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AEB Present 1.5 Log 64

DNA-zama Jan 22nd, 2016 68 Never
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  2. Eclipse has connected.
  3. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  4. Avara has connected.
  5. Chloe has connected.
  6. Kayla has connected.
  7. Avara:  meep?
  8. Kaorin Sakura:  Hi!
  9. Kayla is disconnected.
  10. Chloe:  You hung up on me. : (
  11. Kaorin Sakura:  We stopped being able to hear each other.
  12. Avara:  *hugs everyone*
  13. Chloe:  yeah
  14. Chloe:  I don't know when I cut out
  15. DNA:    I feel like there's something I'm missing here, but there probably isn't.
  16. Kaorin Sakura:  I called Rob.
  17. Avara:  any chance we can hear about what happened in the dragon age stuff on skype?
  18. DNA:    While I'm thinking about it, I have one request.
  19. Kaorin Sakura:  I can later, Ava.
  20. Kaorin Sakura:  Yes, DNA?
  21. DNA:    I'd like the game to end to as close to on-time (9pm) as possible. The reason for this is that I have a Saturday 8.30am class and, while I have woken up for 7.30am things before, I want to test my sleep pattern tonight to make sure it's still fine.
  22. Kaorin Sakura:  No worries.
  23. DNA:    Excellent. Thank you.
  24. Kaorin Sakura:  Okay, now that I'm jumping campaigns I need to figure wtf I was doing last.
  25. DNA:    We're sneaking up on tracks.
  26. DNA:    Lemme drop the excerpt in the Skype window for you to refresh (as it's a chunk).
  27. Avara:  we were tracking the group of robotic? attackers that want to wreck fairview
  28. Avara:  working for the guy whose belief was that humans shouldn't be using pokemon for aid or companionship
  29. Avara:  we want to punch him in the dick
  30. DNA:    The control rod dude?
  31. Avara:  not that one
  32. DNA:    Who may or may not be Vegeta?
  33. Avara:  that one
  34. Avara:  given that we don't know their identity, that's entirely possible
  35. Avara:  (except that we do and i just forgot it)
  36. DNA:    Infiltrator Man.
  37. Avara:  had an actual name
  38. Avara:  jen exposited
  39. DNA:    Dexter Wales. Yes, I was scrolling to find it.
  40. Avara:  okay
  41. Avara:  that's a funny way to spell vegeta
  42. DNA:    "Either you're perfect or you're not me."
  43. Kaorin Sakura:  Sorry, toes are the coldest part of my body right now.
  44. DNA:    They usually are.
  45. Kaorin Sakura:  And I stubbed my pinky toe.
  46. DNA:    WELL SHIT
  47. Kaorin Sakura:  I'm in a blizzard. And I went to the store for Kayla.
  48. * DNA has had that happen
  49. Avara:  *hugs*
  50. Kaorin Sakura:  I was cursing for about 11 minutes.
  51. DNA:    ...not in a blizzard, but it was against a piece of wooden furniture
  52. Avara:  holy shit.
  53. DNA:    That sounds like a personal best.
  54. Avara:  hope you're alright.
  55. Kaorin Sakura:  I am. Just in pain.
  56. Avara:  take your time settling in if you need it.
  57. DNA:    If it makes you feel any better, I have been half-deaf for the past 3 days.
  58. Setsuna Sho has connected.
  59. Chloe:  It's sho time
  60. Avara:  who is?
  61. DNA:    That was bad and you should feel bad
  62. Chloe:  I should. But I don't.
  63. Setsuna Sho:    Sakura...2?
  64. Kaorin Sakura:  It's Tim2.
  65. Kaorin Sakura:  Change your colour.
  66. Eclipse:    Ah, so that makes Sho the equivalent of me?
  67. Kaorin Sakura:  No, it's Tim2.
  68. Kaorin Sakura:  Rob knows him.
  69. Avara:  soooo i guess we'll have a guest watching today?
  70. Eclipse:    Oh, THAT Tim2.
  71. Kaorin Sakura:  I asked him to help when he isn't distracted.
  72. Avara:  ah
  73. Eclipse:    Right, I remember mention of this fellow.
  74. Setsuna Sho:    This work?
  75. Kaorin Sakura:  Yep. Just finding music so I can begin without three t.v.'s distracting me.
  76. Kaorin Sakura:  'Tis found.
  77. Kaorin Sakura:  And now just grabbing the date. And PDFs.
  78. Kaorin Sakura:  Because I forgot my laptop did a thing yesterday.
  79. Setsuna Sho:    Didn't you get a new computer for christmas?
  80. Kaorin Sakura:  Windows 8.
  81. Setsuna Sho:    Oh.
  82. Avara:  your laptop was an arse yesterday.
  83. DNA:    It was Wed 25 Feb 1549, 1000 hours at start of session last week.
  84. DNA:    I don't know what time of day it is right now, however.
  85. Kaorin Sakura:  Date: February 25th, 1549. 1300 Hours, Wednesday.
  86. Setsuna Sho:    Oh. Be right back.
  87. Setsuna Sho is disconnected.
  88. Setsuna Sho has connected.
  89. Kaorin Sakura:  Hah.
  90. Avara:  the year is 1549?
  91. DNA:    Yes, it is.
  92. Avara:  huh. ok.
  93. Kaorin Sakura:  I think Chloe was percepting and stealthing ahead of you guys?
  94. DNA:    She was, and Saturn was following at a distance behind her, soundless as a tree by itself in the forest.
  95. Chloe:  I am back now. And yes, Chloe was ahead of everyone
  96.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Am I there?
