ULiL Patch 1.10 Notes (Incomplete)

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  1. <Ver1.10 Changelog>
  3. <System>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. ・Modification. Added SFB when the match countdown almost ends
  5. ・Bug fix. The dash input direction is reversed when you turn around after recovery
  6. ・Addition. A special effect to tell you when the SC gauge filled 1 bar
  7. ・Changed. You no longer turn around when you make the input for sudden upward or downward movement, but when the motion starts.
  8. ・Modification. You will now able to turn around when cancelling a dash by jumping upward or downward
  9. ・Modification. The direction of the charge shot will now be the direction you press when you let go of the button
  10. ・Bug fix. Sometimes your character's upper data(hitbox, sprite, perhaps) becomes unusual after breaking a knockdown fall
  12. <Practice Mode>----------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. ・Bug fix. There's a chance Player 2 will do unusual attack and movements during practice mode
  14. ・Modification. Adjusted coordinate recogninition to the auto positioning of dummy
  16. <Occult>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  17. ・Pyramid
  18.     -The Occult balls you lost on the duration of the Mystery Spot will be returned to you after it ends
  19. ・Tower of Babel
  20.     -Lower damage from the ball
  21.     -Modification. Ball correction is 0
  22. ・Yomotsu Hirasaka
  23.     -Modification. The damage you take from your opponent will not be recovered
  24. ・Hell Valley
  25.     -Modification. The point where you start taking damage is lowered
  26.     -The damage you take is not proportional to how low you currently are, but it will become less when you're taking damage or blocking attacks while on the lower screen
  27.     -When you enter the damage area for a while, your character will become invisible. Attacking, taking hits, and blocking will stop the stealth state.
  29. <Occult Attack>-----------------------------------------------------------------------
  30.      -Using it will activate the Occult Aura, and then you can freely use the Occult Attack after it
  31.      -Getting hit when you release the aura will cancel it, and you lose all your Occult Balls for a short period of time
  32.      -The balls you lost in that moment will be returned to you after "the sealed period ends", "taking a ball", and "going to the neBt round"
  34. <Reimu>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  35. ・j.2A
  36.     -Strengthened hitbox
  37.     -Increased forward momentum when you move downward
  38. ・Occult Attack
  39.     -Increased the number of bullets when for 1-2 balls version
  40. ・Youkai Buster
  41.     -Lowered the minimum damage
  42. ・Quick-Witted Consecration Talismans
  43.     -Dissapears when getting hit, even before the barrier is formed
  44. ・Floating Wall Jump
  45.     -Middle Line version、the direction of the first back jump will now go upwards
  46.     -Middle Line version、reduced recovery of the first back jump
  47.     -Reduced starting time while turning when you hit the ceiling or floor
  48. ・Ying-Yang Asuka'i"
  49.     -Ball appears at a lower position
  50.     -Modification. When you use it, the recoil will push Reimu slightly upward
  51.     -Faster startup
  52.     -Modification. The kicked Yin-Yang ball can get stuck/bounce off the edges
  54. <Marisa>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  55. ・j.5A
  56.     -Removed half of the front hitbox
  57.     -The remaining half hitbox appears faster
  58.     -Changed the shape of the hitbox
  59. ・Dash B
  60.     -Fill SP gauge more
  61. ・B
  62.     -Big bullet fills SP gauge less
  63.     -Reduced guard breaking for big bullet
  64. ・[B]
  65.     -The blast fills SP gauge more
  66.     -Slower startup
  67.     -Slower pushback from the recoil
  68. ・Occult Attack
  69.     -Faster Startup
  70. ・Sweep Aside
  71.     -Shorter recovery time
  72.     -Faster animation when you're back to the middle line
  73.     -Shorter interval between hits
  74.     -Fills SP gauge more
  75.     -Using it while in the middle line will make you go to the lower screen
  76. ・Satellite Illusion
  77.     -Getting hit will clear the revolving orbs
  79. <Ichirin>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  80. ・Waking up recovery
  81.     -Modification. The length of the animation is now the same with other characters
  82. ・All variations of 2A
  83.     -Larger hitbox at the start of the move
  84. ・j.8A
  85.     -Larger hitbox at the start of the move
  86. ・Occult Attack
  87.     -Faster Startup
  88.     -Faster animation
  89.     -Can now be cancelled by moving
  90.     -The circle no longer moves with the opponent
  91.     -Removed hitbox to Occult Ball
  92. ・Handful of Floating Cloud
