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Sep 7th, 2011
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  1. Hi again
  3. Some more clarification seems to be needed...
  5. a) What you did affected Iranian users, you attacked Iranian people, etc. etc. etc. bla bla bla
  6. First of all people against Iranian government or Islam, even if they live inside Iran, we can't count them as Iranian people, I can't! If they get power to harm Islam and Iranian government, spying for foreign spying agencies (Mossad, CIA, MI6), they won't miss it. If they get paid from a foreign secret service, they can gather and send ANY information THEY CAN. These are not people of Iran, these type of people was my target, not normal people, people who don't have anything to do with secret services, Iran's enemies, Islam's enemies, etc.
  7. Second: this time attack was limited to Iran, next time, I'll own as more as gateways in Israel, USA, Europe, as more as ISPs and attack will run there. You know man, I give promises and I keep them, I say words and they just happen, I told you wait and see previous time (Comodo case), now you see more. For an example ask a little from LMI.NET Berkley's ISP, ask about user Todd and password loc!666 (for example), ask if they detected that I was owned their all Linux boxes and I got access to their DNS servers, you see? I'm really sharp, powerful, dangerous and smart! I told in Comodo hack case that I rule the internet, I'll bring equality of controlling internet like USA for myself and you see I'm simply doing it, huh? How you are going to stop me you Mossad animals? Like this: ? Israel still lives in age of stones, they kill people they just can't see, they kill Palestinian children and women, believe me, they shouldn't exists in this world. Hope to see that day soon...
  8. Third: Do you know meaning of "Unstoppable Genius Digital Hacker?"
  11. b) Some small brains said in their articles that it was easy hack, passwords was weak, it was a simple DNN bug, etc. etc. etc. bla bla bla blaaaa
  13. First: If I gave all hackers of the world, ALL hackers by it's real meaning, they wouldn't be able to reach that network behind all those firewalls, routers and final networks without any access to internet which even doesn't have internet connection. So shut the ....
  15. Second: You think I generated SSL and code signing certificates by sending some SQL queries or sending some requests or using some ready made in desktop applications with 1234 password default? Ahhh man! Stop taking people's work easy... There was netHSM with OpenBSD OS, only 1 port open, totally closed/protected with RSA SecurID and SafeSign Token management systems, they had around 8 smart card totally (a company with a lot of employees, only 8 smart card for SSL generation), you see? It's not "simple DNN bug", ok? I had remote desktop access in last RSA Certificate Manager system which had no any connection to internet, all files was coded in XUDA (there is no reference to XUDA programming language, even a single line), no one can access those server via Remote desktop, there was enough firewalls and routers which even blocked their own employeee to access that network. That network had different domain controller with different users, man! There is so much thing to explain, I'll do it later, just know it is most sophisticated hack of all time, that's all!
  17. Third: You only heards Comodo (successfully issued 9 certs for me -thanks by the way-), DigiNotar (successfully generated 500+ code signing and SSL certs for me -thanks again-), StartCOM (got connection to HSM, was generating for twitter, google, etc. CEO was lucky enough, but I have ALL emails, database backups, customer data which I'll publish all via cryptome in near future), GlobalSign (I have access to their entire server, got DB backups, their linux / tar gzipped and downloaded, I even have private key of their OWN domain, hahahaa).... BUT YOU HAVE TO HEAR SO MUCH MORE! SO MUCH MORE! At least 3 more, AT LEAST! Wait and see, just wait a little bit like I said in Comodo case.
  21. P.S. In wikipedia of SSL, it should be added for future that I caused to remove SSL or CA system security model, I have a special idea for private communication via browsers which could be used instead of SSL, but why should I share it and cause trouble for my own country? When USA and Israel can read all emails they want in Gmail, in Yahoo, data in Facebook, Twitter, etc. How my country should control those services? I'll help my own country for it as I did and you saw it. If my country get equal right as USA in controlling emails, I may share my brilliant unbreakable encryption system for replacement of SSL and CA system.
  23. World is shocked just by my Comodo and DigiNotar hack, what would happen if I show my other skills in cryptography, cryptanalysis, binary analysis (assessment), reversing, kernel programming, other high profiles servers I hacked and extracted all needed information from them, etc. etc. Ohhh! May they change internet model, hahahahaaaaa
  25. P.S.S. never forget, I'm just 21, you have to see much more from me!
  27. By the way, I heard that Comodo CEO (poor Melih) have talked again and said it was again State sponsored and I'm not a single hacker bla bla... Dear Melih, please wake up, I'm the only hacker, just I have shared some certs with some people in Iran, that's all... Hacker is single, just know it
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