  660. [E1C05S14]
  661. [Steve Colton]: "Bad odds for a first time out, kid. I want you to watch yourself okay"
  662. [Steve Colton]: "Look out!"
  663. [Steve Colton]: "We need another way down."
  664. [Steve Colton]: "There's a gantry right below us. We should be able to drop to it."
  665. [Steve Colton]: "What are you waiting for, kid? Lend a hand."
  667. [E1C05S15]
  668. [Steve Colton]: "We're going to have to fight our way to our ships. "
  670. [E1C05S16]
  671. [Steve Colton]: "Son of a bitch."
  672. [Steve Colton]: "Take off. I'll see if mine's still flyable"
  674. [E1C05S17]
  675. [????]: "Stanton to Baron, Stanton to Baron. Do you copy?"
  676. [Steve Colton]: "Great to see you, Stanton. Got the situation about wrapped up."
  677. [Randall Graves]: "Colton! Come in. There was a secondary OMC unit. They were trying to infiltrate the base. The fighters are just a decoy. Repeat, the fighters are just a decoy"
  678. [Steve Colton]: "Cut their escape off Kid!"
  679. [Captain Noah White]: "Baron II, this is White. Disable that ship. Repeat, I want them alive for questioning."
  681. [E1C05S17_2]
  682. [Captain Noah White]: "Excellent work, Baron II. We have Lt. Com Colton safely back aboard and we'll dispatch a squad tosecure the prisoners. Come on home."
  684. [E1C05S17_3]
  685. [Aaron Seetow]: "Stanton to Baron II, welcome back. Guess things got a little hairy out there."
  687. [E1C05S17_4]
  688. [Aaron Seetow]: "Baron 2, you are cleared to land."
  690. [E1C06S01]
  691. [Becca Farneway]: "Web wants a complete stress check to make sure there's no sub-surface damage on the struts."
  692. [Sigfried Behr]: "Nothing beyond the obvious on the initial readouts but it'll take more time to check for micro-fractures."
  693. [Becca Farneway]: "This paneling has seen better days. We should bring down the extra stock."
  694. [Sigfried Behr]: "The thrusters are definitely going to need some TLC."
  695. [Becca Farneway]: "I'm going to run the pipes before refill. That much gunfire, can't risk a leak."
  696. [Sigfried Behr]: "We should talk to Web about swapping the avionics. This package still works fine, but looking at these stats, it couldn't hurt to talk options."
  698. [E1C06S01A]
  699. [Becca Farneway]: "Nice work out there, sir. Hard to believe it was your first mission. Behr and I'll make sure she's ready to fly again for round two."
  701. [E1C06S01B]
  702. [Sigfried Behr]: "Taking on outlaws, and making it back in one piece. Guess you're a pilot after all."
  704. [E1C06S01C]
  705. [Sophia Kelly]: "Lieutenant, congratulations on your handling of that raid. I was just reviewing your flight data, and for a first mission, it's quite solid."
  706. [Sophia Kelly]: "Just sent the info to your Glas. Every pilot should be familiar with their flaws and successes so be sure to take the time to review all the After Action Reports when you have a moment. For right now though, Captain White wants to update you and Colton on the Shubin situation. He's expecting you in the Briefing Room."
  708. [E1C06S01CC]
  709. [Player]: "So, sir, you were a Marine?"
  710. [Sophia Kelly]: "10 years."
  711. [Player]: "That's a long time..."
  712. [Sophia Kelly]: "You're wondering what happened."
  713. [Player]: "A little."
  714. [Sophia Kelly]: "When I was recruited, I thought the Marines was where I belonged. Now I belong here."
  715. [Player]: "That wasn't really an answer, sir."
  716. [Sophia Kelly]: "And you think I owe you one?"
  717. [Player]: "No, but most Marines I've met would rather die than take off the uniform."
  718. [Sophia Kelly]: "You're assuming I'm like most Marines. I think I'm done being interrogated, Lieutenant. Dismissed."
  719. [Player]: "Was there a big different between the Marines and the Navy?"
  720. [Sophia Kelly]: "They're the same at their core. We're all here to defend the Empire."
  721. [Player]: "Marines just do it a little more hands on."
  722. [Sophia Kelly]: "I still wear the knife. Didn't think that would be the hardest habit to break. Anyway, I believe we both have duties to attend to, Lieutenant."
  724. [E1C06S01D]
  725. [Graham Yury]: "Jeez, it's like these assholes were trying to shoot at every difficult to repair system. We should scrap it."
  726. [Cara Web Webster]: "You're the only mechanic I've ever met who doesn't want to fix anything."
  727. [Graham Yury]: "Look, the avionics been shot to hell, the armor needs to be completely replaced and there's coolant leaking from a dozen holes."
  728. [Cara Web Webster]: "Hydraulic fluid."
  729. [Graham Yury]: "What?"
  730. [Cara Web Webster]: "It's not coolant. The color's wrong. You know, sterling steering. Sterling? Sterling silver? Silver fluid is hydraulic fluid."
  731. [Graham Yury]: "Either way, it's leaking it."
  732. [Cara Web Webster]: "We're not scrapping it. For one, Colton would lose his mind. Two, she's not that bad."
  733. [Graham Yury]: "Fine. I'll go get the VX300's and start compensator rebuild."
  734. [Cara Web Webster]: "We should use 100s."
  735. [Graham Yury]: "Why would I use the 100s when the 300s have double the through-put?"
  736. [Cara Web Webster]: "Because the Gladius just winds up venting the extra power."
  737. [Graham Yury]: "That's what vents are for, right?"
  738. [Cara Web Webster]: "I need to finish installing the scanner upgrades. Why don't you just keep cataloguing repairs, and when I'm done, we'll start the rebuild together."
  739. [Graham Yury]: "You're the boss."
  741. [E1C06S01E]
  742. [Graham Yury]: "Old Man sure had a number done on his ship. Impressive that you handled the attack with him grounded."
  743. [Player]: "I can go solo if I need to, but I definitely feel better flying with Old Man at my back."
  744. [Player]: "I can take care of myself."
  745. [Graham Yury]: "Yeah. Nothing like being part of a team... I better get back to making the repair list. Talk to you later, kay?"
  746. [Graham Yury]: "That seems to be going around."
  747. [Graham Yury]: "Anyway, I got to get on this repair list."
  749. [E1C06S01F]
  750. [Cara Web Webster]: "Hey Lieutenant, I got some news. You know how trying to scan through the coil's like trying to see through a bowl of soup?"
  751. [Player]: "Soup?"
  752. [Cara Web Webster]: "I think I've figured out a way to filter out some of the interference which should give you some more range. I'm running some tests now, but, if it works, you should upgraded by the time you need to take off."
  754. [E1C06S02]
  755. [Medic 01]: "The Marines loaded up on stims and medpacks before they left, so let's make sure we get a full count when they get back."
  757. [E1C06S03]
  758. [Janitor]: "Best part of everyone at battle stations? Let's me really clean without people getting in the way."
  760. [E1C06S04]
  761. [Will Haines]: "Hi, sir. Do you have a second to talk?"
  763. [E1C06S05]
  764. [Sophia Kelly]: "Lt. Semler, any sign of return CD from the battlegroup?"
  765. [Lt Kerry Semler]: "Not yet, sir."
  766. [Sophia Kelly]: "Engineering, let's see if we can get a little more power to the starboard shields. If they attack again, that's the most likely direction."
  767. [Eugene Morrow]: "I'll see what we can do, sir."
  768. [Sophia Kelly]: "Lt. Desaily, Captain White wants all personnel on battle shift rotations. I need you to send out schedule updates to everyone's Glas."
  769. [Claude Desaily]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yes_0300"
  771. [E1C06S05A]
  772. [????]: "Next up, Speers. Let's get a rack of EMP in case White wants us to be friendly."
  773. [Mitchell Speers]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_pro_generic_response_yes_0302"
  774. [????]: "I want two HE payloads with AS scanning."
  775. [Mitchell Speers]: "We weren't able to get replacement AS warheads."
  776. [????]: "Fine."
  777. [????]: "Have you run any error sims on the systems?"
  778. [Mitchell Speers]: "Not since we broke from the group."
  779. [????]: "Once we're done here, run a full tech."
  780. [Mitchell Speers]: "Copy."
  781. [Mitchell Speers]: "Done with this loadout."
  782. [????]: "These OMC seem to be riding pretty noisy. Let's load in a few more of the sweep trackers into the proxies."
  783. [Mitchell Speers]: "What kind of head?"
  784. [????]: "Standard boom."
  785. [Mitchell Speers]: "Got it."
  787. [E1C06S06]
  788. [Julian Wexler]: "I sincerely appreciate the offer, Captain, but you've helped enough. Shubin is more than capable of handling this situation. We've already sent out our own security forces to find the missing Starfarer and I'm sure we will -"
  789. [Captain Noah White]: "You misunderstand me, Mr. Wexler. I wasn't seeking your approval on the matter, I was merely informing you of my intent out of courtesy. While your involvement is welcomed and strongly encouraged, it is entirely optional. Our involvement, however, is not. These OMC attacked a Navy ship in UEE space and until the threat is neutralized, the Stanton will be remaining at Shubin and we will be assisting in rescue operations."
  790. [Julian Wexler]: "You're not listening, Captain. Shubin Interstellar is an important company in the UEE. A company with many, many connections. I am sure High Command will be disappointed when they learn of this overprotective thuggery -"
  791. [Captain Noah White]: "I look forward to hearing from them. Thank you for your time, Mr. Wexler."
  793. [E1C06S06A]
  794. [Captain Noah White]: "Lieutenant, I know you're about to head out, but I've been meaning to see how you've been finding the Stanton so far?"
  795. [Player]: "Good, sir. Thank you."
