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Dadonequus Discord Part 315

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  1. >Chrysalis slowly turns over to you. At first, there was a menacing and angry expression on her face. But then she began to smile, and chuckle an annoyed chuckle "Oh hoho, look at what we have here. It's Anon and his newly grown spine. I wonder how long that will last I wonder."
  2. >You just chuckle right back. Doing your best to keep your nerve as she approached your bed.
  3. "It'll last longer than your temper. Still salty about this morning?"
  4. >Chrysalis narrowed her eyes at you. Stopping her approach as she lets out a soft groan. "Salty? No, I was just surprised. Tell me, why would you even dare to try to test my patience in front of everypony like that?"
  5. "Because you're always testing mine. Chrysalis, I'm done. I'm done letting you bully me and push me around."
  6. >You went straight to the point. You didn't want to dance around it.
  7. >"Bullying? Pushing you around? Hrnn..." Chrysalis thought on it. At first you thought she hadn't realized it. Until... "And? What's the problem?"
  8. >..dammit
  9. "What's the problem? Are you serious? That's not how friendships work!"
  10. >Chrysalis sighed as she shifted her eyes up and shook her head "I'm not repeating myself about our friendship."
  11. "No screw that!"
  12. >You get up and march to the end of your bed. Staring right into her eyes.
  13. "I get treated like a kid a lot. I get treated like I'm dumb. I even get treated like what I'm doing sometimes is just plain wrong. Starlight and sometimes Discord are the only ones who fucking treats me like an equal, and sometimes....sometimes. I'd just wish you would too. You said you want out of this, right? Then why not? You'll never get out if you keep acting like a bitch!"
  14. >Chrysalis gently places her hoof on your forehead and pushes you back gently. "Give me some space Anon. You're getting your saliva on my face."
  15. >DAMMIT!
  18. >"Yes. Anon..silly little Anon. You don't seem to realize that, whether you like it or not, you'll never be my equal. I converse with you because I find you interesting. I sometimes have fun with you because unlike ponies, you and your original race know how to have a good time. And, given what I've seen so far. You're more than capable of joining my side. But as you are now?" Chrysalis flicks your nose with her hoof "You're a silly little do gooder who doesn't have the heart to betray your pony friends to be with a real winner."
  19. >You step back and rub your nose. Then look at her with anger.
  20. "Chrysalis! Life save or no. I've done a lot for you. Shown you movies, given you a car that I swear to whatever real god this world has that you care more about than almost anything else, and you have my friendship which if it really only meant that much then you wouldn't have bothered saving my life! TWICE!
  21. >"Your point? You seem to forget that I'm the queen. I do what I wish on my own whim. Face it, you're blowing smoke for nothing and you're little act is meaningless. Just lay down Anon, lay down and give up." Chrysalis leans up and stares at you a very inviting stare "I'll give you a belly rub. Does Anon want a belly rub? I bet you do if I rub just low enough."
  22. >D-dammit...
  23. >no..don't..don't let her.
  24. "Stop! Ok? Stop! The only reason you do that is because you know a human's libido is much higher than a pony's. And I happened to have kept mine through transition"
  25. >"Again...your point?" Chrysalis asked as she boredly looked at her hoof. "You're only stating what we both already know"
  26. >Dammit. You thought you were prepared for this. But she wasn't even taking you seriously anymore.
  27. "Fine...how about this?"
  28. >If she thought you were being silly. Then it was time to be a little dark.
  30. "Chrysalis. I don't know how long our friendship will really last. I do think we have fun together. I'd like to think that's genuine. I want to make sure all my friends are safe and happy. I don't know, maybe it's because as a human I could never have that. But you're seriously pushing it. And all this evil shit? It won't last. It never lasts in this world. Sooner or later, you'll have to see things my way. Or else it'll just get worse for you."
  31. >Whether Chrysalis felt something wrong from you, or it was just your words. Her tone and expression became serious all of a sudden. "Are you threatening me?"
