Aug 19th, 2019
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  1. BlackDiamond.N8.PIE.V2.0 Notes-- Read it carefully
  3. 1. Good Lock apps will ask for update but you won't be able to update them because they are modded APK's to work without Market Unlocker,If you wish to update them use any System app remover and delete them and install non modded ones and use market unlocker to update them.
  5. 2. Camera Quick Launch- Once ROM is booted open settings and clear camera data then open camera app go settings and disable then re-enable quick launch,Now it should work fine.
  7. 3. If you chose Modded ROM(RC) in Aroma then once the ROM boots you need to open BD(BlackDiamond) Settings to configure it,then later flash Magsik and grant the app root permissions
  9. 4. V2 will have only OMC option,this time more countries are added,If you couldn't find your own country then choose to keep original CSC and then flash TKKG CSC package :)
  11. 5. When Aroma finishes installing ROM DON'T tick REBOOT NOW,Exit the Aroma and Reboot from TWRP.
  13. 6. If saw a pop up asking you to reboot to set up sim-card after ROM boots then press YES. So you won't be annoyed later with a notification asking you to set up your new sim.
  15. 7. Rom comes with HELIOS Kernel,It's Stock kernel,If you wish to have modded kernel then install different kernel.
  17. 8. Rom uses N8 model Number if you want to use Gear VR then change model number to S7 or S7E depending on the device you use.
  19. 9. Gear Watch isn't fixed no need to spam about it,Plenty of tricks got shared to get working find and apply them.
  21. 10. VoLte/WifiCalling not working,Make sure you have correct CSC installed.
  23. 11. I didn't test PUBG-M,Fortnite or whatever childish game out there. If you want Game performance return to Oreo or use OREO GPU libs,look for them in my N8 thread.
  25. 12. Fingerprint in secured apps isn't fixed and most likely won't be if you care that much about it revert to Oreo,I don't want to hear about this bug every single time i release a ROM,I'm not Samsung developer nor i got special tools to fix this kind of bugs.
  28. 13. Camera quality is bad,Revert to Oreo
  30. 14. Photos got pink dots,Revert to Oreo too
  32. 13. Game tools not working,It's your fault check your steps
  34. 16. Can i dirty flash ? NO you can't.
  36. 17. Recommended TWRP's are :
  38. - Latest Official
  39. - MKUltraBlack's Themed TWRP
  40. -AJ's TWRP
  42. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  44. Follow these steps to install the ROM
  46. 1. Make sure you are using TKKG, AJ'S, latest official TWRP or any TWRP based on them. Otherwise I cannot respond to any bug reports.
  47. 2. Boot into Recovery
  48. 3. Wipe System/Data/Cache/Dalvik. If you want to wipe Internal Storage it will be even better.
  49. 4. Flash the ROM. Choose Clean wipe too in Aroma. Choose your options.
  50. 5. Reboot.
  51. 6. Let the ROM boot.
  52. 7. Complete the Setup wizard process.
  53. 8. Do NOT restore apps via Titanium Backup. This is not an approved method and I cannot respond to bug reports under these circumstances.
  55. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  57. This Version gone through a lot of tests for more than 2 months, So any weird issues you encounter know it's from your side not mine,I explained everything how to install the ROM and how to set it up in the correct way to avoid any issues.
  59. eventually this is the last version i do of this port (Galaxy Note 8) and gets released to public. I will re-base it whenever i have time and share it with certain people only. NO i won't be selling it nor i will share it in exchange of getting donations, After the release of BlackDiamond.NFE.PIE.V5.0 I will call this rom E.O.L, I will keep updating NFE port regularly.
  61. Thanks..
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