Arcanas Resonating

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  1. [21:30] As she strides within the proximity of Gehenna, trails of white ember flicker behind the woman. The pinnacle of her flames persist if only for brief moments, and the further Miyo opts to walk upon the lands of Tecotchitlan, they dwindle away second after the next.
  3. It's apparent that the Chancellor is not in the best of conditions. Though, she turns around regardless thereafter making it across the lands towards Arlei, who greets her immediately upon arrival. A wave of the Kitsune's hand swiftly acknowledges her as the damaged woman pivots around towards another.
  5. "It's merely my flames trailing behind me. A mastery over my abilities that persist, is all." She states, turning towards the motherly drakanite woman conversating with her child.
  7. Upon Miyo's person and dresses happens to be glistening cosmic reside in the shades of crimson and azure. The signature of the drakanite's own daughter, Lilith remainpresent, yet and corruptive natures of that prowess are entirely drowned away by the permeating presence of Eternia within the Chancellor and Genmei's presence.
  9. Though, atop that prowess is sanguine vitality spilled of Miyo's own ichor that surrounds tears in her clothes where ebony ink seems to rest. A clear sign that she's been through multiple battles since she's gone out for a hunting within the few weeks of her roaming about.
  11. "Arlei, I've had a brief run-in with your daughter, Lirien." The fatigued Kitsune composes herself by standing straight. She isn't fine, however. Drained of her own mana- "But I came across one of the shadow beasts afterward. She got away though with plenty of injuries- burns, really. I have this for you," she says, opting to hand over Lilith's arcanium pendant to Arlei. It was proof of Miyo's battle against the drakanite's daughter.
  13. "This is Lirien's. And now it's yours. She also had my brother's weapon, which I will keep with me. But.. ah," a deep breath is drawn in that's raspy. She hadn't any long-lasting injuries, but Miyo was definitely a worn out mess.
  14. (Miyo Yuumi)
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  17. [21:33] Atreyu nods and then hearing what was going on, he listens. Though believing this was not his thing, he decides to walk off once more. But not before saying, "Thanks!" to Miyo's helpful commentary.
  18. (Atreyu)
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  21. [21:39] Listening to the womans words, her face turns from dorky and catlike, to deadly serious. Her right hand reaches outwards, accepting the pendant and grasping it tightly. Where did Lilith get Arcanium in the first place? Her eyes darted to the crimson arcanium brooch that adorned her marriage collar, running her fingers over the item.
  23. The womans mismatched eyes closed over as she sighed, lowering herself to the ground.
  25. "Thank you for not killing her. I've. . already lost a son, Aidan, in the last few days. I couldn't bear to lose a daughter too. . " the old woman muttered, her eyes opening and unfocusing as they locked onto the pendant truly.
  27. Perhaps this old thing had been given to her by the Ultovexian himself. It was something she'd certainly keep hold of long into the future, or give over to her children. Something felt off about the accessory, though; she'd certainly haveto run her energy through it later and purge whatever depravity slept within the metal.
  29. "Thank you, Miyo. Truly. I'm sorry about your encounter with the shadow beast, but you can leave those up to me, Yin and Helos. Me and Yin have a very, very personal grudge against them now. ." she snarled, spitting out a glob of glowing green mana.
  31. Shadow beast did not taste nice at all.
  33. Her hues darted over Miyo, examining her burns and injuries.
  35. "Do you need assistance with the pain, dear?"
  36. (Arlei Zanders)
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  39. [21:40] A husky, exasperated voice reverberates throughout the outskirts of Tecochtitlan, a presence ever looming, like the gaze of a thousand mirrors, would stalk those present with nonchalance. One could feel the attentive stares prod and analyze at their entire demeanor, vaguely ridding anyone of the sentiment that hiding secrets would keep them from being found.
  41. "Are you hurt, Miyo?" A halo of faint Arcane energies would extrapolate with the surrounding area. Accompanied by a vibrant glow, the presence of the navigator had made itself obvious.
  43. A sigh of both relief and distress would be heaved out upon closer inspection, coalescing in the assumption that she had not been victim to further harm.
