Icarus' Fable - Chapter 5 - Issues

Jul 6th, 2013
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  1. Oh sweet Celestia, last night had been amazing. You woke up with heavy eyelids, still exhausted and still being almost pinned down by Cogs lying on top of you. Sometime during the night, his member had slipped out and flopped onto the bed as well as a large amount of his juices spilling out from you, leaving an obvious-to-what-happened patch on the bed. You could still feel his seed inside of you, bringing memories of last nights passion flooding back into your mind. It was strange to imagine it, only a week before now you were a male, and now, you had willingly let a male have sex with you.
  3. You hadn't even really meant for you and Cogs' relationship to get this far, you definitely started to have feelings for him as soon as you had changed into a female, but never meant for it to go as far as sex. Something was influencing you, almost like a primal instinct. Whatever the hell it was, you were strangely glad that it had happened.
  5. Sex was weird, especially now that you were a female. But you *were* a female, so sex with men was... Normal? No, not normal, even if you were now a mare. You had been a man for years and been a mare for a miniscule amount of that time. So why did it /feel/ so natural to want these kinds of things?
  7. Maybe it wasn't your hormones that were affecting you, maybe it was an underlying love that you had for Cogs even before you had turned into a mare. Maybe you had been subconsciously hiding these emotions, knowing that you would never be able to pursue them. Now that you were a mare, those emotions may have been given leeway to run free and be expressed.
  9. You definitely didn't feel disgust for having sex with Cogs. Sure, it was strange, but this was one of the ways that couples expressed passion for each other. You were his partner and he was yours, and you were growing closer to each other by the hour.
  11. You looked down at your familiar yet not so familiar marehood. “It is quite attractive...”, you think to yourself. As attractive as a horse vagina can be, that is. Yours was shapely, neat and ever so slightly plump. Your small pony boobs were also quite pretty looking, fitting snugly just above your marehood. They were just the right size for your liking, not too big but not too small either. Some pony looking at your backside would undoubtedly be able to notice them, sticking out from between your legs. You smile to yourself at this thought. Being an object of attraction was sought of... Nice.
  13. It was quite strange to think that the thing resting between your legs had been filled with the genitalia of your former best friend and current lover. You had let him cum inside of you and now that you were being completely honest with yourself, you had liked it. A lot. You didn't feel strange for wanting it, you didn't feel bad for letting it happen and you felt great now that it had.
  15. As much as past-you might deny it, you were in love with Cogs now. That was all that mattered. Not that you might not love him if you were a human, but that in this moment, where you are and who you are, you love him.
  18. It was quite early in the morning, probably somewhere around six or seven, and the sun had just started to poke it's timid head through the trees, the birds had just begun to sing their sweet song, making you smile and you blink yourself awake. As comfortable as this was, you wanted to get up sometime soon so you roll over, causing Cogs to fall over on to the bed and sub-sequentially wake up.
  20. He looked around the room with sleep still in his eyes, probably wondering what he was doing on his back when he looked over at you. Instantly, his face changed to show compassion and content, just at the sight of your face. You smiled back with the same joy that he expressed to you. Truly this must be what it is like to be in love. You look down Cogs' body and blush when you see that he was again erect. You smile again and shuffle over to him again, putting your hoof on the end of his morning wood and your lips on his mouth. Before you could get any further, a knock on your door interrupted you. Cogs threw a blanket over himself with his mouth and tried to push down his "problem" while you tried to cover up the small wet patch on the sheets with the other end.
  22. "One second, I’m not, uh, decent." You call out while grasping for the sheet.
  24. "Decent? We're ponies, we don't need clothes" Ditz said while slamming open your door. In a frantic attempt to quickly cover yourselves up, you tug on the sheet simultaneously, causing the both of you to lose a grip on the sheet, revealing your naked selves to Ditz.
  26. "Oh." Ditz stood in the doorway, staring at you and Cogs. Suddenly, he snapped out of his stupor and slammed the door shut, shouting "Sorry, sorry, sorry!" as he galloped down the hallway.
  28. Cogs looked at you and you looked at Cogs. Instantly, you burst out laughing with Cogs following suit a few seconds after you. You don't know why, but something about this situation you both seemed to find hilarious. You stop laughing and get up off the bed.
  30. "Well, i don't think we have much to hide now." you say to Cogs with a smile.
  32. "Couples do this kind of stuff all the time, they'll understand." He says while jumping off as well. "You... You do think of us as a couple, right?"
