The Sea Slime of the White Lagoon

Mar 18th, 2015
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  1. "Ooh? Pomus, you're still alone!" said the first Mermaid to pop her head out of the water.
  2. "Eeeh? That's so sad!" said the second.
  3. "Didn't the trick we taught you work out?" asked the third.
  5. Pomus shook her head. Floating along on the water, she wasn't equipped with the muscle structure required to perform such tricks as the Mermaids could, so of course she hadn't performed it. Doing a triple-summersault in the air? Impossible. She couldn't even decide which way she drifted.
  7. "Maybe you could try doing what Mama Ceylon does?" one of the Mermaids wondered out loud.
  8. "Don't be silly, Pomus doesn't have any tentacles!" said another.
  10. The dummies kept blabbering their useless advice. They meant well, but they had no idea why all of their ideas were useless. Pomus wasn't a Mermaid, naturally she couldn't do what a Mermaid could. She wasn't a Scylla or a Kraken either, but at least they understood this. No, Pomus was not some graceful aquatic beauty, she was but a Sea Slime.
  11. A Sea Slime differs from the land-dwelling kinds greatly. Where a regular Slime can absorb humidity and moisture and grow larger or shrink smaller based on the amount of water available, a Sea Slime remained consistently the same size after reaching full maturity, like Pomus had. Unlike a Slime on land, she didn't dissolve into the water, but had a membrane resembling a skin to keep her from falling apart, making her somewhat like a jellyfish, without the burny, tentacly bits. In fact, her appearance was more humanoid than that of most Slimes, in that she had limbs like a human, down to the little toes that curious shrimp sometimes nibbled, and the torso of a human, down to a perky behind, thick hips and a bosom more modest than that of any of the Mermaids now surrounding her. Apart from her flotilla and the fact that she was the colour of the sea and quite transparent, she could have been a human.
  13. "Hey, hey look, look!" one of the Mermaids suddenly gasped, pointing her webbed fingers in the distance - at a circling group of gulls.
  14. "Eeeeh? Is that a shipwreck?" asked another.
  15. "It's tots a shipwreck!" the third confirmed, and all three Mermaids grinned. It was within their field of vision, but they hadn't sensed anything in the water, meaning the seamen hadn't been attacked by anything after their semen. Yet.
  16. The girls were all grins and fangs now. They were, after all, predators. Two of them dove into the water and headed to the shipwreck with all their might.
  17. But the third girl stayed behind.
  18. "Would you like to tag along?" she asked. Pomus shrugged. She'd reach the wreck within the day based on the movement of the waves, sure, and there would be someone left who she could get a quick little squeeze from. Contending for the men with these three wasn't a very appealing thought. But then again, it's not like they could rape EVERYONE, so she might get her fair share if she tagged along. Better than leftovers, to be sure. Better than plankton.
  19. "Sure..." she said, and held out her hands. The Mermaid took hold of them with her own and towed the Sea Slime as she swam faster than Pomus had ever moved, even when being tossed around by a scary storm.
  21. There had been no real "wreck". The ship was drifting aimlessly because the rudder and sails were all broken up, one of the masts was broken and the anchors were long gone. Whatever had transpired to cause such damage, Pomus couldn't say. What she did know, though, was that the men on board were not looking too good. Not that she minded terribly that some of the sailors were ugly and hairy and scarred and smelly, that was normal to her, but what she worried about was how worn out they looked. Most of the men were just lying around, all apathetic, with some few staggering around in a haze, aimlessly.
  22. "They look like something bad happened to them" Pomus said.
  23. "Yeah. Maybe it was pirates" replied one of the Mermaids.
  24. "Or maybe a storm" suggested another.
  25. "I say it was first one, then the other" concluded the third.
  26. "Is it really okay to...?" Pomus asked timidly. She wasn't comfortable with the idea of hurting someone and adding to their troubles. Keeping a drowning sailor afloat until she got him to one of their boats and milking him as payment? That she was okay with. But to attack a ship, to drag the poor guys into the water against their will... that was mean!
  28. "Oh my, looks like you young'uns beat me to it!" came a sudden, smooth voice from behind them, and all four turned around with smiles on their faces, for they had recognized Mama Ceylon's voice. The Kraken was the single most voluptuous woman Pomus knew, and she was the mother-figure of all the other girls present. She was resting in the water, with only her head and pale shoulders rising up above the surface, but even that made it clear she was larger than all the other girls combined.
  29. "Eehh? Mama Ceylon, you've been following them too?" asked one of the Mermaids.
  30. "Indeed I have, dearie. I noticed them during the last storm, and thought to interfere a little. Poor little fools didn't even notice me breaking their rudder. Ufufufu~"
  31. All the girls down to Pomus were impressed. Mama Ceylon was the greatest predator in these waters.
  32. "But Mama, why haven't you attacked them yet?" asked one of the Memraids, a pertinent question.