  97. Avara:  no
  98.     Miss Nobody 'Inbee':    Drat.
  99. Avara:  inbee and some of the pokemon were staying behind to protect the town
  100.     Chronicler:     As you move through the woods in pursuit of teleporters you can smell salt-water in the air. Its faint at first but overtime becomes heavier and more pungent.
  101. Chloe:  i am a sneak and I'm sneaking a peek, sneaky sneaky peek...
  102. Chloe:  Chloe stops and looks around. Perception.
  103.     Chronicler:     It is now, 1345, for the record. You follow the tracks for an extra 45 minutes and you're almost 4 hours away from Fairview.
  104.     Saturn Rosewell:    If Saturn is smelling it she hasn't said anything. However, none of her Pokemon are out so they can't comment. Instead, she scans the area with Intuition 6d6+2 .
  105. Chronicler whispers: You sense no life except your allies in the immediate area.
  106.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn shakes her head, as if to indicate 'no one else is here'.
  107. * Jennifer Attaway will keep following the others, relying on them to handle the sneaks and the peeks.
  108. Chloe:  Chloe gestures for the others to catch up, she seems to be examining a tree.
  109.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn peeks, a series of blinks going all around her head. Chloe's two eyes probably do a better job than her eight, but it couldn't hurt to look. Perception 3d6+2 .
  110. * Saturn Rosewell approaches Chloe quietly.
  111.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I lost the trail, the steps vanish. I found these old markings here, I can't read them."
  112. Chronicler whispers: The markings that Chloe jestures to look to be claw markings of some kind.
  113.     Chloe Blanchett:    General education to recognize the language being used, even if she can't read it.
  114. Avara:  human kanto, pokemon kanto, human sinnoh, human kalos. does it look like any language i know?
  115. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Gen Edu 2d6+2 to understand the meaning to the claws, if any. Also, is it a language, are they signals, perhaps directions, or something else entirely?
  116.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I don't know what it is. And I don't know where they vanished to. They might have made another teleportation jump."
  117. Chronicler whispers: Perhaps they're markings left by a Pokemon? Maybe Ursaring? As a means of backtracking.
  118.     Jennifer Attaway:   General Education to identify.
  119.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Looks like claw markings made by an Ursaring. Maybe to backtrack here. ...Aren't Ursaring known to mark territory like this?"
  120.     Chloe Blanchett:    "If the tracks stop... maybe they went down?"
  121. Avara:  down? we didn't get a terrain description
  122.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Down, like...underground?"
  123.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Maybe, if they had a signal they could teleport to. Or if there is an elevator hidden here."
  124.     Chronicler:     You're in the woods. A heavily wooded area. Lots of tree's, leaves, grass, hills, etc.
  125.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... Man-made. Similar to imprint of a creature's soul on the lifestream, but... precise, specific. Man-made."
  126.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn scans the area for abnormalities. Perception and Intuition ...
  127.     Saturn Rosewell:    "The claw markings are man-made?"
  128.     Chronicler:     What kind of abnormalities?
  129.     Saturn Rosewell:    Something I wouldn't normally expect to see or feel in a wooded area.
  130.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I... think. Occult stuff's really not my specialty."
  131. You have disconnected.
  132. Kaorin Sakura has connected.
  133. Avara has connected.
  134. Chloe has connected.
  135. Setsuna Sho has connected.
  136. Eclipse has connected.
  137. DNA:    ...Did I miss anything?
  138. Jennifer Attaway: (( just it's not occult stuff. ))
  139.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe fumbles through her bag and pulls out her sketchbook and writing instrument. She copies the markings in the back page of her journal for later.
  140.     Jennifer Attaway:   "I'm worse with tech than occult. All I got was an impression that it's man-made and related to impressions on the lifestream."
  141. Chronicler whispers: You can see that there are several tree's with these markings - and that they seem to follow a pattern path in a northeast direction along the tree's. They also seem to go upward in elevation as it goes on in the distance.
  142. Avara:  22 What sort of imprint would this be, or what would it mean? Knowledge check.
  143. Avara:  ... asdf. can reroll
  144. Avara:  that wasn't gm'd
  145.     Saturn Rosewell:    "That's...that's unusual." Saturn's eyes stray northeast.
  146.     Saturn Rosewell:    "There appear to be a lot of trees with these markings, and they follow a path northeast - and increase in elevation, too."
  147.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Maybe we should follow them, then."
  148.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Maybe, yeah. I'd guess they have a base at the top of a hill or mountain somewhere - or in a cave in a mountain."
  149.     Chloe Blanchett:    "It will lead to something interesting, even if it isn't them."
  150. * Jennifer Attaway will go that-a-way!
  151. DNA:    Attaway goes thattaway!
  152. Avara:  yup!
  154.     Chronicler:     Following the markings to the northeast you move about 30-meters before the markings end up either too-high for you to see in the tree's or are no longer there.
