Roman Class

Jun 27th, 2018
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  1. Scutum [Auto/0/0] Defend 1, this only takes effect if the target does not use their own defends.
  3. Meet the Charge [Auto/None/Self] When an enemy enters your zone, you may make an attack against them, paying the AP cost as normal.
  4. "Using the momentum of an enemy's charge to destroy themselves against your own weapon is a classic tactic.
  6. Move in Formation [Rapid/1/Self] When you use a move maneuver on yourself, you may also use it at range 0 on a sister.
  8. Equipped by the State [Auto/None/Self] You gain a T2 reinforcement part that a sister possess. This does not count towards reinforcement totals. When damaged it may be repaired as normal or swapped out, but only for another T2 reinforcement a sister possesses.
  10. Velites [Auto/0/Self] When you make a move maneuver, attacks targeting you have -1 to their attack check until your next action timing maneuver.
  12. Vexillarius [Auto/None/Self] Add the vexillum part to your arms. This part counts as a reinforcement part but regenerates at the end of the phase.
  13. -Vexillum [Arms/Action/2/Self] When you declare this maneuver, for as long as this part remains intact, your sisters gain a +1 to all checks except attack checks for the rest of the battle phase. If this part is broken, your sisters suffer -1 to attack checks for the rest of the round.
  14. "Banners were once used to display all manners of things to inspire and signal. Though it represents something much more personal now, like the bearers of old, you cannot let it fall."
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