  796. [Captain Noah White]: "Glad to hear it. Stanton's a good place to start a career. She was my first posting too. She's a helluva ship, this one."
  797. [Player]: "I'm getting used to it."
  798. [Captain Noah White]: "Kelly said you performed well on your last mission. That's quite an auspicious start."
  799. [Captain Noah White]: "Tell me about yourself. Do you have family?"
  800. [Player]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_yes_0300"
  801. [Player]: "I do not, sir."
  802. [Captain Noah White]: "That's good."
  803. [Captain Noah White]: "There's time."
  804. [Captain Noah White]: "Having responsibilities outside of the Navy helps ground your thinking inside of it. But be careful, time's one of those funny things. The older you get, the faster it seems to go. Last time I saw my son, he was getting his Equivalency, next week he's graduating college... I couldn't tell you where that time went."
  805. [Captain Noah White]: "Point is, I know you want to make a career for yourself, but don't do it at the expense of the rest of your life."
  806. [Player]: "Thank you, sir. I'll remember that."
  807. [Player]: "Sir, have you thought about seeing him?"
  808. [Captain Noah White]: "That would be... complicated."
  809. [Captain Noah White]: "I've kept you too long. Dismissed, lieutenant."
  811. [E1C06S06_2]
  812. [Captain Noah White]: "Well, you were right, Colton. That man is a complete ass."
  813. [Steve Colton]: "The thing I can't help wonder is why protest so hard against our help?"
  814. [Captain Noah White]: "You'd be surprised. A lot of these distant stations see paying protection to various gangs as a standard cost of business. Wexler knows that with us here, we'll be forcing a fight. That means unknown risks. Which brings us back to the mission at hand."
  815. [Player]: "And the missing Starfarer?"
  816. [Captain Noah White]: "That will be your secondary objective."
  817. [Captain Noah White]: "You'll start your patrol at the wreck site. Hopefully we can find more information on where the Starfarer could have headed after the attack."
  818. [Captain Noah White]: "Web, what's the word on the scanner upgrades?"
  819. [Cara Web Webster]: "Just finishing, sir. We should be better able to handle the interference from the coil now."
  820. [Captain Noah White]: "Well done, Web."
  821. [Captain Noah White]: "Hopefully that'll help you find the Starfarer and any outlaws still lurking out there. As soon as you are ready, I want you to launch and begin your sweep. Once the prisoners arrive aboard, we will see if we can get any useful information out of them and keep you updated. Good luck and dismissed."
  822. [Steve Colton]: "I better get to the hangar then. Adjust my loadout. I'll see you down there, kid."
  823. [Captain Noah White]: "The Stanton will be staying in its current position to offer protection to the civilians aboard Shubin station while you do a full offensive sweep of the surrounding area to clear out any remaining OMC. Capture if possible, but treat them as an extremely hostile threat."
  825. [E1C06S07]
  826. [Duncan Chakma]: "Hi Lieutenant, M.A.A Chakma here. If you have a moment, I would love to speak to you about your last mission. Come on by the armory when you can."
  828. [E1C06S08]
  829. [Duncan Chakma]: "Ah, lieutenant. Hello. Thanks for coming. I just wanted a word regarding the information you collected during your last mission; we've been analyzing the files from your mobiGlas and some of it has proven quite useful."
  830. [Duncan Chakma]: "We've sent it all on to NRD for further analysis, but even our initial onboard parsing of the data collected looks like it might bear some from fruit."
  831. [Duncan Chakma]: "With the help of Master-at-Arms Chakma we've already managed to apply some of what we learned to the gear available in the armory."
  832. [Duncan Chakma]: "In the future, it would be very helpful if you made sure to keep scanning anything else you find."
  833. [Player]: "I'll do what I can."
  834. [Duncan Chakma]: "Thank you, Lieutenant."
  836. [E1C06S09]
  837. [Steve Colton]: "I'm almost done here, kid, just got a few last tweaks. Now that we've had a skirmish with the OMC and you've seen how they fly, you might want to make some adjustments of your own."
  839. [E1C06S09A]
  840. [Aldo Braga]: "What do you think the chances of the Captain saving us a lot of trouble and just venting the bastards on the way back?"
  841. [Conrad Vex]: "Yeah, cause everyone would buy that she accidentally hit the big "kill all the passengers" button."
  842. [Aldo Braga]: "You got to admit that it's kinda bullshit that these scavs try to kill us and now we have to babysit them."
  843. [Conrad Vex]: "Well on the bright side, Lars here's an expert at guarding the brig."
  844. [Aldo Braga]: "How about that, Lars. Ready to guard prisoners who are actually there?"
  845. [Lars Neuer]: "Hell yeah. I'd be ready to guard Luis while he takes a crap just not to have to stare at empty cells again."
  847. [E1C06S09A_2]
  848. [????]: "You might want to keep clear, sir. Captain Abir will be landing shortly with the captured outlaws."
  850. [E1C06S09A_3]
  851. [Captain Giani Abir]: "Alright, let's get them out of there. Ready up. Braga, get the door."
  853. [E1C06S09A_4]
  854. [Outlaw 01]: "You know, I've never been on one of these. It's nice. Not as nice as a Bengal, but nice."
  855. [Aldo Braga]: "Move it."
  856. [Aldo Braga]: "Come on, clear out."
  857. [Aldo Braga]: "What? No, please? OMC'll have to teach you screwtops some manners."
  858. [Aldo Braga]: "You looking to start trouble?"
  859. [Aldo Braga]: "Always."
  860. [Captain Giani Abir]: "Easy, Aldo. He's just trying to get a rise out of you."
  861. [Aldo Braga]: "Did I get a rise out of you, Aldo?"
  862. [Conrad Vex]: "Enough. Let's go. Over here."
  863. [Captain Giani Abir]: "Big one's coming out."
  864. [Aldo Braga]: "No sudden moves."
  865. [Outlaw 02]: "Relax, son. I'm not in a hurry."
  866. [Outlaw 01]: "Yeah. Ain't like we're going to be here long."
  867. [Aldo Braga]: "Ain't like they're going to be here long neither."
  868. [Captain Giani Abir]: "What the hell are you all going on about?"
  869. [Outlaw 02]: "It's simple. We're OMC. OMC belongs to Sato Karne. Sato Karne doesn't like people messing with his things."
  870. [Aldo Braga]: "Sato Karne, that your boss? We're supposed to be scared of him or something?"
  871. [Outlaw 02]: "Yes."
  872. [Captain Giani Abir]: "Neuer, run up to the holding cells and make sure everything is ready for us. I don't want to move them through the ship till we have to."
  873. [Lars Neuer]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yes_0300"
  874. [Captain Giani Abir]: "Vex, start their processing."
  875. [Conrad Vex]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yes_0300"
  876. [Captain Giani Abir]: "As for you three, move a single muscle, and I give Trooper Brega here permission to make you regret it."
  877. [Aldo Braga]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_deadeye_player_order_attack_my_target_0100"
  879. [E1C06S09D]
  880. [Cara Web Webster]: "Good news. I got your updated scanner installed. Hopefully, it'll help you track down that missing ship."
  881. [Steve Colton]: "Better get out there and find their friends."
  883. [E1C08S01]
  884. [Steve Colton]: "Hey kid, we need to talk."
  885. [Player]: "What is it?"
  886. [Steve Colton]: "Maybe nothing, just meet me in the Ready Room."
  888. [E1C08S01A]
  889. [Graham Yury]: "Make sure you check the landing stabilizers, Farneway. She looked like she was coming in a little heavy."
  890. [Becca Farneway]: "Web puts you in charge for a one shift, and all of a sudden I'm Farneway?"
  891. [Graham Yury]: "Professional formality is important for the chain of command. You should be probably calling me sir."
  892. [Becca Farneway]: "You're an ass, sir."
  893. [Graham Yury]: "How many s's are there in court marshalled?"
  894. [Becca Farneway]: "Ha ha. You were right about the stabilizers, though. I'll start the rebalancing protocols."
  896. [E1C08S01F]
  897. [Steve Colton]: "I keep churning over everything and it's not adding up. Thugs like the OMC running surveillance? Fighting the Navy head on? What the hell Shubin's got that's worth all that trouble? We're missing something."
  898. [Player]: "So what do we do about it?"
  899. [Steve Colton]: "We find something concrete to bring to White. I'll talk to Graves while you grill those lowlifes in the brig. Let me know when you're done."
  901. [E1C08S02]
  902. [Steve Colton]: "Grave's said he'd comm when he gets off shift. Go see what you can get out of those prisoners."
  904. [E1C08S07]
  905. [Aldo Braga]: "Keep smiling, you worthless piece of shit."
  906. [Conrad Vex]: "Take it easy, Aldo."
  907. [Aldo Braga]: "You kidding me, Vex? Do you know what this scum would do to us if he had the chance?"
  908. [Aldo Braga]: "I'd kill you both."
  909. [Aldo Braga]: "You're going to regret that."
  911. [E1C08S07A]
  912. [Aldo Braga]: "This one's been giving us problems. Had to restrain him. I'll open the cell so you two can chat face to face."
  913. [Aldo Braga]: "And, uh, between us, with all the bruises he has, not sure if anyone'd notice a few more, if you get me."
  915. [E1C08S07A_2]
  916. [Aldo Braga]: "What the hell you want?"
  917. [Player]: "Tell me why the OMC attacked Shubin."
  918. [Aldo Braga]: "I ain't telling you shit."
  919. [Player]: "You're going to tell me exactly what I want to know."
  920. [Aldo Braga]: "And why would I do that?"
  921. [Player]: "Because you know nobody gives a damn what happens to you. If you live or die. If you're in pain or not. Because you know I can make your life a million times worse than it already is. Now talk. Why are the OMC so interested in Shubin?"
  922. [Aldo Braga]: "Why the hell are you?"
