Gatorbait - Flitter & Breeding Season

May 1st, 2014
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  1. The artist's paste:
  3. >To be honest, you should have known better.
  4. >There are so many different things that you could have done to prevent this from happening.
  5. >You could have kept a closer watch on what time of the season it was, or not ignored the warning signs that your heat was coming.
  6. >But you hadn’t.
  7. >
  8. >You had been trotting along Main Street when it started, an unexpected explosion of warmth from deep inside your hindquarters.
  9. >With suddenly unsteady hooves unable to support your pace, you stumble forward, crashing snout first into street.
  10. >Despite the embarrassment you feel about falling on your face, you can’t help but feel a twinge of delight, of rightness, that you landed with your snout in the dirt while your tail end is still standing and exposed to every p0ny on the street.
  11. >As you consider giving into the warmth this time, you hear a voice call out to you.
  12. >“Hey, you okay?”
  13. >With bleary, unfocused eyes, you lift your head look up.
  14. >And up, and up, until the face of the human comes into view.
  15. “A-Anonymous?”
  16. >He kneels beside you, his face contorted in concern as he looks you over.
  17. >Without warning, he hefts you off the ground and throws you across his shoulders, gripping two of your legs on either side of his body while your middle rests against the back of his neck.
  18. >If they hadn’t been staring at your prone state before, ponies were certainly taking notice of you now.
  19. >Your face grows even hotter than the rest of your body as you squirm, trying to escape his grip.
  20. “Wait! Stop! What are you doing?”
  21. >“You look terrible and you’re burning up, so I’m going to take you to see the doctor.”
  22. >In spite of your squirming, or maybe because of it, Anonymous tightens his grip and hustles down the road.
  24. >With thrashing loose now out of the question, you attempt to plead with him.
  25. “Anonymous, please, just put me down! I’m fine, really.”
  26. >“No dice.”
  27. >Groaning in frustration, you hang your head and scowl down at the ground.
  28. >As you’re looking back, you see an earth pony stallion trot into the street where Anonymous just passed by.
  29. >He goes ramrod straight, his nostrils flaring as he catches wind of something.
  30. >And then he spots you and a big smile spreads across his face as he takes off in hot pursuit after Anonymous.
  31. “Oh no…”
  32. >“What? What’s going on back there?”
  33. >Anonymous glances over his shoulder just in time to see two more stallions join in the hunt.
  34. >He groans and shakes his head.
  35. >“Are you KIDDING? What did you do to get those guys pissed at you?”
  36. “Th-they’re not mad at me! Why do you assume they’re mad?”
  37. >“Men only chase after a woman like that when there’s a debt to be paid or sex to be had. Since ponies don’t have sex, they’ve got to be mad!”
  38. >Shame burns at your face again as you lean over to whisper in his ear.
  39. “Actually, it’s the second reason.”
  40. >“WHAT?”
  41. >You move to mumble something about how ponies go into heat, but it’s quickly replaced with a squeal of surprise as Anonymous pours on the speed, kicking up a cloud of dust in his wake.
  42. >The stallions, now numbering half a dozen, sputter through the smokescreen before trying to overtake you and Anonymous again, but it’s too late.
  43. >Jerking open the door to his home, Anonymous drops you unceremoniously onto the floor and lodges his shoulder against the wooden slab as the bolts lock into place.
  44. >There’s a moment of silence, followed by a rapid fire series of thuds as the stallions throw themselves against the door.
  45. >It quivers, but holds firm.
  47. >Anonymous stands against the door for a while longer, listening as the half-dozen males mutter to themselves, debating if continued pursuit is worth it.
  48. >At last, they leave, though one or two might still be lingering outside the door.
  49. >Despite every urge telling you to check the window, you opt for lying on the ground, out of sight.
  50. >Oh what a mess you’ve gotten yourself into this time, Flitter…
  51. >
  52. >As the stallions retreat, you heave a sigh of relief and look down at the prone pony.
  53. >The grey-blue mare is quivering, her tail flipping in protest as she lies against the ground.
  54. “I think, you have some explaining to do.”
