Along Came a Spider (nsfw; Rarity; Twilight Sparkle)

Jun 1st, 2014
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  1. Twilight casts a stupid spell and turns Rarity into a spider.
  3. >Be Spike
  4. >In Rarity's house trying to find her
  5. >Twilight said a spell went wrong and she told him to go get Rarity right away
  6. "I was sure she was in here....where could she..."
  7. >You weren't looking where you were going
  8. >Usually this meant tripping or falling down some stairs
  9. >But today you got stuck on something
  10. >Huh, you can't seem to move...
  11. >Struggle and try to get away
  12. "What the heck is this!? It's like a giant--"
  13. >"--Spider web?"
  14. >Whoa, you heard Rarity but she sounded like she was above you
  15. >You couldn't turn your head to look
  16. >"Oh Spikey-Wikey, you've become tangled in my thread~"
  17. >She sounded different too.
  18. >Not enough that he couldn't tell it was her just...what was that word?
  19. >You read it in a book once...
  20. >Sultry?
  21. >Something fuzzy touched the top of your head and you yelped, struggling more
  22. >That felt like a leg!
  23. >Was this...oh no!
  24. >You got a glimpse of your feet and saw the white webbing keeping them stuck
  25. >This is a spider web!!
  26. "Ahhhh! Rarity! Help!!! I'm on the second floor, a Spider!!"
  27. >Rarity giggles from above again
  28. >She must be in the attic!
  29. >If she walked down and--
  30. >"Stop wiggling, my itty bitty dragon! I'll get you loose"
  31. >More furry legs touched your head, your shoulders, your body
  32. >You shivered when you saw them, long, white, spiderlegs
  33. >They pulled and twisted the web and with a thud you fell to the floor
  34. "Rarity!! I got free, whatever you do don't---"
  35. >Your voice is stuck in your throat
  36. >The spider was smiling at you and rubbing one of its arms behind its head
  37. >On its abdomen was Rarity's cutie mark
  38. >"Oh Spike, I hope I didn't scare you...I've been..rather enjoying this little accident"
  39. >She turned her head up
  40. >Six blue eyes looked back at yours
  41. "R-r-r-r-rarity?!"
  42. >You passed out
  43. >You come to
  44. >You're in some kind of bed
  45. >Its warm but whoever made it tucked the covers in a little too tight
  46. >You try to move your arms but you can't
  47. >What the heck is...ohno!
  48. >You're back in the web, completely spun up in thread
  49. >Spider-Rarity is humming softly as she adds more of her web to your prison
  50. "Rarity! What are you doing!?"
  51. >"Oh Spike, you passed out it was dreadful! I didn't want you to wake up too fast and hurt yourself again! Also, is my bed for you not marvelously comfortable?"
  52. >She closed all six of her eyes and smiled brightly
  53. >Her first two legs rubbing together
  54. >You didn't want to hurt her feelings so
  55. "It's....comfy, heh"
  56. >"Splendid! You stay there till you feel tip-top!"
  57. >Rarity crawled along her web and tugged on a strand
  58. >You felt your body rise up to where she was resting
  59. >"While you were...sleeping I respun my web. Is it not grand? I used a technique from my sewing to give it a certain post-modern feel to it."
  60. >You had no idea what she was talking about but you nod all the same
  61. >Your neck was the only part of you you could still move
  62. >"Oh thank you Spike! You are such a wonderful friend!"
  63. >She crawled along your prison and kissed you on the forehead
  64. >Even with her looking like that, you blushed
  65. >Heck, her body was covered with more fur than usual and looked amazing to hug
  66. >Leave it to Rarity to keep her beauty as a giant spider
  67. >"Feeling better, Spike?"
  68. >You nod sheepishly
  69. >"Ok, I'll get you down then! Stay stilll~"
  70. >She giggled and turned her body so all her legs rested on the cocoon she made
  71. >Slowly you began to spin, her legs unwrapping you like a spindle of thread
  72. >"I must admit, you look quite adorable as my itty bitty prisoner~"
  73. "I...uhh...don't spiders...ya stuff in their webs?"
  74. >You swallow hard and try not to think about how she's going to take that
  75. >But she giggled again and you felt the cocoon loosen
  76. >"Oh Spike you are a kidder! How uncivilized would it be for me to devour my favorite guest!"
  77. >You force a chuckle
  78. >"Besides, your scales were far too tough for my fangs. I cannot have this gorgeous smile damaged by a snack~"
  79. >As you spun by her face, she winked three of her eyes
  80. >That wasn't funny
  81. >Neither was how OK she was about all this
  82. >Maybe that was part of the magic? The pony effected by it doesn't mind?
