Jitters Lectures Spaghetti (WUAH Log)

Jun 28th, 2013
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  1. «Verne» "It..." I cock my head. "It sounds like a /really good idea for an episode!/ Except the other way around! In their new bodies, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash find each other just *IR RE SIS TIBLE!*"
  2. «Puck» (I've read that one I think...)
  3. «HTBK» *You juuuuust resist the urge to pop your booty, Write.*
  4. «Writefag4» I stand and turn away for a moment. This is difficult. I have to keep both my temper and ass in check.
  5. «Angel Grace» "...What." As a fan of fiction, Star finds this highly offensive.
  6. «Writefag4» I sit back down. "I... suppose it might. Lets talk about something else though. I mean. The other people in this house haven't been the kindest to you have they?"
  7. «Verne» "Absolutely NOT. Worse than most of the babes I talk to are, even!"
  8. «Writefag4» "I have to wonder why you were here in the first place then?"
  9. «Wispy» I listen in on their conversation.
  10. «Writefag4» "Seems unlike you to intrude uninvited. You must have had some reason for coming here."
  11. «Globebutt» I come back from the kitchen with the bag of bread in my mouth. "Vhrhn st'hhy'd h'ovhr hht mhy hhuse hnd t'hrned hnto h p'hny," I mutter as I walk to Light's couch.
  12. «Verne» Ummm. "I'm pretty popular, so it's not unlike me to get invited to all sorts of stuff."
  13. «Mr.Jared» *Standing by wispy*
  14. «Globebutt» I set the loaf on the coffee table. "This isn't a party, Spaghetti."
  15. «Writefag4» "Get invited to many in a secret underground world? Surfacers tend to not even know about this place."
  16. «Verne» "Well it COULD be if you stopped HITTIN' me!"
  17. «Globebutt» "Not really." I get out a slice of bread for me, and one for Light.
  18. «LightRaider» .*I pick up a piece of bread, and take a bite out of it.*
  19. «Verne» "Don't mind the party pooper with the flat ass," I insist.
  20. «Globebutt» I fly up onto the back of the couch.
  21. «Writefag4» "I mean did you even know about this world two days ago?"
  22. «LightRaider» ."Thanks for the bread.." *I say, picking up another piece and munching on it*
  23. «HTBK» *I WILL DESTROY YOU YOU HALF-WITTED HORSEFUCKING SPERGLORD! AND THEN I WILL [The GM cannot describe what she says she will do to the corpse for fear of shedding the last of his decency] UP A GORILLA'S ASSCRACK!*
  24. «Globebutt» I set my bitten bread on the couch.
  25. «Globebutt» And clear my throat.
  26. «Puck» (hehehehe, anguru Jitter-san)
  27. «Verne» (super saiyan jitterglobe)
  28. «HTBK» *GIGA*
  29. «HTBK» *COFFEE*
  31. «Puck» (Lucky they're not a unicorn, really, that mess would be terrible, or rather anticlimactic.)
  32. «HTBK» *...Sorry, Globe. Reflex.*
  33. «Globebutt» (Of course.)
  34. «Puck» (what flavor of broken is angry magic at the moment?)
  35. «Globebutt» I clear my throat again. "Spaghetti."
  36. «Verne» "Hai!~"
  37. «Writefag4» I cough. "Spaghetti? I find it rather difficult to believe you knew about this place earlier."
  38. «Globebutt» I turn around and show her my butt. "You see this ass?"
  39. «Puck» (I see dat ass)
  40. «Verne» I smile wide. "MMmmmmmhm."
  41. «Writefag4» "So would I be safe in assuming its..." I turn. Well... Quite a view.
  42. «LightRaider» .*My mouth hangs open, completely shocked*
  43. «Globebutt» I jump down, and get up close to Spaghetti.
  44. «Globebutt» "Spaghetti." I turn around again. "Do you see this ass?"
  45. «Verne» "I sure see that ass, my friend."
  46. «Wispy» Globe, what are you doing? What are you about to say about your ass?
  47. «Angel Grace» "Oh no. An ass fight."
  48. «Writefag4» I glance away. Maybe I didn't give them credit enough earlier.
