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  1. You can spend 1 minute working using a tool that you are proficient with to kit out a beast with an amalgamator appendage of your choice from the list below. You can also choose to outfit your homunculus.
  3. The appendage provides the target with certain benefits, which persist until you next finish a long rest, at which point it harmlessly detaches and decays away. A creature can't be affected by multiple appendages of the same type.
  5. You determine the appendages' external appearance, which might take the form of cybernetic enhancements, glowing arcane energy fields, or patchwork creations of flesh and bone.
  7. You have three uses of this feature, and you regain any expended uses when you finish a long rest. A creature with two or more amalgamator appendages is a monstrosity or a construct (your choice) in addition to its other creature types.
  9. Appendages:
  11. Flying Snake Wings. The target gains a flying speed of 30 feet.
  13. Centipede Carapace. The target's AC is equal to 12 + its dexterity modifier.
  15. Scorpion Sting. Once each turn, when the target hits a creature with a melee weapon attack, it can deal an additional 1d4 poison damage to the target.
  17. Giant Crab Claws. Once each turn, when the target hits a creature with a melee weapon attack, the creature becomes grappled (escape DC 10).
  19. Boar Tusks. When the target takes damage that would reduce it to 0 HP but not kill it outright, it can use its reaction to drop to 1 HP instead. This appendage then loses its effect.
  21. Wolf jawbone. The target has advantage on attack rolls against creature swithin 5 feet of you.
  23. Hawkeye Sight. The target has darkvision out to a range of 120 feet.
  25. Owl Pelt. The target's movement doesn't provoke opportunity attacks.
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