  83. >Or maybe Pinkie Pie was right all those times she suggested Rarity had a screw loose
  84. >"But where are my manners, why are you here, Spike?"
  85. "Umm...Twilight said a magic spell went wrong and...I think i see what happened"
  86. >"I admit this change was quite sudden, I should have attributed it to our Princess. Always learning new magic, that one."
  87. >The webbing loosened enough and you fell from the cocoon
  88. >The floor came up to meet you but you stopped abruptly maybe an inch from faceplant
  89. >Rarity had webbed your foot and crawled down to meet you
  90. >With a flick of her leg, you fell the rest of the way
  91. >Much softer landing than before
  92. >You dust off the remaining webbing and get your first complete look at Rarity-Spider
  93. >Exotic didn't even begin to describe what she had become
  94. >She smiled again, exposing two very pointy fangs in her mouth
  95. "You're a lot more....fluffy?"
  96. >Best compliment you could give
  97. >"I know! Feel my coat, Spike! If I knew spiders were this soft I might not have been so upset when they came to visit"
  98. >She creeped behind you quickly, rubbing her big round abdomen against your back
  99. >You leaned back into her she wasn't kidding
  100. >It was still a little weird so you don't stay there but all things considered you could fall asleep on her back
  101. >And wake up webbed and upsidedown..
  102. "Tw-twilight said...umm..."
  103. >Rarity smiled again, showing her fangs
  104. >Her front legs rubbed together
  105. >All six of her eyes were staring at you
  106. >You scratch your head
  107. "Twilight said to come to the library and she'll...change you back?"
  108. >"Oh! No-no-no! Spike, I am not going to change back! Why would I go back to being a common mare when I am so...exotic!"
  109. >She crawled along a wall and to the ceiling
  110. >Her webbing let her drop in front of the fullsized vanity in her room
  111. >"My my, Spike, would you not find me irresistible? Ravishing? The beauty of a gorgeous mare mixed flawlessly with the mysterious and alluring body of a spider! Stallions wouldn't know to be ensnared by my elegance or my web"
  112. >She snickered and ran a furry leg through her mane
  113. >"I could never return to being a common mare!"
  114. >You shook your head and kicked at the floor a little
  115. "I liked you the way you were, Rarity..."
  116. >"Humph! Are you sure, Spikey-poo?"
  117. >You hear her clatter around in her room, then she emerges
  118. >Wearng the heart ruby you gave to her years ago
  119. >She slowly, seductively, even moreso with her legs, approaches you
  120. >You swallow again, and you can tell she picked up on your uncertainty
  121. >Twilight sent you to get Rarity to come down and be changed back
  122. >But if she likes this body, why did she have to?
  123. >You feel the first of her many legs begin to touch your body
  124. >"Oh Spike...has my new look frozen you too? My my, I must be careful. This new me is quite..."
  125. >She turned to the mirror
  126. >She was blushing at her own reflection
  127. >"...treacherous. Heehee!"
  128. >Her legs wrapped around you
  129. >She was so soft, you felt your knees buckle
  130. >"Lets...go see Twilight together, hmm? Perhaps we can convince her to change her mind?"
  131. >A fluffyleg ran under your chin
  132. >You laughed like an idiot
  133. >You've been under Rarity's 'spell' before but it has never been this bad
  134. >What the heck was it about her that made her so
  135. >"My Spike is speechless! Perhaps I should tie you back up?"
  136. >Maybe that was it...
  137. >"Let's go now, it is not proper to keep her waiting~"
  138. >You feel her lift you with one of her legs and deposit you on what was considered her back
  139. >"Hang on, Spikey"
  140. >You grab handfuls of her fluff and pull your body down
  141. >She was surprisingly warm too
  142. >And even stranger, you felt her heartbeat against your tail
  143. >It was racing, she was excited about going outside
  144. >Her legs moved suddenly, lifting her off the ground and latching on the wall
  145. >You gripped her tighter and closed your eyes
  146. >"Hee-hee, who needs stairs, am I right?"
  147. >You try and nod but another jolt sends you nearly airborn
  148. >Is she...?
  149. >You steal a glance and see parts of the town whizzing by
  150. >She's swinging!!
  151. >"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! This is what Rainbow Dash must feel like at her races!"
  152. >You felt like you might throw up
  153. >It wasn't anything like flying at all
  154. >More like falling, climbing, then sudden jerks in a direction
  155. >Anytime you opened your eyes you instantly regretted it
  156. >But Rarity, she was having the time of her life
  157. >"ooooo~ Spike, lets have some fun! Is the window on Twilight's balcony open?"
  158. "I....urk! Umm..I...think so?"
  159. >"Marvelous!"
