Pinkie's new costume (EQGPonkaxAnon, fluff, lewd) WIP

Jun 15th, 2017
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  1. >>
  3. >"Oh! Hey Nonny~!"
  4. >You scream, flailing your hands in the air like a faggot when the Pink menace appears in front of you.
  5. >How did she get inside your garage (for the third time this week), you'll never know.
  6. "What the fuck PINKIE?!"
  7. >She giggles.
  8. >"Yes it's me silly, don't you recognize me?"
  9. >You take a couple seconds to recover from the near heart-attack she just gave you.
  10. "Fucks sake Pinkie, how did you even--"
  11. >You stop yourself, eyes growing wide when her form finally settles in your mind.
  12. >You're used to see her wear crazy shit, but that...
  13. >She saunter in place, giggling again when she sees your bulging eyes looking her up and down.
  14. >"It's the costume I wore for my last movie! It's great, isn't it?!"
  15. >Well you don't really care about it looking great or not. Or rather, yes, it does look fucking great, but you're not talking about the colors or the stupid arrows going down and up everywhere.
  16. >It just looks so... tight.
  17. >If you look close enough, you think you can even see the bumps from her nipples.
  18. "Y-yeah it's great..."
  19. >You gulp.
  20. >Then your eyes go down from her jugs, and stop on her belly button.
  21. >How the fuck is a catsuit capable of showing a belly button, you're not sure, but you don't feel like pondering on it too long, your eyes still have somewhere to go...
  22. >But as if on cue, she turns around and hides your target from your sight.
  23. >"So, I was on my way home and then..."
  24. >Your eyes hungrily follow her curves when she starts walking around the place, looking up and down at the several tools on the walls and peeking behind her to see if you were still listening.
  25. >You weren't, but that's not important.
  26. >"...I was like, 'Oh! Hey! Maybe Nonny wants some of this super yummy chocolate pudding!' and then I was like 'Oh! That's a great idea! Let's sneak inside his garage again, he'll never see it coming!' and then I got here and you went 'Whaaaahh'!"
  27. >Her following giggle sends a quiver down her ass cheeks, and you swear you see it happening in slow motion.
  29. >If you were in a cartoon, your dick would tear through your pants with how fast it would harden.
  30. >But you're stuck with it slowly growing because real life sucks.
  31. >Before you can wonder about what it would feel like to kneel and press your face in between those two perfect, shiny buns, she spins around to face you once more.
  32. >Sending her tatas bouncing left and right for a second before settling down.
  33. >"And here I am!"
  34. >You have a really hard time tearing your eyes away from her jugs, but somehow do it and look at her.
  35. "Huh... yeah, you're here."
  36. >"So?"
  37. "So?"
  38. >"Duh! Do you want this pudding or not?"
  39. >What the fuck is she talking about.
  40. "Yeah, sure, I guess...?"
  41. >"Great! Just let me..."
  42. >She turns her head and reaches out inside her mane with both hands.
  43. >And they come out with a bucket of pudding.
  44. "How the fuck did you even..."
  45. >But you stop yourself once you see that her sudden movements sent more flesh bouncing around, your gaze instantly drawn to it.
  46. >"What?"
  47. "Nothing, just keep doing whatever you're doing, you're perfect. I-I mean, it's perfect."
  48. >"Teehee~! You said I was peeerfect~!"
  49. >She singsongs teasingly.
  50. "W-whatever, so, about this puddin-omph!"
  51. >It's her finger that stops you this time. And the taste of pudding.
  52. >Mmh, it IS some grade A pudding!
  53. >But then you spit her finger out of your mouth.
  54. "God damnit Pinkie! You can't just push your fingers in other people's mouth!"
  55. >She blinks, tilting her head quizzically.
  56. >"Why not?"
  57. "Because!"
  58. >"But I forgot to bring spoons! And your hands are all icky and dirty!"
  59. >She's right about that. And if you weren't so focused on the plump, glossy creature in front of you, you'd have thought of simply going to your kitchen and grabbing some.
  60. "Well, I'm not sure your hands are any-FffhuhP!"
  61. >"Come on Nonny, stop being a big baby and enjoy your Pinkie pal feeding you with her... perfect fingers~!"
  62. >She's gleaming with this.
  63. >This one's going to stick...
  65. >You can't say no to her. You tried.
  66. >So you simply accept your fate and let her grabbers bring more and more chocolate stuff to your mouth.
  67. >But you can't stop yourself from peeking at her tits every time she does.
  68. >And if you knew any better, you'd even say that the bumps are getting more noticeable with every swipe your tongue makes against her covered fingertips.
  69. >You see her chocolated fingers coming in and you expectantly open your mouth, but they retreat right before your lips could capture them.
  70. >She snorts, before bringing them to her own mouth.
  71. >Y-your saliva is in there somewhere.
  72. >T-that's fucking lewd man.
  73. >"Mmmh~, so yummy! I never thought you'd taste so good Nonnypoo~!"
  74. >Her fingers are inside your mouth again before you can even react.
  75. >And she 'forgot' the pudding.
  76. >You stand there, frozen, your heartbeat getting louder by the second.
  77. >But she's not the kind to wait, so she doesn't.
  78. >Seeing that you're not moving your tongue, she starts rolling her fingers around it, making sure that any fluids that were on it before it entered your mouth stays in there.
  79. >You can still taste the chocolate, but her taste is even sweeter.
  80. >She giggles, before biting her lip and sending you a smoldering look.