  34. You smile at him, lean over, drape your wing over his shoulder and put your lips to his. You pull away and stare into his big blue eyes.
  36. "Was there ever any doubt?"
  39. Cogs and you make your way into the cabins kitchen with your wing still placed over his withes. Archie is sitting at the table, munching away at a bowl of fresh vegetables while Ditz sits nervously next to him, blushing and pushing his carrot around in his bowl. As soon as he sees you walk in, he looks at his hooves and begins to fidget.
  41. You remove your wing from around Cogs and walk over to Ditz.
  43. "Hey, Ditz, it's OK. No need to feel embarrassed, it had to come out sometime."
  45. “Can you just please go away, Icarus?”
  47. Archie looks up from his bowl with a large piece of lettuce still in his mouth.
  49. "Wah's 'rong?" He asked you, spraying pieces of lettuce everywhere.
  51. "Maybe when you're older, kiddo."
  53. "Hey, I’ll have you know that i am nearly fifty and hardly a kid! I wou- Ah forget it." He huffs and shoves his face back into his bowl. You look back to Ditz and place your hoof on his wither, which he quickly shrugs off. What was his problem? You were trying to be noting but nice to him and he was being nothing but rude to you!
  55. “I'm sorry, OK Ditz? I'll make sure that I put up a sign next time so you know not to come in. I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings or-”
  57. “Icarus, stop! Can we talk in the hall or something?”
  59. “Ugh, fine.”
  61. You walk into the hall and Ditz fallows behind, walking strangely. What was wrong with him?
  63. “What is it, Ditz. What is it that we couldn't talk about in the kitchen?”
  65. Ditz looked around nervously for a few seconds before turning sideways and lifting his leg revealing a problem of his own.
  67. “Oh god... I'm sorry, I had no idea. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or anything, I really didn't know.”
  69. “This is the first time it's ever happened to me and... I was straight before I turned into a pony and I thought I was... You know, I thought I still liked men as a pony. But when I saw you two all out in the open, I... I wasn't thinking of Cogs. All I could think about was you.”
  71. Whoa. This was so strange. You knew that Cogs was turned on by you, but it had finally dawned on you that you were actually a girl. Men were going to be attracted to you.
  73. “I'm really sorry, Icarus. This doesn't mean anything, I know you're in love with Cogs and frankly, I don't mind not having a partner like that with me. It's like... You know, you don't look at porn and think about being in a relationship with the actor. Oh, uh, not that I think you act like a porn star or anything, but that was the first time I’d seen a... Mares privates before. I didn't even notice until I felt it... Hit my leg while I was walking.”
  75. It was really different to you being the one turning people on. When you were a human, you had often pointed out people you thought of as “hot” to Cogs. You had spent many nights in your room sharing pictures of models or rating actors out of ten with Cogs, seeing which one of you could find the hottest person. You had never thought that the tables would turn. Or at least, turn in the way that they had.
  77. “If you want, Ditz, I have a camera in my luggage. I can take a couple of pictures and give them to you for... Personal use. I really don't mind.”
  79. “No, no, I don't want that. I just needed someone to talk to, all of this is so strange and so new. It feels so... Heavy. It's like I have a weight tied to my crotch.”
  81. “I don't know how you would do it with hooves, but maybe you can relieve yourself somehow. I know it may seem strange, but trust me. It *will* help. The second night I spent here with Cogs, we didn't think of each-other intimately yet but just the sight of him... The things it made me feel... It was unbearable. I couldn't think about anything else.”
  83. “Oh... I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable or anything, I just, you know, needed some advice. You seem so at home, where I’m all weirded out and stuff.”
  85. “Heh, I know I act all natural and stuff, but I’m just as confused as you. My entire life, I had been a man. To change so fast and without warning is just...”
  87. “Hard?”
  89. “Exactly” You reply with a faint smile. “But this is my life now. I have no idea if I’d be able to change back from how I am now, and honestly... I don't know if I really want to. I am in love with Cogs. I'm not shallow, if I turned back into a man I would still love him, but I don't think I’d be attracted to him anymore. We'd probably grow apart and I have no idea if we'd be able to remain friends after experiencing the things we have experienced. At the moment, I love being a pony. I know Cogs does too, and Archie seems pretty content. How about you, Ditz? Are you happy?”
  91. Ditz looked down at his hooves, you could see a tear drip down and land on the carpet, soaking slowly between the fibers.