  55. >Flitter glances up, confusion in her eyes as her mane falls to cover part of her face.
  56. “Ponies, don’t have … intercourse, right?”
  57. >She stares a moment longer, then laughs a little, giving you a confused smile.
  58. >“You, can’t be serious, right? How else do you think that we make foals?”
  59. >Crossing your arms over your chest, you scowl and look away.
  60. “I-I thought you reproduced by… by budding.”
  61. >Another laugh, though this one carries on far longer and ends with Flitter on her back, holding her sides as she struggles to contain herself.
  62. >Well, there goes that theory.
  63. >You tighten your arms across your chest and look away, trying to ignore the shame burning at your cheeks until the straight maned pegasus settles down.
  64. >“Where would you get an idea like that?”
  65. “Well I never see you guys do it!”
  66. >Flitter leans back on her haunches before firing back.
  67. >“Th-that’s because it’s private! You don’t let a stallion mount you in the street, that’s just uncivilized!”
  68. >She’s blushing now as well, squirming in discomfort as she stares at the ground.
  69. >“I, I mean, usually anyway. Sometimes it happens, but it’s always an accident.”
  70. “Like what almost happened this afternoon?”
  72. >Flitter doesn’t say a word, but then again she doesn’t have to.
  73. >Rubbing at the back of your head, you check outside and see a few stallions still slinking about outside your house.
  74. “How long does this heat usually last?”
  75. >“A week or so, or until a mare gets fertilized.”
  76. “Ugh.”
  77. >You rub your temple and sigh.
  78. “Well, it doesn’t look like these knuckleheads are going anywhere for right now. You want to wait them out here?”
  79. >“R-really?”
  80. “Sure. I mean, unless you want to be thrown out to the wolves?”
  81. >After a moment of hesitation, Flitter shakes her head and offers you a small smile.
  82. >
  83. >The human is surprisingly good company.
  84. >After agreeing to let you stay until the stallions grew tired of waiting, he cooked you a simple but filling meal and offered to let your sister know you were safe and sound.
  85. >He even put you up in his spare bedroom.
  86. >One day became two, and two became three.
  87. >Still the stallions skulked about his home, often different ones each day.
  88. >Perhaps you’ll need to stay all week.
  89. >The thought of continuing to impose on him weighs heavily on your mind.
  90. >But, there may be another way…
  91. >
  92. >It’s the fourth evening of her stay when Flitter enters your bedroom.
  93. >You turn and give the mare a small smile.
  94. “Hey, Flit, everything all right?”
  95. >The pegasus refuses to meet your eyes as she becomes suddenly interested in her mane, stroking it in such a way that it continues to fall in and out of her face.
  96. >She gnaws on her lower lip, before at last looking up at you.
  97. >“A-Anonymous?”
  98. >You raise your eyebrows expectantly.
  99. >“I realize that you’ve done quite a lot for me already. It’s just, I feel like I’m overstaying my welcome because the stallions won’t leave.”
  100. >She toys with the ribbon in her mane, staring back down at the ground.
  101. >“So, I think I came up with an idea on how to throw them off, at least long enough for me to fly home.”
  103. >Well, she’s right about one thing, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to kick your way through the stallions on the other side of the door whenever you want to go out or come in.
  104. >Much as you don’t like the idea of sending her out in such a state, getting your life back to normal would be nice.
  105. >You smile and lean forward a little, trying to encourage her.
  106. “What’s your plan?”
  107. >Flitter wets her lips and takes a deep breath.
  108. “I want you to mate with me.”
  109. >What?
  110. “What?”
  111. >Red races to Flitters face and she bites down on her lower lip and turns her head away.
  112. >Despite her best attempts to hide it, the statement still hangs out in the air for anyone to see.
  113. >Scrambling for an appropriate response, you stammer,
  114. “Wh-what good would that do?”
  115. >It’s a long few seconds before Flitter speaks, but when she does, her voice doesn’t waver, despite her own uncertainty.
  116. >“You, wouldn’t put a stop to my heat, but you might sate it long enough for me to stop producing my scent…”
  117. >Her voice trails off and the two of you stare at each other for what feels like an eternity.