  82. >"Nonny, Nonny, Nonny~!"
  83. >Your heart skips a beat every time your pet name escapes her soft lips.
  84. >Then she pulls her fingers back, leaving your tongue shifting around searching for more of her taste.
  85. >"Teehee~! If you could see your face! You're red like a lobster we forgot to cook!"
  86. >Her chortle finally pops your bubble.
  87. "S-some of us weren't lucky enough to be born pink, check your privilege..."
  88. >You grumble.
  89. >"Awww~, here, mister grumpy pants,"
  90. >She leans forward and gives your cheek a peck.
  91. >She giggles again before bouncing back.
  92. "Damn it Pinkie!"
  93. >You try to scold her but you can't stop the smile cornering your lips from ruining its effect.
  94. >She giggles.
  95. >"I can stick around if you want! Like that, I could kiss you whenever you need to be Pink!"
  96. >She says that as if it was a great idea.
  97. >And you're sure that for her, it's the best idea she's ever had.
  98. "Yeah... I dunno about this Pinkie."
  99. >She blinks, then shrugs.
  100. >"Oh well, okie then!"
  101. >Just as fast as she took it out, she forces the pudding bucket back inside her hair.
  102. >You shake your head to dissipate the eerie voices coming from there.
  103. >"So that's your new bike, huh?"
  104. >You see her bending forward to look at the dashboard.
  105. "Yeah, it's a friend's old thing, he's not using it anymore and I always wanted one so..."
  106. >"Can you ride me?"
  107. "Yes! I-I mean, what?!"
  108. >"Can I try it with you?"
  109. "O-oh... well I just finished working on it so I guess we can--"
  110. >"Yipee!!!"
  111. >You roll your eyes and sigh in defeat.
  112. "Just let me go wash up a bit and I'll be with you... huh..."
  113. >"What?"
  114. >"M-maybe you should change?"
  115. >"Oh. No, I'm good, thanks Nonny~,"
  116. >You think of explaining to her that going out with barely anything covering her curves could be a bad thing, but decides against it when your eyes give her another up and down.
  117. >You cough to clear your mind and go 180° to get to the kitchen sink.
  119. >You come back not five minutes later, and find her riding it, leaning forward, her tits being squeezed against the tank.
  121. >Holy shit.
  122. >And you were wondering where all this sugar went...
  123. >Your half chub gives a happy throb, begging you to ask her to wait some more and head back inside for a quickie.
  124. >But she notices you before you can make a decision.
  125. >"Hey Nonny! Look, I'm Black Widow! Vvvrrooom!!"
  126. >You don't remember her riding her bike like that in the movie and much less so pressing her jugs against the frame, her suit stretching to stop her flesh from spilling out, while wiggling her ass in the air, each movement making her flesh bounce... and you can swear you can even hear her cheeks slapping against each other...
  127. >You need to see that from behind.
  128. >You nearly leap behind the bike, to find out if there really is a god out there, but her face follows your movements and she plops down right before you can get a good look.
  129. >"Hehehe~, what are you doing??"
  130. >The view isn't too bad mind you. Not with the way her ass sinks into the seat, her crack going for miles and miles before finally ending its course in the small of her back. You can even see the faux-leather digging in her Venusian dimples.
  131. >She's not wearing anything under this thing, is she?
  132. >Her giggling stops your reverie once more.
  133. >"Eyes are up here Nonny~!"
  134. >Your growing shaft gives another happy throb when you see her bedroom eyes, her eyebrows enticingly wiggling up and down.
  135. >Before she bursts out laughing, leaning backwards and laying herself over the bike's length.
  136. >You just stare at her tits, marveling at the wonders that is gravity and momentum and its effects on two lumps of flesh contained in a somewhat elastic prison.
  137. >It takes her a good ten seconds to finally calm down, wiping a tear from her eye before lifting herself back up.
  138. >"Wheew, that was funny, but come on Anon, I want to ride this thing!"
  139. >You shake your head to clear out your mind and nod.
  140. >No, this is Ponka, you shouldn't think lewd. She's just having fun and teasing you.
  141. >That's what friends do, right?
  143. "Yes, okay,"
  144. >You search your pockets and find the key.
  145. "Okay now we need... helmets, oh shit, I only got one--"
  146. >"Pppshh, helmets shmellmets! We don't need that, come on!"
  147. >She leans back and grabs your hand to pull you closer, then pats the seat right in front of her while expectantly grinning at you.
  148. >You think about it for a second, you don't want to take any stupid risks.
  149. >But it's 7pm, we're in the middle of summer, there's barely any traffic, and you don't think she's going to take you to the other side of the country anyway...
  150. >Then she gives you puppy eyes.
  151. >You groan internally. Then sigh in defeat.
  152. "Yeah, you're right, let's go!"
  153. >"Yeesssss!"
  154. "Just hop off for a second,"
  155. >She nods and do just that.
  156. >You reach in your pocket again to find the remote control for the door and click it.
  157. "Okay, so, first off, I never rode this thing, okay? So, no covering my eyes or screaming for no reasons or jumping up and down while on it or--"
  158. >"Oh come on! I'm not loco in the coco! I wouldn't ever do this!"
  159. >You raise an eyebrow.
  160. >"Okay, maybe I do from time to time, but I swear I won't this time!"
  161. >She does her cross her heart thing, her finger bumping against her left knocker in the process.
  162. "I'm saying this for your safety Pinkie, I don't want you to get hurt."
  163. >You say it as seriously as possible, while grabbing the handles and start pulling it out.