  93. “I've always wanted to be somewhere, or something, else. I wanted to escape from my life, escape from bullies at school, from my family... And when I found the show, that became my escape. I'd lock the door, throw on my headphones and sit in the darkness while I watched the show. I used to imagine what my life would be like there, living with all of the ponies... Spending my time around them, their friendly faces looking at me... I'd look back with a huge smile on my face.”
  95. You stepped forward and put your foreleg around his withers.
  97. “Well, now you got what you wanted. You've got ponies like us and all the smiles you could ever ask for.” You beam ridiculously at him and he laughs while wiping a tear from his eye with a hoof.
  99. “How about we go back into the kitchen and eat breakfast with Cogs and Archie? I'm sure that they'll be willing to lend you a smile as well.”
  101. Ditz nodded and the both of you walked back into the kitchen.
  104. Cogs and you sat together at the table, eating a bowl of lettuce and carrot freshly chopped up by Cogs and his amazing levitating magic. He had tried to show Archie some more magic and was willing to let him help cut up the vegetables until he had accidentally shot the knife straight into the wall like an arrow. He had to show a little more control before Cogs was going to let him handle sharp objects again.
  106. Ditz seemed to have completely forgotten about his problem from before, and luckily for you and Cogs, pretended like the whole thing this morning hadn't happened. You nuzzled happily at Cogs as you both ate and talked with the others.
  108. “So Archie.” You say. “I hope this isn't a touchy subject or anything, but I can't help noticing that you don't have a cutie mark. Do you have any idea what your special talent might be?”
  110. Archie looked up from his bowl, a little confused at what you had said.
  112. “What makes you think I’ll get a cutie mark? We're not actually in Equestria or anything. It's impossible for you to magically have a tattoo printed on you.”
  114. “We somehow managed to get ourselves turned into cartoon ponies and you're questioning what is possible or not? Anyway, all of us have a talent. I have speed, Cogs can fix stuff easily and you've already seen Ditz's talent in action, what makes you think you don't have anything?”
  116. He shrugs away from you and looks down at his food.
  118. “I dunno, I don't think I’m really good for much... I... When I was making my character on that site, I couldn't think of anything to put in the special talent field so I just put nothing. I guess I just don't have a talent.”
  120. “Of course you do!” Ditz proclaimed loudly. “I think that you putting nothing in your special talent section only means that you still have to discover what it is! Either that or you're good at everything!”
  122. “I dunno, don't think-”
  124. Archie was cut off mid sentence by a loud knock on the door to the cabin.
  126. “Oh, that must be the other two from 4chan!” he shouted with a look of excitement on his face, glad to avoid the subject of his talent, you guess. He jumped up out of his seat and sprinted towards the door.
  128. “Wait, Archie!” Cogs called after him, making Archie turn around just before he opened up the door.
  130. “Just- Be careful, OK? Even if these are the ponies we talked to, we still can't be sure if they're friendly. We need to be careful.”
  132. Archie looked nervously at the knob on the door unsure now whether to open it or not.
  134. “Um, I...” Archie stuttered “Can y-you.. Open it for me?”
  136. Holy shit, he looked so cute when he was like this! It was really hard to imagine that he had been a middle aged man before changing.
  138. “Awww, you scared him, Cogs.” You looked at Cogs with a joking look of disappointment and then walked towards the door where Archie was standing.
  140. “Come on, let's open it together.”
  142. You gave him a re-assuring grin and put your hoof on the handle of the door.
  145. Two ponies stood motionless before you on the patio of the cabin. The one on the left was a cheery yet nervous looking mare, slightly smaller than you. She had a beautiful Chocolatey brown coat, a fluffy white and light brown mane, and was the cutest earth pony you had seen in your entire life.
  147. Next to her stood a tall unicorn with a deep blue mane and a beige coat. His mane was strange to look at, but you couldn't exactly put your finger on what it was. Maybe it was the way that the light was reflecting off of it, but it almost looked like it was a flowing liquid.
  149. He looked down at you and smiled cautiously almost as if he had done something wrong. Suddenly, you realized that you were staring with a shocked look on your face and saying nothing. You shake your head and smile back at him.
  151. “Sorry about that. Hello you two, my name is Ica-”
  153. “Oh my god, a foal!” Screamed the brown one and jumped forward at Archie. For a second there, you thought he was going to get attacked, but you were relieved when the only thing she did was give him a warm hug. A sweet yet strange emanated from her as a surprised Archie was being wrapped in her forelegs. The smell was familiar to you... Almost like... Coffee?