  32. "I'm just telling you. Look at every other villain. Reformed or locked up. For you? Who knows. Being stuck here was probably better than whatever failure you were setting up for before you met me. Chrysalis, You'll never win the game against me because I came to realize something. Something that was mentioned to me. I get obsessive about my friends. I can't abandon them all like that. Nor could I ever fight them. I would never live with myself if I did. You on the other hand don't seem to care about anything. And in the end. You'll end up alone Chrysalis..."
  33. >You sigh, you didn't want that
  34. "And I don't want that to happen. But if I keep letting you push me around. Then you're just going to keep doing what you're doing without respecting my feelings. So no, I can't let you do that anymore. You're going to have to have a reason to stop being so evil. It'll do you some good."
  35. >Chrysalis was silent. Her ears then drooped "A-Anon....d-do you really feel that way?"
  36. >She sounded so soft, and sincere.
  37. >You nodded, with genuine concern for her.
  38. "Yeah, I do"
  39. >Chrysalis looked down in shame "I see...well...I suppose I could change for you"
  40. >Woah...
  41. "Really?"
  43. >"Mhmm...first" Chrysalis put her hoof on the blanket you were sitting on "WE DO THIS!"
  44. >Chrysalis jumped and flew up and threw the blanket over you. "THEN THIS!"
  45. >She grabbed the ends up the blanket to trap you like it was a makeshift bag. You struggled, yelling her name, but it was to no avail.
  46. "CHRYSALIS!"
  47. >"Shut up you little worm! You want to change tactics? Then so shall I!" Chrysalis kept her hoof at the ends of the blanket bag to keep you from escaping as she opened the blinds.
  49. >You could hear him. The Ex-captain, still lurking. Still hovering outside....wait.
  50. >If you could hear him...
  53. >But she ignored you. "Ahh, my loser of an ex-captain. Tell me, how would you like a little snack? Hmm? A sort of raw Anon served on a blanket?"
  54. >X-captain stopped to think. Then smiled evilly at her "And then you for dessert. Right?"
  55. >Chrysalis shook her head. that was embarrassing. Even for her. It's as if he lost all his ability to reason. "No, just him. Unless of course. He suddenly decided to become my little lackey." Chrysalis poked at you through the blanket. "How about it Anon? Do you want to serve? Or be served?"
  57. >She can't. She won't!
  58. "Chrysalis! Chrysalis! You can't do this! I know you can't!"
  59. >You could hear Chrysalis chuckling.
  60. >Oh can't I? All I have to do is open this window and throw you out"
  61. >"I DON'T WANT JUST HIM! I WANT EVERYTHIIIIIINNNGGGG!" You could hear the X-captain screech.
  62. >You could hear Chrysalis let out a "hmph"
  63. >"You're so pathetic. To think you were ever my captain in the first place."
  65. >But Chrysalis ignored him as she prodded the blanket bag again. "Tick tock Anon, make your choice."
  66. >She couldn't. SHE COULDN'T.
  68. >"Well, only if I also let him inside so he could drag us out. All I have to do is throw you out quickly and close the window. Though, the threat of losing your life here, doesn't it make the choice to join me that much more enticing?" She prodded you again.
  69. >Wait...
  70. >WAIT...
  71. >Your horn. You had...
  72. >A second charge,
  73. >A second charge...
  76. "...fine then. Do it"
  77. >"What, huh? Are you an idiot? You won't survive being thrown out there" Chrysalis spouts at you.
  78. "If it means keeping Equestria safe."
  79. >You sigh
  80. "well. I can't live with a guilty conscience, better you be stuck here then ruling the world"
  81. >Chrysalis sighed and closed the blinds.
  82. >"HEY WAIT! I THOUG-" was the last you heard of the X-captain.
  83. >Chrysalis released her magical grip on the ends of the blanket.
  84. >You poked your head out, then looked at her with a smirk.
  85. "Couldn't do it. Could you?"
  87. >Chrysalis rolled her eyes as she went back to the arcade machine and put it back in place. However, the screen was jittery now. She may have damaged it. However, a few bangs on the side got it back to working order. Sorta. "Ugh, don't tell me I broke this thing. Stupid cheap machine"
  88. >You just circled around your bed to her side, still smirking.
  89. "You care about me enough not to kill me. Right? C'mon, you can say it"
  90. >"Anon...just use your horn to get this screen back in working order. I know you have at least one charge left in there. Better to use it on this than your escape" She gives it another tap and a bang. The screen went from sorta to worse.