  164. >Until you find her arms wrapped around your frame, making you freeze in the process.
  165. >"Awww~!"
  166. >She tightens the hug even more, squeezing her boobs against your back while doing so.
  167. >She's just a friend.
  168. >Just. A. Friend.
  169. >"Thanks Nonny..."
  170. >You awkwardly pat her hand, and she lets go of you a moment later.
  172. "Okay, so you sit right there, your feet go here, and here, and you watch out for the pipe, this thing's going to get really hot, okay?"
  173. >You point out your instructions, and she nods every time.
  174. >"And where do my hands go?"
  175. "You can either grab this bar right there, or... I-I guess you can hold onto me."
  176. >Realization dawns on you at the same time your words reach her ears.
  177. >Her grin sends a shiver down your back.
  178. >You both know what she's going to pick.
  179. >She throws her leg around the machine and plops down, her gaze not leaving yours.
  180. >"Come on!"
  181. >Okay, you can do this.
  182. >You take a deep breath and take your seat, her arms finding your sides the second your ass touches the machine.
  183. >You gulp and steel yourself.
  184. "Okay, where to?"
  185. >She audibly ponders for a second.
  186. >"Mmmh... Oh! There!"
  187. >She points up and your gaze follow her finger to see the hills bordering the town.
  188. >You've been there before, when you were kid.
  189. "The hill?"
  190. >"Yes! So we can see the whole town when the sun go down!"
  191. >You blink.
  192. >If it wasn't Ponka you'd say that this is what a cliché romantic date sounds like.
  193. >You shrug.
  194. "Oh well. As you wish."
  195. >She giggles again.
  196. >"Teehee~! I'm not a princess silly, I'm a superhero!"
  197. >You roll your eyes but smile nonetheless.
  198. >You try to remember how to get there, then get ready to start the engine.
  199. >And you do. The machine starts roaring when you give some juice, while staying in neutral gear.
  200. >You always wanted to do that.
  201. "Okay, you ready back there?"
  202. >You turn to look at her, and she nods.
  203. >"Yes--Oh! Wait,"
  204. >She leans forward and completely wraps her arms around your torso, plopping her chin on your shoulder, not four inches away from your face.
  205. >"Now I am~!"
  206. >You gulp, and need to take another big inhale to get ready.
  207. >Just friends.
  209. >You started out by making a couple laps around the neighborhood, then, when you felt you were getting the hang of it, you decided to get going.
  210. >Ponk was still hugging you, her head leaving your shoulder from time to time to look around and her arms leaving your sides a couple times to wave at generic background humans.
  211. >Next turn, and you're finally out of the city.
  212. >You quickly peek at her and see her grinning wide, indicating she’s having fun.
  213. >So you decide to give some more juice, the machine finally passing past the 40mph.
  214. >She starts giggling, then she chuckles, and then she laughs, the wild strand of pink normally dangling in front of her face now flailing around by the force of the wind.
  215. >"Hahahahahah! This is so much fuuuunnnn~!"
  216. >You can't help but share her enthusiasm, grinning wide.
  217. >"Faster Nonny! Fasteeeerrrr!"
  218. >You roll your eyes, but decides to comply, seeing as there really isn't any traffic on this road and at this hour.
  219. >45mph, then 50, then 55.
  220. >You stop there, seeing as you're having a hard time keeping your eyes open.
  221. >"Wheeeeeeee! Hahahaha~! I'm going so fast, I'm like the real Fili-Second!"
  222. >You can barely hear what she's saying at this speed, but nod and keep your grin nonetheless.
  223. >This feels so good, the wind against your face, the adrenaline flowing through your veins, her tight grip around you.
  224. >That's life.
  226. >But it doesn't take you long to get there at this speed.
  227. >She gives a drawn out disappointed 'Awww' when you finally decelerate.
  228. >"I wanted to go faster~!"
  229. "We could've gone faster if we had helmets."
  230. >You don't look back at her but you know she's pouting.
  231. >You look around, looking for an opening leading to the top of the hill, decelerating once more when you spot the small dirt road that you used to take way back when.
  232. "Okay, sorry but this road's a bit bumpy so hold on tight alright?"
  233. >"Okie dokie!"
  234. >Your heart skips a beat when you feel her hands start roaming across your torso, groping and grabbing at any bit of flesh in reach.
  235. >Followed by her upper half, her huge mounds squishing against your back once more.
  236. >Then you feel her lower body scooch closer to yours, her plump thighs and her stomach pressing against you, their warmth spreading past your clothes.
  237. >And finally, you feel her face snuggling deeper inside your neck, her nose nuzzling right below your left ear, her breath sending a shiver down your back.
  238. >You're sure she could feel it. And she certainly can feel your heart rate skyrocketing.
  239. >If you weren't sweating heavy bullets and forcing yourself to concentrate not to kill you both, you would melt in her embrace.
  241. >You ride past the first trees signaling the edge of the forest and your wheels finally hit the dirt, the suspension's springs giving out a quick screech in the process.
  242. >The first bump makes you both jump less than an inch up.
  243. >Then the second comes, then the third.
  244. >You don't remember it being THIS bumpy tho. You hope the bike can take it...
  245. >"Hahah, this is like a rollercoaster!"
  246. >A rollercoaster?
  247. "If you paid for this then you've been played like a damn fiddle!"
  248. >"Hah! I understood that reference!" She snorts.
  249. >Yeah no shit, you played the game together.