  33. "Why, I've been feeling a little... how to put it... fertile, recently, and intend to take a husband..."
  34. Before she finished that sentence, her protégés cried out in joy.
  35. "Oh girls, please, you're embarrassing me. Ahem. As I said, I intend to take a husband, and I thought it better for his sake if I escorted him somewhere he could rest on solid ground, you know? And as it happens, this ship, after I guided it a little, ended up on a current leading toward a small island chain. One of these islands, as it just so happens, has a beautiful and deep lagoon, one fit for raising little Krakens in the confines of a sunken ship..."
  36. "Oooh, Mama you're so devious!"
  37. "That's right, you're downright wicked!"
  38. "Evil, even!"
  39. "Oh my! But you're no saints yourselves, are you girls? Here for men too, are you not?"
  40. "That we are Mama!"
  41. "Even little Pomus?"
  42. "Uh-huh..."
  43. She'd rather not have the conversation steered into her direction, since she wasn't favoured by a comparison to the others.
  44. "Isn't that delightful! You know what I think girls? I think we should take these boys to that island, and keep them all!"
  45. "Eeehh? Mama, that's the worst!"
  46. "Yeah, yeah! That's so terribly awful, I think I'll go lose my mind!"
  47. "That's so naughty I think I'll molest Pomus from just thinking about it!"
  48. "Please don't"
  49. "Now, now! It's a little ways off, you know! Unless you want to help me move the ship a little faster..."
  50. "How do we do that, Mama?"
  51. "Hooh? It's simple, really! I'll attach myself to the bottom and tread water to move it along, and you three will grab three of my tentacles and pull with all your might, and little Pomus can hold on to one to tag along until we're at our destination!"
  52. "You're so smart, Mama!"
  53. "Yeah, we'd have tried to jump on the deck if it wasn't for you!"
  54. "Or to sink the ship"
  55. "That WOULD have been kind of dumb..." Pomus said, feeling like a part of the group for once.
  56. "Excuse me, but... you do realize we can hear you talking?" said the voice of a man suddenly.
  58. All five sea creatures were startled by this sudden intrusion. Looking up to the railing, they saw one of the sailors leaning over it, a harpoon in one hand. He was a big one, to be certain, with bulging muscles in his arms but a large belly, his chest hair going grey at the middle, a great, big bushy beard on his chin reaching down to his chest, his eyes afire with feverish madness, his voice far more like that of a sophisticated man than the brute he seemed to be.
  59. The Mermaids and the Slime were rendered speechless. Mama Ceylon however lifted herself up from the sea, letting the water run down her shoulders and massive breasts, leaving her dark, wet dress sticking to her pale white skin. She lifted herself up to a little below her waist, letting the sailors aboard the vessel get a good view of her curves, but not very much of her tentacles.
  60. "My good man, I beg your pardon" she said most politely, offering up a little bow. "But it seems to me that you and your companions are in dire straits, and you were in dire straits even before my interference. If it pleases you to put up some pretenses of resistance, by all means, but do take into account that your gunpowder is wet and useless, and beyond your cannons there isn't a single weapon on your ship capable of harming me. Make it easier on yourself, please"
  61. The man lowered his harpoon and let his shoulders sink.
  62. "Good man. Now then, ladies, shall we?"
  64. ***
  66. "Woodpecker", that was the ship's name. As Pomus had never encountered such a bird, or even heard of it, she assumed it was a dirty joke, and it made her giggle. She rested her hands in Mama Ceylon's tentacle's suction cups and let others worry about moving her, as she usually let the ocean do. Pomus was accustomed to the feeling of helplessness, to being a passive piece of flotsam at the mercy of the waves and winds. The sailors, having realized their predicament, were now singing a shanty to ease their hearts. They were off-key.
  67. The Mermaids kept up a good pace all the way to the island chain, which Pomus had never actually seen before, which felt a little weird to her. Not like she knew one area of the sea from another, it all looked the same, and she hadn't seen land in years. She'd washed ashore once, and a tribe of Amazons chased her off because they thought she'd steal their boys. She wasn't a thief though. That was mean.
  68. The three Mermaids, Gabby, Peppy and Ziggy, were not related to anyone's knowledge, but as long back as they could remember, they'd been swimming together. Mama Ceylon said they were Barracudas, and that they'd snuck through the holes of a slaver's net when they were young. And her... where had Pomus come from? Mama Ceylon said Sea Slimes tended to form larger mats instead of floating alone. Maybe she'd been separated from hers while young because of a storm. The seas were such a large place it was unlikely she'd find them again. She'd never even met another Sea Slime. At least her family treated her nicely to the best of their ability.