  923. [Player]: "We're going to find out the truth one way or another."
  924. [Aldo Braga]: "Threaten all you want. You ain't gonna find it from me."
  925. [Player]: "You answer and maybe we can see about lessoning the charges against you."
  926. [Aldo Braga]: "Like I care about doing another stint."
  927. [Player]: "You think you're hard because you did a stretch at QuarterDeck. But you're not going to a civilian prison. You attacked a Navy vessel. That means military prison."
  928. [Aldo Braga]: "Bullshit."
  929. [Player]: "Oh yeah. And the real thing is much worse then any rumors you've heard. But you talk now, explain what the OMC was doing at Shubin, and maybe you get handed off to the civilian authorities instead."
  930. [Aldo Braga]: "You're crazy if you think I'm going to rat on Karne."
  931. [Player]: "We found the Herald. We know everything. Karne is going down one way or another. You help us and we can protect you."
  932. [Aldo Braga]: "That herald? That's what you got? That thing's been sitting there for weeks, who gives a shit. If you think you can stop Karne then you really don't know anything."
  933. [Player]: "Forget about Karne. I want to know about Shubin. What's really going on there?"
  934. [Aldo Braga]: "All you need to know is Karne gets what he wants and Karne wants Shubin."
  935. [Player]: "But why?"
  936. [Aldo Braga]: "Why do you think? Credits. A shit ton of them."
  937. [Player]: "On a mining base like Shubin?"
  938. [Aldo Braga]: "You know what's funny? I don't even care about the creds no more. You all? I'm killing you all for free."
  939. [Player]: "You think making threats is a smart thing for a man in restraints to do?"
  940. [Aldo Braga]: "Never been smart. Sure as hell not gonna start today."
  941. [Aldo Braga]: "I'm done talking to you."
  942. [Player]: "You're done when I say you're done."
  943. [Player]: "You hear me?"
  944. [Player]: "Fine. We'll see how you feel like talking after rotting a few more days in here."
  945. [Aldo Braga]: "I'll keep at him for you. Let you know if he spills."
  947. [E1C08S07A_Attack]
  948. [Player]: "Tell me, why did you attack Shubin?"
  949. [Aldo Braga]: "That make you feel tough?"
  950. [Aldo Braga]: "No way a little shit like you's going to break me."
  951. [Player]: "I don't think you understands how this works. Now talk."
  952. [Aldo Braga]: "Fuck you."
  953. [Aldo Braga]: "You think I'm scared of you?"
  954. [Player]: "*Attack #1*"
  955. [Player]: "*Attack #2*"
  956. [Player]: "Why did the OMC attack Shubin?"
  957. [Player]: "*Attack #3*"
  958. [Player]: "This is your last chance to talk."
  959. [Aldo Braga]: "I'm gonna rip out your throat. I'm gonna watch you bleed."
  960. [Player]: "Wrong answer."
  961. [Conrad Vex]: "Lieutenant, maybe he's had enough."
  962. [Aldo Braga]: "Stay out of it, Vex."
  963. [Player]: "*Attack #4*"
  964. [Player]: "I think I almost prefer it when you don't answer."
  965. [Aldo Braga]: "Fuck... you..."
  966. [Player]: "*Attack #5*"
  967. [Conrad Vex]: "Geez, is he..."
  968. [Aldo Braga]: "He'll be fine."
  969. [Aldo Braga]: "*Prisoner 1 gets knocked out*"
  970. [Aldo Braga]: "The dumb son of a bitch deserved it."
  971. [Conrad Vex]: "We have to call the doc."
  972. [Aldo Braga]: "No we don't. Nothing happened."
  973. [Conrad Vex]: "Aldo, we can't just -"
  974. [Aldo Braga]: "Leave it, Vex."
  976. [E1C08S07B]
  977. [Player]: "I want to as - "
  978. [Outlaw 01]: "If you're here for a conjie, you're not my type."
  979. [Outlaw 01]: "But then again, if I'm being completely honest here, I wouldn't be all that hard to convince."
  980. [Player]: "Tell me why you attacked Shubin."
  981. [Outlaw 01]: "Why the hell you Navy are so in love with those pricks, I'll never get. It doesn't seem fair does it that you're fighting for them thieving slaggers when us hard working types get null."
  982. [Player]: "You're saying Shubin stole something?"
  983. [Outlaw 01]: "Funny that, you Navy rushin' to be heroes, when them hobblers you're protectin' are dirty, and not just from all that ore they dig up, if you catch me. But that's neither here nor there. The real joke's gonna be when Karne comes along to murder the lot of you. We'll all be having a nice laugh then."
  984. [Player]: "What is it that you were working so hard on?"
  985. [Outlaw 01]: "Easy one that is. Every OMC only has one job."
  986. [Player]: "And what's that?"
  987. [Outlaw 01]: "Making Mr. Karne happy."
  988. [Player]: "And how does attacking Shubin do that?"
  990. [E1C08S07C]
  991. [Player]: "I want to know why the OMC is so determined to attack Shubin."
  992. [Player]: "Answer the damn question."
  993. [Player]: "I know you think you're helping your friends by not talking to me, but if things keep escalating, they're only going to end up getting hurt."
  994. [Player]: "Listen, I don't - "
  995. [Player]: "Listen, I don't - "
  996. [Outlaw 02]: "No, you listen."
  997. [Player]: "Listen, if you want - "
  998. [Player]: "Listen, if you think - "
  999. [Outlaw 02]: "No one from OMC - not me, not even those two shitheads - are ever going to tell you a solitary thing except for this simple truth: you cross Sato Karne and you die."
  1001. [E1C08S07D]
  1002. [Aldo Braga]: "Pretty pointless really, talking to scum like this."
  1003. [Player]: "You honestly think there's something going on at Shubin?"
  1004. [Aldo Braga]: "Everyone always wants to turn every assignment into a big deal. Making medal material out of nothing. This whole thing seems pretty clear cut to me. Pirates steal. What more do you need?"
  1006. [E1C08S07_2]
  1007. [Conrad Vex]: "Can we help you with something, sir?"
  1008. [Player]: "I need to talk to the prisoners."
  1009. [Conrad Vex]: "You'll have to activate the comm system for them to hear you, Lieutenant. The cell's are soundproof otherwise."
  1010. [Aldo Braga]: "A pretty useful feature if you ask me."
  1012. [E1C08S08]
  1013. [Player]: "Lt. Commander Colton, sir."
  1014. [Steve Colton]: "Tell me you found something."
  1015. [Player]: "It was a dead end. They all seem more scared of this Karne than anything we could do to them."
  1016. [Steve Colton]: "I hit a wall with Graves too. It's time we see what White thinks of all this. Meet me on the Bridge, kid."
  1018. [E1C08S09A]
  1019. [Captain Noah White]: "Lt. Semler pulled as much data as she could off that Herald scan. What little we got doesn't show much beyond the fact that OMC is better organized than we thought."
  1020. [Steve Colton]: "The deeper we get mixed up in this, the surer I am we need full access to Shubin."
  1021. [Captain Noah White]: "Taking over a civilian station isn't something that we can do on a whim. If we had some hard evidence maybe, but right now this is a big ask."
  1022. [Captain Noah White]: "Lieutenant. We were just running through Colton's suspicions. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter."
  1023. [Captain Noah White]: "You've been out there. You met Wexler. You spoke to the prisoners. Tell me, what's your assessment of all this?"
  1024. [Player]: "We should concentrate on the OMC right now. They're the immediate threat. We can look into Shubin later."
  1025. [Steve Colton]: "Might be too late by then."
  1026. [Captain Noah White]: "I think we're going to have to take that risk. Better to focus on the threat at hand than tilting after new ones. We protect the civilians, we shutdown outlaw operations in the area, and with any luck there's still hope we may track down the missing starfarer."
  1027. [Steve Colton]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_tanto_generic_response_yes_0300"
  1028. [Captain Noah White]: "Keep me apprised if anything else concerning Shubin comes to light, but until then, we stay the course. In the meanwhile you two get some rest. The patrol sweeps will start again first thing next shift. Dismissed."
  1029. [Player]: "Lt. Com. Colton's right. We find out what Shubin is really up to and we can better handle the OMC."
  1030. [Captain Noah White]: "To be honest I was having my own suspicions. The way Wexler pushed back against us helping recover the Starfarer never quite sat right with me. But going against a major corp like Shubin is like kicking a Kingship. Whatever shakes out of it, we're not going to like."
  1031. [Steve Colton]: "We go out there understanding half the story and it could get us killed."
  1032. [Captain Noah White]: "Point taken. Vallon, put out a long range comm to High Command with a request for investigational jurisdiction concerning Shubin Archon Base."
  1033. [Captain Noah White]: "I'll let you know when we've heard back. In the meanwhile, we will continue patrol sweeps at the start of next shift. I'm still holding out hope that we may turn up something on that missing vessel."
  1034. [Steve Colton]: "Thanks for hearing us out, sir."
  1035. [Captain Noah White]: "You both are my eyes out there. Now go get some rest. Dismissed."
  1037. [E1C08S13K]
  1038. [Captain Noah White]: "Hate to do this, but I'm gonna need you back on duty a little sooner than expected. Lt. Semler just picked up some faint activity near the coil. Looks like it might be OMC. As soon as you're ready, I want you both launched. The hangar knows to expect you. Kelly will fill you in on the rest once you're on your way."
  1040. [E1C08S14]
  1041. [Cara Web Webster]: "And everything showed green?"
  1042. [Graham Yury]: "Yes. All points above the passline. Almost like I know what I'm doing. What are you doing here, Web? Do you not trust me or something?"
  1043. [Cara Web Webster]: "I trust you, but this is an important mission."
  1044. [Graham Yury]: "They're all important missions. I can handle this."
  1045. [Cara Web Webster]: "Of course you can, but I figured I could help. You check the stabilizers yet?"