  250. >"But come on, you've got to admit this is fuuuun~!"
  251. >A big bump comes up right as she finishes her sentence.
  252. >Then you feel her right hand drifting lower.
  253. >Way too low.
  254. >You want to look down and find out what the fuck she's doing but can't do anything but take quick peeks.
  255. >What is she doing to your shiiiiiiirt--
  256. >You gasp when you feel her gloved fingers against your skin.
  257. "P-P-Pinkie?! What do you think you're doing?!"
  258. >She giggles. The same giggle she gives you whenever you scold her.
  259. >The giggle that says 'Sorry, but I'm not!'.
  260. >Her hand travels all the way up from your lower stomach to right over your heart is, then sinks ever so slightly deeper into your flesh.
  261. >"Your heart is beating so fast! It means you're having fun, right?!"
  262. >Your brain freezes for a second, then you somehow find the presence of mind required to lower your speed some more.
  263. >"Mhh? So…? Are you having fun Nonny~?"
  264. >You strongly inhale, for the Xth time since she appeared today, and try to calm down again.
  265. >She's just a really, really close friend. A really close friend that's really, really touchy feely, that's all.
  266. >You gulp.
  267. "Y-yes, Pinkie, I'm having fun."
  268. >You try to sound as sincere as you can. Which proves difficult with her hand still caressing your chest.
  269. >"Hehe~! I'm so glad~!"
  272. >You keep driving on auto-pilot for a couple minutes, her massaging hands, her snug embrace and her happy hums stopping every attempt your mind makes to reboot.
  273. >But you somehow manage to stop yourself when you spot the bench you used to sit on with your friends.
  274. >It’s perfectly placed, facing the city and giving an unobstructed view of the entire valley.
  275. “We’re here Pinkie…”
  276. >She nods and hums in response, but sticks glued to you, even when you set foot on the ground and stop the engine.
  277. >The thought of asking her to let go crosses your mind.
  278. >But you’re enjoying this way too much.
  279. >And she’s the one hugging you, so it’ll only be awkward if you make it so. Or something like that.
  280. >So you simply revel in her company for another couple minute, trying your best to keep your respiration under control and to stop your mind from wandering too far.
  281. >But doing a poor job of it. Your boxers feeling tighter by the minute.
  282. >You just can’t stop the images from earlier from popping up. How good she looks, smells, and tastes and how tight her costume is.
  283. >And not only can you see it, you can also feel it. Feel her, still pressed against you, her thumb stroking your skin, oh so close to your nipple.
  284. >Even smell her, this sweet fruity smell that always follows her.
  285. >And then the happy sounds she makes every few seconds.
  286. >She could even be asleep for all you know.
  287. >…
  288. >Is she?
  289. >You gulp and inhale strongly to steel yourself again, and turn your head to give her a quick glance.
  290. >And your heart skips a beat when you find her huge, beautiful pools of blue staring back at you.
  291. >She wasn’t sleeping at all.
  292. >And you’re trapped.
  294. >The genuine smile on her face turns in a mischievous grin.
  295. >Not hard to guess why, she certainly can feel every thumps and skips your heart makes with her palm resting so close to your heart.
  296. >Is she teasing you? Is she just… having fun?
  297. >”What is it Nonny~?”
  298. >She snorts when you turn your face around as fast as you can.
  299. >You need a way out.
  300. “W-we, uh, we got an hour to kill before sunset, how about we take a walk or something?”
  301. >She makes a new disappointed sound before leaning forward, bringing her lips ever so close to your ear.
  302. >”Okay, but I can’t wait to go back…”
  303. >Then you feel her lips brush against your neck.
  304. >So fast and barely there, maybe it was an accident, or maybe it didn’t happen.
  305. >And she breaks the contact, just like that.
  306. >The hand still resting under your shirt travels all the way to your side before disappearing, followed by her tits and finally her thighs.
  307. >The bike bobbing up and down and the sound of her feet hitting the dirt tells you that she’s not on it anymore.
  308. >And you already miss her touch.
  309. >M-maybe you’ll take the scenic way home.
  310. >”Oh! I know what to do!”
  311. >You barely have the time to turn to look at her that she’s already taken hold of your hand, pulling you away from the motorcycle.
  312. “W-wait, lemme get off the bike at least!”
  313. >”Come on Anon! We’re going to have so much fun~!”
  314. >You roll your eyes.
  315. >She giggles.
  317. “You’re sure it was this way?”
  318. >She nods.
  319. >”Yes! Ohh-oh! Look!”
  320. >She doesn’t let go of your arm though, preferring to point the direction with head nudges.
  321. >She hasn’t let go of your arm since you left the bike, actually.
  322. >Not that you mind, Pinkie’s always been the ‘Follow me!’ type.
  323. >”See? I told you it was this way!”
  324. “Hey! I never said it wasn’t—“
  325. >She doesn’t wait for your response and pulls you onwards.
  326. >”We used to come here all the time with my sisters!”
  327. >You don’t remember seeing anything like it way back when. Not that you were much of an explorer.
  328. >But the sorry state in which everything’s left tells you that it’s old, as well as not in use anymore.
  329. “I never knew there was a playground here… was it always there?”
  330. >She nods.
  331. >”Yeah, I think.”
  332. >Then her smile turns impish.
  333. >”You were surely too busy playing with your stupid ‘digimons’ to notice!”
  334. >You’re taken aback by this and she snorts when she sees your face, before sticking out her tongue playfully.