  155. DNA:    How tall are the trees?
  156. DNA:    Also, how much cover do they have higher up?
  157.     Mimsy:  Mimsy is released! She is told what is the haps and goes to check higher up the trees.
  158.     Chronicler:     The tree's are 17-meters tall on average.
  159.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn looks for a tree with considerably more cover than its neighbors, and flies on up to see if there are any markings on the trees higher up. If necessary, Perception again .
  160.     Mimsy:  Perception
  161.     Chronicler:     Saturn isn't able to clearly see the markings that high up, but Mimsy is able to get a lock on them. Though they do become a bit unusual.
  162.     Mimsy:  Mimsy pokes Saturn and brings her further upward to show off what she discovered.
  163.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Oh?" Saturn is be-poked and follows the butterfly to the spot in question, so she can see for herself.
  164. Chronicler whispers: Mimsy points you to where the markings actually continue above the tree's. And into what appears to be clouds conveniently hovering just above the tree's.
  165. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Wait, so the markings actually go off of the trees and into the clouds?
  166.     Jennifer Attaway:   "How high up are the marks?"
  167. Chronicler whispers: Into clouds that are conveniently just above the tree's.
  168. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: I'm going to scan those clouds. Perception for anything unusual looking, and Intuition for sensing anything odd about them (or even above them).
  169.     Chloe Blanchett:    "They flew above the trees..."
  170.     Mimsy:  Mimsy points to a puff of cloud, which had a marking on it.
  171.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... what."
  172. Chronicler whispers: You find that the markings continue. You do notice something odd about them but you're just not sure what. Perhaps looking at it with a different knowledge...
  173. * Jennifer Attaway will attempt to Climb the trees.
  174. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: All of Saturn's knowledges are 2d6+2, so apply this roll to whichever would be the most relevant: .
  175.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I'm not sure if that's safe..."
  176. Chronicler whispers: You recognize that this is technology. Familiar technology actually. But you just can't quite put your finger on it...
  177.     Chronicler:     Jennifer makes 0 progress ascending said tree.
  178.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Hmmm... Ah!" Saturn feels like she may have seen this kind of thing before, but can't place where.
  179.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... Yeah, I can't really figure out how to handle this."
  180.     Saturn Rosewell:    So, holding something in her hands, she has the something look at it.
  181.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe tries to see through any illusions! Perception!
  182.     Finch:  And look he did. Tech Edu 6D6+4 GO !
  183.     Chronicler:     Is chloe up there?
  184.     Chloe Blanchett:    She's looking from the ground
  185.     Chronicler:     She cannot see that high. That was the initial issue.
  186.     Vorpal:     Vorpal is released! Chloe mounts Vorpal and flies up to be next to Saturn. Because bees are the best mounts.
  187.     Chloe:  Chloe tries to get a closer look this time!
  188. Chronicler whispers: Finch is able to recognize the technological similarity. Its similar to Pok� Balls. In that it uses almost identical technology to capture and harness nearby aura and then compress it. However, this isn't used to capture Pokemon or anything remotely similar. It captures and harnesses nearby aura in the environment and compresses it into something solid.
  189. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: And do I know what this 'something solid' is?
  190. Chronicler whispers: Finch isn't able to figure out how to initiate these devices or what the compression result will be.
  191.     Finch:  Poke-Kanto: "Well, this is very interesting."
  192.     Chloe:  "These two clouds are identical. I don't know what that means. I-It's cold up here too."
  193.     Finch:  Poke-Kanto: "...And of course there is no solid surface up here for a translator."
  194.     Mimsy:  Mimsy is recalled, now that Chloe is flying int he air.
  195.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Do you want to go back down to the ground, Chloe?"
  196.     Chloe Blanchett:    "It looks like up here is where we need to be. I'm going to try and find more identical clouds like this." Chloe does so, searching for other clouds.
  197.     Jennifer Attaway:   climb attempt.
  198.     Chronicler:     Jennifer is able to ascend 1-meter above her own height.
  199.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn looks around for a surface up here sturdy enough for someone to sit or stand on. If necessary, Perception 3d6+2 .
  200.     Jennifer Attaway:   More climbing.
  201. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Remind me how flying affects carrying limits, and which number I have to use.
  202.     Jennifer Attaway:   Jennifer Attaway goes up 1 meter(s).
  203.     Chronicler:     You mean like a rock?
  204.     Chronicler:     Jennifer is able to ascend another meter.
  205. DNA:    Rock, cluster of branches, that kind of thing. Anything that is solid enough to support a person's weight.
  206. DNA:    +without breaking or faltering.
  207.     Jennifer Attaway:   Jennifer Attaway goes up 1 meter(s).
  208. Avara:  so that's 2 out of 17.
  209.     Chloe Blanchett:    "It's horizontal, I'm going to follow up here, you can follow me from the ground, okay?" Chloe began to travel along, following each cloud.
