Yuusha Kankei

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  1. Notes
  2. -===-
  4. How-vexing, axe -
  5. Originally "Oh-no".
  6. "Ono" is "axe" in Japanese.
  7. Swapped to "vex" despite how awkward it might have been, since there's really not many words that actually rhyme with "axe" in English...
  9. The gag -
  10. Originally "ochi", which can be defined as the noun, "punchline" and changed to "ochimasu" to become the verb, "fall".
  11. Hence, the joke was:
  12. "What about the punchline here?" ->
  13. "The punchline was delievered." or
  14. "She fell." (Mona-chan did)
  15. Hence, I swapped it with "gag", with the double meaning of a joke or choking.
  17. Candiru -
  18. A type of catfish also known as toothpick fish or vampire fish. It's fairly creepy.
  20. Party Attack -
  21. In certain games, attacking party members can bring them out of the negative Sleep status.
  23. E -
  24. Probably stands for "Equipment" or "Equipped", like the "E" beside equipped equipment in character status windows in RPGs.
  26. Finger Pressure -
  27. Originally "shiatsu". It's a type of alternative medicine consisting of finger and palm pressure, stretches, and other massage techniques.
  29. Hanaudon -
  30. I have no idea.
  31. It can mean heracleum nipponicum, a type of hogweed.
  32. It also seems to be used to refer to Hanamaru Udon, an udon fast food restaurant.
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