  49. «Angel Grace» ( )
  50. «Verne» Are we gonna fight? Should i ask for a kiddie pool full of pudding?
  51. «Globebutt» I turn around and slap Spaghetti in the face. "You ain' gettin' none of this 'flat ass'. Ever. Verne might if he asked nice. But you? No! You're insufferable! You dis my drink, you hate on my behind, and you're so full of yourself, you're overflowing!"
  52. «Verne» Holy shit.
  53. «Angel Grace» " damn."
  54. «Verne» Is ... Is this what they call... tsundere........
  55. «HTBK» *And her hair is stupid.*
  56. «LightRaider» .*my mouth falls open even wider*
  57. «Globebutt» "This could never be a party, either! This is a catastrophe!"
  58. «Mr.Jared» "..."
  59. «Wispy» "Oh god. We have to do something!"
  60. «HTBK» *hm. Sketti, roll fort.*
  61. «Puck» (200cc's of Party cannon, stat!)
  62. «Wispy» ( )
  63. «HTBK» *carry on.*
  64. «Verne» Gurl, I am a blogger and I have petty argument experience. "Oh yeah? Well your mama so fat that she wears a hula hoop for a collar!"
  65. «Angel Grace» "I don't know if I want to do anything." Star remarked, watching in shock. "I don't know if we /can/"
  66. «Writefag4» I trudge away in frustration. I don't think I can win both battles at once.
  67. «Globebutt» I gesture to Angel. "Her tits weren't half that size yesterday!" I point at Veronika. "She had hands, just this morning!"
  68. «Wispy» "I'll try this. Globe, you're a horrible Handler, you know that, right?"
  69. «Verne» I stare a bit pointedly at angel and mouth "what's your secret"
  70. «Angel Grace» I give Feelswhen a stare and walk off after Write. "Hey, can I ask you something, really quick?"
  71. «Globebutt» I glare at Wispy, then notice Spaghetti whispering and go back to glaring and shouting. "And you! Three days ago, a man walked into the coffee shop I work at topside, and I helped show him around town. I let him sleep at *my* house."
  72. «Verne» "Cool did you bone."
  73. «Globebutt» I slap her again.
  74. «Writefag4» "I wish he hadn't interrupted." I shake my head a moment. "Oh sure. Go ahead."
  75. «HTBK» *Hm.*
  76. «Globebutt» "No, we didn't bone! We woke up the next morning, and your filthy, hideous, abominable mop was in his bed-- attached to your body! Now you won't even acknowledge he exists, or ever existed!"
  77. «Verne» Ow. Jeeze.
  78. «Angel Grace» She nods towards the back room. "All these events with Verne have got me thinking...I don't know how much time I have left."
  79. «Verne» "What? I totally acknowledge he exists. And he was a total square, gawd."
  80. «Puck» (I can translate out of GM: "Baaad. For you.")
  81. «HTBK» *One of the first things you learn when studying magic is "don't do it when you're angry". Normally you're pretty good about this--but with the sheer chaotic broken-ness, you can't quite control is as well as you have. As you smack Spaghetti's cheek, a bright flash of purple static passes between you!*
  82. «Writefag4» "What do you mean? Have you forgotten anything?"
  83. «Angel Grace» She shakes her head "Not yet, but it happened all at once with Verne, too. So I want to ask you a favor. Well, two favors."
  84. «HTBK» *Sketti. You go flying across the room with a sound like the crack of a whip--and you slam against the wall and fall back onto the couch with a *piff*! Your cranial injury rolls appeased the RNG--shave your PON score to 7.9, get an icepack.*
  85. «Verne» (I can't say I've ever made a cranial injury roll before.)
  86. «Writefag4» "I have one for you as well. Though you have to promise not to tell anyone. You go first."
  87. «Wispy» "Name it, Star."
  88. «HTBK» *actually, fuck it. 7.5*
  89. «LightRaider» .*Me, who wasn't really paying attention, shoots his head toward Verne*
  90. «Globebutt» "You're killing him, you b--" I blink. Shit. How hard did we... Jitters, what did we just do?
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