PMR Release Changelog

Feb 28th, 2017
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  2. Pokémon Red in Minecraft - Change Log
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  5. 1. Fixed fainting not disabling surfing and biking
  6. 2. Fixed not being able to trigger Cerulean rival battle if walking
  7. 3. Fixed Town Map showing player as walking when surfing
  8. 4. Fixed player not falling all the way off the Pokemon Mansion ledges
  9. 5. Fixed being able to enter the Cable Club before getting your pokedex
  10. 6. Fixed Oak's Parcel not being properly removed
  11. 7. Fixed purchased items not receiving an item ID
  12. 8. Fixed the door on B1F of rocket hideout not being removed
  13. 9. Fixed the Oak Pallet Town encounter not being set up on new game
  14. 10. Fixed your Rival starting at the wrong location when delivering Oak's Parcel
  15. 11. Fixed the Cerulean guard not moving after meeting Bill
  16. 12. Fixed pokemon fainted text not running when fainting due to walking poison damage
  17. 13. Fixed a conflict between shop and elevator item menus
  18. 14. Fixed repel wearing off not stopping movement
  19. 15. Fixed new pokemon being stored at the end of the box instead of the beginning
  20. 16. Fixed the Lift Key being dropped before talking to the Rocket holding it
  21. 17. Fixed some texture popping in battle menus
  22. 18. Fixed exiting the switch pokemon menu in battle sending out a null pokemon
  23. 19. Fixed multi-turn moves stopping after the first turn for enemy pokemon
  24. 20. Fixed the wrong background showing if both pokemon faint in the same turn
  25. 21. Fixed wild battles not being prioritized over trainer battles
  26. 22. Fixed trainer sight line not being checked after battle
  27. 23. Fixed trainers not always facing the player after battle
  28. 24. Fixed your Rival walking to the wrong pokeball if you pick Charmander
  29. 25. Removed an extra space in your Rival's first dialog line
  30. 26. Added a missing cuttable tree in Cerulean City
  31. 27. Fixed pushing boulders checking the wrong tile for collision data
  32. 28. Fixed some bad textures and collision data in the Cerulean Cave
  33. 29. Fixed God Karp's splash not bypassing type effectiveness checks
  34. 30. Fixed incorrect spawn tables in the Pokemon Mansion and the overworld
  35. 31. Fixed Mewtwo knowing Psychic twice
  36. 32. Removed armor stand equipment sounds
  37. 33. Fixed Z-fighting on the ember animation
  38. 34. Fixed Leech Seed and Confusion not resetting after battle
  39. 35. Fixed pokeballs and fossils in Mt. Moon not immediately rendering after battle
  40. 36. Added a missing "R" in "RAGE is building" text string
  41. 37. Fixed not being able to pick up hidden items
  42. 38. Fixed a bad text string in the Rock Tunnel
  43. 39. Fixed misaligned textures in the Flamethrower and Swift animations
  44. 40. Fixed the wrong text string being called when sending out a new pokemon after an enemy uses self-destruct and faints
  45. 41. Fixed the Lift Key not rendering when dropped
  46. 42. Fixed the table in B1F of the Rocket Hideout being too long
  47. 43. Fixed cut trees in Erika's Gym rendering the wrong texture
  48. 44. Fixed the last line of dialog for NPC trades not being run
  49. 45. Fixed Type 2 not rendering in the pokemon stats overview
  50. 46. Fixed Night Shade dealing no damage if the opponent used an ineffective damaging move
  51. 47. Fixed Rage hitting pokemon in the semi-invulnerable stage of Fly and Dig
  52. 48. Fixed playing the Pokeflute while battling Snorlax launching a second Snorlax battle
  53. 49. Fixed defeating the Route 16 Snorlax also beating the Route 12 Snorlax
  54. 50. Fixed a conflict with the item decoder following Snorlax encounters
  55. 51. Fixed HMs being removed after use
  56. 52. Fixed holding A on the Cycling Road not stopping the bike
  57. 53. Fixed the HP bar rendering blank for pokemon with high maximum HP
  58. 54. Fixed Route 22 second Rival not spawning after defeating all Gyms
  59. 55. Fixed incorrect after-battle text for second Route 22 Rival
  60. 56. Fixed trainers paying out the wrong amount of money
  61. 57. Fixed the Elite Four not being reset if the player blacks out
  62. 58. Fixed Oak in Hall of Fame not turning to face player
  63. 59. Fixed Hall of Fame not rendering correct pokemon sprites or levels over 100
  64. 60. Fixed trainer move priorities being improperly encoded for wild battles
  65. 61. Fixed the player not fainting if they withdraw only fainted pokemon from the PC
  66. 62. Fixed a bug in the damage calculation formula
  67. 63. Fixed inverted condition text not being reset when switching pokemon
