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  3. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:02 PM
  4. Hi and hello, I believe you are Trevor Rose? I'm one of the captains for the White Sox (this is my reporter account), and our head draft scout, would you be willing to answer some questions for me?
  5. trexxy2Last Tuesday at 6:06 PM
  6. Yes I sure can!
  7. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:06 PM
  8. What would you bring to a team, outside of submitting a number? Everyone can and does do that, for the most part, but why should we draft you over Joe Schmoe?
  9. trexxy2Last Tuesday at 6:09 PM
  10. I plan to be as active as I can be in all facets of the game. From contributing to the discord chat, to submitting my number in a timely fashion, to taking on any additional tasks that need to be done. I’ve already started by making the lineup graphic for this weeks game, so more small tasks like that can fall on me.
  11. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:09 PM
  12. Hell yeah, every team can use that type of player.
  13. Any experience or interest in scouting/data analyis? Most teams use google sheets, us included, but I'm also attempting (thusfar fruitlessly) to learn R to further our methodology.
  14. trexxy2Last Tuesday at 6:11 PM
  15. Interested? Absolutely. Experience? Not a lot. Google sheets are (generally) easy to use, and numbers are how my brain thinks. I’m going to school for accounting, so I deal with numbers all day. And of course anything I can do to immerse myself into the league is something I’m interested in.
  16. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:12 PM
  17. Hell yeah, I love to hear that. I'm the guy who does pretty much all the scouting for CWS, and I'm always happy to have more people interested in pitching in.
  18. Thats all I have at this moment
  19. Any questions for me about the team, the culture, favorite cheeses, etc?
  20. trexxy2Last Tuesday at 6:13 PM
  21. How long have you been apart of this? And of course what’s your favorite cheese, now that you brought it up?! Mine is Asiago.
  22. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:14 PM
  23. I've been around since 12/26/2017. Longer than most anyone who's still around tbh.
  24. And my favorite cheese is Brie
  25. trexxy2Last Tuesday at 6:14 PM
  26. Excellent choice!
  27. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:15 PM
  28. for my first couple seasons I bounced around the league (The first team I was on, the original Minnesota Twins, got dissolved after a league schism), won a Paper Cup with Los Angeles in season 3, throwing a CGSO 1-Hitter, and then have settled in with CWS.
  29. I'm probably never gonna leave Chicago at this point, I love the team.
  30. trexxy2Last Tuesday at 6:16 PM
  31. That’s awesome! I’m hoping to stick around for a while and find a team I really gel with. Hopefully the results are there too, I hate to lose. But it’s all about having fun.
  32. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:17 PM
  33. Yeah, that's the important part
  34. If you have any more questions for me, feel free to hit me up!
  35. trexxy2Last Tuesday at 6:19 PM
  36. Yeah definitely! Thank you for taking the time to reach out!
  37. Kyra ParysLast Tuesday at 6:19 PM
  38. Of course!
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