SvFoE - Birthday Beanie

Jan 30th, 2016
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  1. A short greentext story based off a request on /sveg/.
  3. SvFoE - Birthday Beanie
  5. Request: How about some young Manna, maybe Marco getting Janna a hat for her birthday party.
  7. >She hated the rain. It always ruined whatever fun activity she had planned for the outside.
  8. >She looked around, taking in the entire scene. Seeing rows of tables and empty chairs lined up in neat orders.
  9. >Food was left untouched, the many balloons that read "Happy Birthday" we're deflated, and the various party games hadn't even been taken out of their boxes.
  10. >The backyard was filled with party related objects. But it was completely empty without a single person to enjoy them.
  11. >save one.
  12. >The little girl, who sat alone at the end of the head table, hated the rain. But it wasn't the rain that ruined the party.
  13. >It was herself.
  14. >No one wanted to come to her party.
  15. >And with that relization, came the rain. Only it wasn't the rain.
  16. >The little girl cried, large tears rolling down her face, falling onto the cake below herself on the table.
  17. >She could only associate her tears with the rain. Because she hated the rain when it ruined things.
  18. >And she hated herself, because she had ruined her own party.
  19. >And so she cried.
  20. >And it ruined what was supposed to be a happy time.
  21. >As she cried, a small boy came to her side. A small box in his hands.
  22. >He placed a small hand on her shoulder, gaining her attention.
  23. >She looked towards him with red and puffy tear soaked eyes. Seeing his confused and concerned look.
  24. >He handed her the box.
  25. >She took it with trembling hands.
  26. >And opened it slowly.
  27. >Inside was a simple beanie. Plain and a few sizes far too big.
  28. >The boy simply took it out and placed it on her head. Slipping it over her eyes.
  29. >So that the fabric of the beanie dried her tears.
  30. >She looked at him from under the beanie and the boy gave her a simple smile.
  31. >A smile she would always remember.
  32. >That came from the boy with a mole who wore a red hoodie
  34. >The ringing of the alarm brought Janna to full wakefulness.
  35. >She sat up in bed, rubbing sleep from her eyes as the memories of her dream returned.
  36. >She looked at the beanie that hung off the corner of her bed stand, grabbing it and hugging it closely.
  37. >She brought it close to her face as she felt tears begin to fall.
  38. >"Why can't you remember?". She asked. Alone in her room and in her thoughts.
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