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  3. Difference btw sock5 and VPN:- all of these are proxies, but normal proxies are not encrypted, whereas VPN are encrypted proxies so advance firewalls cannot read the content going through VPN's depending on the encryption level/techniques
  5. likewise sock5 proxies are a combination of dedicated datacenter proxies and residential proxies in which all your request are re-routed by a reversal process out through a forwarded port that sends every of your request to that proxy, before reaching the end server, and since the ips are residential ts is 100% whitelisted and works fine,
  7. while the limitation with VPNs is that their request get might get blocked from the requested server if the server cannot get past through the request header, this depends on the server configurations etc, well some VPN use some technologies to cover/scramble such detections
  9. so for sites that detect and block VPN connections or easily trigger 2FA for VPN, USE SOCK5 or VPS/RDP
  11. advantage of VPS is that they mostly maintain a dedicated static ip range and are good quality server ip similar to residential ips, with more functionalities and advantages, also an RDP is basically a hosted os running on the server with an accessible port that requres password , username, and link to login, it might be windows, linux, solaries, DMS, etc similar to like running a virtual box os or normall pc and accessing it remotely from else where
  13. 2FA?
  14. second factor authentication is a 2 step verification process that might get triggered for certain reasons to prevent , anonymous access to an account, which requires either email opt, phone otp, authenticator code, etc for verification
  16. 2FA can be triggered by changes in cookies, browser fingerprint, time zone detection, and main one which is ip address changes, this is why most illicit stuffs are done using city or state sock5 ip to bypass 2FA checks
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