Pokemon Red/Gold/Sapphire Trifecta FAQ

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  1. Pokemon Red/Gold/Sapphire Trifecta FAQ
  3. Q: What are you doing?
  4. A: I am trying to beat Pokemon Gold, Red and Sapphire consecutively as fast as possible, without glitches.
  6. Q: What is the world record?
  7. A: 7:31:00 by ArayaLoL.
  9. Q: What is your goal?
  10. A: Just to finish the run without any major hiccups, although WR would be nice (and is doable).
  12. Q: Why do you start with Gold?
  13. A: The Totodile manip is hard and might take multiple tries. Doing Gold first allows me to simply reset the run if I don't get Totodile quickly.
  15. Q: How do the strats for each game differ from normal runs?
  16. A: You safety save before dangerous fights and don't take any major risks. Otherwise it's basically the same.
  18. Q: Why aren't you doing encounter manips in Gold?
  19. A: They are a huge pain to learn, and they don't save that much time. I might learn them if I plan to do more trifectas.
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