  70. The island chain consisted of six islands, the largest of which was only an old volcano, with lots of barren rocks, lazy, Sun praising iguanas, and the nests of birds. The other islands were smaller, but more lush, with sandy beaches leading into the thickets. All six of the islands were surrounded by corral reefs, and five of the six, including the largest one, were situated around the last one, and acted as wave breakers during storms. It was this last, most sheltered island they led the Woodpecker to.
  71. As Mama Ceylon had said, there was quite the beautiful lagoon on that last island, with clear, clean water you could see through all the way to the sea floor, which wasn't more than a couple dozen meters around here. The Mermaids stopped and the Kraken gathered up her girls by her side as she lifted herself up from the sea high enough to rest her arms on the deck of the ship.
  72. "I'm not an unkind woman, so I will allow you to pack up and take whatever you feel you need to land before I sink this ship. Take your time!"
  73. And with that, the sailors got to work. They had three boats to make their transports from the ship to the shore, so it took them quite a long time to empty their stores. Naturally, the sea monsters did nothing to aid them, as this was boorish work and not fit for fine women, as the Mama Ceylon put it.
  74. Pomus saw that the lagoon had a number of small rivers leading inland. This island was the second largest, and there must've been plenty of room there for springs and ponds or even a lake. She was kind of interested in exploring it. Going to land without having Amazons to chase her off sounded nice.
  75. Once the sailors were finished with their move, having even torn down their sails and all the rope from the riggings, Mama Ceylon used her experiences tentacles and strong tentacles to tear off the masts and skewer the ship with them, sinking it. The sea wasn't so deep that the sailors couldn't dive down to get wood from the Pecker if they so chose. This was Pomus' own joke, and she chose not to share it quite yet.
  77. "The islands provide plenty of fruit and such, and there plenty of fish and crab in the sea. Oysters too, and I've heard they're an aphrodisiac for humans, so make sure to eat plenty! I'll let you boys get yourselves set up, but don't worry, we'll love you lots and lots when the time comes! And don't even think about running away, there's nothing but open water for weeks!"
  78. Mama Ceylon's farewell to the sailors dampened their spirits, and then she took her wards a outside the lagoon where they couldn't be seen or heard.
  79. "Now my pretties, we wait. Poor boys are ever so exhausted by their ordeals" she told them, patting each on the head with a tentacle. "Let them ripen"
  81. Pomus, Gabby, Peppy and Ziggy all spent the next couple of days exploring the nearby areas, filled with the anxiety of lecherous young women with men so close to them. Pomus had no need to worry about currents as long as she remained safely on the inside of the island chain, and so she simply paddled her feet and went to and fro, enjoying the sights beneath the crystal clear water, going up the small rivers up as far she could to see the interiors of the island, even going so far as to get out of the water for quick strolls when nobody was looking, though she didn't do so well on land. The Mermaids explored the outer parts of the islands as well, and sometimes took her by the hands to escort her so she wouldn't be swept out to sea, and so they began to think of this place as home. The screeching of the birds, the familiar view of the shorelines, the corals and the schools of fish, the sunken ship... all of it remained the same, unlike the sea they had known so far. No longer travelling much, they began to ponder if they should build something themselves, like they saw the men on the shore do, building tents out of what had been sails and shacks of what had been their ship. They kept their boats though, and a couple of times some of them tried to row away. The Mermaids followed them until they grew tired of the endless expanse of water and allowed themselves to be towed back "home".
  82. All this time the Kraken remained underwater, tearing apart the insides of the ship, building for herself a manor befitting her status as queen of this land. And if she was queen, one among the sailors was to become her king. Or her consort, more like, but a spouse nonetheless. The other girls were quite excited to make the acquaintance of these men, some of whom were just as eager to make theirs.
  84. ***
  85. Jonathan Biggs was seated on a rock, whittling a figurine of the Divine Hathor. He knew that a goddess as benevolent as her would never punish a man by causing him such misfortunes a shipwreck for the sin of missing the necessary prayers while at sea, but still he felt the necessity of doing penance in the best way he could. Biggs was a slender man with head of hair many a woman had enjoyed running their fingers through, now unfortunately messy and dirty. His beard had gone untrimmed for far too long for his comfort, and he feared he would not shave again for quite a long time. He was in dire straits to be sure. The worst part of it was that the men needed a leader now more than ever, and he was not as strong as they needed him to be.