  210.     Chronicler:     That'd only be a rock, honestly.
  211. DNA:    Okay, is there a rock up here?
  212.     Jennifer Attaway:   More climbing.
  213.     Chronicler:     Oh, 'up' as in, above the tree's? No.
  214.     Chronicler:     Just the clouds.
  215. DNA:    Are the clouds solid enough? If not, I direct you to my most recent whisper.
  216.     Chronicler:     Jennifer is able to ascend another 2-meters.
  217.     Alsine:     "Chloe's moving. We should follow" Alsine said to Jennifer, walking along the ground.
  218.     Jennifer Attaway:   Jennifer Attaway goes up 2 meter(s).
  219.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Go on ahead, I guess. Either way we won't be able to do anything from down here if something happens up there."
  220. Chronicler whispers: No, the clouds are not entirely solid. Just only where the markings are. And you must be in light-load or have the mountable capability.
  221.     Jennifer Attaway:   Yet More climbing.
  222.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Oh? Okay..." Saturn recalls Finch, then moves to follow Chloe's steps, if possible.
  223. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Is Light Load the first of the 3 numbers?
  224. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: (I still have it marked as lifting/carrying/dragging and haven't edited it yet)
  225. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: nvm yes it is i do have it marked
  226.     Chronicler:     So, as I understand it, everyone except Jennifer is flying. But Jennifer is still climbing, and thus, very quickly being left behind in a tree.
  227. Avara:  seems that way, yes
  228.     Alsine:     Alsine is walking. Everyone else is flying.
  229. DNA:    I...am trying to figure out how to handle having Jennifer follow us. And I do recall Alsine walking.
  230. Avara:  because i don't have any way to fly. and either way we're kind of irrelevant on the ground.
  231.     Alsine:     depends on the destination. You're also irrelevant in that specific tree.
  232. Avara:  was going to try to tree-hop.
  233. Avara:  or see if the clouds are tangible
  234. DNA:    The clouds are tangible only at specific points, and are otherwise not.
  235. Avara:  .... fine. fuck it.
  236. Avara:  irrelevance ahoy.
  237.     Chronicler:     And missing a tree hop means a 17-meter drop. >_>
  238. * Jennifer Attaway will descend and follow on the ground
  239. Winter Lotus must wait 28.509 seconds before it may move again!
  240.     Chronicler:     Continuing the path northeast along the clouds you come across cliffs that drops deep into the ocean. You can't see how far down the cliff goes but you can guess it's likely fatal. Jagged rocks along the edge, possibly at the bottom and then a current dragging you under. However, the clouds continue northeast still.
  241.     Chloe Blanchett:    "What in the heck is all of this..."
  242.     Chronicler:     Time check: 1930.
  243. DNA:    So, looking at Region Map, we are at the indicated location, at which there is a cliff, but the clouds keep going?
  244.     Chronicler:     Yes.
  245. DNA:    Noted.
  246. Avara:  brb
  247.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Is...Is this a path of clouds? And it goes out...past the ocean?"
  248. Chloe Blanchett:    "Looks like we need to figure out how to get everyone in the air."
  249.     Saturn Rosewell:    "I agree. I don't want to leave Jennifer behind. That would be a bad idea."
  250.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Mph, why did they have to be so high above the ground?" Saturn kicks a make-believe pebble in silent frustration.
  251.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Are you strong enough to carry her?" Chloe starts to fly back to the cliff, down to Alsine and Jennifer.
  252.     Chloe Blanchett:    "The only idea I have, I could try to teach Vorpal how to serve as a mount. It's getting late, so we might want to set up camp anyway."
  253.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Am I strong enough? Not unless she's a small child, no. I haven't tried carrying people like this. Floating is...a lot harder than it looks."
  254. * Saturn Rosewell starts descending back down to the ground again, saddened she can't make further progress yet.
  255. Avara:  back
  256.     Chloe Blanchett:    "How does resting here sound to everyone?"
  257.     Finch:  Poke-Kanto: "I have something to share also about those strange markings."
  258.     Jennifer Attaway:   PK: "What is it?"
  259.     Finch:  PK: "Those markings have a technological similarity to Poké Balls. However, instead, it captures and harnesses the nearby aura of the environment, and compresses it into something solid."
  260.     Finch:  PK: "I do not know how to activate these markings, or what the 'something solid' is."
  261.     Finch:  PK: "However I theorize that the clouds may be the solid objects, as where those markings are, the clouds are partially tangible at those points."
  262. * Jennifer Attaway translates.
  263.     Chloe Blanchett:    "So it might be a teleporter after all! It might capture people and then pass them along from marking to marking. It also means if we destroy one, it might strand them, while still giving us a path to follow."
  264.     Jennifer Attaway:   "How far apart are the solid parts of cloud?"
  265. Chronicler whispers: 3-4 meters.
  266. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Thank you for saving me the trouble of asking you ;P
  267.     Finch:  PK: "Between 3 and 4 metres apart."
  268.     Finch:  PK: "Not enough for a walk or even a leap, but these stepping stones may be how they teleport about above the clouds?"
  269.     Finch:  PK: "This is just a theory, mind you. We haven't seen any of them yet."
  270.     Chloe Blanchett:    "If we break a few over the cliff, do you think they'd fall down into the ocean?"
  271.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...You think we should try?"
  272.     Finch:  PK: "And how would we destroy one or render it inoperable?"
  273. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: ...Actually, come to think of it, how would I do that? Could it be smeared or destroyed, or could I hack it with a Tech Edu check, or is this like a Runewarden thing?