  1046. [Graham Yury]: "Yes. I recalibrated them."
  1047. [Cara Web Webster]: "I'll just give them a quick look."
  1049. [E1C08S14_2]
  1050. [Graham Yury]: "You're off-duty, Web, you shouldn't be here. Tell her, Lieutenant."
  1051. [Player]: "No offense, Yury, but it never hurts to have a second set of eyes on things. There's a lot that can go wrong out there, I don't want to worry about my ship being one of them."
  1052. [Cara Web Webster]: "Exactly. This isn't about checking up on you, this is just making sure we do what's best for our pilots. We're a team right?"
  1053. [Graham Yury]: "Yeah, I guess."
  1054. [Cara Web Webster]: "Great. Then let's go everything one more time till the Lieutenant is ready to launch."
  1055. [Player]: "Web, you got to use your down time to recover. What happens when a real emergency happens, and you're too burnt out to help?"
  1056. [Cara Web Webster]: "Fair enough, but since I'm here and awake anyway, I might as well help to go everything one more time till you're ready to launch, right?"
  1058. [E1C10_01_FoundCoilTunnel]
  1059. [Steve Colton]: "That's our way in. Be careful, the tunnel looks tight."
  1061. [E1C10_02_FoundShip]
  1062. [Steve Colton]: "All stop! Break and evade that debris!"
  1063. [Steve Colton]: "She's a loss. You're going to have to go EVA into the wreckage and search for survivors."
  1065. [E1C10_03b_LightningEVA]
  1066. [Steve Colton]: "You should be able to use that debris to protect you from the energy strikes. "
  1068. [E1C10_03_StruckByLightning]
  1069. [Steve Colton]: "You OK kid? Get away from that lightning. You'll have to leave your ship outside the charged area and EVA through the debris, or your ship systems will fry."
  1071. [E1C10_04_PlayerReachedSafety]
  1072. [Steve Colton]: "Alright, looks like it held. Try to bounce your way into the Xi'An ship in between the strikes. I'll keep you covered."
  1074. [E1C10_05_EnteredShip]
  1075. [Steve Colton]: "Good work. Make your way to the cargo hold near the top. That's where the bio readings are."
  1076. [Player]: "Old Man, I'm inside the central mag lev."
  1077. [Player]: "On my way."
  1079. [E1C10_06_CargoDoorsNoPower]
  1080. [Steve Colton]: "Say again. You're breaking up."
  1081. [Player]: "Colton. At the door, but it looks like the power's out."
  1082. [Steve Colton]: "*Static*"
  1083. [Player]: "I'm at the cargo door, but need to restore power."
  1084. [Player]: "Dammit."
  1086. [E1C10_07_FoundShaftBatterySlot]
  1087. [Steve Colton]: "* Static *"
  1088. [Player]: "There's an empty battery slot here, might be for backup power."
  1090. [E1C10_08_FoundWorkingBattery]
  1091. [Steve Colton]: "That could be the key to your door problem."
  1092. [Player]: "Looks like I've found a charged battery. Going to try and salvage it."
  1094. [E1C10_08_FoundWorkingBattery_Alt]
  1095. [Player]: "Looks like I've found a charged battery. Going to try and salvage it."
  1096. [Steve Colton]: "That could give you minimal power in the main hull. Keep an eye out for a battery slot when you're inside."
  1098. [E1C10_09_RemovedBattery]
  1099. [Player]: "I've removed the Battery. Moving it into the main hull now."
  1101. [E1C10_10_InstalledBatteryShaft]
  1102. [Player]: "Local power restored, moving to the Cargo Bay entrance."
  1104. [E1C10_11_FoundCorpses]
  1105. [Player]: "Old Man. You copy?"
  1106. [Steve Colton]: "Go ahead, kid."
  1107. [Player]: "I found the hostages... they didn't make it."
  1108. [Steve Colton]: "Shit..."
  1109. [Steve Colton]: "Keep moving to the cargo bay. Let's find out what the hell happened here."
  1111. [E1C10_12_EnteredCargoBay]
  1112. [Player]: "I've entered the Cargo Bay. There's no-one here, just more corpses. "
  1114. [E1C10_13_FoundBatterySlotInCargo]
  1115. [Player]: "There's a broken battery I could replace and restore local power. Just need a way to get that working battery in here."
  1117. [E1C10_14_PostHoloReveal]
  1118. [Player]: "Holy Shit. Colton, you there?"
  1119. [Steve Colton]: "Jamming Static"
  1121. [E1C10_15_Attack]
  1122. [Steve Colton]: "-ets! Repeat, engage hostile targets!"
  1124. [E1C10_16_CatchUp]
  1125. [Steve Colton]: "That's the last of them. What'd you find on that ship?"
  1126. [Player]: "That Starfarer pilot. That was Sato Karne. "
  1127. [Steve Colton]: "Say again?"
  1128. [Player]: "This whole thing was a setup."
  1129. [Steve Colton]: "That psycho's heading back to the Stanton, kid. They're in danger."
  1130. [Steve Colton]: "Set course for SHUBIN. We're going after Karne."
  1132. [E1C10_NonCrit_FoundXianCorpse]
  1133. [Player]: "I've found one of the Xian crew, dead in vacuum. I'm downloading any available data."
  1134. [Steve Colton]: "Copy. Get what information you can, there may be more out there."
  1135. [Steve Colton]: "Banshee. This is Colton, come back."
  1136. [Player]: "They're not answering. What are your orders?"
  1137. [Steve Colton]: "Banshee, come back!"
  1138. [Player]: "Colton! We've got more inbound. What do we do?"
  1139. [Steve Colton]: "What do you think? Light 'em up."
  1140. [Steve Colton]: "Goddammit, they're gonna overwhelm us unless we even the odds. (switching to public channel) Come in, Shubin base. Anyone read me?"
  1141. [Randall Graves]: "Colton?! Holy shit, I thought you were-"
  1142. [Steve Colton]: "Save it. I know what you did, Graves. I know about the eriesium -"
  1143. [Randall Graves]: "Look, I didn't know it would-"
  1144. [Steve Colton]: "Shut up. We got bigger problems right now. I need you to contact the Battle Group."
  1145. [Steve Colton]: "A couple fighters aren't gonna last long against all of this and I don't know about you, kid, but I'm low on fuel and ammo."
  1146. [Steve Colton]: "Alright, kid. We got two options: pilots on the ground or resupply. It's your call. I'll cover you."
  1147. [Randall Graves]: "I can't. They hit our comm station and took out our long range capabilities."
  1148. [Randall Graves]: "I can help with both, I've got pilots ready to help and a resupply station that can arm you up, but they're both pinned down."
  1149. [Steve Colton]: "Alright, Shubin pilots, listen up. We are outnumbered and outgunned. You will drop any half-ass attitude and follow orders. "Everything you've got" is not good enough. Not in this fight. You need to give everything and more if you want to make it out of here. Am I clear?"
  1150. [Pilot 01]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_assistance_required_0121"
  1151. [Pilot 02]: "Got it."
  1152. [Steve Colton]: "Hey Racing Stripes, you just passed a transport dumping outlaws, you gonna hit them or what?"
  1153. [Zeke]: "My name's Zeke"
  1154. [Steve Colton]: "Make me care."
  1155. [Steve Colton]: "I've got more contacts inbound. "
  1156. [Steve Colton]: "We need that help now."
  1157. [Steve Colton]: "My fuel's getting critical. We gotta do this now. "
  1158. [Randall Graves]: "The system should activate automatically. It'll probably take a second to recognize your ship configuration."
  1159. [Player]: "Nothing's happening"
  1160. [Randall Graves]: "I can't raise my people. You might have to go inside to the control center to access the system. Be careful, kid."
  1161. [Steve Colton]: "I'm all good kid. Dusting off."
  1162. [Steve Colton]: "Let's get those other pilots in the air."
  1163. [Steve Colton]: "Moment of truth, kid."
  1164. [Steve Colton]: "Alright, people. We're back in this."
  1165. [Steve Colton]: "Racing Stripes, stop doubling up on targets. There are plenty to go around."
  1166. [Steve Colton]: "I need everything from you now. That's your only chance to walk away from this."
  1167. [Pilot 01]: "Yeah, You got it, Screw these guys"
  1168. [Randall Graves]: "Oldman, it's Graves"
  1169. [Steve Colton]: "What?"
  1170. [Randall Graves]: "We have a problem"
  1171. [Steve Colton]: "Fuck..."
  1172. [Pilot 01]: "What the hell is that?!"
  1173. [Steve Colton]: "We need to get an SOS out to the Battle Group."
  1174. [Randall Graves]: "What about the relay on the Stanton?"
  1175. [Steve Colton]: "Tried them already. Nothing but static."
  1176. [Randall Graves]: "If it's sending static, there's a good chance we could still get out an S.O.S. I'll head to the crash site and -"
  1177. [Steve Colton]: "Hell no. If you're so eager to help, do what Wexler pays you for and keep that eriesium away from the OMC. The kid'll send the message."
  1178. [Randall Graves]: "I can try to open up an engineering hangar. Should get you closer to the crash site. Comms, Sal, what's your twenty?"
  1179. [Sal Drack]: "Near Ore Transfer. sir. I've been clashing with these assholes for a while, but I think I lost them."
  1180. [Randall Graves]: "Think you can open up EH-7?"
  1181. [Sal Drack]: "Uh... Yeah. I think so."
  1182. [Randall Graves]: "Ace. I'm sending the position."
  1183. [Steve Colton]: "Get to the bridge quick, kid, I'll keep these assholes busy as long as I can."
  1184. [Steve Colton]: "We're heading into the security hangar now."
  1185. [Randall Graves]: "Copy that. I'll patch you directly to my guys."