  160. >She flips you two high into the air and a stream of web hits the oak tree and yanks you two upwards
  161. >The momentum pulls you toward the top of the tree, her legs sprawling outward to catch a branch
  162. >Right above Twilight's telescope
  163. >She was outside looking through it, completely oblivious to the giant arachnid
  164. >"She's going to be so spooked!"
  165. >You were finally still enough to nod against her coat
  166. >She slowly lowered the two of you right in front of the lens of the telescope
  167. >Twilight gasped and backed up, then screamed outright
  168. >"SPIDER!! that...Spike why are..."
  169. >Rarity smiled and crawled down Twilight's telescope and leaned to the side
  170. >You dismounted and nearly kissed the ground
  171. >".....Rarity!? OHNO I'm so sorry!"
  173. >Be Rarity, the spider
  174. >Spike looked a little green so letting him off was a good idea
  175. >Couldn't have him 'soiling' your wonderful coat
  176. >Twilight had already run off into the library so you chased after her
  177. >You were never the most physical lady around, so moving this fast and agile was exhilarating
  178. >"Don't worry, Rarity! I'll have you fixed in no time!"
  179. >Twilight was galloping down the stairs when you reached the main room of the library
  180. >With a grin that showed the tiniest bits of your fangs, you linked your web to the ceiling and slid down to your purple friend
  181. >As she was flipping through a book, you wrapped all eight of your legs around her body and lifted her up
  182. >"R-r-rarity!? What are you doing!?"
  183. "Twilight, sweetie, I need to thank you! I just swung all the way here on my own webs and I feel remarkable!"
  184. >" being a spider?!"
  185. >You swing gently to the second floor and let Twilight go
  186. >She lands roughly on her hooves and spins around, looking you over with a mix of fright and surprise
  187. >You can't keep yourself from grinning, and you seem to delight in rubbing your first set of legs together
  188. >"I...guess if you want you can stay that way but...aren't you worried about ponies being afraid?"
  189. >You lowered yourself further and softly touch down on your many legs
  190. >Each one with the daintiest thump on the hard wood floor
  191. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, dear Twilight"
  192. >As you approach her, you feel some odd sensations in your body
  193. >The same as earlier with Spike, it felt as if your body yearned to wrap itself around her
  194. >Not being one to ever deny yourself, you placed your first pair of legs on Twilight's shoulders
  195. >She quietly gasped but she made no attempt to run
  196. >Touching her fur made your heart begin to beat wildly, deep in your new body
  197. >Your breath quickened as well, and your fangs felt tingly
  198. >"'re so...soft..."
  199. >Just like Spike
  200. >Was this some sort of magic?
  201. >A magical unicorn spider that was irresistible?
  202. >Your next set of legs encircles her neck, feeling the strands of her mane between your fur
  203. >You could feel her breath against your neck, her pulse on your legs
  204. "Are you...scared of me now, Twilight?"
  205. >She looked into your eyes
  206. >All six of them, all fluttering
  207. >"Y-yes..."
  208. >She barely whispered
  209. >Her body trembled under yours and she slowly lowered her rear to the floor
  210. >Your third pair of legs wrapped around her middle
  211. >"I can''re so..."
  212. >She couldn't form words with you on her like this
  213. >You gently began to run your first legs through her mane, soothing her, calming her
  214. >"Rarity...this...isn't're..."
  215. "You're right, Twilight, dear. It's...."
  216. >You leaned closer to her ear and ever so gently nipped the tip with your fangs
  217. >Twilight shuttered and her cheeks flushed red
  218. "It's far better, is it not?"
  219. >"y-yes...Rarity that...spell wasn't...."
  220. >Twilight closed her eyes and exhaled sharply
  221. >As you lifted your final set of legs from the ground and began to wrap web around her
  222. >Loosely now, too much and she'll be unable to move
  223. >Somewhere in your mind, you found you liked it when they could wiggle and struggle
  224. >"Rarity...this...spell was...not to turn you..into..."
  225. >Twilight gasped when your lower legs stroked at her bottom
  226. >" was....lust...temp...ta..."
  227. >She leaned forward and your lips met
  228. >My my, Twilight Sparkle, you naughty girl~
  229. >A gentle push of your legs breaks the kiss
  230. >""
  231. >Twilight's cheeks were flushed, her eyelids heavy and her body was heating up under your legs
  232. >"Twilight, tell me what kind of spell that was and maaaaaaybe I'll let you kiss me again"
  233. >You run a leg under her chin
  234. >She shutters and weakly moans
  235. >"I...was...reading and...spell to make...someone...close...desire...mmm....rub my back...more..."
  236. >You oblige her, giggling sweetly at how submissive she's become
  237. "Is that why I find myself so...striking?"
  238. >"y-yes...and...magic. your..venom...aphro....disiac....I'm so...I need..."