  118. >Clearing her throat, Flitter tries to brush it off like it’s not a big deal.
  119. >“I understand that it’s kind of a big deal. I can’t expect you to feel comfortable doing that, I mean; I don’t even feel comfortable asking. But, it’s not like you could get me pregnant, right?”
  120. “Y-yeah…”
  121. >Silence fills the room again as you both mull that little bit of information over.
  122. >Now you’ve been here for a while, and as a human male, you have needs.
  123. >Sure, you’ve fantasized over a few pony butts here and there, but you never thought that you would actually act on it.
  124. >Confronted with the opportunity is a little terrifying.
  125. >It’s obvious that Flitter is feeling something similar, though living in a world with other sentient species, cross species couplings might not be as big a hurdle for her.
  127. “A, All right.”
  128. >Flitter’s ears perk up in surprise as she tilts her head to the side.
  129. >You give a nod and reassure yourself by saying it again.
  130. “All right, let’s do it.”
  131. >
  132. >You seat yourself on the bed as Anonymous stands in the middle of the room, giving a sheepish smile as he strips out of his clothes.
  133. >You could never really understand why the human insisted on wearing so many layers of fabric all the time, but seeing the bare, tender flesh underneath, you begin to grasp why.
  134. >So little hair compared to ponies, his form is utterly alien and only mildly arousing.
  135. >When he pulls off his pants, you force a smile to keep yourself from laughing.
  136. >He’s about the same length as you would expect a stallion to be, but slender and tapered rather than broad and bulky.
  137. >Despite your attempts to hide your reaction, you can see his face and neck turn red with embarrassment.
  138. >Holding out a hoof to him, you give a genuine smile.
  139. “It’s fine, really.”
  140. >An uncertain nod is all that you receive in response.
  141. >Wetting your lips, you turn around and present yourself to him.
  142. >Several long, agonizing seconds pass before you feel him begin to push inside of you.
  143. >The effect is immediate.
  144. >Your flanks begin to twitch, eagerly pushing back towards him, as though they were intent on gobbling him whole.
  145. >The incessant warmth you’d suffered through is quickly stoked into a roaring flame, so much so that you can feel him scorching your insides as he plunges deeper.
  146. “A-ahhhhh!”
  147. >Burying your face in his sheets to drown out your moans, you take the time to savor the scent of the male plowing you from behind.
  148. >As you rush towards your climax, you clamp down on him and feel yourself shuddering in delight.
  149. >But the fire burns even hotter as he refuses to quench your need.
  150. >Sputtering sheets, you glance back at him, noting his surprised expression.
  152. “Wh-what’s wrong?”
  153. >“Just, surprised is all. I haven’t even done anything.”
  154. >Done…
  155. >Anything?
  156. >He must have seen the inquisitive look in your eyes as he rocks his hips back, yielding ground back to you, despite your moans of protest.
  157. >And then he’s right back inside of you, grinding your body into the mattress with the force he puts behind the thrust.
  158. >You quiver and cry out as he repeats the motion again and again, feeling as though you are riding a wonderful and terrible roller coaster of pleasure.
  159. >Still he doesn’t do anything but force the burning inside of you to grow ever higher, ever hotter.
  160. >As your body boils from the inside out, you feel the heat begin to fry your brain, your delighted moans instead turning to half words of encouragement that you can’t bring yourself to stop.
  161. “Ah, please, more!”
  162. >He obliges, switching instead to shorter, more rapid thrusts.
  163. >Your eyes roll back in your head as you pant, wanting still more.
  164. >The heat continues to grow in your mind, burning away the fog that had masked your thoughts.
  165. >Everything comes into focus.
  166. “More, more!”
  167. >You can’t help but smile as you join in with his rhythm, working your hindquarters back to slap against his hips as he pushes inside of you.
  168. >He doesn’t respond except with grunts, but you can feel his enthusiasm continue to rise with each push inside.
  169. “Anonymous, I need you, ah, to fill me up. I-I need it.”