  1186. [Zeke]: "What the hell, Graves? Where's that help?"
  1187. [Randall Graves]: "Navy's en route to your position to help you out."
  1188. [Zeke]: "Then get a move on. We're stuck a goddamn box and getting chewed up. (something ricochets) Shit!"
  1189. [Zeke]: "(over comms) That everyone?"
  1190. [Player]: "I think so."
  1191. [Zeke]: "(over comms) Great, get over here and we will fill you in"
  1192. [Zeke]: "Thanks for the help. Guess you Navy lot aren't useless after all."
  1193. [Zeke]: "We will head down to the hangar and prep another ship, we need you to clear the launch bay of pirates"
  1194. [Zeke]: "Theres an access panel back there, that will take you up above the launch bay, should give you the drop on them."
  1195. [Player]: "(over comms) Landing Bay is clear"
  1196. [Zeke]: "(over comms) We are in position, there should be an elevator control panel to bring us up"
  1197. [Zeke]: "Head up to the control room and open the hangar doors"
  1198. [Player]: "Colton, come in."
  1199. [Steve Colton]: "Hold on."
  1200. [Steve Colton]: "Okay, go"
  1201. [Player]: "Shubin pilots are up."
  1202. [Steve Colton]: "Good. We'll see how much good they do."
  1203. [Steve Colton]: "Get back to your rig. I'm running dry on fuel and missiles. We need to restock."
  1204. [Steve Colton]: "Get up here. If we're gonna make a push, we have to do it now."
  1205. [Wounded Miner]: "Please.... help..."
  1206. [Player]: "It's okay. You're alright."
  1207. [Wounded Miner]: "We tried to hold them off best we could. Once they passed, I managed to seal the doors. Not before they tagged me though. Hank should be in here too. Did you see him?"
  1208. [Player]: "He didn't make it."
  1209. [Player]: "It's okay. You're alright."
  1210. [Wounded Miner]: "We tried to hold them off best we could. Once they passed, I managed to seal the doors. Not before they tagged me though. Hank should be in here too. Did you see him?"
  1211. [Player]: "He didn't make it."
  1212. [Wounded Miner]: "Okay.... I will..."
  1213. [Player]: "Graves, I'm at the Control Room in the supply depot, but the power's out."
  1214. [Randall Graves]: "It's part of the security protocol. The power automatically cuts off when the security doors activate. Helps prevent unauthorized hacks-"
  1215. [Steve Colton]: "Skip it. Just get the power back on."
  1216. [Randall Graves]: "No problem, it just needs a remote... that's weird."
  1217. [Wounded Miner]: "I smashed the panel, you might have to cut in to reactivate it."
  1218. [Randall Graves]: "Can you see the control panel? Has it been damaged?"
  1219. [Player]: "Old Man. I got the refuel system up. You can start your approach."
  1220. [Steve Colton]: "Copy that. Touching down."
  1221. [Randall Graves]: "Like I said before, the system'll need a second to adjust for your fighters, but you should be good to go."
  1222. [Steve Colton]: "We're in business. Hustle back, kid. We gotta launch as soon as we're stocked."
  1223. [Player]: "Graves. One of your crew is here. He's still wounded."
  1224. [Randall Graves]: "Copy that. I'll send some security to snag him."
  1225. [Wounded Miner]: "Thanks for patching me up. Hey, look. I'm sorry about what happened. I would never have gotten involved in Wexler's crap if I thought people were gonna get hurt."
  1226. [Randall Graves]: "We have incoming bombers."
  1227. [Steve Colton]: "Kid take them out before they hit the station."
  1228. [Steve Colton]: "Great job kid, now get back to the fight."
  1229. [Randall Graves]: "One of the mining asteroids has become destabilised! The auto detach system isn't working! Someone shoot the cable!"
  1230. [Steve Colton]: "Looks like it's on the East wing Kid. Can you get over there and hit the cable?"
  1231. [Randall Graves]: "We've got a hull breach on the East wing spire! Looks like bulkheads are holding for now!"
  1232. [Randall Graves]: "They're attacking the control center for our turret defenced!"
  1233. [Steve Colton]: "Take them out kid, we don't want to lose those guns"
  1234. [Randall Graves]: "We have incoming bombers."
  1235. [Steve Colton]: "Kid take them out before they hit the station."
  1236. [Steve Colton]: "Great job kid, now get back to the fight."
  1237. [Randall Graves]: "They've disabled our turret defences! We're sitting ducks!"
  1238. [Captive]: "Come in USS forces! I have civillian evacuees on board. Requesting cover while I get clear of the station to jump out?"
  1239. [Steve Colton]: "Scans indicate he's not kidding. That transport is packed with people! Give them cover!"
  1240. [Captive]: "We're taking fire! Where's our cover!"
  1241. [Captive]: "Thanks UEE forces! We're clear of the station and ready to jump. We'll rendevous with other survivors and contact you later!"
  1242. [Captive]: "*STATIC*... 's our covering fire!? We're getting... *STATIC* ... OH GOD!!... *STATIC*"
  1243. [Steve Colton]: "They're gone, Kid. You did all you can. We've got others that need saving. Get your head back in this fight!"
  1244. 1a03e775-1bea-423a-a508-fdf0f29879e9: "Thanks Pilot! We're Oscar Mike."
  1245. [Steve Colton]: "Break off kid. Looks like they didn't make it..."
  1246. 1a03e775-1bea-423a-a508-fdf0f29879e9: "Hold there Pilot. You're in position! We've marked the pirates positions for you."
  1247. 1a03e775-1bea-423a-a508-fdf0f29879e9: "Come in UEE forces! We've been pinned down in the west corridor heading to the science wing. Can anyone provide fire support. We've marked our position for you! "
  1248. [Steve Colton]: "Get over there Kid! We should be able to help them out!"
  1249. [Steve Colton]: "That should mess with their plans a bit. Good shooting kid!"
  1250. [Steve Colton]: "Looks like they've scrambled their signals! Keep at them kid."
  1251. [Steve Colton]: "I've been analysing the pirate chatter, and I think I've identified the ships that are co-ordinating the attack"
  1252. [Steve Colton]: "Take out those ships and it should disrupt the remaining attackers"
  1253. [Steve Colton]: "Good shooting kid, let's get the rest of these guys"
  1254. [Steve Colton]: "Do I have to do everything myself..."
  1255. [Steve Colton]: "Get over here kid. Give these idiots enough time, and one of them might actually hit me."
  1256. [Steve Colton]: "I've got three of them on my tail! Give me and hand with this Kid!"
  1258. [E1C12S04A]
  1259. [Pilot 02]: "That explosion must have been one of the fighters crashing into us..."
  1260. [Player]: "If there is a part of me that's ok I can't feel it. But I'll be fine, I need to get to the foundry."
  1261. [Player]: "I'm not dead, so that's good. Right now I need to get to the foundry."
  1262. [Player]: "I'm fine, I just need to get to the foundry..."
  1263. [Pilot 02]: "The foundry? Its hell up there, you'd be better off hiding down here with me."
  1264. [Player]: "I don't have time for cowards, just tell me how to get to the foundry,"
  1265. [Player]: "Either way I need to get there, can you help me?"
  1266. [Player]: "I wish I could but I dont really have a choice, can you get me there?"
  1267. [Pilot 02]: "You say coward, I say survivor, we arent all cut out to be heroes. The lift is out so if you need to get to the foundry though you wont get there without my help. I guess that makes me your hero."
  1268. [Pilot 02]: "Rather you than me. The lift is out so if you need to get to the foundry I can show you another way."
  1269. [Pilot 02]: "Well I guess being a hero isn't all fun eh? The lift is out so if you need to get there I can show you another way."
  1270. [Pilot 02]: "Follow me."
  1271. [Pilot 02]: "Wait, you're that pilot from the Stanton, right? You ok?"
  1272. [Pilot 02]: "Holy shit that was some fall... I was sure you'd be dead, not that I was going to loot your corpse or anything.. ha."
  1274. [E1C12S04B]
  1275. [Captive]: "Please! I don't know! I'd tell you if I knew, I promise. No! Please!"
  1276. [Domino]: "Spill on the Eriesium or fly. The choice is yours."
  1277. [Captive]: "Fine. Alright. The Eriesium's being held in the Containment Vault."
  1278. [Domino]: "(COMMS) Karne, they're keeping the Eriesium in the Containment Vault."
  1279. [Sato Karne]: "(COMMS) Well done, Domino. We'll make our way there."
  1280. [Domino]: "Let's go."
  1281. [Captive]: "What? Nooo!"
  1283. [E1C12S04C]
  1285. [E1C12S06A]
  1286. [Miner 01]: "Thanks for the rescue. Where are the rest of you?"
  1287. [Player]: "I'm all that's coming... the Stanton got taken down."
  1288. [Miner 01]: "Serious? How the hell did some two-bit scavs take out a Navy Frigate?"
  1289. [Player]: "Listen, I need to get to the crash. Can you help me out?"
  1290. [Miner 01]: "Yeah. Of course. I've given you security clearance."
  1291. [Miner 01]: "I'll hold up here till the way to the Control Tower's clear. I'm sorry about your people."
  1293. [E1C12S09D]
  1294. dcfdd84d-d752-4a7d-b8e8-2ba907a5ad68: "Thanks."
  1295. [Player]: "Sure. Hey, Graves is having everyone head to the Control Tower."
  1296. dcfdd84d-d752-4a7d-b8e8-2ba907a5ad68: "Don't worry about me. Focus on killing as many of thiose bastards as you can. "
  1297. dcfdd84d-d752-4a7d-b8e8-2ba907a5ad68: "Don't give 'em mercy. Don't give 'em anything."
  1299. [E1C12SO4A]
  1301. [E1C13S01A_Animatic]
  1302. [Steve Colton]: "Kid, you alright?"