  91. "I uh...what?"
  92. >"Ohhhhhhhh." Chrysalis let out a girlish giggle as she looked down at you and rubbed your cheek. "You thought I let you go because I care that much. How sweet. No, I knew you REALLY wouldn't give up your life unless you had a charge in that thing."
  93. >G-guh...were..you that obvious?
  94. "No, wait! NO! Fuck off. Charge or not! You wouldn't have done it!"
  95. >Chrysalis let out another dismissing giggle "I guess we'll never know. Now get to repairing that screen."
  96. >....fucking...FUCKING
  97. "I can't! Chaos magic can't just do that unless I made the arcade machine alive or have bat wings or some shit. Now fuck off. I know you care. You have to!"
  98. >"Oh you can't?" It seems that's all Chrysalis cared about "What a shame. Now I'm going to have to learn how to repair one of these stupid things."
  99. >No..nonono. You can't let this slip through your hooves.
  100. >You put your horn into your saddlebag and walked over to the portal door. You opened it to outside Starlight's town....and tossed the bag through.
  101. >Chrysalis was watching from the corner of her eye. Turning to face you once you closed the door. "What are you doing?"
  102. >You went over to the window blind and puled it down to make it go back up.
  103. "Yo, you want a snack?"
  104. >You ask the X-captain.
  106. >"I don't even know anymore. Are you actually going to open that window? Kind of tired of being given the run around and....hrn?" The X-captain noticed you put your hoof on the latch. "oohhhhh...could this be? COULD THIS BE?!" He smiled a wide vicious smile.
  107. >Chrysalis only scoffed and mocked you "You won't do it you imbecile. Or..You know what. Go ahead."
  108. >Chrysalis walked over to the portal door and opened it. She could see the bag sitting right there. "I now have everything I need for victory."
  109. "Stop...you take a step. And I'm unlocking this window"
  110. >Chrysalis chuckled "You bet on the wrong horse Anon. I'll be sure to come pick you up tomorrow along with the rest of the hive."
  111. >You just stared at her. a cold hard stare.
  112. >"You think that's going to work? Truth time Anon. I saved your life from the excaptain because I didn't understand the power of the horn yet. I saved you from that machine because without you I'd have been stuck in that world. Now? The horn has more power than ever. And combine that with the safety of my hive and Equestria will be mine within the week. Goodbye Anon. See you tomorr-"
  113. >Chrysalis stopped.
  114. >The lock on the window clicked.
  115. >There was a dead silence.
  116. >Chrysalis staring at you
  117. >You staring at her.
  118. >the silence felt like a lasted a minute. Until you slipped into darkness.
  119. >Maybe...that wasn't such a good idea.
  121. >then...you awoke.
  122. >You were in your room.
  123. >Your horn necklace, was right on top of your belly.
  124. >was it a dream?
  125. >You look to the side first.
  126. >The Arcade machine still had a fuzzy screen.
  127. >You look to the end of your bed
  128. >Sitting at the other end in front of your bed. On a chair, reading a book upside down was none other than Discord.
  129. "Discord?"
  130. >Discord had a pair of reading glasses on. And a serious look on his face. He lowered the book and looked at you. "Welcome back Anon."
  131. "...w-what happened?"
  132. >Discord went back to looking at the book. "you unlocked the window"
  133. >...oh shit.
  134. "...I...really did do that...WAIT WAIT! SO WHAT HAPPENED?!"
  135. >You nearly jumped out of bed. Holy fuck. Could that mean...?
  136. >Discord let out a quick disinterested chuckle as he adjusted his glasses. "What do you think happened?"
  137. "Well, Chrysalis saved me. Right?"
  138. >"Care to try again Anon?" Discord says in a deadpan voice as he focused on the book.
  139. "I..I"
  140. >You could feel dread. a pure empty void going into your heart.
  141. "...A-am I dead?"
  142. >"No." Discord says simply.
  143. >If Chrysalis didn't save you. And you're not dead. Then that simply meant you fucked up. And you had no idea what happened.
  144. "...W-what happened?"