  86. Of course there was Slack, the big, burly man who had taken the initiative on more than one occasion, threatening the Kraken with a harpoon and leading the escape attempts. He had tattoos on him that marked him as a crook though. Had it been Biggs' decision, the scallywag would not have set foot aboard the Woodpecker. Captain Jackson hadn't listened to him. The stubborn old fool never listened to those who disagreed with him! Stiffnecked and bullheaded he had been, and it had been his own fault for not listening to the doctor that he'd been given larger doses of poison than he could handle. Biggs had only wanted the fool to stop his mad attempts at sailing through the storm belt and into Zipangu, as if such a thing were possible, yet alone worth the risk! But no, he had gotten up even when the doctor said not to, and gotten back to commanding, and he'd been given more than he could handle. Oh dear Hathor, what a mess this was!
  87. The sea-beasts had not harmed them yet, but it had become clear that the islands were inescapable. The stars were foreign to him, and none of their charts could offer any help. This place had most likely never been visited by humans before. The bests could keep them here forever, and there was nothing they could do. The Barracudas and the Slime, those were no great threat to an experiences crew led by a man of his ability, oh no, but the Kraken? What man could overcome a Kraken? He'd seen how it sank the ship. He'd heard how it boasted of disabling their rudder during the storm as if it were nothing. Oh, if only those pirates hadn't diverted them from their original course!
  88. P'Orc pirates were a dangerous lot, Biggs lamented. Had they been caught, his entire crew would have been violated and sold off in a snap. To escape from their grasp, they'd had no choice but to make a run for the treacherous seas near the storm belt. But surely it hadn't been necessary to go through! They could've outmanoeuvred those dumb beasts, surely!
  89. No use crying over split milk. The men needed him. But they didn't listen to him! He alone had set up his tent in the interior of the island, while the others had remained at the sea-side. Did they intend to make it easy for themselves to be raped? What man of Albion would surrender so easily? Some of these men seemed positively EAGER to be ravaged! Oh, Hathor's tits! Biggs was not a man prejudiced towards Monsters, being a devout Hathorite, but these sea-creatures were his enemies. To sleep with a Lamia dancing girl was one thing, to be coerced into sex by a Kraken was another. Mother had been right. He should've become a Mooezzin.
  91. Biggs left the knife and the unfinished idol on the stump he used as a table and got up, straightening what remained of his coat and adjusted his trousers. He had to look as sharp as he could. That's what the academy had taught him. Officers must show the men a good, flawless example. Be stern, be unmovable, be the rock on which they can build their confidence on. He took a deep breath. It would be fine. But first, he needed some water.
  92. He picked up a bucket and went to the lake or pond nearby. He wasn't quite certain what to call it, as it was so small. The stream running to it came from a spring on a rock that was rather difficult to scale, but not unreachable. There was another stream that lead to the larger river that ran into the lagoon, and he had seen the Barracudas and the Slime swimming in that river, looking for any weaknesses in their defences. But this source of fresh water was safe, he was certain of it. Too narrow and shallow to be swam in, it was virtually inaccessible to the Monsters. Some of the men knew about it, but none of them seemed very interested in this fact. Did they not see the inherent value of this resource? It could be the key to their salvation when the Kraken decided to start violating them with its tentacles. He shuddered to think of it. Something that big penetrating a man should be fatal. And yet there were men who claimed to have experiences such a violation unharmed. Many spoke of it with horror, but some with elation, saying how it had been greatly enjoyable. Poor bastards must've gone mad with pain and fear. Maybe that was what bothered those of his men who thought of the Monsters as welcome company. But were the men he served with such cowards, so weak-willed that they would be broken before they even experienced the horrors they imagined?
  93. Jonathan Biggs arrived at his water supply and noticed that something was very, very wrong. There was a girl there, a transparent girl, with hair that looked to be literally flowing down her head and shoulders, a wavy dress covering her, and a ring of the same substance as she was keeping her afloat on the shallow pool. The Sea Slime had breached his safe place.
  95. ***
  97. Pomus had been feeling a little bored. She'd been able to make several new discoveries, such as the fact that if she pushed air our of her system and climbed down some kelp she could reach the bottom of the sea and hang out there like the others. The fish were really pretty when you were underwater with them.
  98. That discovery had only kept her entertained for so long though. She could only reach the bottom when there was kelp to climb down on, so she was still mostly confined to floating on the surface. The lustre of the unchanging surroundings wore off quickly. The Mermaids could go out to sea to hunt and play to their heart's content, but she had to stay here. And there wasn't all that much here. Everything was the same, day after day. Of course, everything had been the same at sea as well, but...
  99. She was anxious. How long did the men need to recover, anyway? She wanted to play already. For once she could have as much as she wanted, so why couldn't she have any now?
  101. One day she found herself by the mouth of a stream running from inland. Unlike the river she was in, the stream was too small to swim in, so the Mermaids hadn't explored it. And she hadn't either. She couldn't. Or could she?
