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  1. IGN: Andeeew
  3. Age: 18
  5. Time Zone: EST
  7. Language: English
  9. Punishments: I have never been banned on Stellar but I think I may have been muted before.
  11. Time: I can be on from 4 to 6 hours a day.
  13. Past Expereience: FaithfulMC (Admin/Head of SS), VeltPvP (Admin), SkyLords (Admin), HCGames (Helper), PvPing-Mc(Trail-Moderator), OPCraft (Staff Manager), PurgePOts (Helper), VexedMC (Moderator)
  15. Record? Yes
  17. Why: There are many reasons why I am applying for staff on StellarPvP. I have a couple of reasons why I want to be staff on Stellar is because of the Factions. Most of the time I hop on to the Faction server I see that there is some hacker and I report him a couple of times and he never gets banned? Most of the time they sit there for hours and just keep hacking without staff doing anything. So I think I could really help out the server with my activity on the server because I would always be online helping everyone with everything I can do. Next, also I am a very old player on the StellarPvP so that means I know the rules very well. I am the good player and nice to everyone I make sure that I can help everyone in a game as best as I can by always messaging people and helping them out if they need it. Sometimes in game I see someone that looks like they are cheating and I always report him and I think to myself if I was staff and I was the server at the time I would tp to him and check him out and watch him for about 15 minutes to see if he is cheating or using illegal mods. I not only know how to screen share hackers and cheaters I know how to screen share ddosers, doxing, and a ghost client maker. I always have a good passion for helping people. I always find those people in the community that when you make them mad in Discord or in game they will find a way to ruin your life by ddosing you and there is a lot of that in the community and I know that because when I was a bunch of power factions I have experienced that a lot of getting hit offline so I would like to stop as much as possible and get them blacklisted not unblacklisted for a while. I hate when I see people in game saying in chat "shit server" "this server is trash and the staff team is the worst" I would try to fix that as best as I can with helping out everyone with what they need even if it's the littlest thing I would make sure I took the time and helped them the right way and not just kick them from the channel and say goodbye. I join the game or Discord sometimes and I see that people are saying that Staff is the worst or they are shit, I would make sure to help those people and make it so that they don't say that the staff team is shit as long as the server. I have been in the HCF community for a very long time now and I know there is a bunch of toxic players and everything, I would love to help the staff team try and get rid of as much of the toxic players as we can and make faithful a better place because there is a bunch of young kids on the server that plays and they shouldn't see that. I've also been with Stellar for a very long time and I love seeing the server grow every day/SOTW. I have been seeing Stellar a server that is growing really fast and soon to be one of the best Faction servers out there.
  19. Why should we choose you?
  20. Time
  21. I have as much time as I need to help everyone on the server with things that they need. I always have the energy to do anything anyone needs me to do.
  23. Activity
  24. As I can be online for a very long time on the server I would like to prove it. I always on my computer even if Minecraft isn't open I will always be on my computer just doing random stuff. I am very experienced with my time on the computer and Minecraft. As I do have somewhat of a life, my hours on the server might go up and down sometimes because I do have friends outside of Minecraft that I love to hang out with.
  26. Toxicity
  27. I am very mature but sometimes I might get ticked and go off on a friend or someone who is just lying over and over to me. When I get a bit toxic I just to ask for a bit and eat something and just take a break for about 10 minutes and then I'm good but it is very rare for me to snap.
  29. Dedication
  30. I am a very dedicated person to every server that I like to play on. I like to describe myself very dedicated with every server I was staff online and some other server that I didn't get staff on but was dedicated, player. Also by being dedicated will show that your maturity to everyone and the staff team.
  32. Speed
  33. I type over 100 wpm and this is a quality that will allow being on top of things like staff chat messages for from like an Admin to do something I will always be quick to answer them. Also, this would be very good for all the players on Faithful by finding a hacker and getting right to them when they need to be gone before the next player gets killed and go raidable. I think this would really help out the server.
  35. Evidence
  36. I will always follow the rules to be on the staff team even if I have to record the hackers on the server. I get around 115 fps when I record so it will not be a problem when I need to record a hacker. I just action so everything will be saved and rendered if need to show.
  38. Bias
  39. I am not a biased person and I hate people that are. Sometimes I see on the server that staff members like to revive their friends, give items from a hacker to their friends, make punishments to their friends shorter, and try to make their friends not get banned by lying to get a base rolled back. I have treated everyone the same on every server I have been staff on and I will keep it that way. As I dislike bias people I would never want to be one.
  41. Screensharing
  42. Being part of the staff team means you need to know what you are looking for. I am a good screen share as of my past and people teach me something new everytime I am new to a server. Most of the things I can find. As I know a lot of the strings to find the clients and also many people know how to find clients faster and being staff on here I can find out more strings to help out the staff team catching hackers and people that use ghost clients. I know how to find out what the last thing they have used, to check if they have a USB client, to check the strings in the Java/Chrome, checking if they have deleted anything from their computer before the ss, and also checking if they have bought vape lite or the real vape and trying to see if it is on their computer.
  44. What way can you help? I can help by making sure players aren't being toxic on the server and making sure no one is cheating because I know how to deal with cheaters or players that just want to talk trash in chat all the time.
  46. Suggestions: I think the loot should be harder to get.
  48. Stregnths: Screensharing, Active, Typing, Talking, Getting to know people, making sure people are happy, telling the truth, getting the job done. Weaknesses: getting mad
  50. I have a job
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