  335. “Whoa! That came from nowhere! And don’t you try to mock my superior tastes, not my fault you got stuck with your ‘pokemons'!”
  336. >You can't stop grinning.
  337. >You’ve had this ‘argument’ before. Years ago, mind you. But it kinda feels good to know that she remembers it as well as you do.
  338. >”That’s why everyone still plays one and the other barely exists anymore huh? Really makes me think!”
  339. “Popularity has absolutely nothing to do with—“
  340. >You freeze when you feel her pull you against hers, stopping when your face is less than a foot away from hers.
  341. >”And you know what else comes from nowhere?”
  342. >You gulp, eyes flicking left and right nervously, trying to take guesses at what she’s doing, and why she’s looking at you like that.
  343. “Uhm… n-no…?”
  344. >She slowly leans forward, her right hand finally leaving your arm to find its place on your chest.
  345. >She stop when your faces are inches apart, her fingers tracing a circle on your torso.
  346. >And she grins.
  347. >”Tag! You’re it!”
  348. >Her hand shoves you back with a surprising amount of strength, but you manage to retrieve your footing.
  349. >And you blink, completely bewildered by her antics, looking at her laughing and running away from you and towards the playground’s castle.
  350. >Fucking…
  351. >”Come on Nonny~! I’ll give you a reward if you catch me!”
  352. >A hundred different possibilities flashes through your mind, most of them revolving around her bouncing flesh.
  353. “You’re so on!”
  355. >But as expected, you’re no match for her.
  356. >After a good twenty minutes of giggles, screams and taunts later, you’re left panting, sweating and stumbling every few steps.
  357. >”Aww~, tired already?”
  358. >She looks down on you from up the slide, grinning smugly with her hands on her hips.
  359. >You just groan in defeat and sit down on the edge of said slide.
  360. “Some of us aren’t made of pure energy, you know.”
  361. >”I'm not either! I’m also made of sugar!”
  362. >You both share a chuckle.
  363. “I know that. Just look at you!”
  364. >You say, pointing to her curves.
  365. >An overblown gasp escapes her mouth, and you grin knowingly. Grade A bait right there.
  366. >”Are you saying I’m FAT?!”
  367. >She does her best to sound angry, but fails to do so.
  368. >And you can’t take it anymore, you start guffawing.
  369. >She tries to pout instead, seeing as her angry face isn’t working too well, but it doesn’t stop your laughs either.
  370. >So she jumps down the ledge and slides her way down before you can react, spreading her legs wide to catch you in between.
  371. >Your eyes go wide, both in surprise and fear of what was coming.
  372. >The impact sends you both down to the ground, but you feel her taking hold of your shoulders to shift around the moment your ass hits the dirt, turning around and plopping down in your lap wrapping her legs around your hips to lock you in place.
  373. >You don’t even groan from the slight pain, much too engrossed by her frolicking.
  374. “P-Pinkie?! What are you doing—“
  375. >”Pinkie? Who’s that? I’m Fili-second! And I just caught a naughty villain~!”
  376. >It takes you a couple second to process her sentence.
  377. “I-I dindu nuthin!”
  378. >You do your best to play along and to keep your spaghettis from spilling everywhere.
  379. >”Sure you did! Fat shaming is a second degree at least! You’re totally done for!”
  380. “Hey, you’re the one that said fat, I didn’t say shit!”
  381. >”Huhuh, likely story!”
  382. “I only implied that you were made of sugar! That’s like a compliment, right?”
  383. >Smooth one Anon.
  384. >Her eyes narrow and she brings a hand to her chin, pondering over what you just said.
  385. >”MMmmhhh…”
  386. >She leans forward and you lean back trying to keep some personal space, as much as you can at least, her leg lock making it awkward.
  387. >”We’ll let the cops decide!”
  388. “Oh no, not the cops!”
  389. >You do your best impression of a panicking crook, waving your hands around in surrender.
  390. >”But since I forgot my cuffs at home, I’ll have to restrain you using the next best thing!”
  391. “A rope?”
  392. >”No silly! A hug!”
  393. >You raise an eyebrow at her exuberant smile.
  394. “What kind of super does tha-oomphgh!”
  395. >You find your face squished in between her knockers, her arms pushing them together to add even more pressure and placing her hands on the back of your neck to keep you from escaping.
  396. >Which you only try to do for about two seconds, before the situation finally dawns on you and your brain freezes.
  397. >”Who’s the fat one now, huh?!”
  398. >You don’t even bother responding, deciding you’d rather lose yourself in this sensation, even going so far as to lean into it.
  399. >That costume is so soft and elastic, it’s just like a second skin.
  400. >Even her sweat smells good.
  401. >You stay in there for a while, her heaving chest and the sound of her heartbeat making you feel so comfy you could fall asleep.
  402. >”Geez, Nonny~…”
  403. >A shiver runs through your spine when her right hand slowly strokes its way down your neck, while the other traces lazy circles on your scalp.
  404. >”…you’re supposed to resist your arrest, you know…”
  405. >Her whispering voice is like honey dripping down your ears.
  406. >But it still does its job as a reminder, your eyes opening wide.
  407. “S-sorry, I-huh,”
  408. >It takes you several attempts but you finally manage to stammer something.
  409. >You try to pull back from her embrace but she’s not letting go of you.
  410. “Pinkie—“
  411. >Her giggle interrupts your groan.
  412. >”I’m not going to let go of you now, dummy!”
  413. >She tightens her leglock to emphasize her point, pulling your hips even closer to hers.