  93.     -Shorter recovery when failed to grab opponent
  94.     -Using it on higher altitude will give it more horizontal reach
  95. ・Raging Running Cloud
  96.     -Smaller hitbox as you're closer to Ichirin
  97.     -Shorter recovery
  98.     -Changed. The hit effect of the middle version is now a small knockback
  100. <Hijiri>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  101. ・Bug fix. When facing Hijiri in Story Mode, the starting amount of the occult balls becomes unusual
  102. ・Front/Backroll Recovery
  103.     -Modification. The length of the animation is now the same with other characters
  104. ・Forward dash on upper and lower screen
  105.     -Modification. Turbo Flight is now activated not at the same time you dash while moving up or down, but a while after the dash
  106. ・B
  107.     -Bug fix. Continuosly shooting vajras without catching them causes slowdown
  108. ・6B
  109.     -Can be cleared with bullets
  110. ・[B]
  111.     -Can be cleared with bullets
  112. ・Chants
  113.     -Modification. Slowly returns to the middle line while charging at upper and lower altitudes
  114. ・Occult Attack
  115.     -Changed. Added forward momentum on startup
  116.     -Faster startup
  117.     -While riding the bike, the returning movement to the middle line is faster
  118.     -Removes guard break capability from the thrown bike
  119.     -Modification. Cannot use the occult attack until the thrown bike leave the screen
  120.     -The turning attack can now be Quick Declare cancel
  121. ・Virupaksa's Eyes
  122.     -Hit effect changed to short knockback
  123. ・Skanda's Legs
  124.     -The short version has faster startup
  125.     -Modification. The time window where you can QD cancel becomes earlier
  126. ・Durga's Soul
  127.     -The counter frame at the very beginning is removed
  128.     -Modification. Uses up all charges.
  129.     -The size of the hitbox and damage varies depending on the number of charges. The more, the larger and stronger it becomes
  130. ・Five-Element Mountain of Shakyamuni
  131.     -Lower damage
  132.     -Faster startup
  134. <Futo>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  135. ・j.6A
  136.     -Shortens the time it takes to move forward
  137. ・f.5A
  138.     -Larger frontal hitbox
  139. ・2A
  140.     -Middle line version. Rise higher
  141.     -Middle line version. Larger frontal hitbox
  142.     -Middle line version. Modified. Retains momentum before the attack hitbox came out
  143.     -Upper, Lower Altitude version. Second strike effect changed to groundslam
  144. ・8A
  145.     -Middle line version. Second strike effect changed to groundslam
  146. ・6A
  147.     -Upper, Lower Altitude version. Second strike effect changed to wallslam
  148.     -Longer untechable time for first strike
  149. ・5AAA6A
  150.     -Longer untechable time for first strike
  151. ・B
  152.     -Modified. Changes plate pattern and speed
  153.     -Slowed down the jump cancel timing before the final plate came out
  154.     -Modified. Middle line version stops your inertia
  155.     -The final plate came out faster
  156. ・6B
  157.     -Larger hitbox
  158.     -Changed special effect
  159.     -Even when hit by another bullet, the plates will still be set
  160. ・[B]
  161.     -Can be aimed upward and downward
  162.     -Modified. The more plate you break, the denser the bullet become
  163. ・Royal Dragon's Arrow
  164.     -Added arrows after hitting a plate
  165. ・Ame-no-Iwafune
  166.     -Bug fix. During Stonehenge MS、the ship appears behind the sand wall
  167. ・Liuren Holy Fire
  168.     -Modified. The more plate you break, the denser the bullet become
  169. ・"Gate Opening for Catastrophe"
  170.     -Modified. "Very bad luck" also drops "bad luck" objects, and "Extremely bad luck" drops every other objects until the UFO comes down
  171. ・Last Word
  172.     -Invincibility frames extended until Futo throws out the well
  173.     -Modified. Cannot be interrupted
  175. <Miko>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  176. ・5AAA6A
  177.     -Reduced rising knockback
  178.     -Reduced stun rate from the multiple hits
  179. ・5AAA2A
  180.     -Increased priority
  181.     -Modified. Changes the trajectory after the recoil from upward to diagonal downward
  182. ・j.8A
  183.     -Faster forward momentum
  184. ・5AAA8A
  185.     -Extended the collision hitbox upward at the startup
  186.     -Slower jump speed
  187. ・B
  188.     -Longer distance after spread
  189.     -Slower bullet speed after spread
  190.     -Blue cape. Goes 5-ways just like the normal version
  191.     -Blue cape. Increased graze resistance
  192.     -Blue cape. Longer laser length
  193. ・6B
  194.     -Increased stun rate
  195. ・[B]
  196.     -Increased bullet persistence and homing time