  170. >Pressing your cheek into the sheet, you stare back at the human with half-lidded eyes.
  171. >He’s lasted so much longer than you’ve heard any stallion to be capable of.
  172. >And as he’s stoked the fire inside you higher and higher, it’s burned away every thought but one.
  173. “Anonymous, I need you to make me yours. I don’t care about anything else. I, I have to be, a brood mare.”
  175. >You shudder, thinking of yourself continually bloated with the alien’s offspring, heavy to the point of being unable to fly, over and over again.
  176. >Right now, it’s the only thing that matters.
  177. >Just as you’re about to shoot him a pleading look, he grips your flanks tightly and your body grows suddenly cold, as though a great flood just washed away the entire blaze that dominated your body for the better part of a week.
  178. >You shiver at the sudden absence of heat, only to squeak as Anonymous falls on top of you.
  179. “A-Anonymous! You’re squishing me!”
  180. >The exhausted human gives an apologetic grunt, before stumbling unceremoniously out of you.
  181. >On instinct, you feel your lips clamp shut around his seed, the sole source of warmth in your once superheated body.
  182. >As you try to stumble to your feet, you find such an action impossible, as you quickly drop back onto your face.
  183. >“You look a little worn out…”
  184. >Blushing, you avert your eyes from the human, once again noting how drastically different he is from you.
  185. >What were you even thinking, saying that to him?
  186. “I-I’m fine. I have to go now, otherwise the heat will start up again and I’ll be stuck here.”
  187. >Sticking out his tongue a little, Anonymous raises an eyebrow and smiles.
  188. >“Would that be so bad?”
  189. >Apparently your face is still capable of burning up, as a sudden heat has you turning your head away.
  190. “I told you, I’m fine…”
  191. >Anonymous falls silent, and the two of you simply sit against one another, staring at opposite corners of the room.
  192. >It’s nice, in a way, being so close to him, sharing in his body heat.
  193. >He smells as strange as he looks, but maybe strange isn’t so bad…
  194. >After another fifteen minutes of waiting, your legs finally feel like they can support your weight.
  195. >Hopping off the bed, you glance back at the human and offer a slight smile.
  197. “Thank you, for your help.”
  198. >“You sure you don’t want me to come along and make sure you get home safely?”
  199. “That’s sweet… but you’ll only slow me down.”
  200. >Anonymous stares for a moment, then smiles and shakes his head.
  201. >He opens a window for you, allowing you to take off into the night.
  202. >After several days cooped up, your wings relish the opportunity to stretch in the open air.
  203. >Despite the cold chill, the thought of the strange alien fills you with an uncomfortable warmth.
  204. >
  205. >It’s been three months since that night.
  206. >Flitter has been strangely distant, in fact you haven’t seen her during the entire time, but Cloud Chaser assures you that she’s doing well.
  207. >After getting over the initial hurdle, it’s been rather easy to approach the ponies on a personal level.
  208. >You haven’t staked your claim on any of the other mares in town, but knowing that you can has made you feel slightly more comfortable.
  209. >But none of them seem to have the same effect on you that Flitter did.
  210. >It’s the end of a long day when you finally stretch out on your couch.
  211. >Just as your eyes are drifting shut, there’s a loud rapping on your door.
  212. >You try to brush it off and hope they go away, but from the incessant rat-a-tat-tatting, you know that’s going to be a long shot.
  213. >Grumbling, you get to your feet and stumble to the door, fingers fumbling with the latch.
  214. “Yah, just a second.”
  215. >Pulling the door open, you raise an eyebrow as you see Flitter standing on the other side.
  216. >Only, she looks slightly swollen.
  217. “Flit, you look like you’re sick again.”
  218. >She blushes and shakes her head.
  219. >“Uh, not exactly.”
  220. >Biting her lip, the mare turns to the side, showcasing the notably swollen lower portion of her body.
  221. >As you stumble back a few steps, her eyes twinkle with delight.
  222. >“Surprise…”
  223. >Taking a few steps towards him, you cock your head and put on your best smile.
  224. >“And I hope that you have at least a few more in store for me.”
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