  102. Sea Slimes may not have been famous for their intellect, but Pomus was able to apply herself. If she could empty her flotilla to dive down underwater, why couldn't she deflate herself to get smaller?
  103. The idea had struck her like lightning. With great difficulty she removed water and air from inside herself and shrunk down. As all Slimes, even a Sea Slime could shrink down to the size of their core. That, of course, would be troublesome, and Pomus knew better than to shrink down that much. Just small enough to fit in the stream. Heh, it worked!
  104. The stream led her to a part of the island she had never before been to. There was a pond at the end. An even smaller trickle of water ran to it from some rocks, but that looked a little too hard for her to traverse, so she decided to stay in the pond. With some pops and slurps she restored her body up to its regular size, and soon she found she felt.. different.
  105. Now Pomus of course had been living in the sea all her life, and the water she normally contained was saltwater. What she had filled herself up with from this pond though? Freshwater.
  106. A feeling of tranquillity filled her. She wasn't as anxious anymore. The excitement of discovery and exploration had experienced a small renaissance, but that anxiety had still been there. Up until she filler herself with this strange, different water. It's like she'd attained inner peace or something.
  107. Pomus felt like dancing.
  108. She stuck her feet to the sandy bottom of the pond, lifted her flotilla and skirt up, and began to move. Of course her movements were clumsy, but she made up for it with the changes to her physique; the freshwater had made her hair wavy and thick, her normally unnoticeable "clothing" - that is, the secondary protective membrane on her - turned more fluttery, her limbs became stronger, her breasts firmer, her already perky behind became rounder. She felt liberated, and elated.
  109. And then she twirled around in her joyous dance and saw the sailor.
  111. Jonathan Biggs let the bucket fall from his hands. He had grown too complacent. Monsters were as ingenious as humans were when it came to obtaining what they wanted. It had only been a matter of time. And was he armed? No. Of course not. He took a step back. He could run, the Sea Slime couldn't pursue him. But then again... she wasn't as dangerous as the others were. He might even be able to overcome it. Yes, he was a man after all, a man of ability, a man of intellect and skill! An officer and a gentleman! Was not a human better than a Monster? Surely.
  112. He spied with his eyes a stick. It wasn't very sharp, but it would do. Biggs picked up this new weapon as well as his bucket and walked toward the pond with new vigour. He couldn't run away. The Monsters would then know he was weak, and he was the best among these men, so what hope was there without him?
  114. Pomus stopped dancing the moment she saw the approaching sailor, and reverted momentarily back to her state of nervousness and anxiety. Seeing the man fumble with his bucket and show obvious signs of insecurity and panic himself though, she realized that she had a distinct advantage here. All men feared Monsters by their natures, didn't they? What would he think is she acted shy and timid? She was the least in her group, to be certain, but if she could still take a man and do with him as she pleased, wouldn't that make the rest of the sailors more obedient? They'd tried to escape a couple of times. They would probably be disobedient if told to come into the water for some loving. But to make them obedient... yes. She could do this. She felt great now, after all. Her body was all different and stuff. All she needed to do was to ravage him. And wasn't that exactly what Monsters did? It would come naturally to her. Was that a stick he was holding in his hands? Hahaha!
  116. "Ufufufu~" Pomus laughed, covering her smile with her hands. "You're not planning to attack me, are you?"
  118. Biggs froze in place. The Monster was mocking him! He placed the bucket ahead of himself as a shield and took hold of the stick like a spear. He didn't want to risk going in undefended.
  120. He really is afraid, Pomus realized, as she playfully moved to a different spot in the pond, moving sideways so as to neither back away from him or threateningly getting closer to him. Teasing wasn't something she'd ever done before, but she felt found herself enjoying it immensely.
  122. Biggs didn't know what to do. She was moving so easily in the water, and if he waded in, he'd be at a disadvantage. She wasn't getting any closer to him though. What choice did he have? All he had was the stick to reach her, and if he tossed it and missed... nonsense! Had he not learned how to handle harpoons with the rest of them? If someone as base as Slack could do it, so could he! And so he took aim. Slimes had a core. If he hit that, she'd die. Or maybe not, the stick wasn't sharp. But a Slime was soft, with enough strength, he might be able to knock the core out of her, and while she was confused, rush in, grab the thing in his bucket and get it away from the water. And then hold it hostage. The damn Monsters were on good terms, yes? Good. The plan would work. He'd barter for the safe passage of his men to... to somewhere. Yes.
  123. He took aim, and with all the strength he could muster, threw his stick at her.
  125. The man's movements had been obvious. He hadn't even tried to hide his intentions, and as such, Pomus was quite prepared. She dropped her core down to her navel from her chest as the stick flew, and to her delight the thing hit her right in the cleavage. Applying the control of her body she had discovered, she increased the concentration of mass around her chest, creating enough pressure to stop the stick before it sank in through her protective membrane. This had of course left her hips thinner and her bosom fuller, and when she realized the potential lewdness of having the stick stuck in her cleavage, she grabbed her own breasts and rubbed them together, winking at the silly sailor who had attacked her so uselessly.