  274.     Chloe Blanchett:    "It might stall them until we can fly up there."
  275.     Jennifer Attaway:   knowledge on... i guess basically runes. effects caused by life stream inscriptions, and how to disrupt them.
  276.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe considers her theories, and whether or not destroying one would result in what she predicts or if it would just cause teleportation failure. Technology.
  277.     Finch:  Finch also ponders how those markings would be destroyed or rendered inoperable. Tech Edu 6d6+4 .
  278. Chronicler whispers: You could damage it and hope it breaks. You could try hacking it but the DC is much higher sense you don't even know how to activate it in the first place.
  279.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... if you go up again, try to find an 'on' switch or lever. or... something. I don't know. This sort of thing shouldn't be *possible*. They could be for teleporters, or just for standing on, or... ugh."
  280.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Chloe, to answer your other question, I think if you can teach Vorpal to carry one of us around, you should. This is one of those situations where the ability to fly is actually necessary, weird as it is. And I don't want to leave Jennifer out just because she can't. We'd be the oddballs."
  281.     Jennifer Attaway:   "All the knowledge in the world doesn't help when people do the impossible."
  282.     Finch:  PK: "The unknown is not the impossible. That said, I do want to know who did this, and how. As a scientist, it intrigues me."
  283.     Chloe Blanchett:    "The sun's setting too. So I thought camping here would be a good idea."
  284. * Jennifer Attaway will set up her sleeping bag.
  285.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Let's find an area that isn't as out in the open and not so close to this cliff."
  286. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: I forgot the rule for looking/foraging for food and other things while camping/resting. It's nature edu, right?
  287. Chronicler whispers: There is no skill that does that automatically. You can look for things with perception, however.
  288.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I'm going to try and break one of the marked clouds. Try and look for any natural shelter you can. Doesn' have to be a full cave, any ravine or upturned tree or stretch of foliage will help."
  289. DNA:    Finding a shelter is Nature Edu, right? At least I think it is. I can't open the document just yet.
  290.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe flew back up to check one of the clouds, feeling around whatever solid bits she could to see if there was any way to manipulate it from the outside. Technology
  291.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((should be perception. It is finding something))
  292.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Try breaking two or three of them."
  293.     Chronicler:     When Chloe reaches out and touches the device, it activates, powering on.
  294.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Eh?"
  295.     Symbol:     A series of symbols suddenly appear in front of each device as aura is drawn in from the clouds and compressed into a solid surface.
  296. DNA:    I have both Nature Edu and Perception listed as shelter-finding skills in the document...
  297.     Finch:  PK: "...What was that noise?"
  298.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I- I think I turned it on!" Chloe shouted to the ground.
  299.     Symbol:     Each symbol is 4x4 meters wide, a flat surface and impossibly thin. They repeat to the southwest where you came from and to the northeast where you were previously unable to go with limited mobility.
  300.     Finch:  PK: "Saturn! Take me up to see it immediately!"
  301.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Maybe it's a solid bridge... we wasted a lot of time if it is."
  302.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn heads on up quickly to see for herself.
  303.     Chronicler:     Perception is the 'find things' skill. Nature Education is the geography skill. Know the environment, what exists in it and things like that. It doesn't tell you where shelters are but tells you what possible shelters can be found in the area.
  304. DNA:    Ah, hm. I see.
  305.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((I have to go. My brother got stuck somewhere, I need to pick him up. If the group goes anywhere, Chloe follows through flight))
  306. DNA:    Got it.
  307. Avara:  good luck
  308. Setsuna Sho:    That sounds important. Go save him!
  309. DNA:    Ordinary acts of heroism!
  310.     Chronicler:     If anything big happens we can just call it. We only got an hour before DNA has to NOPE out of here.
  311. Avara:  pretty much
  312. Setsuna Sho:    What's the button for picture sharing?
  313.     Finch:  Finch analyzes the symbols. Perception 5d6+4 to trace their path to see where it's going (or coming from), and Technology 6d6+4 to clearly analyze the source and how it was activated.
  314.     Chronicler:     Copy it to Caxt, make sure its not hidden from players and then click token handout.
  315. Setsuna Sho:    Caxt? Cast?
  316.     Chronicler:     Yes, that.
  317.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((Problem fixed))
  318. Eclipse:    ...You picked him up that quickly? I'm impressed.
  319.     Symbol:     Handout (click this)
  320.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((Kaorin, you remember when we would drive to St.Olaf and how long we could spend outside of the car trying to get the keys to work in cold weather? He was just struggling with that.))
  321. Chronicler:     Yes. Yes I remember that. Ow.
  322. Eclipse:    With a name like St. Olaf, I feel like I can imagine what that place is like. Did he get his keys to work?
