Tiny around a Titan [Raven Giantess]

May 12th, 2017
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  1. >Be tiny in the Titan's tower for reasons
  2. >Sneak into Raven's room
  3. >Catch her standing in front of a mirror
  4. >Slowly you approach her, taking care not to be spotted until you find yourself standing between her feet
  5. >You gaze upwards, taking in every inch of the sight of her perfectly toned legs and thighs as you go, until you find yourself staring at her magnificent, massive ass high above you
  6. >Unable to help yourself, you find yourself mesmerized, every slight flex and jiggle of her buns drawing your attention more and more upon it
  7. >For some reason you notice a slight movement out of the corner of your eye, and your attention is drawn to her reflection
  8. >A spike of fear goes through you as you realize she's looking right at you
  9. >"Took you long enough" she says with an amused smirk on her face as you find yourself gripped in her magic and pulled up to her hand
  10. >"Enjoy the show?", She asks, gazing down at you, "You're lucky you caught me in a good mood, but what should I do with you now?"
  11. >She gives a snort of amusement as despite your fear, you're unable to keep your eyes from drifting to her chest, "How about you do something for me? I've been looking for a new toy"
  12. >Without giving you a chance to answer she starts lowering you, giving you a great view of her body on the way down
  13. >Coming to a stop in front of her hips, you can feel the heat radiating from her eager slit even through the fabric
  14. >You're left watching in amazement as she slowly pulls aside the bottom of her leotard, bringing you close and closer to her lower lips
  15. >With a single finger she pins you against it, lightly rubbing you against her until you're nice and slick
  16. >Biting her lip, she lets out a pleasured hum as you slip in, your futile struggles only fueling her enjoyment as she makes sure to press you deep into her
  17. >Letting her leotard snap back in place she heads out with a new spring in her step
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