  414. >Before she gasps in horror.
  415. “W-what’s up—“
  416. >She’s back up to her feet in less than a second, heaving you up by pulling on your arm.
  417. >”Look at the time!”
  418. >You blink, eyeing her quizzically, wondering what’s the reason behind this new freak out.
  419. “What—“
  420. >”Quick! We’re going to miss the sunset!”
  421. >Oh.
  422. >Yeah, the sun is getting dangerously close to the horizon.
  423. >You don’t really have a say in the matter anyway, she’s already tugging on your hand and running like your life depended on it.
  425. >You groan like a dying animal, using your knees as a support to keep standing, your hand finally free from her iron grip.
  426. >”Yay, we made it!”
  427. >You take a long drawn out breath before leaning back up, taking a second to look at her bouncing up and down with her usual enthusiasm, before you decide to make your way to the bench for a well-deserved rest.
  428. >”This is going to be great!”
  429. >She turns back to see you collapsing on the bench, throwing your head backward and sighing in relief while you stretch your arms over the length of the backrest.
  430. “Yeah, ‘great’, a sunset! Can you imagine that?!”
  431. >You roll your eyes when you see her grinning wide.
  432. >”The sunset isn’t the most important part, silly!”
  433. >You scooch to the left when you see her scampering towards you, to give her more space to sit.
  434. “What is, then?”
  435. >She turns around and goes for sitting down right next to you, but twists another 90° before her ass could touch the wood, and she jumps backwards, unceremoniously landing on top of you.
  436. >You whine in annoyance. At least she didn’t crush one of your balls.
  437. >But you did see this coming, seeing the way she’s been acting until now…
  438. “Damnit, Pinkie!”
  439. >She wraps an arm around your neck and drops her feet on the bench then grins.
  440. >”What?”
  441. >Her innocent smile doesn’t work on you anymore.
  442. >She perfectly knows what.
  443. “Ever heard of ‘personal space’?”
  444. >”Huh, I dunno Nonny, I thought we went past that stage earlier when you stuffed your face between my girls!”
  445. >She gives her shoulders a shake, sending her jugs bouncing to emphasize her point, and to bring your attention to them.
  446. “Whu-what, that-!”
  447. >You close your mouth to stop yourself from sperging any longer.
  448. >She snorts and smiles like a madman, visibly more than happy that you ran into that one.
  449. >You take a second to form a somewhat coherent response.
  450. “You’re the one that’s been hugging and molesting me the whole day!”
  451. >”You make it sound like you didn’t like it~,”
  452. “T-that’s not the point!”
  453. >”So you did like it!”
  454. >You groan, bringing a hand to your face to try and wipe the exasperation away.
  455. “Ugh! You can’t just hug and assault and kiss and… and sit in people’s laps like that!”
  456. >”Why?”
  457. >You blink.
  458. >Why?
  459. “Because peeps will get the wrong idea if you keep doing shit like that!”
  460. >She shrugs.
  461. >”But maybe I want them to get the wrong idea…?”
  462. >She turns to face you, throwing her second arm over your shoulder, her fingers entwining themselves around the base of your neck.
  463. >She simply stares at you, expecting your response with an uncertain smile on her face.
  464. >Then rolls her eyes when your dumbfounded expression reveals that her point didn’t get through.
  465. >”What I meant, was that I want ‘you’ to get the ‘wrong’ idea.”
  466. >It takes you a good five seconds for this to sink in, your eyes growing wider and wider with every passing seconds.
  467. “Y-you mean…”
  468. >”Well duh! I don’t walk almost naked around anyone else! And I don’t sit on anyone else’s lap either! Gee, do you really think I’m that easy?”
  469. >You shake your head preparing your response, even if you don’t discern any hurt on her face.
  470. “N-no, of course not! It’s just… you know…”
  471. >You pause, searching for words, and her grins reappears.
  472. >And she shakes her head to signal you to keep going.
  473. >You groan internally.
  474. “I just… always thought that you only saw me as a friend, or something,”
  475. >”Of course I do! You’re one of my bestest friends!”
  476. >You blink, dread starting to creep its way inside your mind.
  477. >Maybe she doesn’t even—
  478. >”But you’re also much more than that! Like a special friend, or a super duper friend!”
  479. >You groan, externally this time.
  480. “I’m not talking about that, Pinkie!”
  481. >She’s messing with you. She must be.
  482. >She tilts her head.
  483. >”Oh?”
  484. >And that teasing expression comes back.
  485. >”What do you mean?”
  486. “You most definitely know what I mean.”
  487. >”How could I know if you don’t tell me~?”
  488. >You open your mouth to retort but catch your tongue when you feel her hand stroking the side of your face, your brain freezing for a second.
  489. >That’s not fair.
  490. “You’re cheating.”
  491. >You grumble, trying to look away but with little success.
  492. >”You know what they say about love and war~,”
  493. >She singsongs.
  494. >You catch yourself right before you lose it, her gloved fingers promising you their full attention if you simply leaned into their touch.
  495. >You really need to kick her down a peg. And the best defense is a good offense…
  496. >You steel yourself, inhaling deeply.
  497. >Then you spring into action, arms shooting forward, fingers wiggling before they even get to her sides.
  498. >You’re not even sure if it’s going to work but it’s worth a shot.
  499. >And her screams for help answers that.
  500. >”N-no! Don’t! Hahah”
  501. >Good thing she’s so ticklish.
  502. >Your arms travel up and down her sides, fingertips grazing and brushing against the soft material.