  155. “Uh, as much as I like hugs, you're kind of... Crushing me.” He gasped out.
  157. “Ooh, sorry.” She jumped back and blushed. “It's just, I was really happy that you two are actually ponies and not some kind of freak who wanted to to keep us as pony pet slaves...”
  159. You giggle and the mare giggles along with you.
  161. “Don't worry, I can assure you that we're in the same boat here. No human overlords here, come inside.” You beckon them with your hoof. “I'll introduce you to everyone- Err, pony.”
  163. The strange maned pony chuckles at this but brings his hoof to his muzzle, cutting of the laugh with a short gasp.
  165. “It's OK to laugh, man. We need to keep our hopes up if we want to stay sane with all this mess.” You try to assure him, but he still looks very nervous and self conscious. Maybe he was a little bad at talking to other ponies, but that was cool. You'd try and help him as much as you can.
  167. “No, it's not that.”
  169. “Well, whatever it is, we're here for you.”
  172. You show the two newcomers through to the kitchen where Cogs and Ditz were waiting for you, nervous yet excited to meet the new addition to your quirky pony commune.
  174. “Hey guys, I'd like you to meet... Oh, hehe, I haven't even got you to tell us your names yet.”
  176. The small brown mare stepped forward nervously and stared down at her hooves.
  178. “I'm, uh, Coffee Cream.” She spoke quiet and timid, unlike she had spoken before she was around just you and Archie.
  180. The tall stallion then introduced himself.
  182. “My name is Ink Scribble, that is if we're all using our pony names.”
  184. Cogs nervously smiled at the two new ponies while Ditz stared at his hooves and pawed at the floor.
  186. “Ooookay, then... I guess I better introduce you guys instead?” You say, trying to break the awkward silence.
  188. You motion towards Cogs and Ditz “This is Cogsworth, my partner, and this is Ditz.”
  190. Cogs steps forward and hold out his hoof to Ink Scribble.
  192. “Hey. My friends call me Cogs.”
  194. Ink Scribble looked at Cogs' hoof and hesitantly raised it up. They had a quick shake and then put their hooves back down.
  196. “I guess you can call me Scribble. If that's OK with Coffee Cream of course.” Coffee Cream nods to Scribble.
  198. What was going on here? Why would he need her permission to give himself a nickname? It just didn't make sense.
  200. “And you can call me... Cream, I guess.”
  202. There's something going on here, and you were determined to find out what that was. For now, though, you were going to give these ponies the warmest welcome you could and treat them just like you had with the others.
  204. “How about you guys go have a seat in the living room and I’ll make us some sandwiches?”
  206. The mentioning of food brought a smile to the faces of the two dreary looking ponies.
  208. “Sounds great!” Said Ditz. “I'll help you out.”
  211. “Hey Ditz...” You break the working silence that had been prolonged while the two of you had been making the flower sandwiches.
  213. “Yeah, Ic?”
  215. “Ic? I dunno if I really like that nickname. No offense.”
  217. “Hehe, none taken, Ic.”
  219. “Anyway, have you noticed anything... Strange with the way that the new people are acting?”
  221. “Well, apart from the fact that they're not people, they're ponies, no. Have you?”
  223. “Yeah, there's something weird about the way that they act towards each other. Like, why did Scribble have to ask Cream to give himself a shortened version of his name? And Cream said the same thing about her name. Why do you think that is?”
  225. “Hmm... Maybe they're really possessive of each other?”
  227. “Well it's not just that. When we were walking in, Scribble kept silencing himself when he spoke, similar to how you were acting when you first came here. Do you think they are in the same position we are? You know, gender wise.”
  229. Ditz scratched his head with his hoof while packing a sandwich with daisies.
  231. “Hmm. Not sure. Maybe it'd be worth it to talk to Cream about it.”
  233. “I'll wait until they're settled in a little more before I start bugging them with questions like that.”
  236. You trotted happily into the living room carrying two plates of sandwiches balanced on your outstretched wings.
  238. “See? They're not only for flying” You smugly state to the ponies in the room, achieving a smile from most of them. Cream didn't smile.
  240. Cogs lifted up the plates with his magic and placed them in front of a startled Scribble and Cream.
  242. “Holy crap!” Cream said, her eyes lighting up with surprise. “Magic is real?”