  45. "You clearly need rest, Chancellor. 'Tis good to see you mostly unscathed."
  46. (Adar)
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  50. [21:50] "You're welcome, Arlei. I wouldn't have killed her," she admits. That was the truth behind the matter. There'd have been no death, though punishment was out there for her transgressions against Arlei- the arm removal. The Kitsune's eyes drift from the gifted pendant towards the drakanite's prosthetic. A sympathetic expression is made briefly.
  52. Though, she hadn't made an emotional response towards Aidan's demise yet. It wasn't thought of in that instance. Almost as if she had blocked it out intentionally once those words slid from her tongue. But once it registers, Miyo's eyes dart up towards the other's mismatched. Tears are immediate to stream downward as she's taken back by the information.
  54. "Aidan's dead..?" She asks, though Arlei's next semblance of narrations make apparent of how he may have initially died. "The shadow beasts did this?" It's hushed, though the true mention of it all.. it made her regret not fighting harder against the beast she had just encountered.
  56. Even if it wasn't the singular one who'd brought an end to the near-Illuminated Kitsune's life. But still, she was currently in shock by that information. Aidan was one of Miyo's good friends, and she was preparing something absolutely special for him and the Ritual of Rays.
  58. By now her mien has grown downcast with pink, ebony riddled bangs hiding away her eyes..
  60. "But thank you for the concern, Adar..." Her voice trails of. Raspy, and quiet. "I need rest, yes," she begins again through a cracking voice. Tears glisten as they drip towards the grasses below her features where she faces. "But no, no. I'll be fine, it's that.. you can't fix emotional pain." Her physical meant naught in this regard. She barely minded the battle wounds more than she did about the deliverance of Aidan's passing.
  62. But, now it was personal for her too.
  63. (Miyo Yuumi)
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  66. [22:03] Arlei nodded to Miyo, her head bowing deeply in respect.
  68. "Yeah. He passed on to the beasts. Me and Yin went out and got one of them immediately." she muttered, pulling the kids into a tight hug.
  70. "I think I cannibalised it. I wasn't entirely in control of my body at the time; watching through my own eyes as I just went on autopilot. I remember being eight foot tall with a much longer tail, and chomping down on it, but that's. . well, my memories are hazy. I'm piecing them together." she nodded, looking to her two kids.
  72. "Never again."
  73. (Arlei Zanders)
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  76. [22:03] Sus exclaims, "Nae, you will!"
  77. [22:03] Sus says, "Look. It's Juni."
  78. [22:03] Adar rather pensively regards the last few thoughts. Why hadn't he caught word of Aidan's passing? He certainly seemed in good health not too long ago. Though silent, bereavement was experienced in more than simply surface level.
  80. Aidan, during the days of the guild, was common guest to keenly hearing and learning the ways of fire. Few lectures were fed his way, back during the early days, as the boy struggled to find meaning and direction.
  82. "I can't believe this." Hushed, his clear disappointment was voiced out through clenched teeth. The unnerving grind of his jaw from side to side would adorn the soundscape with a tense, deafening, high pitched squeak.
  84. Now, gone. Another one he couldn't have saved in time.
  86. "I can..." The navigator spoke up, turning to the Chancellor once more. "I can offer clarity of mind, if you're finding distress. I have such capabilities as of now."
  88. The radiant glow surrounding the navigator's still transparent silhouette would ooze with bliss and wonder, as a hand would outstretch to hover close to Miyo's shoulder.
  90. "If… either one of you would like."
  91. (Adar)
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  94. [22:12] Sus exclaims, "Help Sus with Val!"
  95. [22:12] Sus exclaims, "Val mad at Sus!"
  96. [22:12] Juniper Invidia says, "Hmm..."
  97. [22:12] Val says, "Ya may as well step away from 'im too, cousin."
  98. [22:12] Arlei's explanation is lightly disregarded. Not out of disrespect for the other, but because she was grieving for Aidan. One of her thriving Luminates passing along the Lifestream to journey back to the cosmos above.
  100. As Adar's hand comes to nearly settle atop the Chancellor's shoulder, her neck cranes for her to glance upon the stars above as nightfall settles in over Agartha here.
