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  1. I need 10 GMs for my server ScienceMS, so I can keep on coding and don't have to maintain ingame as well.
  3. There are a few requirements, and I'd like you to answer a few questions as well. Thanks alot.
  5. Requirements:
  7. - You must be able to speak proper english, so that everyone can clearly understand you.
  9. - You must know how the game works and be able to give some training tips to players.
  11. - Help people out on the forum, not only ingame.
  13. - You accept on the agreement that I, lordstyx, owner of ScienceMS can withdraw your GMship at any time.
  15. - Will not put ingame friends over other players.
  17. - Follow the few other GM rules which are stated in the GM section of the forum. They are things as don't randomly give out items, etc.
  19. I'd please like you to state your timezone. I want 10 GMs that cover all of them if possible.
  20. Please also tell me how long you can be online per day/ how often per week etc.
  21. I need to know your name, or a name you want to be addressed with.
  22. Tell me know how I can contact you.
  23. If you have any previous experience I'd be pleased to know.
  24. Explain why you think you should be chosen over others.
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