  323. Chloe Blanchett:    ((Yeah))
  324. Eclipse:    Crisis averted?
  325. Chloe Blanchett:    ((stolaf was the college Kaorin and joined the LARPing club at, where we met))
  326. DNA:    Oh huh. I thought that name sounded familiar. So that's it.
  327. Symbol: (( omg, do you literally find a picture for every NPC you ever drop? ))
  328. Chronicler:     Yes.
  329.     Gentleman Starly:   Every. NPC. Ever.
  330. Chronicler:     I believe Finch requested a thing from Saturn?
  331. Symbol: (( That's 108 NPCs! ))
  332. DNA:    He did! And she flew him on up there so he could look at the runes himself, which he made checks for.
  333. Chronicler:     And counting. Moving on tho...
  334. Avara:  they're not runes.
  335. Chloe Blanchett:    "Is this a surface? You float, so you'll have an easier time trying to stand on it."
  336. Avara:  apparently runes are a totally other thing
  337. DNA:    Symbols, sorry.
  338.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((it sounded like a bridge made of elaborate light patterns. Serious Final Fantasy stuff))
  339.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn tests this, placing one of her feet down on one of the symbols and testing its solidity, while still supporting herself via levitation.
  340. Chronicler whispers: The devices seem to respond to human contact. A touch-based-human-genetics-only system. Best not to let Chloe touch it again if you intend to use it.
  341. Chronicler whispers: However, looking to where the symbols lead, they appear to go over the horizon of the cliff into a dense collection of clouds. Literally, into it.
  342.     Finch:  PK: "Aha! I see... I see..."
  343.     Symbol:     I am a solid surface, that you much you can tell for certain. Perhaps you should drop your whole weight unto me to test what I am capable of.
  344. DNA:    From my perspective that almost sounds like taunting death.
  345. Chronicler:     Click the whisper button...>_>
  346. DNA:    Now I'm actually scared to stand on it.
  347. Chronicler:     And when whispering to DNA, also whisper to Eclipse.
  348. Symbol whispers: I am a solid surface, that you much you can tell for certain. Perhaps you should drop your whole weight unto me to test what I am capable of.
  349. Eclipse:    Hello. I am DNA's laptop, the Eclipse System.
  350.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn slowly lowers herself onto it with both feet, springing her legs and testing her weight. Does it support her firmly? Does it falter or shake?
  351. Symbol whispers: [r:token.name]: I support you whole. I am as solid as the Earth and do not move in the air. A trusty and unbreakable walkway for you to stand upon.
  352.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Wow. I can actually stand on it!"
  353.     Finch:  PK: "Excellent. Now then, I require my lackey to translate for me. Please place him thereon."
  354.     Abercronie:     The raccoon is released and stands on the platform next to Saturn. He begins, with a slight nervousness in his voice. "So, um...Chloe, right?"
  355.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Me? Yes. Sorry to get all violent with you earlier."
  356.     Abercronie:     "It's okay. Before Finch explains what it does, he wants you to not touch that marking. It deactivates the bridge. So don't do it. Unless you want us all to die."
  357.     Finch:  PK: "Good, now carry on."
  358. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: When you say touch-based-human-genetics-only system, does Finch know whether or not Saturn's touch will activate it? Does she (and by extent Jennifer) count as human-only or no?
  359. Chronicler whispers: Out of all members in this party, only Chloe is capable of activating, or deactivating, it. 100% Human stuff.
  360.     Abercronie:     "Those markings are designed to operate via human touch only. Like an on-and-off switch. Any non-humans trying to press the switch will result in no effect."
  361.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Oh! So that's why only I turned them on!"
  362. Avara:  what about part-humans?
  363.     Abercronie:     "And when Finch says human only, he means totally human. Which means that only you can activate them."
  364. Avara:  'kay
  365. DNA:    @Avara: I did indeed ask GM that question, as I thought of it too.
  366.     Finch:  PK: "Go on..."
  367.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I thought so, Saturn was poking them."
  368.     Abercronie:     "And..." Abercronie glances off to the northeast, "this path goes into the middle of a dense collection of clouds way out over the ocean. Into the clouds. Like a huge mass of them."
  369.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...Guess it's better I outed my nature earlier than now, right?" Saturn chuckled, a bit nervously.
  370.     Chloe Blanchett:    "No, I still would have made the connection." Chloe smiled to Saturn.
  371.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...heheh...thanks for giving me the chance to do it myself, though."
  372.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...You think we should camp out and rest and then follow it in the morning?"
  373.     Abercronie:     "J-J-Just wait until she recalls us before you turn off the b-b-bridge"
  374.     Abercronie:     *!"
  375.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Maybe... I'm not sure I want to give them the chance to figure out that we've figured out what we have. Go forward or take a nap. If we can get everyone flying we don't need the bridge. They could turn it off halfway."
  376.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Ah, yeah, that's right." Saturn gulps. "Yeah, we probably should get Jennifer some means of flight."
  377.     Abercronie:     "If you'll excuse us while you two plan..." Finch and his lackey recall themselves.
  378.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Take flight Saturn, lets turn it off before they come looking."
  379. * Saturn Rosewell hops up and is in the air again.
  380.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe got ready to touch the cloud, touching it again after everyone was off of it."
  381.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe flew down to Alsine and Jen to share everything they had learned.
  382. * Saturn Rosewell followed!
  383.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... So go up, then send a mount down to carry us landwalkers up one at a time."
  384.     Jennifer Attaway:   "We can walk on the platforms as you activate them."
  385.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Or get a mount for you, Jennifer. That might be wiser."
  386.     Jennifer Attaway:   "It sounds like they're big enough that there would be no empty space between two active platforms."
