EFZ Useful Links and FAQ

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  1. What is EFZ Revival?
  3. EFZ Revival is a caster for Eternal Fighter Zero 4.02 created by Fireseal. The caster eliminates compatibility issues and offers excellent netplay with delay and rollbacks. Fireseal has also implemented extra training mode options which can be read about in EfzRevival_Readme.txt. If you have any questions or want me to add any links here, you can find me in Discord, link below - my username is Shimatora.
  5. Eternal Fighter Zero Useful Links:
  7. Full game + EFZ Revival 1.02a:!cVtzGKaZ!73yJqBVKA8beNBqA2AxxF8opCU_QTEcbghcWRl_FI7M
  8. EFZ Revival Caster DL:
  9. 4.02 Update -
  11. Matchmaking IRC Channel: #efz
  12. Discord Server:
  14. Wiki -
  15. Various tier lists -
  16. Frame data -
  17. Tutorials -  
  19. EFZ videos -
  21.       (being updated by myself)
  23. Other -        EFZ Replay Renaming Script
  24.                EFZ JP Replay Pack!QEsjBJaa!ye70mvdv_LsQL71kbtmKEvjupIzt4oDceVZewj70TcM
  25.                Old JP Tournament Replays!VQEBgAKD!ujl32Ruk97oVQQLpJJ4c5W3uACb16KsxH7cMBdrpMM4
  26.                EFZ Twitter List (Potentially NSFW)
  27.                EFZ Hosting Guide
  28. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________              
  29. FAQ:
  31. Q) How do I change my controls?
  32. A) In config.exe in your EFZ folder.
  34. Q) Is it possible to change sound settings?
  35. A) To a degree. You can disable the BGM in EfzRevival.ini.
  37. Q) How do I save netplay replays?
  38. A) Be sure you have created a /netplay folder in EFZ/replays, otherwise the replays wont save!
  40. Q) How do I change the port I host on? It wont let me change from 10800 in the caster!
  41. A) There's an option in the .ini for the default port.
  43. Q) I can't seem to get EFZ to run properly in Wine!
  44. A) Check this step by step guide created by GNU_uguu! If you still have issues, let someone in the channel know, we'll see if we can help.
  46. Q) How do I fix "The program can’t start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer."?
  47. A) Download and install the x86 version of:
  48. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  49. Fixes for common issues:
  51. Controller related:
  52. If your controller isn't working in game or in the config.exe, some of these might fix it.
  53. 1) Ensure that only one USB gamepad is connected at one time. This includes flight sim controllers, others sticks etc.
  54. 2) If only your directions don't work, try making the inputs for movement in config.exe blank. To do this, input "A" on your keyboard into each direction on player 1, then to clear the final direction use one of player 2's.
  55. 3) If in game some keys of the default settings are working but you can't change any in config.exe, private message Shimatora#2804 on Discord or @Shimatora_EFZ on Twitter and she can help you configure your buttons.
  57. Game related:
  58. Issue: When I run EFZ the game is in rainbow colours.
  59. Fix: Run the game via EfzRevival.exe option 5. EfzRevival adds a bunch of compatibility fixes that only work when you run through this executable.
  60. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  61. Submit a bug report:
  63. Q) I have found an issue with EfzRevival. How can I report it?
  64. A) Email with the issue.
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