  68. 64. Fixed multi-hit moves not removing PP if the enemy faints
  69. 65. Fixed trainer logic not being encoded properly
  70. 66. Fixed the battle turn counter not being reset when an enemy trainer changes pokemon
  71. 67. Fixed pokemon receiving status conditions on the same turn that they faint
  72. 68. Fixed static NPCs facing up when loaded from the bottom NPC buffer
  73. 69. Fixed NPCs not unpausing when the player starts surfing
  74. 70. Fixed NPC rendering issues near region borders
  75. 71. Fixed being able to duplicate key items by storing them in the PC
  76. 72. Fixed newly caught pokemon's out-of-battle movesets being improperly encoded
  77. 73. Fixed your Rival not spawning on Route 22 after delivering Oak's Parcel
  78. 74. Fixed your Rival using Bulbasaur throughout the game if you pick Charmander
  79. 75. Fixed misplaced trees in Celadon City
  80. 76. Fixed not being able to talk to the Chef from the left in the Celadon Diner
  81. 77. Fixed a bug that caused the game to improperly generate a new encounter after some trainer battles
  82. 78. Removed an extra fence on Route 13
  83. 79. Fixed the animation for Minimize breaking
  84. 80. Fixed an encoding issue with out of battle moves
  85. 81. Fixed some boulders not re-appearing after battle
  86. 82. Fixed Body Slam breaking if the move misses
  87. 83. Fixed the doctor in the Cinnabar Island Lab not returning control if the player has no fossils
  88. 84. Fixed not being able to toss items in the PC
  89. 85. Added a missing hidden item on the Cycling Road
  90. 86. Fixed POKéBALLS being referred to as éBALLS in several places
  91. 87. Fixed the position of the Cerulean City Cable Club attendant when returning from the trade room
  92. 88. Fixed a texture encoding issue on the bow of the SS Anne
  93. 89. Fixed NPCs being off by one block on the bow of the SS Anne
  94. 90. Fixed POKéMANIACS being called POKEMANIACS
  95. 91. Fixed a typo in the pokecenter nurse's dialog
  96. 92. Fixed the sign south of the Rock Tunnel having no text
  97. 93. Fixed the signs, bookshelves, and statues in the Celadon developer tower having no text
  98. 94. Fixed text being rendered in the wrong position after winning at slots
  99. 95. Fixed the view distances of trainers in the Fighting Dojo
  100. 96. Fixed defeating the Fighting Dojo leader not beating all other trainers in the Dojo
  101. 97. Fixed the player's marker not being removed if they run out of pokeballs or steps in the Safari Zone
  102. 98. Fixed leech seed using the wrong texture
  103. 99. Fixed enemy's tackle moving the enemy right instead of left
  104. 100. Fixed the Slash animation sometimes rendering behind the pokemon's name
  105. 101. Fixed the barrier on the second floor of Victory Road not being fully removed when the switch is triggered
  106. 102. Fixed a typo in after-battle text for a trainer on Victory Road
  107. 103. Fixed a marker not being set under the player after defeating the Elite Four
  108. 104. Fixed the last pokemon center used not being reset to Pallet Town after defeating the Elite Four
  109. 105. Fixed the Marowak encounter sometimes thinking it's a trainer battle
  110. 106. Fixed being able to walk through the top of mountains in Mt. Moon
  111. 107. Fixed your Rival's name being hardcoded as "Blue" in battle
  112. 108. Fixed the pokemon league guards continuing to talk after turning away the player
  113. 109. Fixed the NPC in the Pewter City flower field not displaying a yes/no menu
  114. 110. Fixed pokemon not taking any damage when hurting themsevles in their confusion
  115. 111. Fixed the bike shop menu not launching
  116. 112. Fixed struggle being disabled if all other moves are disabled
  117. 113. Fixed some variables being improperly reset when swapping pokemon
  118. 114. Fixed an extra space in the text string run when picking up Pay Day coins after a battle
  119. 115. Fixed picking up coins after battle not waiting for an a/b input before continuing
  120. 116. Fixed an NPC in Silph Co not giving the player the Selfdestruct TM
  121. 117. Fixed an incorrect text string being run after defeating a trainer in Victory Road
  122. 118. Fixed the game accepting new inputs too quickly after the player starts surfing, causing screen tearing
  123. 119. Fixed pokemon not being registered in the Pokédex when they evolve
  124. 120. Fixed experience being given to pokemon who didn't fight if the enemy trainer voluntarily changes pokemon
  125. 121. Fixed enemy pokemon moves not being encoded if enemy trainer voluntarily changes pokemon
  126. 122. Fixed current pokemon receiving half xp for only the first enemy defeated in a trainer battle when the player has XP ALL
