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  1. Drive for Life 2020 - Temporary Rules
  2. Pending Approval
  4. Public Rules
  5. Event staff are exempt from rules marked with an Asterisk (*).
  7. The use of the Drive for Life Event Server should only be for participants of the Drive for Life Event. If you are caught away from the group, you will be punished via a kick from the server.
  9. All attendants are to use trucks only. If you are caught in anything other than a truck, you will be kicked. *
  11. Instructions from the Event Staff should be followed without any hesitation. If you ignore the Event Staff, this may result in a kick from the server.
  13. TruckersMP Game Moderators are considered Event Staff providing they have been cleared with the Event Manager.
  15. Any attempt to disrupt the event is considered trolling, and normal procedure will be carried out by Game Moderators.
  16. Ramming and/or Blocking is not permitted. If you are caught doing this normal procedure will be followed by Game Moderators. * (Note, Event Staff are only exempt from Blocking.)
  18. You are not to have any trailers in your slots. They should be left in the designated area on the slot map.
  20. Beacons are not permitted to be used at the truckfest or breaks to reduce lag. A violation of this will result in a kick from the server. *
  22. All participants are to leave as per instruction from Event Staff, this will be announced via the in-game announcement system by Game Moderators.
  24. Parking in a booked slot is not allowed, if you do, you will be asked to move. If you ignore Event Staff’s request to move, you will be kicked by a Game Moderator. *
  26. Overtaking and undertaking are not permitted. This is considered reckless driving and will be dealt with as per Game Moderator’s normal procedure. *
  28. The maximum weight of trailers is 20 tonnes. Any heavier is not allowed and you will be kicked.
  29. Staff Rules
  30. Event Staff are not to be kicked during the event, unless they are clearly breaking rules such as ramming or similar.
  32. Only Convoy Control, Media Teams and the Event Management are permitted to block junctions.
  34. Only assigned Media Teams and Event Staff are permitted to travel in the wrong direction as long as this is done safely.
  36. Only Event Managers are permitted to use cars.
  38. Event Staff cannot impersonate the Game Moderation, for example, threatening with actions taken against somebody, they can only guide people.
  40. Event Management have the authority to request removal of a user from the event.
  42. Note Regarding Bans
  43. During the event no one is to be banned unless they fit under these circumstances. (Continuous Reckless Driving, Ramming and/or Blocking)
  45. This is because we do not want to see anyone banned for any reason unless it is 100% needed as listed.
  47. We do not support the idea of banning users on event servers as they have given up their time to support the event. People should only be banned if the do any of the things mentioned in that rule.
  49. Kind Regards,
  50. JogR & Ollie
  51. Drive for Life Event Management.
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