  387.     Symbol:     They were all activated.
  388.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I can fly with Vorpal. Alsine flies on her own, so does Saturn. We do have this ring I think you can try." Chloe pulled out a Ring of Floating from the stockpile, "I don't know exactly what it does. It might make you fly."
  389. Eclipse:    If memory serves, it was an on-off switch for all of the platforms (or none of them) at once. Correct?
  390.     Symbol:     If you mean, turning one on/off turns them all on/off, yes.
  391. Eclipse:    Yes, I did mean that. Thank you.
  392. Avara:  just checked
  393. Avara:  rings of floating are for liquids
  394. DNA:    Well, the human body is 70% water by weight...
  395. Avara:  no
  396. DNA:    aw.
  397. Avara:  for floating on liquids
  398. DNA:    ohhhhhhhhhh.
  399.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Then we have this Oil of Levitation that can get you onto the bridge now. Or tomorrow morning. What do all of you think?"
  400.     Alsine:     "A bridge turning on and off isn't something that will go unnoticed. They know someone has been fiddling with their systems."
  401.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Sooner would be better, I think."
  402.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Then you think we should go now so they don't ambush us, right Alsine?"
  403.     Alsine:     "They wont expect us to start in the middle of the bridge, that is for sure. Now, what were the signs of an attack? Even if the... minions don't leave via this bridge, we will see the hot air balloon leave if the leader makes his way to attack Fairview again."
  404.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I don't want to use Fairview as a distraction. Especially if it means he might get away."
  405.     Alsine:     "Your suggestion earlier is also a plan of attack. We can teach Vorpal to fly, and cut our dependancy on the bridge."
  406.     Saturn Rosewell:    "But remember what Cherrel said? The one in the balloon was a dummy, so it might not be him even if he goes to Fairview. He wouldn't expose himself like that."
  407.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Can you teach while we walk?"
  408.     Alsine:     "This tactic will delay us, but it gives us the strongest upper hand."
  409.     Jennifer Attaway:   "... Yeah. Can you teach while we walk?"
  410.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((How long does capability tutoring take?))
  411. Avara:  it was written to be an extended action of some sort. but we've been allowed to tutor things onto new catches immediately.
  412. Chronicler:     It takes as long as a Training session.
  413. DNA:    A half-hour.
  414.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I could train her now. And we'd still have evening to attack. Can you tell how far away it is to the clouds?"
  415. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: Could I?
  416. Chronicler whispers: About 5 hours as a regular non-fatiguing pace.
  417.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I'll step out now, hurry hurry..."
  418.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe goes off to the side for INTENSE MOUNTING TRAINING!
  419.     Abercronie:     "I heard that question; it was 5 hours away at a standard pace."
  420.     Jennifer Attaway:   "We might catch them while they're asleep. If we're lucky."
  421.     Saturn Rosewell:    "5 hours, huh... So it's not just a brief ways off, huh."
  422.     Alsine:     "Then that puts our attack at midnight or morning."
  423.     Alsine:     Alsine stepped up in Chloe's place.
  424.     Saturn Rosewell:    "It puts it at one in the morning, if we get there without any interruptions."
  425.     Saturn Rosewell:    "...If there are no interruptions."
  426.     Alsine:     "Jennifer is correct, it will give us the element of nighttime suprirse."
  427.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Let's hope their sleep patterns aren't as weird as ours, and we can sneak up on them."
  428.     Jennifer Attaway:   "They have a stable home and an agenda. They can afford to have a sleep schedule."
  429.     Jennifer Attaway:   "We travel." Jen shrugs. "Stable sleep patterns are for non-adventurers."
  430.     Alsine:     "Lets wait here for Master Chloe, in that case." Alsine turned to where the bridge was.
  431.     Alsine:     ((ready to skip a half hour))
  432. DNA:    "Thirty minutes later," said the Spongebob narrator.
  433. Avara:  maybe we cut off the schedule when we go flying to the fortress?
  434. Chronicler:     I imagine others will not do anything during this time?
  435. Avara:  jen will get in a little nap if allowed.
  436.     Natasha:    Sneaking in a training session for me, but that only takes a half-hour. Other than that, nope.
  437. Chronicler:     Half-hour nap is fine. Restores 1/16th HP iirc.
  438. Avara:  at max health. mostly just doing it to fight off fatigue.
  439. * Finch is sleeping like a baby, because he was up all of last night dealing with batteries.
  440.     Finch:  Er, two nights. Whatever. Science!
  441. Chronicler:     For DNA's effect.
  442. 30-Minutes later...
  443.     Vorpal:     Vorpal is a trained mount!
  444. * Jennifer Attaway stretches as she wakes up from the little nap.
  445. DNA:    ε>
  446.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Are we ready?"
  447.     Vorpal:     Vorpal nods to Jennifer, gesturing to her back.
  448. * Jennifer Attaway will mount Vorpal so we can go.
  449.     Saturn Rosewell:    To the sky!
  450.     Alsine Kolstad:     Chloe mounts Alsine!
  451. Avara:  Oh my~
  452. DNA:    "Dammit Takei!" said King Kai.
  453. DNA:    It's funny, because we're going to a lair in the sky.
  454.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe looks out for where the bridge would be, if it was on. But not turning it on. Perception to follow successfully.