  145. >So, again. Nothing went as planned.
  146. >pitiful...
  147. >"Well, where to begin. First, you idiotically threw your horn in a place that I had blocked off Chryssy. She can only use the door to Ponyville y'know. So, there's that"
  148. >....oh.
  149. "...t-then...w-what , then.."
  150. >"Relax Anon, I'm not done. Because there's indeed more" Discord closed the book and tossed it behind him.
  152. >"You see, that lock? That lock has a direct connection to me because I knew just telling you not to open it wouldn't be enough. I knew for some reason, at some point, something chaotic would happen that would lead to the opening of that window. Trust me, I really did know. Spirit of chaos and all that. You can't get things like that past me. Anyway. when I showed up, you had been eaten by the giant meatball, didn't even bother to chew. Rude isn't it?"
  153. >So...did you just get pulled in instantly? Fuck, then...
  154. "W-what about Chrysalis? What was she doing?"
  155. >"Ahh, that's the important hard pressing issue. Isn't it? How did Chryssy react when you got devoured. Did she cry? Did she stop stone cold? Ohhhh, the suspense...it's murderous isn't it?" Discord slowly grinned at you.
  156. "C'mon Discord. Just tell me. It's important."
  157. >"Important enough to risk your life?"
  158. "Erm...well, that was a sorta accident to be honest. I sorta got really into it. I was gonna close it up at the same moment I unlocked it to make it seem like I unlocked it through the clicky noise and..."
  160. >"And you forgot to close it back up due to the "heat of the moment". Yes, hence why I had an internal fail safe set up. Anyway, let's get to Queeny McBuggybutt. From what I noticed. When she realized she couldn't get the horn, and you had been snatched away. she actually engaged in conversation with her excaptain. Offering herself up as a trade under an extra condition that he would take her back to the hive so she can look at it one last time. Which, listening to that myself. Struck me as odd. Considering homesickness didn't strike me as a feeling Chryssy would have. in anycase. I certainly didn't want to wait for his answer so I cast the ole family fishing line out and caught me a dubious little colt. Chryssy, after I saved you, said nothing more. I asked her myself if she cared about you, as a courtesy to you of course, but alas. All she had to say was that you made an idiotic move. Which,is true. It was idiotic. And went downstairs. And so, for the rest of the day. I've been sitting here....bored...watching you. Making sure you don't cause a reason for me to have to send you to the hospital, again. Fluttershy would never let me live it down. OH yes, also because I care...I guess. Nevermind the fact I was having a good time with Fluttershy praising how well I did today." Discord gave you an insulted expression before grinning at you "Good to see you're alright."
  161. >You smile back at him
  162. "Thanks."
  163. >Chrysalis. She knew she couldn't do anything without the horn. She tried to save you. But it was obvious she was also going to try to bolt to her hive at the same time.
  165. >She knew she couldn't beat the X-captain. And given his form. Does that mean he'd be affected by that throne she mentioned? If he did, he wouldn't even be able to float. He'd literally just be an angry ball.
  166. >Though. Knowing the X-captain. He wouldn't have agreed, he was too insane to wait that long to do anything.
  167. >So all that left is what would she have done had Discord now shown up.
  168. >You'll never know.
  169. "What time is it exactly?"
  170. >"You haven't missed that star gazing thing if that's what you're asking about. Yes, I eavesdropped. Not like you can stop me." Discord shrugged with a grin.
  171. "Ok, that's good. And Chrysalis is in the basement?"
  172. >Discord nodded
  173. "ok. That was the only real power play I had."
  174. >You bring your head down on your pillow and look straight up to the ceiling.
  175. "I guess in the end she really does want both.She wants to keep me and rule the world. I kind of wish you didn't save me so soon. If only I had known what else she would have done to save me..."
  176. >"Sorry. I didn't know what you were doing. I just know you had done something dumb."
  177. "Yeah, well. It seems the whole reform thing is definitely the thing that has to happen then. I just hope Chrysalis doesn't hate me too much. But, that's it. There's no use getting depressed about it. This is Equestria. It'll work out in the end as long as I show her that I still want to be friends"
  178. >"That and my barrier keeping you from having your throat crushed once that does happen."
