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  3. Changes:
  4. * CON Spellcasting no longer has ML-based spells known. The spells known formula is now CL/5.
  5. * CON Spellcasters gain these spells as martial skills called "Spell-Like Abilities".
  6.     * Spell-Like Abilities are series of closely related spells, which all use stamina and ML for power/penetration calculations.
  7.     * For instance, Restore I-IV is probably [Lesser Restoration], [Restoration], [Panacea], [Greater Restoration].
  8.     * You can't pick spells that are the same level, except for extremely niche cases like [Transmute Mud to Stone] and [Transmute Stone to Mud] or the Orb spells (these spells are all virtually identical).
  9.     * The typical maximum # of spells an SLA can have, therefore, is 10 spells (I-X).
  10. * CON Spellcasters are still limited by their traditions. They cannot obtain spells outside of their tradition except by Tome of Spellcraft. This may result in some half-finished SLAs.
  11.     * Tome of Spellcraft can never purchase an entire SLA. It only purchases a single spell. You learn it as its own SLA, or as part of a pre-existing SLA.
  12. * Abilities that affect spells affect Spell-Like Abilities. If they involve mana, they now involve stamina. You never gain any extra SLAs and gaining individual spells does nothing for you, but you can gain Super Tier Spells.
  13. * CON Spellcasters still count as spellcasters. Namely notable for magic item activation and being ganked by anti-caster effects.
  14. * SACs can purchase the classic gish effect to increase spell power. SACs can also purchase SLAs known (to represent extreme flexing of the brain muscle), which is at the rate of CL/5 only. So a CON Spellcaster in this case would have 2*CL/5 SLAs.
  15. * For the purposes of being able to cast at a certain level of SLA, the requirement is now bound to the level and ML. You need ML 65 to cast Tier 10 effects.
  16.     * The full formula: ML 00/05/10/15/25/30/40/45/55/60/65
  17.     * The CON formula: CON 10/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19/20
  18. * Yes, CON doesn't matter after 20. Feel free to stop flexing.
  19. * Martial skills cannot be used to purchase SLAs. You have to get them through CON Spellcasting class features specifically.
  20.     * Martial skills CAN affect SLAs. Namely, you can buff spell damage or add metamagic, that kind of thing. They can never actually be a spell though.
  22. Intent:
  23. * There should be a reward for getting CL (going gish spread).
  24. * CON Spellcasting without any CL should be next to useless.
  25. * CON Spellcasting needs to work with casting classes and effects.
  26. * CON Spellcasting should be mostly devoid of tricks and highly predictable - use martial skills to get tricky instead.
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