  455.     Chronicler:     Chloe is able to both locate and pursue the devices to the northeast.
  456.     Saturn Rosewell:    Saturn soars alongside the others, mounting and mounted by no one. Then again, she'd feel awkward if she were. It's probably better that way.
  457.     Saturn Rosewell:    *this way.
  458. DNA:    My excessive yawning is beginning to interfere with my ability to utilize fully accurate grammar.
  459.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((pause point?))
  460. DNA:    No, I'm yawning because my ears are imbalanced. Carry on.
  461. Avara:  we're flying to the enemy fortress. that's a good transition point.
  462. Chronicler:     The time is now: 0100 and it is Thursday.
  463. DNA:    If we can transition right as we get to the fortre-
  464. DNA:    Well then.
  465. Chronicler:     You make it to the condensed collection of clouds located over the raging sea.
  466. Setsuna Sho:    Envelope of Cloud.
  467. Chronicler:     That broke my train of thought.
  468. DNA:    And the devices are Stamps of Cloud.
  469. Setsuna Sho:    DNA gets it.
  470. DNA:    The path we travel is the Route of Cloud, and the army is the Mail of Cloud!
  471. DNA:    ...I wonder how far I could go with this.
  472. Avara:  so if this mail stuff. are we the dogs coming to bite the mailman, or are we delivering a beatdown?
  473. Chronicler:     The devices lead into the mass of clouds which, together, forms an imposingly large sphere of cloud. How this is not a stormcloud laying waste to the land you are not sure.
  474. DNA:    Yes.
  475. Avara:  there was a comma there.
  476. DNA:    I know.
  477. Avara:  "Yes" doesn't work
  478. Chronicler:     However, the device show a singular point of non-cloud in the mass. A small doorway that is mostly hidden by a thin veil of mist. It leads into the cloud.
  479.     Saturn Rosewell:    Perception : Any other doorways or entrances we could see?
  480.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe scouts for other entry ways as well.
  481. Doorway hidden by the misty veil whispers: You find none other than the singular almost visible one.
  482.     Saturn Rosewell:    Intuition : Is there anyone on the other side of that door?
  483.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I can't find any other entries."
  484.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Neither can I..."
  485.     Doorway hidden by the misty veil:   I vanish as the misty thickens from time to time and become more clear as the veil thins. I move and shift slightly with each transition of the veil, as if intentionally misdirecting my location.
  486.     Saturn Rosewell:    "And your eyes are better than mine, so there probably aren't any others. I just don't feel good going in through the front door."
  487.     Chloe Blanchett:    "They have no reason to have more than one." Chloe sighed.
  488.     Jennifer Attaway:   "Door would probably be easier to see when you trigger the bridges."
  489. Avara:  *bridge
  490. Chronicler whispers: There's a lot of aura here, and most of it not alive. Within it, there is a large collection or a singular nigh-city large living creature within. But behind the door immediately? No.
  491.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Let me trigger the bridge, I'll see if I can find a way in." Chloe was flown down to the bridge-node and touches it.
  492.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Wait...! Can't we try and open this door without doing that?"
  493.     Chronicler:     As the device is touched the symbols spawn.
  494. You whisper to Kaorin Sakura: What would be an example of aura from something not alive?
  495.     Chloe Blanchett:    "I won't have anywhere to stand..."
  496.     Saturn Rosewell:    "You can't sit on Vorpal and just...lean over?"
  497. Avara:  on alsine
  498.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe turned it off again.
  499.     Doorway hidden by the misty veil:   Drawn to the symbols like a metal to a magnet, I snap into place and the mist thins greatly. Easily noticeable and accessible, I await entry but reveal naught behind me. The mist seems to cloud perception.
  500.     Saturn Rosewell:    *on Alsine
  501.     Saturn Rosewell:    Sorry, got it backwards.
  502.     Chronicler:     The symbols vanish as Chloe touches a device again
  503.     Doorway hidden by the misty veil:   The mist returns to transitioning and the door shifting slowly with timed patterns.
  504.     Chloe Blanchett:    Chloe examines the door. Perception and tries to open it with Stealth.
  505.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Oh, we can just walk through, I think."
  506.     Saturn Rosewell:    "Just...walk through? No doorknob or anything?"
  507.     Chloe Blanchett:    "Alsine, lets try." Alsine flew through, with Chloe on her back.
  508.     Chronicler:     Chloe, while riding Alsine, flies into the side of the cloud mass where the door was drawn to. A single puff sound emits as she passes through without fail.
  509.     Chronicler:     Would you want to pause here?
  510.     Chloe Blanchett:    ((sure!))
  511. * Saturn Rosewell would be flying through as well, as I assume Jennifer would too.
  512. DNA:    ...Dammit! I thought this was going to happen >_>
  513. * DNA waits for it...
  514.     Chronicler:     Date: February 26th, 1549. 0115 Hours, Thursday.
  515.     Chronicler:     TXP: 2.
  516. PKMN XP: 60.
  517. DNA:    Thought so.
  518. Eclipse:    TL 20.9
  519.     Chronicler:     Saving campaign and log~
  520. Thanks Tim2!
  521. Setsuna Sho:    No prob.
  522. Eclipse is disconnected.
  523. Chloe is disconnected.
  524. Kaorin Sakura is disconnected.
  525. You have disconnected.
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