  179. "Yeah, uhm. What about the window?"
  180. >It's the same. Only you and I can open it at this point. So unless you decide to be an idiot again. Things should be fine"
  181. "Ok.I think I can fully accept Celestia's plan now. If it's one thing that's for certain. Chrysalis can't be allowed to get back into her hive. I'll just have to work it out during the aftermath. It sucks, but she's getting more desperate."
  182. >Especially how the CMC seem to think letting Scrappy do his spy work is totally ok.
  184. >"Yes...Because of some throne thing." Discord scoffs "after listening in on that malarky, I've sometimes danced the thought of testing to see if it'd really stop my magic. But then I realize that I'm already amazing and that it wouldn't. Not at all." Discord chuckled
  185. >You wondered if that was really true. Could it stop him? Is some throne really that powerful? Or was Chrysalis making it up? At this point. You couldn't tell.
  186. >But again. At least you knew she went for the horn. Maybe you were wrong. But you felt she wouldn't have left you to fry if she actually could use it.
  187. "Well, I guess I better get ready for the star gazing."
  188. >You sigh
  189. >"Something the matter there, Anon?"
  190. "Yeah..it's just one thing. Discord, do you think I'm making the right decision with Chrysalis? Just letting Celestia do what she wants?"
  191. >"Does it matter? Like you said. It'll work out in the end....apparently"
  192. "Yeah..."
  193. >You'd just have to get your mind off of it. You had to. Chrysalis was your friend. But she was also clearly dangerous. Like it or not. She had to be defanged. Not locked up. But defanged. She was too cunning to fall for normal reformation tactics.
  195. >Discord left you to yourself soon after. Merely telling you to be more careful. He even hesitated leaving. But you told him you'd be ok and that you had to get to that star gazing thing.
  196. >Just had to get your mind off of it. Chrysalis made her choice. If she wants to reconsider. She can mention it when you see her or her coming to you on her own time.
  197. >You had to get back to your life.
  198. >You couldn't waste it on someone who didn't want to be saved.
  199. >Just ignore it...
  200. >Of course, as you switch the dial to Ponyville. You also start to realize that you were never told where to meet. Was it Lyra's? Bonbon's? A particular spot?
  201. >...fuck man. You wouldn't even know where to find Scootaloo.
  202. >You could use the map. Wherever Scrappy was, Scootaloo had to be close by.
  203. >So you hop through the portal. And then open your saddle bag to...
  204. >"Anon, there you are!"
  205. >GRDFHGHG
  206. >You jump, startled and fall on your face as you let out a yelp.
  207. >"Woah geez! Anon! Relax. I-it's just me."
  208. >You slowly get up. wiping your face as you look behind yourself. seeing a giggling Scootaloo in a helmet. On her scooter.
  209. "S-Scootaloo?"
  210. >"Hehe. Yeah, it's me. Why do you seem so surprised?"
  211. >Because she was just there
  212. "How'd you know I'd be here? Also, that wasn't THAT funny"
  213. >Scootaloo shrugged "I've seen you just show up here a few times. So I figured you'd be here if I wait. also, yes it was."
  214. "It wasn't."
  215. >"It was" Scootaloo said with a smirk.
  216. "Really?"
  217. >You weren't in the mood for this. But fuck, she's just a filly and the fact she's figured out your entrance point is pretty good. Just relax Anon. Think of something light hearted and funny.
  218. "Well if you really th-HOLY CELESTIA WHAT IS THAT?!"
  219. >You point behind her. But she doesn't buy it.
  220. >"..Really Anon? That's like. Baby stuff."
  221. >You just snort and look at her with narrowed eyes.
  222. >"Aww, come on Anon. Can't you take a joke?" Scootaloo didn't think you'd react like this. She was only playing.
  223. >You sigh and give up
  225. "Yeah, I can take a joke. You better watch out next time Scoots. I might get ya!"
  226. >"Yeah no, I don't think you will" Scootaloo seemed pretty sure of herself.
  227. >You let out another snort.
  228. "I'm the son of chaos. I can do whatever I want to you and you would NEVER see it coming."