  503. “You’re making me do this Pinkie!”
  504. >She writhes and squirms about, arms thrashing around to try and push yours away but with little effect.
  505. >”Stop-haha! Puhleeaaaseee~!”
  506. >This isn’t the first time you had to use this technique to kick her off her high horse, so you kinda know what you’re doing.
  507. >Her feet join her arms in their trashing, madly kicking up and down against the hard wood, while she tries her best taking in as much oxygen as she can in between her giggling fits.
  508. “We don’t negotiate with terrorists!”
  509. >You keep at it for a good ten seconds, beaming with pride for finally showing her who’s the boss!
  510. >Until she falls off the edge of your knees.
  511. “Oh shit!”
  512. >You tried to save her but your arms didn’t make it in time.
  513. >You look at her worriedly, arms still stretched out and at the ready to lend any kind of help.
  514. “Are you okay?”
  515. >She blinks, then chuckles when she realizes what just happened.
  516. >”Yeah, I’m okay, my big butt took it like a champ, I barely felt anything,”
  517. >She takes hold of your hand and you help her up, and you stare at her while she dusts herself off, completely captivated by the display.
  518. >”But this is still your fault, you big meanie!”
  519. >Her tone finally sets your gaze free and you now notice her frowning face.
  520. >”Hurting a cute girl like me, that’s one more crime to add to your list, mister!”
  521. “That wasn’t my fault! You’re the one—“
  522. >”Nhuh-huh, you won’t get away this time!”
  523. >She takes hold of your shoulders and pins you against the backrest, you don’t have the time nor the mind to react, your gaze stuck on her two pendulums.
  524. >Then she jumps forward, her knees landing on each sides of your legs, before she starts scooching closer and closer, pressing more and more of her flesh against you.
  525. >So close that you’re forced to crane your head back to avoid getting stuck in there once more.
  526. >Her frown disappeared somewhere on the way, her usual grin taking its place and telling you that everything’s right.
  527. >You think of asking her what was she doing, or maybe why, but you decide against it.
  528. >She’ll do whatever the hell she wants anyway.
  529. >And you’ll let her do it.
  530. >So you wait, staring at her, listening to your heartbeat skyrocketing, simply wondering what is she going to do next.
  531. >”I’m going to keep you right here until you confess everything!”
  532. >A part of you wants to be mad at her for still playing that silly game, but it’s easily silenced by her inquiring hums.
  533. >”Mmh? So? What do you have to say in your defense?”
  534. >You didn’t do anything!
  535. >You start to form an answer but it dies in your throat when she starts playing with your hair, her fingers tracing circles and stroking around the back of your head all the way down your neck.
  536. >You wonder if she can feel your heart fluttering under her mounds.
  537. >”If you don’t feel like talking, I’ll have to find a way to force you to do it~,”
  538. >Force you?
  539. >You stop breathing when you feel her leaning forward, her face stopping not two inches away from yours.
  540. >”But something tells me you’d love that,”
  541. >The warm air of her whispers washes over your lips, and you inhale, the sweet aroma making you melt on the spot.
  542. >”Mmh~?”
  543. >She closes the distance, her nose giving yours a nudge.
  544. >”Would you like that?”
  545. >Is that what she wants? Does she want you to beg for her to finish what she started?
  546. >You don’t consider it for more than a second.
  547. >She happily giggles when she sees you nod.
  550. >She then leans back and you instantly miss the pressure of her chest.
  551. >”Sooo… let’s see, we’ve got; pudding theft, lascivious gawking, fat shaming and…”
  552. >She keeps mumbling to herself for several seconds, going over the last couple hours you shared, and you stay silent. She knows just as well as you that’s a load of bull.
  553. >Save for the gawking, but who could blame you for that.
  554. >”Oh! And poor taste in videogames!”
  555. >Okay that was under the belt.
  556. “Hey, digimons are great!”
  557. >”Save that for the jury, buster!”
  558. “But—“
  559. >Her finger hushes you.
  560. >”You’re under arrest Nonny, you have the right to remain silent and… whatever, the rest isn’t important!”
  561. >She’d be so bad at this.
  562. >”Unless it’s to confess!”
  563. >You groan and roll your eyes.
  564. “I…”
  565. >Your voice dies before you say anything.
  566. >You don’t have a problem with ‘avowing’ the fat shaming and pudding theft, but you can’t just tell her that you’ve been ogling her the whole time.
  567. >And there’s just no fucking way you’re ever going to say that pocket monsters are better than—
  568. >”So?”
  569. >Her satisfied expression makes you wonder if she’s capable of reading your mind.
  570. >It wouldn’t surprise you at this point, this is Pinkie we’re talking about.
  571. “…”
  572. >”Good… I mean, not good! I guess I’ll have to do /that/ to make you talk, huh?”
  573. “What’s that—“
  574. >Her hands take hold of your face before you can blink, and before you know it her lips crash against yours.
  575. >You groan in surprise, your arms shooting up and stiffening, your hands awkwardly floating next to your faces.
  576. >And she leans back before you can realize if this is really happening or not.
  577. >She smiles at you, her eyes fluttering open and she sends you that bedroom look from earlier.
  578. >”How was that?”
  579. >You finally notice that you stopped breathing, letting out a heavy sigh and gasping for air.
  580. “Pinkie—“
  581. >”Feel like talking yet~?”
  582. >You blink.
  583. >Was that supposed to persuade you?
  584. >It didn’t.
  585. “N-no.”
