Op: Geronimo Draft

Apr 4th, 2017
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  1. "Operation: Geronimo is a go, I repeat, Operation: Geronimo is a go, all crews to stations".
  3. Ho-oh-oh-ly fuck, they cracked it! Geronimo is a go boys! let's move it out!
  5. Operations were due to commence at 16:00 hours, idly checking my watch for the umpteenth time I notice it is now 19:34. Something about a misfire on the homing beacon? probably some grit on the meter I don't kno-..."Delta....DELTA! Get over here! we need to record the pre-mission footage"..
  9. Six months of training for one 2 hour mission; rapid courses in combat/intelligence gathering techniques, extreme hostile environment survival, emergency medical training anything and everything they thought we might need, most of it a load of bullshit purely there for red tape purposes, sign a waiver sayin we won't sue if this device turns our bones to jelly or eye balls into pop tarts...that's six months I won't get back...but y'know? it'l be worth it, first boots on the ground! oohrah! First men and women to set foot on alien soil, a whole 'nother freakin world! it's crazy...
  11. [Can you outline the project for the purposes of the recording?]
  13. Uh right, yeh, sure thing. [Clears throat] Operation: Geronimo is the first in a series of field operations designed to test the effects of the dopplar device, this device has the capacity to alter the frequency of matter and thus project materials into what may be considered alternative dimensions or planes if you prefer. This will be the first manned mission using the device, we have the ultimate confidence in our highly trained team of experts who have developed this device, and our aim is to prove that this technology, far from being science fiction, is science-FACT. We aim to analyze surface samples; collect geological, meteorological and astronomical data, anything we can get our hands on to conclusively prove that we are not translating ourselves in location of the current plane, but in fact as transitioning laterally across dimensions.
  15. [What do we expect on the other side?]
  17. The landing zone has been designated Dimension D-#121, with our original dimension itself being A-#1. Out of the many thousands of destinations explored by unmanned probes, it has been determined that relatively few support the conditions necessary for our survival and that of our equipment.
  19. [How many? do you have a figure for that?]
  21. Uh, no. Not an exact figure on hand, but last time I checked something in the region of only 2-3% of the locations visited could support human life, a shocking number of incidents involving the loss of the probe were recorded, I belive over 70% of test flights resulted in the immediate presumed destruction of the probe with no data recovered, it is our ASSUMPTION that these planes can not support the physics or conditions necessary for our technology to operate.
  23. [Tell us about D-#121]
  25. D-#121 Is very earth like and a great starting point, conditions are similar to those during the Cretaceous period. The main mass of the alternate planet earth seems to be in a high water low land state, lots of shallow sea's and deep waters, interrupted by narrow strips of vegetated land. We should plenty of resource to analyze.
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