  229. >"yeah? Well, I'm Rainbow Dash's number one fan. And I've learned everything there is about dealing with ponies like you" Scootaloo lets out an arrogant chuckle.
  230. "Yeah?"
  231. >"Yeah"
  232. "Alright, I needed something to get the ole mind processin' anyway"
  233. >You drop your saddle bag to the ground. Staring intently at Scootaloo.
  234. >"What huh? What are you doing Anon?"
  235. "What's it look like? Challenging a future Wonderbolt to a spar. Whoever takes a good hit first loses. I wanna see if you can handle the bonafide Hero Colt"
  236. >Scootaloo raises an eyebrow "Really? That's random. And we gotta get going. Lyra and Bonbon are already getting set up. I told em I'd go and get you."
  237. "Oh? is that a translation for "Cluck cluck. Bugawk?" "
  238. >Scootaloo narrowed her eyes at you "Are you calling me a chicken?"
  239. "Maybe, when you gonna lay that egg?"
  240. >She wanted to make fun of you? Fine, but you were sure. with all the experience you had. You could show her who was top dog. That you weren't to be taken lightly.
  241. >"Fine" Scootaloo removed her helmet and put it down "Don't go crying to your dad saying you lost to a girl"
  242. "Less cluckin', more hittin'"
  243. >"Oh that's it! You're going down Anon!" Scootaloo started fluttering her wings angrily, and rushed right at you for an immediate take down.
  244. >Dodging might not work. All you had to do was overpower her and take her down under you. And she'd be done.
  245. >So you kick your hindlegs and push forward with a loud battlecry.
  246. >All you had to do was time your tackle.
  247. >Just time it.
  248. >But as you both rush towards eachother. Something happens.
  250. >Scootaloo goes too fast. And smashes right into your head.
  251. >You barely felt it.
  252. >But for her. She was holding her head. She was seeing stars. She walked backward, wobbling and tilting as she held her head. "O-ogh..t-too fast..T-too hard. W-what did I even hit?"
  253. >Don't relent Anon! Don't RELENT!
  254. >You dash over to her and...
  255. >You almost threw her down in all actuality. But seeing her stunned. And realizing maybe you were being a tad too sensitive. You instead opt to just push her down gently. Either the fact she was a kid softened you up or that knock on the head cleared up a few thought synapses. Because this actually seemed like a good idea.
  256. >"Omph..oohhh...wait..WAIT! OH NO!" Scootaloo realized what just happened.
  257. >You...you won! YES! HOLY FUCK! YOU WON!
  258. >Well..against foal..a girl...
  260. "OH YEAH! The Hero Colt wins! What do you gotta say to that?"
  261. >Scootaloo looked pretty sore about losing as she stood up. Rubbing her head. "Yeah yeah, so I messed up a little."
  262. "Mhmm, ok. Whateveeeer you say. Wow, ain't so "cocky" anymore, eh Scoots?"
  263. >"Ok ok, no more chicken jokes. I get it. I'm sorry" Scootaloo says with a defeated and aggravated sigh.
  264. "Apology accepted. Now, lead on."
  265. >You bow and extend your hoof to the side. Like a gentleman would.
  266. >That really did feel pretty good.
  267. >"It's over here." Scootaloo said as she put on her helmet and slowly pushed forward towards the outskirts of the town. Towards a grassy hill. "You're not going to tell anypony. Are you? I don't want Rainbow Dash knowing I lost a fight."
  268. >Awww, her worrying like that was kinda cute. It made you feel just a little bad.
  269. "I won't tell anypony. Besides, my aunt would get pretty angry if she found out I was fighting."
  270. >"What? Fluttershy? I don't know about that" Scootaloo doubted Flutters ability to get angry.
  271. "Oh trust me. Even if she doesn't show it. You can just feel that raw anger. So yep, mah muzzle? It's shut."
  273. >"Thanks.." Scootaloo started to feel less tense. She calmed down.
  274. >You were glad she didn't mention anything about your titanium cranium. You didn't need any cracks about your hard head.
  275. >When you both entered the grass. Scootaloo propped her helmet and scooter to a tree and continued forward. Telling you it wasn't much further.
  276. >After a few moments. you both arrived on a high hill. With a picnic set up with some soda drinks and sandwiches.