  244. “Yep!” Cogs smirked. “If you want, I can show you how to do some magic later, Scribble. It's a lot easier than it seems.”
  246. “Oh, cool. If that's OK with Cream, of course.”
  248. Cream nodded and looked at her hooves again. There was no doubt in your mind now that something was a foot with these two. This was the second time you were going to have to talk to some pony else about their gender swapping problem. Maybe you should have been given a self help cutie mark instead of what you had!
  251. After the two newcomers had finished their lunch, they slumped back on the couch with satisfied looks on their faces.
  253. “So... Cogs. Could you show Ink Scribble around the place? Show him the garden and the other houses for a bit. I need to talk to Cream for a minute.” you break the silence, trying to keep a smile on your face but ending up looking silly.
  255. Cogs nods and takes Ink Scribble outside. Both Archie and Ditz follow them as well while you stay behind with Cream.
  257. “Hey Cream...”
  259. She nervously pawed the ground with her hooves.
  260. “I know that this may be a stupid thing to ask, but I need to ask it. I think that I may be able to help you. I've already dealt with the same kind of problem that I think you're having right now.”
  262. “R-Really? So you changed... As well?”
  264. “Yes, I did. I know it may seem weird at first, but you'll get used to it.”
  266. “But, who... Was it Cogs?”
  268. What was she on about?
  270. “Was what Cogs?”
  272. “Was it him that you... Is Cogs' body yours?”
  274. Say what.
  278. “Um, you're gonna have to run that by me again.”
  280. “Did you become Cogs' pony? Or was it Ditz?”
  282. “Huh? No! I didn't become either of their ponies, what are you talking about?”
  284. “But you just said that you went through the same thing that I went through!”
  286. Oh no. You realized why she was acting the way she did.
  288. “So let me get this straight... You are Coffee Cream.”
  290. She nodded.
  292. “And Ink Scribble is your...?”
  294. “Girlfriend.”
  296. “So she- uh, he became you when you made your ponies on that pony creator?”
  298. “Yeah. We thought it would be fun if we both made each others ponies instead of making our own. I had no idea that this would happen because of it.”
  300. “So you were a man before all of this?”
  302. “Well, yeah. A pretty poor excuse for one, but yeah.”
  304. “Well... That puts a whole new spin on things. You see, I thought you had just gone through the same gender swapping thing that I had gone through. I didn't expect this at all. Well, even so, you are in a female body right now. I can help you with any any kind of problems you might have.” You say proudly. “Oh, and I'm just letting you know now, before it comes up, that if you have any... Desires that you need to sate, you should try and satisfy them. Trust me, keeping pent up is a bad idea.”
  306. “Well, me and Scribble kind of already... We already did it.”
  308. “Really?”
  310. “I didn't plan on it at all. I just needed it so damn much, it was unbearable.”
  312. “I know exactly how you feel. It was even stranger for me, before all this, me and Cogs were nothing but friends. Something about going through this transformation together brought us closer. You guys were already pretty close, but still.”
  314. “If it's cool with you, could we avoid the whole girly talk stuff? You seem pretty at home in this new body of yours, but deep down, I am still a man. I never wanted to be a mare and even though I had sex as one and...” She shudders “Enjoyed it, my mind is a mans.”
  316. “Don't worry, dude, I respect your wishes. Just be careful about distancing yourself from this body. Even if we will eventually change back, we have no idea how long we're gonna be stuck like this.”
  318. “Fair enough. I just... Wish that I had never turned into Cream. Sure, I wouldn't mind being a pony at all, but Cream? Cream is my girlfriend, not me. This is like a god damn freaky friday that never ends. This voice, these hooves, this whole body isn't mine. I feel like I robbed her, and she probably feels the same way.”
  320. She bows her head down and starts to sob.
  322. “I'm so sorry, Cream... How about we go outside and talk to everyone else, hmm? Let's just focus on trying to put a smile on your face for the moment. I'm sure Scribble would love to see you again.”
  324. She nods jerkily and lifts her head up, revealing her pretty face, tears running down it and dripping off of her chin. She wipes her face down with her foreleg and gives you a strong smile.
  326. She's a strong pony, and with the help of you and her new friends, you know that she'll be just fine.
  328. “Come on, 'Little Braveheart'.” She giggles quietly at your reference to the show. “Let's go to our friends.”
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