  127. As a devout Hathorite, Biggs was very much a tits-man. The sudden increase in the Monster's bosom to protect her from harm was not lost to him. This was a sign. She was no mere beast. She was blessed!
  128. Biggs fell on his knees. He had been wrong. So completely wrong. Hathor had not abandoned him. This meek creature had been sent here to offer salvation to him!
  129. "Oh forgive me, blessed one, I've done wrong by you!" he cried out, filled with shame.
  131. The pleas confused Pomus. This had never happened to her before. The man was grovelling before her! But wait, that was good! This is exactly how men should behave when faced with a hopeless situation! Hah! She had everything under control! Now all she needed to do was... huh. Oh, get him in the water!
  132. "Forgive you, boy?" she said, resting one hand at her hip and holding the stick in the other, stirring the water. "How could I do such a thing? Is your remorse even sincere?"
  133. Hearing this, Biggs took pulled his hair.
  134. "What must I do?" he pleaded her.
  135. "Prove your faith! Enter the water! Up to... up to here!"
  136. Pomus stabbed the stick into the bottom of the pond, letting Biggs see how deep it was. He'd be up to his chest in the water if he waded in.
  137. This made him hesitate. Such nervousness was good for her. This made him weak, and her strong.
  138. "Do you not trust me?" she asked him in a disappointed tone, and sure enough he got up and prepared to walk into the pond.
  139. "Oh! Not like that! Take off your clothes!" she shouted at him suddenly, only now realizing she should have done this since the very beginning.
  140. Biggs didn't do anything, he just stared at her blankly. Had she pushed him too far? Act divine! Act divine!
  141. "T-the pond is a sacred place, so one mustn't enter it in such dirty clothes" she managed, and hearing this, the man seemed to feel easier. He began to remove his clothing and fold it neatly.
  143. For some reason Biggs had deemed it fitting to keep his breeches on, but even with his boots, socks and shirts off he was a pleasant sight to Pomus' hungry eyes. Unlike the men she had experienced in their distressed circumstances, he was calm and collected. Or looked like he was. He hadn't been just moments before. But now he was. Or looked like he was.
  144. "Come to me" she said firmly, opening up her arms.
  145. Biggs stepped into the pond and slowly made his way towards her, and as the water reached higher on his body, the look of dread spread on his face. He was beginning to realize just how foolish it had been to get into the water with a sea Monster of any kind. His faith remained firm even as it shook though, and he reached the stick, where the water reached up to his chest. If she attacked now, he'd be helpless to resist. But she didn't feel like doing it quite yet. She wanted to tease him more.
  147. Pomus drifted along the surface of the pond to the deepest part, then beckoned to him again.
  148. "Come to me, boy"
  149. Biggs did as he was told, leaving the stick behind, and when he reached the deep part, he was standing on his tippytoes, craning his neck so his face was pointed upwards so it broke the water surface.
  150. That was disappointing. Pomus had hoped it'd be so deep here he'd have to swim, at least tread water. Oh well. She better get to work now...
  152. The two remained still for a while.
  154. What am I supposed to do now? Pomus had never really done it like this. Was she supposed to... well, he was helpless now, as helpless as he was going to get, so all she had to do was get to it and just pull him in. But to get him "in" she'd have to pull him up from the water, and then he wouldn't be quite so helpless anymore. Or then she'd have to go down under the surface, maybe? But that seemed a little... out of her comfort zone? Yeah. She preferred the surface. That's where she belonged. Besides, humans floated in the water, maybe not as well as she did, but they did. She couldn't get underwater by just holding on to him. Maybe the stick... but that was way back there and she was way over here, and if she went over to get it, it'd ruin the mood. Same thing if she sent him to go get it. Oooh, this kind of thing never happened to the others! And he was totally getting bored now! She had to... to... uhh?
  156. Pomus lowered her body, sending her flotilla backwards, coming down to the surface, her face only a few fingers' width away from his. Up close he looked even more scared. He was breathing through his mouth, too. Was he weary already? Ooh, this was nice.
  157. "Kiss me..." she whispered, and a blush spread across his face. He puckered his lips nonetheless. Puckered his lips? Ahahaha! Pomus may not have been intimately familiar with these matters, but even she had kissed before. This man obviously had not. He was a sadder wretch than her!
  159. Feeling like a lady again, Pomus bridged that gap between their faces and kissed him. He held his lips shut, even when she tried to use her tongue to pry them apart. What a prude!
