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  1. Some of the changes and additions we have done during downtime are;
  3. Group Iron Man Mode
  4. The group owner is able to invite up to four other players.
  5. The group owner can invite at anytime until the group is full.
  6. The invited players must be group iron mode and can not have more than 60 minutes played.
  7. Once the group is full, you can not inviteĀ nor remove anyone.
  8. The group is able to trade one another.
  9. Item drops will be visible to the team if the drop was made by someone on the team.
  10. Group iron team will not require 75% damage if they are the ones killing an npc together.
  11. A group vault can be created in edgeville bank where you all can share/store up to 59 items.
  12. The group iron man highscores can be accessed from edgeville bank by the score board close to the vault.
  13. Within the highscores you can sort it by experience and total level.
  15. Raids
  16. Raids 1 has been reworked and now requires you to kill skeletal mages, tekton and olm in sequence.
  17. Raids shop has gotten more potions added to it, elder potion, twisted potion, revitalisation potion and xeric's aid.
  19. Birdhouses
  20. Bird-houses has been added, you can setup up to 4 houses which will each take about 20 minutes to fill up. You can use logs from regular up to redwood. Each log granting more xp.
  21. Barley seeds has been added to the general store for all modes.
  23. Jormungand's prison
  24. Jormungand's prison has been added which consists of basilisk knights, basilisks and dagannoths.
  25. Basilisk knights have a chance of dropping the basilisk jaw which can be combined with the neitiznot helmet to create neitiznot faceguard.
  26. The chance of getting a jaw drop is decreased to 1/500 if on task otherwise it's 1/800.
  28. Misc
  29. You are now able to buy back tentacle whips after they have degraded.
  30. The buy-back cost of tentacle whips have been increased to 5M.
  31. The latest osrs data has been gathered.
  32. A variety of npcs and objects who have had their ids changed has been sorted.
  33. Twisted bow attack speed has been set to match osrs.
  34. The issue where equipment could not be disabled in duel screen has now been sorted.
  35. Player owned shops browse feature will now view the first item in your shop next to your name.
  36. The combat dummy at donator zone now works properly.
  37. Donator zone has been given a new location and a rework.
  38. Edgeville has received a makeover with a Player owned shop centre and group iron man vault snuck into the bank area.
  39. Vorkath will no longer bug out if you attempt to leave through the ice chunks.
  40. Void bonuses have been reworked and should now be similar to osrs, includes elite pieces as well.
  41. When running to an npc to talk or trade it will now properly follow them until you are close enough rather than stop beside them if they have moved.
  42. Using an item on an npc will now require you to be close to them before the action takes place.
  43. You are now able to leave the alchemical hydra boss room through the doors.
  44. If your account gets stuck online and does not send any packets for a certain amount of time, it will be kicked automatically.
  45. Ultimate ironmen can now only store vote items within their untradeable storage.
  46. The bottomless bucket has been added and can be filled up by using it on the compost bin.
  47. The bottomless bucket has been added to the vote shop for 50 vote points.
  48. Master farmer now offers to remove your farming weeds from the patches for a price.
  49. Dragon hunter crossbow accuracy and damage bonuses now only applies when fighting draconic creatures.
  50. Skill manipulation has been sorted for fishing and woodcutting.
  51. Larran's key is now being dropped by npcs while on wilderness slayer tasks.
  52. The key can be used to open larran's big chest in deep wilderness.
  53. Possible loot is quite some materials and also dagon pieces at a rare chance.
  54. The droprate for dragon warhammer from lizardman shaman has been lowered to 1 in 2200.
  55. Quite some endgame items has been removed from mysteryboxes. We feel that giving endgame items for money is something we no longer want to do.
  56. Hellhounds secondaries drops has been increased significantly.
  57. Sorted out crystal bows and crystal shields, they are now useable again.
  58. Farming achievement will now increase per herb picked as it should.
  59. Blood money shop has been disabled for the time being.
  60. Verzik vitur has been disabled for the time being to be reworked for a better experience.
  61. Presets has been added back into the game.
  64. Sorted the ids of these npcs:
  65. Chickens
  66. Cows
  67. Thugs
  68. Chaos druids
  69. Dark warrior
  70. Zeke
  71. Aubury
  72. Shopkeeper
  73. Horvik
  74. Lowe
  75. Master farmer
  76. Man
  77. Hero
  78. Candle maker
  79. Hans
  80. Cave horror
  81. Elf archer
  82. Elf warrior
  83. Dwarf
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