  1303. [Player]: "Yeah. Web's with me. You still in the fight?"
  1304. [Steve Colton]: "Barely. I'm taking a beating up here."
  1305. [Player]: "We're heading toward the Command Tower. Graves' been collecting survivors up there."
  1306. [Steve Colton]: "Good. I'll check back when I can. Out."
  1308. [E1C13S01B_Animatic]
  1309. [Cara Web Webster]: "Get down!"
  1310. [Cara Web Webster]: "We should get inside."
  1311. [Cara Web Webster]: "Almost there."
  1313. [E1C13S01B_Wildline_Web_01]
  1314. [Cara Web Webster]: "Tell me if you need to stop."
  1316. [E1C13S01B_Wildline_Web_Hesitation]
  1317. [Cara Web Webster]: "You okay? Do you need a break?"
  1318. [Cara Web Webster]: "It's alright. Catch your breath."
  1319. [Cara Web Webster]: "Was I going too fast? Sorry."
  1321. [E1C13S01B_Wildline_Web_Hustle]
  1322. [Cara Web Webster]: "Come on. We should go."
  1323. [Cara Web Webster]: "Feel better?"
  1324. [Cara Web Webster]: "Let's get going."
  1326. [E1C13S01B_Wildline_Web_Idle_01]
  1327. [Cara Web Webster]: "I keep trying to calculate how long it'll take the Battle Group to respond to the comm. Probably not the best use of my time."
  1329. [E1C13S01B_Wildline_Web_Idle_02]
  1330. [Cara Web Webster]: "I tell you I wanted to be a sociologist?"
  1331. [Cara Web Webster]: "Dr. Webster... Yeah, I know. My family couldn't afford school, so I signed up. I never thought I'd last this long."
  1333. [E1C13S01B_Wildline_Web_Idle_03]
  1334. [Cara Web Webster]: "You ever lost people before?"
  1335. [Cara Web Webster]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_assistance_required_0121"
  1336. [Cara Web Webster]: "I never have. Been on three other ships before Stanton, didn't lose a single one. Doesn't feel real right now..."
  1338. [E1C13S01_Cinematic]
  1339. [Cara Web Webster]: "Hey! Are you okay?"
  1340. [Player]: "No.."
  1341. [Cara Web Webster]: "Come on, I got you."
  1342. [Cara Web Webster]: "Come on. We shouldn't be here. Can you walk?"
  1343. [Player]: "Let's do this"
  1345. [E1C13S02_Animatic_Crawl]
  1346. [Cara Web Webster]: "Hope you're not claustrophobic."
  1347. [Cara Web Webster]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_attack_my_target_0100"
  1349. [E1C13S02_Comms]
  1350. [Cara Web Webster]: "Where to?"
  1351. [Player]: "Elevators... through that door ahead."
  1352. [Randall Graves]: "Lieutenant? I'm glad as all hell to hear your voice. Where are you?"
  1353. [Cara Web Webster]: "Copy that. I have got them all locked down, but let me know when you get there and I'll send one down for you."
  1354. [Player]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_powpow_generic_response_yes_0301"
  1355. [Player]: "Graves, you there?"
  1356. [Player]: "Heading towards the elevators."
  1358. [E1C13S02_Hesitation]
  1359. [Cara Web Webster]: "Hey, are you okay up there?"
  1360. [Cara Web Webster]: "I know it sucks, but we need to keep going."
  1361. [Cara Web Webster]: "Almost there."
  1363. [E1C13S02_Player_01]
  1364. [Player]: "Here."
  1366. [E1C13S02_Web_01]
  1367. [Cara Web Webster]: "That's... not good."
  1368. [Cara Web Webster]: "The emergency backups should've kicked on."
  1369. [Cara Web Webster]: "We'll have to use the manual override."
  1371. [E1C13S02_Web_02A]
  1372. [Cara Web Webster]: "Cover the door."
  1373. [Cara Web Webster]: "Get ready."
  1375. [E1C13S02_Web_02B]
  1377. [E1C13S02_Web_03]
  1378. [Cara Web Webster]: "We'll have to find a way through."
  1380. [E1C13S02_Web_04]
  1381. [Cara Web Webster]: "Over here."
  1383. [E1C13S02_Web_05]
  1384. [Cara Web Webster]: "It's gonna be real snug, but should be big enough to fit through. Ladies first."
  1386. [E1C13S02_Web_06]
  1387. [Cara Web Webster]: "Careful, make sure the room's empty."
  1389. [E1C13S02_Web_07]
  1390. [Cara Web Webster]: "Looks like someone might have gotten out in time."
  1392. [E1C13S03]
  1393. 279275e8-aba2-4ff9-974a-6df3b2c2b79a: "Got Company!"
  1394. [Cara Web Webster]: "Shit!"
  1396. [E1C13S03_2]
  1397. [Cara Web Webster]: "You okay?"
  1398. [Cara Web Webster]: "We gotta go. Who knows how many others are around."
  1399. [Player]: "Graves... elevator."
  1400. [Randall Graves]: "Give me a second..."
  1401. [Randall Graves]: "Number four's on its way down."
  1403. [E1C13S03_Webb_Assist_01]
  1404. [Cara Web Webster]: "You can do this. Just push a little harder."
  1406. [E1C13S03_Webb_Assist_02]
  1407. [Cara Web Webster]: "I'm not leaving without you"
  1409. [E1C13S03_Webb_Assist_03]
  1410. [Cara Web Webster]: "Come on, we've got to move."
  1412. [E1C13S03_Webb_Assist_04]
  1413. [Cara Web Webster]: "There's more of them coming. We have to hurry. Do not give up on me!"
  1415. [E1C13S04]
  1416. 279275e8-aba2-4ff9-974a-6df3b2c2b79a: "Hey!"
  1417. [Cara Web Webster]: "I don't know how you do this every day."
  1418. [Cara Web Webster]: "Is that Old Man?"
  1419. [Cara Web Webster]: "Colton. Colton!"
  1420. [Cara Web Webster]: "Colton, come back."
  1421. [Cara Web Webster]: "Hey, hey!"
  1422. [Cara Web Webster]: "No, no, no, don't you go. We have lost too many people today"
  1423. [Cara Web Webster]: "Help! I need help here!"
  1425. [E1C13S04_2]
  1427. [E1C13S05]
  1428. [Medic 01]: "I'm gonna need you to focus on me. Stay focused, stay conscious."
  1429. [Medic 01]: "I've got multiple entry and exit wounds. Abdomen's rigid, so there's some internal bleeding."
  1430. [Medic 01]: "I'll need you to hold open the wound"
  1431. [Medic 01]: "This might sting a little."
  1432. [Player]: "AGGHHH!"
  1433. [Medic 01]: "That should stabilize you while the internal damage is repaired. You should find a corner and rest. You ready for this?"
  1434. [Player]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_generic_response_yes_0300"
  1435. [Player]: "Gotta get back to it."
  1436. [Medic 01]: "For someone who nearly bled out from gunshot wounds, you sure seem eager to try and get some more"
  1437. [Player]: "Thanks."
  1438. [Cara Web Webster]: "We're even."
  1439. [Player]: "Old Man?"
  1440. [Cara Web Webster]: "Nothing."
  1442. [E1C13S05A]
  1443. [Randall Graves]: "Good to see you up on on your feet. You'll be pleased to know that at least a handful of the Stanton crew survived. Come on now. Let's get you re-armed and reloaded. "
  1445. [E1C13S05_Graves_Prep_1]
  1446. [Randall Graves]: "Yuri, find me when your done with those. We're going to need more on the other side"
  1448. [E1C13S05_Graves_Prep_2]
  1449. [Randall Graves]: ""
  1450. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "The captain's expecting you both on the bridge. The elevator's up a ways on the far side of the hangar."
  1451. [Steve Colton]: "Go on. I'll catch up. I need to check on the Stanton crew they moved up here first."
  1452. [????]: "Thanks. I feel a lot better already."
  1453. [Corpsman Dunn]: "That's strange, 'cause I'm pretty sure you're not going to make it."
  1454. [????]: "You're an ass, you know that Dunn?"
  1455. [Corpsman Dunn]: "This'll go faster if you stop talking."
  1456. [????]: "Right."
  1457. [Player]: "Excuse me, are you Dunn?"
  1458. [Corpsman Dunn]: "Yeah, what's up?"
  1459. [Player]: "Weezy's looking for you."
  1460. [Corpsman Dunn]: "Sure. He'll be my next stop when I'm done here."
  1461. [Player]: "I found Dunn. He's patching up a Marine but said he'll be over soon."
  1462. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Wow, Lieutenant. That was above and beyond. Really appreciate the assist. If you're done vying for samaritan of the year, you probably should make your way to the bridge."
  1463. [Aaron Seetow]: "You made it."
  1464. [Aaron Seetow]: "I think this was it for me. Going to take the discharge when they offer."
  1465. [Aaron Seetow]: "I can't go back out there."
  1466. [Sigfried Behr]: "I -"
  1467. [Steve Colton]: "Stop trying to talk, Behr. Use your Glas if you got something you need."
  1468. [Steve Colton]: "Yeah. They're both gone."
  1469. [Steve Colton]: "I'm going to be here for a moment longer. I'll meet you on the Bridge."
  1470. [Joachim Steiger]: "Don't worry. They're going to fix you up."
  1471. [Joachim Steiger]: "When you're better, Grace, you can take me to get that Kacho."
  1472. [Player]: "Just trying to get my bearings."
  1473. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "How was the flight?"
  1474. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Yeah, I know. You're welcome."
  1475. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Dunn! DUNN! Oh crap, sorry. Thought you were Dunn. Did you need something?"
  1476. [Player]: "I was going to ask you the same thing."
  1477. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "First time aboard a Bengal? Yeah, I guess I can see how it can be a little overwhelming if you're not used to it. And this is only the auxiliary deck."