  277. >Next to it was Bonbon working the Telescope as Lyra tried to tell her what to focus on.
  278. >"Oh, Oh! Look at that one! Point the telescope on that one!" Lyra pointed to a particularly bright star.
  279. >"Hold on Lyra, this takes time. I can't just point the Telescope to it. I have to find it on the viewfinder first." Bonbon responds, focusing on adjusting the telescope.
  280. >"Oookk..." Lyra said impatiently as she gazed up into the sky, then sighed a lighthearted breath "It's pretty nice out to be honest."
  281. >"Yeah, it is. We certainly got lucky the pegasi didn't decide to give us a cloudy night" Bonbon said a she continued adjusting.
  282. >"Mhmm, oh!" Lyra noticed the both of you and waved "And the night is going to get better! We have a full team now!"
  283. >"Hmm?" Bonbon turned around, and smiled at the both of you "Hey there you two."
  284. >"Hey girls! How's it going!" Scootaloo waves with a happy grin on her face.
  285. >"Oh." Bonbon goes back to adjusting the telescope "Almost done, going to get it pointing at the perfect spot and lock it in place"
  286. "Do we even need a telescope really?"
  287. >You looked up at the night sky. The stars were like beautiful jewels in the sky. Better than anything you ever saw on earth.
  288. "Everything is so shiny and bright. It's already really pretty"
  289. >"Yeah. But imagine how super pretty it'll be once Bonbon gets everything set. In the meantime. We got snacks while we wait!" Lyra takes a sandwich and begins to chowdown.
  290. >"I am a little hungry" Scootaloo says as she sits and joins Lyra.
  291. "Yeah, me too"
  293. >And so the three, and soon. four of you sit down and have a snack. The telescope set up after a few moments.
  294. >The small talk was kept to friendly level. Nobody mentioned Chrysalis. It was more on how everyone's day went and favorite snacks and friends and such. Pleasant and safe is the words you'd use to describe it.
  295. >"I remember when I did this with my other friends. And Rainbow Dash was there too! It was soooo cool" Scootaloo said with a squee.
  296. "This is my first real time just sitting out here relaxing and looking at the stars with friends. It's relaxing really. Makes any worries I have seem like a memory."
  297. >"Well, that's the point. We're not here to worry about anything. We're here to keep each other company and look at the sky." Lyra says with a cheerful grin
  298. >"That's right. Even busy ponies like myself need some R&R. And some soda" Bonbon takes a swig from her soda cup. "The telescope is ready by the way. If anypony wants to take a look see"
  299. "I'll take look. Never seen a star up close before."
  300. >You get up and take a look through the telescope.
  301. >What you saw was truly wonderous. If you could describe it. It was like looking at Vegeta's Big Bang Attack up close and it not coming in to kill you.
  302. >And it had a bunch of pretty shines coming off the side of it too. Bonbon did a great job positioning the telescope.
  303. "Woah...it's...so beautiful."
  304. >It made you feel.....serene.
  305. >No wonder Luna wanted ponies to enjoy the night so much. It was so much better than Earth that it was unreal.
  306. >"Isn't it?" Lyra lays back on the picnic blanket "I don't think I'd mind sleeping out here. The stars would be my night light."
  307. >"Well, if you wanted that then one of us should have brought a tent." Bonbon chuckles.
  308. >"I wouldn't mind. But I can't stay out too long." Scootaloo mentions.
  309. "I could probably get away with it. Almost, I don't think my marefriend would like me cuddled up between two mares."
  311. >Lyra looks at you with a cocky grin "Cuddled up between me and Bonbon huh? That's a weird thing to say, isn't it?"
  312. >Shit...did you say that?
  313. "I-er...um, it was a mistake?"
  314. >Bonbon snickered "Was it? seemed really specific to me"
  315. >Bonbon and Lyra have a giggle.
  316. >"What's going on exactly? Things feel weird all of a sudden" Scootaloo didn't understand
  317. "Nothing! Nothing at all! Moving on. Stars...thats what we're doing! Let's continue to look! yes! Let's do that!"
  318. >Fuck, you had to watch your mouth. Though..who wouldn't want to be between a Lyra and Bonbon.