  160. When their lips parted, he had tears in the corners of his eyes. Aww.
  161. "Art thou a virgin?" she asked, trying to sound as mystical and divine as possible.
  162. "W-well I..."
  163. "Hast thou never known the joys of a woman?"
  164. "I have! At Hathor's temples I have..." his voice trailed off.
  165. "Thou hast what?"
  166. "I've, oh blessed creature, you know it!"
  167. "Perhaps I do. You've taken your member and put it in, but haven't kissed?"
  168. "N-no, I... don't you know how they do it at the temples of Hathor?"
  169. Of course she didn't. Pomus couldn't in all honesty claim to have heard of Hathor before.
  170. "I want it out of thine own lips" she said, hoping he wasn't getting too suspicious about her.
  171. "I, well, I would lie in the lap of the priestess... and then she would take my, my part in her hand and, and milk me as I suckled"
  172. Oh my, that was precious!
  173. "Well then, boy, let's do that!" Pomus said happily.
  175. Of course she didn't quite know how to do that. Her flotilla was enough to keep them both afloat, certainly, but to perform an action like that, why, she would have to pull him all the way out of the water and having all of his weight on her instead of partially in the water was something she'd never done before. A man was probably really heavy. How would she handle the imbalance that would cause? At sea, losing your balance was bad! Though this wasn't the sea, was it? Maybe not, but it would still spoil the mood if she toppled over or capsized or something else like that. What she needed was an anchor, something to keep her in place even if she lost her balance. But wait! The stick! That was stuck to the bottom, so if she just climbed on top of it and "took it in" she'd be fastened pretty well! Maybe. Now how to get there without making the man feel like she WASN'T in control?
  176. Pomus slid along the surface and let out a playful giggle to make sure he wasn't thinking of her maybe being uncertain. Couldn't risk that, now could we?
  177. "Come along, boy" she whispered, beckoning to him in a way she hoped was seductive and confident.
  179. Biggs was confused. The divine apparition he had encountered behaved almost as if she didn't know a thing about the Most Bovine Lady's teachings. And yet... how could he not believe? What choice did he have? To lack faith was to insult the Most Bovine! Of course. That was it, wasn't it? Hathor was testing him. She had sent this Slime to him, had her take on a new, different form, all so she could test him! Well he was not going to disappoint. He would do whatever it took.
  181. Pomus floated above the stick and lifted the back of her flotilla over it as discreetly as she could. She didn't want him to know she was going to have a big stick stuck inside her, stuff like that didn't make boys happy at all.
  182. The stick only reached a little bit inside her, but she clenched her innards around it as tightly as she could, and the grip of a Slime's innards is very, very strong and firm. With a little bit of effort, she was able to push the stick down into the earthen bottom of the pond a little deeper to make her position more secure.
  183. Ahh, there he was, slowly making his way to her. Good.
  185. Up to his chest. That's where the water reached, same as before. Pomus lowered herself, opening up her arms.
  186. "Don't be shy, boy. Come on" she said, and he reached his arms around her in an awkward hug. Now it was all up to her strength to lift him up from the water.
  187. "Alley-oop!" she went, and sure enough, the man came up, the stick stayed firmly in both Pomus and the earth, and all was well. Turning him around so he rested in her lap was a bit tricky, but once he was there, the balance was no longer in danger. His feet and legs up to a little below his knees were in the water, and that helped a little.
  188. "Hmm, pants off..." Pomus mumbled, trying to remove his breeches. To keep him in place properly, she needed on arm to support him, meaning she had only one available to try and get his pants off.
  189. "L-let me..." mumbled Biggs, and he helped her get them off. Pomus threw the damned things away, savouring the look of his member, shrunken from the dip in the water. Such an adorably helpless sight!
  191. The Slime felt almost like water to his skin, but warmer, and a of course firmer. The texture didn't remind him of anything. This was a position Biggs had taken many, many times, but always on comfy sofas with a priestess tending to him. There had been a certain shame to it every time, but the Holstaurus priestess always knew how to alleviate the inward turmoil in him. Now... now he felt more naked and exposed than usual, even if he had no less clothes than usual during these rituals. Instinctively he curled up a little, bringing his head closer to that bosom of hers. Her breasts looked... transparent. But so did her dress, and yet he couldn't actually see through it. Well, he could see the core of her, but... oh, this was too much for him. Biggs brought his arms to his chest, bent his knees and closed his eyes. It would be over soon enough. And then Hathor would deliver him from here. From this place.
  193. Pomus had no heart that could race at her sexual excitement, but her core sent small vibrations through her, making her hair wavier and wilder. She was going to breastfeed him. But she didn't produce milk. So he'd just get water? Ahahaha. What a silly thing this was!