  197.     -Except fully charged, shorten interval between hits
  198.     -Except fully charged, reduced graze resistance
  199. ・A+B
  200.     -Modified. Throws the opponent forward regardless of the choice
  201.     -Modified. Buff stays on forever, but can be cancelled when opponent took a ball
  202.     -Faster recovery proportionate to the number of balls
  203. ・Cipangu the Golden Sword
  204.     -Increased guard hex damage
  205. ・Influence of the East
  206.     -Blue cape. Reduced stun rate
  207.     -Blue cape.Reduced guard hex damage
  208. ・Benign Rain from the Shining One
  209.     -Modified. Can change the swords trajectory further by inputting 3C
  210. ・"Taoist of the Land of the Rising Sun"
  211.     -Faster startup
  213. <Nitori>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  214. ・Dial A
  215.     -Faster startup on the second attack
  216. ・j.5A
  217.     -Faster recovery
  218. ・j.8A
  219.     -Faster recovery
  220. ・j.2A
  221.     -Changes the all hit effect to knockback forward
  222. ・[B]
  223.     -Can be aimed upward and downward
  224. ・A+B
  225.     -Modified. Can't be summoned when the gauge is red
  226.     -Modified. Prevents the Nessie from appearing offscreen
  227.     -Shorten the hitbox duration on the Nessie's head when it's summoned
  228.     -Modified. Nessie can take hit to make it disappear
  229.     -Modified. Can give orders to Nessie even when it's still moving forward or backward
  230. ・Water Bomb Giant Swing
  231.     -Hitbox is limited to just the side edges of the balloon
  232. ・"Great War Beneath the River"
  233.     -Lower damage
  234. ・Last Word
  235.     -Wider hitbox for water torrents
  236.     -Faster startup
  238. <Koishi>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  239. ・Forward Dash
  240.     -Shorter time until warp
  241.     -Modified. Can stop the dash faster
  242.     -Modified. Make attacks pass through after phasing out
  243.     -Modified. Change the warp position to right behind opponent
  244.     -Modified. Can't cancel to attack when you stop the dash during warp
  245.     -Modified. After warp, the turnover motion happens during braking motion
  246.     -Cannot attack during the transition after stopping a dash
  247. ・Forward Dash on air
  248.     -Removed warp ability
  249. ・Back Dash on air
  250.     -Same attack power in the end like the ground version
  251. ・Recording Strong Melee
  252.     -Removed setup animation, and replace it with an attack corresponding to your input while recording it at the same time. This attack has different properties to the stored attacks
  253.     -Modified duration right after setting up
  254.     -Modified duration while setting up
  255.     -The stored auto attacks always counters
  256. ・f.5A
  257.     -Reduced recovery
  258. ・8A
  259.     -Moved hitbox position mostly below, with only a little on the sides
  260.     -Smaller hitbox as Koishi falls down
  261.     -Increased recovery until Koishi falls down to the middle line
  262. ・6A
  263.     -Bug fix. Counter hitbox still remains even after the attack ends
  264. ・j.5A
  265.     -Fixed so that the first hit can be cancelled
  266.     -Changed special effect(No changes to properties to compensate with the unclear hitbox position)
  267. ・B
  268.     -Fill SC gauge faster
  269. ・6B
  270.     -Modified. Changed the properties of the auto version
  271.     -Modified the wait duration right after setting up
  272.     -Shorter stored time
  273.     -Modified. When the stored time ends, you're not forced to fire the laser
  274.     -Modified. Narrowed vertical lines hitbox of the auto version
  275.     -Modified. Auto version won't activate when the opponent is "using barrier", "waking up, teching", "falling off combo(can't be hit)", "still in invincibility frame"
  276.     -Fill SC gauge faster
  277. ・[B]
  278.     -Increased the number of roses for the non full-charged version
  279.     -After it's deployed, largely delayed the timing for the roses to bloom
  280.     -The stems now disappear when you take a hit
  281. ・A+B
  282.     -Shorter hitstop when it hits
  283.     -Apply bullet clearing to the first version
  284. ・Fidgety Snatcher
  285.     -Fill SC gauge faster
  286. ・Reflex Radar
  287.     -Modified. Cancelling into special attacks still allows auto attacks to activate
  288. ・Catch and Rose
  289.     -Moved the position where the arms appear to the inner side
  290.     -Shorter pushback distance once the opponent is captured
  291.     -Cage hitbox is enlarged to the inner side
  292.     -Removed guard hex damage
  293. ・Unanswered Love
  294.     -Second strike fills SC gauge slower
  295. ・"Release of the Id"
  296.     -Bullet speed up
  297. ・Last Word
  298.     -Modified. Cannot be interrupted
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