  319. >"Yeah, let's just sit back and let the starlight do it's thing" Lyra said as she went back to relaxing.
  320. >Wait...
  321. "What did you say?"
  322. >"Wha? I said, let's just sit back and let the starlight do it's thing..why?" Lyra found it odd that this needed repeating.
  323. >Starlight.
  324. >Star....Light.
  325. >Ahh shit.
  326. >Fuck!
  327. >You utterly forgot that quite possibly. Starlight was in the Crystal Empire right now.
  328. >And what's worse. She could have made a fuck up that shattered her entire world view.
  329. >Or maybe that chump Sunburst fucked up.
  330. >Fuck...FUCK.
  331. >You know Starlight told you not to worry.
  332. >But this was a cartoon pony. Prone to the sudden whims of plot contrivance.
  333. >And what could you do? Well, right now. You were supposed to be enjoying this night with friends.
  334. >But, you also had to protect Starlight. Which you could do with the portal door and horn.
  335. "No reason. I just thought it was a beautiful thought"
  336. >"Really? Awww, no wonder your marefriend likes you so much. You're really sweet on the inside" Lyra smiled as she went back and focused on the stars as Scootaloo looked through the telescope.
  337. >"No shooting stars tonight. That's fine, with Rainbow Dash being a Wonderbolt now. She'll be able to train and become even faster than the fastest falling star ever!"
  338. >Oh Scoots...
  340. >Actually, reflecting on Chrysalis. It made you think of the term Friendship itself.
  341. >It made you feel melancholic. Enough to ask a certain question.
  342. "Hey, I got a question. For everypony actually."
  343. >They all turn to face you. "Yeah?" All three say
  344. "Do you think we'll be friends for a really long time?"
  345. >"Really long time? That's a weird way of saying forever" Lyra says with a grin
  346. "No, I'm serious. I like all my friends. You guys, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle. Diamond..my Dad..others..y'know. That's why I want a serious answer. Especially with the age difference and all"
  347. >"Again, that's a weird way of saaaaying forever" Lyra giggled
  348. "C'mon, really? Do you think it'll last that long?"
  349. >"Well, isn't that how it's supposed to be? I know even if I was an old mare. I'd be friends with every friend I made. And no matter how old Rainbow Dash gets. She'll ALWAYS be the best. So, yeah. Forever!" Scootaloo says with certainty.
  350. >"You already know my answer. I couldn't imagine life without my bestie. Even when we fight, or even when it seems we hate each other. It never lasts. It just always comes down to an apology, some hugs, and then we have fun times again." Bonbon explains from her perspective.
  351. >And that's how it's supposed to be.
  352. >Isn't it Chrysalis?
  353. >The rest of the night pretty much went on like this. Eating, drinking soda, laughing. Even you had a good time talking on lighter topics and regaling the group about your adventure in the alternate Equestria. Omitting a few things of course.
  355. >Scootaloo mentioned what she knew and saw when it came to RD becoming a Wonderbolt. Apparently it wasn't as smooth as you thought'd it'd be.
  356. >Lyra and Bonbon we're just being adorable as usual. Talking about more minor things like window shopping and such in Canterlot.
  357. >You felt, for once in the rare times it happened. Happy, and the age your body represented.
  358. >You really had nothing to worry about. Cept for Starlight. You still had to check on her when this was over.
  359. >For Chrysalis? Well, you already made up your mind on that. and this solidified it. She'll have to understand the real friendship between you two eventually. She just had to.
  360. >When things got late. All of you joined up for putting everything away.
  361. >It really was a beautiful night.
  362. >And you all got along. And left on such a good note. Scootaloo even mentioning that if she ever became as great as Rainbow Dash. She'd like you as a rival hero.
  363. >...it was adorable.
  364. >A rival in Scoots. Well, you felt so humbled that you told her that she was guaranteed to make the Wonderbolts one day. And the smile on her face was heart melting.
  365. >And with goodbyes. And one soda in your possession. You poured it down and went home as everyone else went to leave.
  366. >But the night
  367. >It wasn't quite over yet.
  368. >You had to make sure Starlight was ok.
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