  127. 123. Fixed the item menu rendering the wrong count for item stacks between 100 and 109
  128. 124. Fixed a damaging move used after the healing segment of leech seed restoring health
  129. 125. Fixed texture popping in interior regions with grass
  130. 126. Fixed pokemon fainting due to poison damage when entering a doorway breaking the game
  131. 127. Fixed all swimmers having a sight distance of 1
  132. 128. Fixed NPCs ignoring other NPCs when checking encounter sight lines
  133. 129. Fixed evolution stones evolving all pokemon into Eevee variants
  134. 130. Fixed using evolution stones back-to-back glitching the second pokemon
  135. 131. Fixed some errors in pokemon learnsets
  136. 132. Fixed Misty's Starmie knowing Harden
  137. 133. Fixed Lt. Surge's Raichu knowing Thunder Wave
  138. 134. Fixed NPCs running their walk animation while frozen if the player opens a menu within 2 ticks of a move action starting
  139. 135. Fixed enemy status conditions not rendering in some cases
  140. 136. Fixed not being able to access the save menu before getting the pokedex
  141. 137. Fixed fossil guy in Mt. Moon turning away from fossils when picking them up
  142. 138. Fixed Gust being encoded as a Flying type move, instead of Normal type
  143. 139. Fixed Squirtle being used in the first rival battle if the player picks Bulbasaur
  144. 140. Fixed z-fighting in the custom name menu when buying Magikarp
  145. 141. Fixed Viridian City NPCs not being reloaded after delivering Oak's Parcel
  146. 142. Fixed the wrong text being displayed when cancelling depositing or tossing an item in the PC
  147. 143. Fixed a missing column of trees on Route 2
  148. 144. Fixed the NPC in the Pewter Diglett's Cave entrance being in the wrong place
  149. 145. Fixed not being able to fish/surf on some Gym statues
  150. 146. Fixed the save menu and trainer exclamation boxes not being darkened in non-flashed caves
  151. 147. Fixed a missing dock on Route 12
  152. 148. Fixed being able to access the Game Corner prize menus before getting the coin case
  153. 149. Fixed pokemon moving the wrong direction in the Metronome animation
  154. 150. Fixed the text string when a Pokemon uses Substitute while having an active Substitute being truncated
  155. 151. Fixed some text strings overlapping when battle animations are off
  156. 152. Fixed trainer payouts being scaled to the highest level pokemon, rather than the last pokemon used
  157. 153. Fixed pokedex registration issues for pokemon obtained from overworld pokeballs or NPCs
  158. 154. Fixed the arrow not being cleared on A/B when a pokemon's attack misses
  159. 155. Fixed a graphical issue with semi-transparent textures and GTX graphics cards
  160. 156. Fixed the deposit pokemon menu not loading properly
  161. 157. Fixed two missing beds on 2F of the pokemon mansion
  162. 158. Fixed not being able to pass the Route 23 guards
  163. 159. Fixed a missing row of trees on Route 23
  164. 160. Fixed text missing on some of the Route 23 plaques
  165. 161. Fixed some texture issues at the Inidgo Plateau
  166. 162. Fixed using vitamins not recalculating the target pokemon's stats
  167. 163. Fixed a level rendering issue when using rare candy on a level 2-8 pokemon
  168. 164. Fixed evolving a pokemon via rare candy breaking
  169. 165. Fixed the wrong corner mountain texture being used in the Seaform Islands
  170. 166. Fixed elevators not working on multiplayer servers
  171. 167. Fixed trainer X-items not working when battle animations are off
  172. 168. Fixed not being able to get on the bicycle on cut tree tiles in the overworld
  173. 169. Fixed disabled moves persisting between battles
  174. 170. Fixed poison flashing occurring once if the poisoned poisoned pokemon fainted in the previous battle
  175. 171. Fixed the Route 22 first rival not being removed after beating Brock
  176. 172. Fixed pokemon sliding too far off screen when running in the Safari Zone
  177. 173. Fixed defeated trainer sprites spawning too far off screen
  178. 174. Fixed trees missing on the east edge of Fuschia City
  179. 175. Fixed not being able to obtain both fossil pokemon in the secret area (to allow Pokedex completion)
  180. 176. Fixed being able to walk while following Oak in his lab
  181. 177. Fixed NPCs following scripted movement pathways not switching to their walking sprite on the first tile
  182. 178. Fixed being able to give a null name to the player or rival
  183. 179. Fixed item menu cursor position not being reset on new game
  184. 180. Fixed being able to move the cancel button in item menus
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