  102. "There's another looming in its claimed domain of the Volcano," she mentions, turning her head down to face Arlei with that final reply. It was information for them to hunt it if she opted to do so.
  104. But as Miyo aims to turn around towards the illuminated silhouette of Adar, barely visible through an intangible body, the Kitsune lightly smiles. "But that sounds nice, Adar, if you wouldn't mind. A bit of it, yes."
  106. The conversations outside of their own are entirely disregarded as Miyo's mind closes them out.
  107. (Miyo Yuumi)
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  110. [22:13] Juniper pokes her own chin and ponders.
  111. (Juniper Invidia)
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  114. [22:37] With the palm of his appendage finally resting atop the Chancellor's shoulder, Adar's virtuous properties would shine through in clear, pale light. With a subtle flick of his slender fingers, a tender surge of vibrations had begun to invade Miyo's spine, starting from her nape and slowly making it's way over in both vertical directions.
  116. "We'll handle it after you've rested. Worry not." He'd reassure, offering a delicate squeeze. "Now's not the time."
  118. As her back lobe results affected by the acupuncture-like pinpricks of therapeutic quality, the kitsune would slowly begin to feel warm, wonderous ideas and emotions resurfacing with vigor, effectively fighting back against the dread and stress baring her listless then.
  120. Within a sparse dozen seconds, the virtue of Wisdom had found it's way into her subconscious, uncluttering her thought patterns. Not a cloud in sight - not one obstacle separating her from her goals. For a brief moment, before the keeper slid his hand off, signaling the end of the treatment, Miyo could've felt an enlightening current overcome her senses. The feeling of blooming and being in perfect tune with herself felt naught short of attainable. If time wasn't a constraint, one could've reached out and grabbed it.
  122. Not only was the blessing of knowledge present, but something further down within would resonate perfectly with Genmei's chosen. The eerie, yet grand flavor of the arcane, tuned in the same polarity as hers, laid premature, undiscovered, barely harnessed.
  124. At the receiving end of it, Adar shimmied in place, seemingly nearly losing his balance. A suffocated groan would see his hand meet the top of his forehead in reaction to the dagger-sharp migraine spawned by the feat.
  126. He'd make every effort to conceal it, however. Turning on his heel dismissively in an aloof gesture, facing away from the Avatar of the Illuminated.
  128. "I hope... you're better in spirits."
  129. (Adar)
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  132. [22:46] The oscillations begin to crawl amidst the Kitsune's vertebrae, though with what it entails follows in tow shortly thereafter pin-pricked sensations commence upon that structure. Unwinding thoughts detangle, allowing for a more filed mindset that's organized amongst her grief.
  134. The warmth permeates within, allowing emotions to untangle with vigor, as if the sentiments of her emotional cortex unwind all at once and open wide for another's allowance to see through that barrier. With Adar's motive, it helps bring ease to Miyo and reform herself within her temple to calm down and bring back her tranquil mindset between both magi of Order Arcana.
  136. The enlightening feat brought back her sense of direction, allowing the previous mindset and endeavors to protrude from below the base of that former sadness tucked away in the back of the Illuminated's mindset. There was little time for a downcast moment as there had been for her continuation of ambitions amidst Agartha's stagnation.
  138. There were still things to do and get done, though despite her current form and damaged body, rest was something she required before opting to act on those necessary goals within.
  140. His own prowess resonated akin to her own. Order wavering within, and bestowed back when he pivots away and gestures her off. However, Miyo lingers longer there before initial leave in order to allow hers and Genmei's immense connection to swirl around Adar's own temple and deplete the sharpened pains she could feel within, vaguely. Empathy, Lifestream touched mana allows for the healing of that quickened feeling he gifted her so it was only right that the Phoenix Blessed woman gave him back something similar. Tranquility was soothing, coupled with a gratifying warmth of her intangible, fiery essence. A warmth incomparable to most, amalgamated with Eternia.
  142. "I will be after rest, and I hope it's the same case with you," she says before bowing to him and departing.
  143. (Miyo Yuumi)
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