  586. >Her grin widens, and your heart skips another beat when you see her closing in.
  587. >This kiss lingers slightly longer, long enough for you to appreciate the warmth and softness of her touch.
  588. >Then she leans back again, her eyes trying to keep yours locked on them, but you just can’t stop yourself from stealing glances of her lips.
  589. >Her taste still lingering on yours.
  590. >”What about now?”
  591. >You eagerly shake your head, and she chuckles lightly.
  592. >”Guess I’ll have to keep going, huh?”
  593. >Her lips are back on yours before you can nod. But it’s just a peck this time.
  594. >You frown and groan lightly, surprised and asking for more.
  595. >And her grin widens before she complies.
  596. >But gives you another peck.
  597. >You groan again and lean forward this time, or try to, her hands keep you in place.
  598. “Pink—“
  599. >Another peck.
  600. >She giggles again when she sees your pleading expression, and closes in once again when you try to say something. Another peck comes your way whenever you try begging for more.
  601. >You finally decides to try to break free, taking hold of her wrists to tug them away, but she sees it coming from a mile away and leap forward, this time keeping her lips against yours for several seconds, sapping you from any will to fight back.
  602. >A happy sigh escapes her throat when you release her wrists.
  603. >But she squeaks in surprise when you wrap your hands around her and pull her in.
  604. >She instantly tries to push you away, and you let go of her when you see her frown.
  605. >The dread of having fucked up knotting your stomach.
  606. >Your hands drift to her sides, resting right above her meaty hips, your fingers sinking in ever so slightly--
  607. >”Anon!”
  608. >Her wake-up call makes you jolt, instantly raising your hands in front of you as a sign of surrender, where you both can see them.
  609. “Sorry!”
  610. >You blurt out.
  611. >”You’re not allowed to use your hands!”
  612. >What?!
  613. “What?! Why?”
  614. >”That’s the law.”
  615. “What kind of law—“
  616. >”And I am the law!”
  617. “B-but that’s not fair—“
  618. >”No hands, no grabbing, no groping, no stroking, no rubbing and no caressing! …Not yet~,”
  619. >Her frown fades away and her alluring smirk takes its place.
  620. >”Not until you tell me e-ve-ry-thing~!”
  621. “Please—“
  622. >”Nope! Talk, or else…!”
  623. “I-I can’t just-mmph!”
  624. >Her lips seal yours shut again.
  625. >Your hands try to reach for her once more but she’s one step ahead of you, she grabs you by the wrists and pins them against the backrest.
  626. >You give them a tug, then a second, the awkward position just makes it impossible to break free.
  627. >And maybe the fact that the girl still kissing you is monopolizing your attention.
  628. >And the contact disappears again, you try to follow it by leaning forward but you don’t have nearly enough reach to do so.
  629. >She stares at you for a moment, her smug grin nearly splitting her face in two and that playful glint in her eyes keeping yours hostage.
  630. >Your arms are still pinned against the wood, your heart is still hammering in your chest, you’re panting, inhaling her scent as deep as you can.
  631. >”It’s in your best interest, and I’m sure the judge will go easy on you if you cooperate, since you’re just a small fry and all~,”
  632. >Something deep inside tells you that you should be bothered by her teasing voice, or that it’s her intention, but you’re too far gone to care.
  633. >So you nod.
  634. “Okay-okay, I’ll tell you, just…”
  635. >You collapse back against the bench and sigh in defeat.
  636. “Please don’t stop,”
  637. >You have a hard time keeping your eyes on hers and you can feel your own face flushing red when you see her gulp and bite her bottom lip.
  638. >She finally releases your hands and use your shoulders as a support to stand up, lifting her feet to rest on the bench before going up. You stare at her, blinking, craning your head back to try and keep your eyes on hers, but lose sight of it at some point, her breasts getting in the way.
  639. >But something else draws your attention, something south of the pit of her navel, something resting less than a foot away from your face, and your eyes go wide when you find it.
  640. >She’s definitely not wearing anything underneath that suit.
  641. >The rubbery fabric is being stretched around her plump mound, her slit making the faux leather sink in ever so slightly, proving how tight it really is, letting you distinguish the outline of her lips and—
  642. >Before she drops down, the enticing sight vanishing as fast as it appeared.
  643. >Her ass plops on your lap, legs spread and locking around your sides.
  644. >A quick look down lets you notice her legs hanging loosely behind you, passing through the space between the backrest and the seat.
  645. >And that this new position lets her scooch even closer to you, her full weight now resting on your legs. And closer she scooches.
  646. >A last bounce forward sends her crotch crashing against yours, her plump flesh squeezing your hardening member for a fraction of a second, before she relaxes back down, the meat of her ass cheeks giving in under her weight and making her form sink down for an inch or two as proof of how plump and soft they are.
  647. >You simply stare at her, completely stunned by everything that happened these last two seconds.
  648. >Did she feel your half chub? She had to feel it.
  649. >What now? Is she going to kiss you more?
  650. >Would she be fine with you diving in her tatas again? And could you touch them directly?
  651. >Would she say yes if you asked her to sit on your face?
  652. >And most importantly, would she--
  653. >”Sorry Nonny, I had to get more comfortable, the hard wood was hurting my knees,”
  654. >Her wailing voice pops your bubble, and you nod knowingly.
  655. >”But I hope this wood~,”
  656. >You gasp when she sends her hips grinding forward, and you fail to suppress a moan when she finds your shaft.
  657. >”Isn’t going to hurt me~!”
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