  194. She reached up to her chest and did something she hadn't even tried in years, that is, pulled down her covering to expose her breasts. Of course she didn't have nipples in her natural state, but it wasn't very difficult to form them now that she needed them. Well, one. She left her other breast covered, and guided the frightened man's lips to her newly formed nipple.
  195. "Go on" she whispered, and the man stuck his tongue out shyly to find his way, much like Mama Ceylon's tentacles sometimes did. The poor boy was so scared he kept his eyes shut tightly! Ahahaha!
  196. "Don't be shy" she told him, and went for his crotch with her free hand. He shut his thighs to protect his genitalia.
  197. "Oh? You don't want to?"
  198. "nnhh..." he whined, still not opening his eyes, but his legs opened up. Pomus had her hand around his cock faster than, well, faster than she'd thought she could move.
  199. "Hngh!"
  200. "Oh shuut iiit~!" Pomus ordered, moving her upper body so she got his mouth finally around her nipple.
  201. Biggs began to suck as if by reflex, and a most curious feeling filled Pomus. She'd never experienced anything like this. Having someone suck her innards out through a bit of her body that was unusually sensitive felt a little...
  202. "Ooooh" she moaned without intending to. Ooopsie daisy. Better let him get it for that!
  203. She began to stroke him. He got bigger quickly, and squirmed around as if the touch made him uncomfortable.
  204. "Ooh, you're a big one, aren't you?" Pomus cooed at him.
  206. There was no doubt about it. This Slime HAD been sent by the Most Bovine. She even knew his name!
  208. The man began to suckle with more force, and Pomus allowed a trickle of warm water to enter into his mouth while applying more force on his member. He was quite done with the squirming, and relaxed somewhat. Her talking soothed him? That was fine by her!
  209. "Ooh, isn't that a sight! Oh you ARE a big boy, oh yes you are! And so greedy, too! Trying to drink me all up?"
  210. "nnhhgh" he moaned.
  211. "Oh yes, that's right!"
  212. It felt goofy, but he reacted to it well, and seemed to be comfortable now. This was fun! But lacking. Pomus wanted him inside already. She was feeling somehow really... she didn't have a word for it, even. Jerking him off for his pleasure was nice and all, but what about her pleasure? She wanted him in, and she wanted him to shoot up in her, and she wanted to hold him in even when he tried to pull out!
  213. That was a little mean, when she thought about it. But he wasn't in any danger here, unlike all the boys she'd been with before! So why couldn't she be a little more demanding? Eh? That's right! He was ALL HERS!
  214. "Oh yes you are, you're mine now! Aaaaalll minee~!" she cooed, jerking him a little more violently. He didn't open his eyes or stop suckling. Why was he like that? He should have been getting a little scared by now!
  215. "I'm going to take you in now!" she snapped at him, slipping him towards what passed for a vagina in her body, expecting him to slide in with no resistance like all the previous times.
  216. To her surprise, there was resistance.
  217. "Kyaahh!" she yelped out, more out of surprise than pain, though there was some of that. Her hole wasn't anything like it used to be! It was all firm and stuff! Was that the different kind of water at work, too?
  218. "H-Hathor?" the man mumbled, confused. Pomus stuck his mouth back where it belonged. She didn't need him messing things up now.
  220. Very carefully Pomus used her fingers to stretch out her less-than-elastic hole to help the tip of the member inside.
  221. "Hngh!" she exhaled sharply at the sensation. This wasn't what it used to feel like! Come on now! He was barely in there, what was all this then?
  222. "I-is it... your first time?" he asked.
  223. "NO!" Pomus shouted, slapping his face limply. "But you're just so... so big!"
  225. Hearing this, Jonathan Biggs smiled. Ahh, Hathor's chosen agent was impressed by him!
  227. "U-uughhh"
  228. Pomus got him in a little deeper, and then it went easier. Usually she would just churn her insides and let that make the man discharge, but now she was too solid to do that, so she began to move her hips instead, resulting in him sliding back and forth inside her.
  229. "Guuhhhnn~"
  230. She was NOT keeping her composure here. It didn't even hurt that bad, honestly! It felt nice. Even nicer than she remembered. He felt all hot and hard inside him, and the resistance her new body offered actually made everything... better. Yes. It was better. Muuuch better.
  231. "Hmhnnahm" he mumbled.
  232. "What?"
  233. "I'm gonna cum!"
  234. "Already?"
  235. "I'm sorry!"
  236. And then he blew his load, and Pomus stared into her belly as the white stuff floated through her, toward the core still lodged in her belly, and coated it.
  237. Wait a minute... that had never happened before. Didn't Mama Ceylon tell her something abou-
  238. "YOU JERK, YOU KNOCKED ME UP!" she shouted while slapping his face.
  241. ***
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