  1478. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Just wait til you see her in action. That is a sight."
  1479. [Player]: "Actually I fought alongside the Krugeri at Vega."
  1480. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Oh wow. Wasn't there myself. Didn't get transferred to the 106 til after Bishop left. Hell of a battle though. They fixed her up good afterwards, but she's still got the scars if you know where to look."
  1481. [Player]: "Yeah, I've got a couple myself."
  1482. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Listen, I'd show you around but I'm waiting for a corpsman. The elevator to the bridge is up over there."
  1483. [Player]: "Thanks."
  1484. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Thanks, but I'm good. I'm waiting on Corpsman Dunn, and seeing as you're new, I doubt you'll be much help spotting him,"
  1485. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Sorry, I really need to keep an eye out for that medic."
  1486. [Player]: "I found Dunn. He's patching up a Marine but said he'll be over soon."
  1487. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Wow, Lieutenant. That was above and beyond. Really appreciate the assist. If you're done vying for samaritan of the year, you probably should make your way to the bridge."
  1488. [Player]: "Just trying to get my bearings."
  1489. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "How was the flight?"
  1490. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Yeah, I know. You're welcome."
  1491. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Dunn! DUNN! Oh crap, sorry. Thought you were Dunn. Did you need something?"
  1492. [Player]: "I was going to ask you the same thing."
  1493. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "First time aboard a Bengal? Yeah, I guess I can see how it can be a little overwhelming if you're not used to it. And this is only the auxiliary deck."
  1494. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Just wait til you see her in action. That is a sight."
  1495. [Player]: "Actually I fought alongside the Krugeri at Vega."
  1496. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Oh wow. Wasn't there myself. Didn't get transferred to the 106 til after Bishop left. Hell of a battle though. They fixed her up good afterwards, but she's still got the scars if you know where to look."
  1497. [Player]: "Yeah, I've got a couple myself."
  1498. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Listen, I'd show you around but I'm waiting for a corpsman. The elevator to the bridge is up over there."
  1499. [Player]: "Thanks."
  1500. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Thanks, but I'm good. I'm waiting on Corpsman Dunn, and seeing as you're new, I doubt you'll be much help spotting him,"
  1501. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Sorry, I really need to keep an eye out for that medic."
  1502. [Player]: "Just trying to get my bearings."
  1503. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "How was the flight?"
  1504. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Yeah, I know. You're welcome."
  1505. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Dunn! DUNN! Oh crap, sorry. Thought you were Dunn. Did you need something?"
  1506. [Player]: "I was going to ask you the same thing."
  1507. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "First time aboard a Bengal? Yeah, I guess I can see how it can be a little overwhelming if you're not used to it. And this is only the auxiliary deck."
  1508. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Just wait til you see her in action. That is a sight."
  1509. [Player]: "Actually I fought alongside the Krugeri at Vega."
  1510. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Oh wow. Wasn't there myself. Didn't get transferred to the 106 til after Bishop left. Hell of a battle though. They fixed her up good afterwards, but she's still got the scars if you know where to look."
  1511. [Player]: "Yeah, I've got a couple myself."
  1512. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Listen, I'd show you around but I'm waiting for a corpsman. The elevator to the bridge is up over there."
  1513. [Player]: "Thanks."
  1514. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Thanks, but I'm good. I'm waiting on Corpsman Dunn, and seeing as you're new, I doubt you'll be much help spotting him,"
  1515. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Sorry, I really need to keep an eye out for that medic."
  1516. [Admiral Bishop]: "I've asked Cooke to repair the warning systems. Maintain your hunt. If something got through, engage and eliminate, but I want you to be positive that they're all dead before returning. I'll expect an update of your movements. "
  1517. [Admiral Bishop]: "Bishop out."
  1518. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Anything to report?"
  1519. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "No sign of the OMC after they scattered into the Coil."
  1520. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "We started poking around until Ruger took a hit from a homemade proximity mine. Felt suicidal to go further without knowing what we were walking into."
  1521. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Ruger okay?"
  1522. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "Fine. More shocked than anything."
  1523. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Good. Let me know if you need anything while we finish up rescue ops."
  1524. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_hitman_player_order_attack_my_target_0101"
  1525. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Lieutenant, hello. I recognised your name when we got word of the Stanton survivors."
  1526. [Player]: "Sir?"
  1527. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Admiral Bishop told me what you did aboard the Gauntlet. It's an honour."
  1528. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "This is Lt Commander Fell."
  1529. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "Hey."
  1530. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "First Vega and now here. Can't decide if you've got the worst luck ever, or the best."
  1531. [Player]: "Lucky enough that you happened to be passing through."
  1532. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "Luck didn't have anything to do with it."
  1533. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "The early warning systems leading into Virgil went down. We were looking to see if any Vanduul got through when we got your call."
  1534. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "Which is what we should be doing right now instead of babysitting this place."
  1535. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Easy."
  1536. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "We're due to move on, but I've put in a call for the 182nd Battle Group. It's Captain Meller's ship. He'll take over for us."
  1537. [Steve Colton]: "You can't leave."
  1538. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "I'm sorry, Colton, but we don't have a choice."
  1539. [Steve Colton]: "Right now Karne is sitting on a pile of eriesium. If you leave, it'll hit the black market. Who knows where the hell it'll end up."
  1540. [Captain Thomas Wade]: " much?"
  1541. [Steve Colton]: "Three Starfarers worth."
  1542. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Comms. "
  1543. [Comms Officer]: "Sir."
  1544. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Contact the 42's. Tell them to keep searching. We're going to be a little late to the rendezvous."
  1545. [Comms Officer]: "Aye, Sir."
  1546. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Maybe we can hang around a little while longer. Do you know where this group's holed up?"
  1547. [Steve Colton]: "It's somewhere in the coil, but I have no idea where."
  1548. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Roto, it's wade."
  1549. [Detrick Roto Rotobi]: "Sir."
  1550. [Captain Thomas Wade]: " need a way to scan the Coil. Any ideas?"
  1551. [Detrick Roto Rotobi]: "That might be difficult, sir. Applied Sciences has tried to in the past with little success. See, the coil phenomenon is a blend of thermal and electromagnetic energy, it's fascinating really. Makes it near inpenetrable."
  1552. [Detrick Roto Rotobi]: "I suppose with enough time, I could modify a recon torpedo to use extremely low frequency focused beams to penetrate in the cloud and -"
  1553. [Cara Web Webster]: "That won't work."
  1554. [Detrick Roto Rotobi]: "I'm sorry?"
  1555. [Cara Web Webster]: "That'll only show you what's inside the clouds. We need to find the paths through the clouds. The places where there isn't Coil."
  1556. [Cara Web Webster]: "May I?"
  1557. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Ah, sure, go ahead."
  1558. [Detrick Roto Rotobi]: "Hey -"
  1559. [Cara Web Webster]: "Scanning arrays on ships send out pulses at regular intervals. That's how you know if there's a contact nearby. I had figured out a way to modify it so instead of telling you whether there's a 'duul inbound, it filters out some, but not all of the energy's Coil. But, if we found enough additional power..."
  1560. [Cara Web Webster]: "Do you have any C&C ships?"
  1561. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "This is the Krugeri, we have everything."
  1562. [Cara Web Webster]: "If we placed enough of them around the Coil and start sending out these bursts, we can use that data to build a map that shows us what's inside and how to get there."
  1563. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "You're from the Stanton, right?"
  1564. [Cara Web Webster]: "Yes, sir. Web. Chief Mechanic Webster, sir."
  1565. [Cara Web Webster]: "I've been dealing with the Coil since we got here. I can do it."
  1566. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Roto, I'm going to send Web down to you. GIve her whatever she needs. I need those modifications ASAP."
  1567. [Cara Web Webster]: "On it, sir."
  1568. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "You two, get some rest. I'll have some food sent down to the hangar."
  1569. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "All officers want to believe that every soldier under their command will come home at the end of the tour. But we live in violent times. And life...Life doesn't always uphold such promises. So it's important that we honour those who can't go home. That we remember them, that we say goodbye."
  1570. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Words for the fallen should be spoken by friends. So I've asked Lt. Commander Colton to say a few words."
  1571. [Steve Colton]: "I've been to enough of these things to know that I'm supposed to try to make sense of this tragedy. Tosay that their deaths mattered."
  1572. [Steve Colton]: "I won't. It was their lives that mattered."
  1573. [Steve Colton]: "They were good people."
  1574. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Attent-tion!"
  1575. [Comms Officer]: "We were told to expect you, Lieutenant. You're cleared for Bridge access."
  1576. [Comms Officer]: "Captain said you should head to see him when you're ready."
  1577. [Steve Colton]: "Been a long time since I've been on a Bengal. Bet you're loving this."
  1578. [Player]: "Little bit."
  1579. [Player]: "You read about the stats; you don't realise how big it is until you're actually standing here."
  1580. [Steve Colton]: "Ten times the crew of the Stanton. Ships this big make people feel safe."
  1581. [Steve Colton]: "Yeah, and they're starting to build them bigger than this."
  1582. [Steve Colton]: "Listen, kid. You aren't exactly green anymore, but just because you faced down death a few times and come through, don't start thinking you're invincible. You're not."
  1583. [Steve Colton]: "We could all die."
  1584. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Have you met Pusher? She's the second best pilot we've got in the 1-0-6."
  1585. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "Where's that put you, Weezy? Twentieth? Twenty-Fourth?"
  1586. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Yeah, yeah, get it out while you can 'cause I'm gonna kick so much ass today, the 42's are gonna be begging me to join."
  1587. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "As what? Target practice?"
  1588. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Ok. See you guys on the dance floor."
  1589. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "So Nub, what's your deal? Why'd you join the Navy?"
  1590. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Oh, hey there. You ready to fly your first mission on my wing? Like a great man once said, 'In forty years, when you're surrounded by everything and everyone you know and they ask you what did you do in the Navy, you can say you flew a mission with Brian Wieters. So cherish this."
  1591. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "I don't know where your ship is supposed to be, you should find the Chief, he'll sort you out."
  1592. [Chief Phil Declan]: "Hey, Lieutenant, there you are. Sorry about the chaos, but we haven't dusted off these Hornet Trackers in quite some time."
  1593. [Chief Phil Declan]: "We found one with the skeleton of the pilot still inside, didn't we?"
  1594. [Chief Phil Declan]: "Anyway, we've launched the rest of the flights so your crew is the only one left. Ahhh, since you're running escort, you got your choice of ships for this mission."
  1595. [Chief Phil Declan]: "You got your Gladius or the Hornet. Their mechanics are on their final checks if you need anything."
  1596. [Chief Phil Declan]: "Both of those ships are able and ready to fly, Lieutenant. If you want to head over there."
  1597. [Chief Phil Declan]: "I'm a little bit busy, Lieutenant, but if you head over to the ships the mechanics will be happy to assist you."
  1598. [Chief Phil Declan]: "I'm right in the middle of this, Lieutenant, but the mechanics will be happy to assist you."
  1599. [Becca Farneway]: "Oh, hi Lieutenant. Guess what? Chief Declan found out I had experience on Hornets and said I should lend a god damn hand. His words. Didn't know it'd be you flying it though. Ever flown one of these beauties before?"
  1600. [Player]: "Hey, Becca, is that you?"
  1601. [Player]: "A few times. I am looking forward to getting back in the cockpit again."
  1602. [Player]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_outback_player_order_attack_my_target_0100"
  1603. [Becca Farneway]: "She'll be excited to have you climb inside her...okay, that didn't come out right."
  1604. [Becca Farneway]: "Oh...Well, has anyone shown you where the simcabs are? They're in the pilot ready room. You can't miss them. Not that you need them. I'm sure you're fine."
  1605. [Becca Farneway]: "She's got a basic loadout now, feel free to use the terminal if you want something special. And if anything feels off while flying, let me know, okay? I think you;re going to like her."
  1606. [Pilot]: "You're the Stanton pilot right? Yeah, your Glady's all prepped for you. Loadout table's over there know. Not much else to say since she's yours. Good luck."
  1607. [Pilot]: "Hey."
  1608. [Player]: "Where's Becca?"
  1609. [Pilot]: "Oh. Right. I'm covering for her, but it's fine. She got called up to the big leagues. They needed all hands to get Mason's ship ready."
  1610. [Pilot]: "Well. Almost all hands."
  1611. [Pilot]: "Hey. Everything okay?"
  1612. [Player]: "Yeah, I've been better."
  1613. [Pilot]: "I meant the ship..."
  1614. [Player]: "Yeah, of course."
  1615. [Player]: "She's been getting the job done,"
  1616. [Pilot]: "It's too bad I can't make it better."
  1617. [Player]: "What do you mean?"
  1618. [Pilot]: "Chief. He won't let me. I've been working on an avionics mod that's heads above fact-standard but the Chief called it "dangerous" and said I wasn't allowed to test it on pilots. Maybe if you talk to him?"
  1619. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Well, we're glad you made it through safely."
  1620. [Cal Mason]: "Thank you very much, Captain. It's good to be back on the ship. Changed a bit since you took over."
  1621. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Well we did a new paint job."
  1622. [Cal Mason]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_vixen_reaction_player_gets_a_kill_0410"
  1623. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Lieutenant. Good. I want you to hear this."
  1624. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Mason, why don't you take it from the top."
  1625. [Cal Mason]: "Alright, I'll give you the short version. We were on 'duul patrol in Viking and I spotted a Xi'An cargo ship jumping through my neck of the woods. Unescorted to boot."
  1626. [Cal Mason]: "Now, I hadn't seen another ship that wasn't trying to kill me dead in days, let alone a Xi'An, so you can imagine my surprise. Well, I tracked it back here, but lost it in the Coil. Then when I was trying to pick up its trail, I bumped into those pleasant folks that you rescued me from."
  1627. [Steve Colton]: "Sounds like the Xi'An ship we found."
  1628. [Cal Mason]: "You found my ship?"
  1629. [Player]: "What was left of her. A local Shubin mining outpost was selling them eriesium."
  1630. [Cal Mason]: "I overheard the OMC talking about how they'd hit the jackpot...that also explains why they're willing to take the Navy head on. I was sorry to hear about the STanton. I met Kelly back when she was a Marine. She was a hell of a soldier."
  1631. [Steve Colton]: "She was."
  1632. [Cal Mason]: "Well the Xi'An heading all the way out here to get their hands on eriesium makes sense, what I still don't know is what the hell they were doing in Vanduul space in the first place."
  1633. [Steve Colton]: "Karne was on that ship, he may know something."
  1634. [Cal Mason]: "Maybe it's worth asking him."
  1635. [Steve Colton]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_assistance_required_0121"
  1636. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Go ahead."
  1637. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "I'll be right there."
  1638. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Seems Roto and Web have nearly finished the map. I want you two to have eyes on it. Mason, you want to take a look?"
  1639. [Cal Mason]: "I'm not really a 'map' kind of person, Captain. Just point me in the direction of the problem. I'll get it sorted."
  1640. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Fine. I'll see you two in tactical. Excuse me."
  1641. [Detrick Roto Rotobi]: "There's still a lot of unresolved data. I'm going to start adjusting the filter parameters."
  1642. [Cara Web Webster]: "I already started the filters."
  1643. [Detrick Roto Rotobi]: "Fine, I'll switch the volumetric analysis-"
  1644. [Cara Web Webster]: " already started that too."
  1645. [Detrick Roto Rotobi]: "Web, you can't just do every-"
  1646. [Cara Web Webster]: "Look at the map."
  1647. [Detrick Roto Rotobi]: "It actually worked."
  1648. [Cara Web Webster]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_bullseye_player_order_assistance_required_0121"
  1649. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "So this is where the scavs are hiding. Looks simple enough. Go in hard, strike before their pants are up, and make them regret every single choice they've made, ever."
  1650. [Steve Colton]: "No. We've underestimated him in the past. I guarantee you he's counting on us doing it again."
  1651. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Look maybe no one told you, OldMan, but this is the Krugeri. We're better than a battle group. We took out a frickin' Vanduul Kingship. If we can't blow up a few outlaws then something is seriously wrong."
  1652. [Lt Cmdr Nayara Fell]: "Big surprise there. Weezy's 'blow shit up' strategy."
  1653. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Look, this guy has eriesium, right? You just want to let him get away?"
  1654. [Steve Colton]: "I want to see him dead, but we go in half-cocked, a lot of good men and weomen will be too."
  1655. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Look, you just lost a lot of people and it makes sense if you're scared."
  1656. [Steve Colton]: "I'm not scared, you little shit."
  1657. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Sorry but who do you think you are?"
  1658. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Someone who's probably earned the right to call you a little shit, Weezy."
  1659. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Remember the lost squad? Hmm? That was him. Back when the first Clan hit, the Fall of Caliban, his squadron held the systems for two days 'til reinforcements arrived. He was two weeks into his first assignment. He was the only surviving pilot. He's been the Old Man ever since. So if he has an opinion, I suggest you listen. Ok?"
  1660. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "@Dlg_SC_ac_spitfire_generic_response_yes_0300"
  1661. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Right, now I appreciate the danger that Karne and the OMC pose, but Weezy's right. We need to strike now. Eriesium's too dangerous; we can't afford to wait. So tell me how you'd do it."
  1662. [Steve Colton]: "Web, can you take us in closer."
  1663. [Steve Colton]: "It's too narrow for cap support with two paths leading into his base. He'd be an idiot not to have defenses covering those."
  1664. [Lt Brian Wieters]: "Then we're out of options."
  1665. [Steve Colton]: "Unless we make our own options."
  1666. [Steve Colton]: "That pathway ends in a fragment. We bomb the hell out of it and cut a way in. We hit him hard and fast before he can adjust."
  1667. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "That's good. Right, I want you and Pusher in Gladiators. Lieutenant, since you have gunner experience, I want you in a retaliator. Weezy, when it's time I want you to fly the Marines in so they can establish a forward base. Is that clear?"
  1668. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Crew to battle stations, pilots to your ships. Helm, set course for the Coil. We're going to pay Karne and the OMC a little visit."
  1669. [Captain Thomas Wade]: "Dismissed."
  1671. [E1C18S01A]
  1672. [Will Haines]: "Hey, sir. That was a rush, right? Just gonna hang out here for a second then get back out there and raise some hell."
  1674. [E1C18S01B]
  1675. [Gunnery Officer]: "It was touch and go there for a while, but you got us through."
  1677. [E1C18S01C]
  1678. [Gunner 01]: "I don't know how the hell you did that, but I probably owe you a couple of my unborn children."
  1680. [E1C18S01D]
  1681. [Gunner 02]: "Shit, shit, shit."
  1683. [E1C18S02]
  1684. [????]: "Sir! Captain Walsh wants all combat personnel to report to CC immediately. It's just down there. I'll take care of your ship."
  1686. [E1C19SMedivac1]
  1687. [Medivac Pilot]: "(Designer) Medivac pilot confirms starting rescue."
  1689. [E1C19SMedivac2]
  1690. [Medivac Pilot]: "(Designer) Pilot explains they have the pilot on board and are heading back to the FOB. Requests an escort."
  1692. [E1C19SMedivac3]
  1693. [Medivac Pilot]: "(Designer) Hey we need you close by!"
  1695. [E1C19SMedivac4]
  1696. [Medivac Pilot]: "(Designer) Thanks for the assist!
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