  239. >She tried to stand but your webbing kept her from pouncing you
  240. "Ah-ah-ah, now now, I believe moi is in charge, am I not?"
  241. >"Yes...yes....please...don't....ah~"
  242. >Not one to torture your friend, you give the web around her waist a tug
  243. >Her eyes droop and her mouth opens
  244. >You lean in for a much more passionate exchange of 'venom'
  245. >Fangs began to drip as her lips pressed to yours and her tongue shot to the two needlethin spines in your mouth
  246. >She wanted more, she needed it!
  247. >Your legs worked up and down her back, kneading her muscles into jelly
  248. >You tried to take control, pushing your tongue gently against hers, stroking along its warm surface
  249. >But, alas, poor Twilight was quite a terrible kisser
  250. >You had to pull her away, her lips dripping a translucent blue fluid
  251. "No no no, Twilight, that is not how you kiss a lady"
  252. >She weakly nodded and attempted to kiss again
  253. >Only for you to pull away
  254. "If I am to remain this way, we must teach you a thing or two about the art of love"
  255. >""
  256. >Her voice was the quietest whisper
  257. >How adorable!
  258. >You had wrapped up enough of her body in your web for easy transport, so you let her go
  259. >"No...Rari....rarity...don't..."
  260. "Shhhhhhh, we're only going somewhere more...private"
  261. >You looked to your right, Spike had been staring the whole time
  262. >Who knew what sort of naughty thoughts were racing through his head
  263. "Spike you little pervert, spying on us as we..discussed my condition?"
  264. >Spike's feet were glued to the floor, it would seem
  265. >Leaving the incapacitated Twilight behind, you crawl over to the little dragon
  266. >You lick your lips and prick your tongue with your own fangs
  267. >Oh my that is something
  268. >Placing a furry leg on Spike's shoulder, you whisper hotly into his ear
  269. "Do you still prefer the old me?"
  270. >He shakes his head no as fast as he could
  271. "I thought as much. Now SpikeyWikey be a dear and keep the library closed. I cannot have any interruptions while I work"
  272. >He nods yes and runs off, nearly tumbling down the stairs
  273. >Now with the little peeper taken care of...
  274. >Twilight had fallen on her side and was shakily trying to crawl back to you
  275. >So cute!
  276. >Collecting the floozy that was once Princess Twilight Sparkle, you gently lifted her on your back and retreated to her bedroom.
  277. >"Rari..soft...wond...derful...yours.."
  278. "It's ok, deary, I understand"
  279. >"Oh...kay..."
  280. >Climbing up her bed, you loosened the webbing around her body just enough to let her become comfortable
  281. >She instantly tries to kiss you again
  282. "Now now, Twilight, let me kiss you somewhere more...enjoyable."
  283. >The lust was frozen on her face, her legs, wings, even her horn seeming to tremble at the thought
  284. >You gradually pin her down with your legs, laying her on her back
  285. >Leaning in, you kiss Twilight gently on her neck
  286. >She moaned suddenly, her hips bucking against your larger body
  287. "Oh Twilight, do you need it THAT badly?"
  288. >"M-...magic....magic...venom"
  289. >Her hips bucked again
  290. >You licked your own fangs
  291. "I haven't even given you a full dose, am I that overwhelming?"
  292. >""
  293. >Well well, that explains a lot
  294. >Poor Twilight
  295. >You were the generous sort
  296. >It would be not be proper if you didn't give Twilight all you could offer her
  297. >So with another lick of her neck, you plunged your fangs down and felt the magical glands empty their contents into the quivering mare
  298. >Twilight cried out, first in pain, then the venom did its work and you felt the webbing below her waist become damp
  299. >For that to happen just from a bite?
  300. >My my either you were quite the specimen or Twilight...
  301. >Oh ho this shall be fun
  302. "Twilight..."
  303. >You licked at the spot on her neck you had bitten
  304. >Twilight tried in vain to answer you but she only struggled and pulled at the webbing
  305. >Had you not tied her up she would have been all over you
  306. "..that night you claim to have spent with...that colt, what was his name?"
  307. >"I...don't...remember"
  308. "Did you make that up?"
  309. >"Y-yes....I'm....I never..."
  310. "Ah-ha! I knew it! You sly girl, you"
  311. >You rubbed her cheek with your leg
  312. >She nuzzled it, kissing and licking it
  313. >"Don'"
  314. "Oh very well, Twilight. It would appear you've...'waited' long enough if all your stories were tiny white lies"
  315. >"I...kissed...boy in....junior...."
  316. >You shushed her and tugged on the web, lifting her body in the air
  317. >Using your back legs to undo the webbing around her rump, you carefully rotated her body
  318. >The second she felt the webbing slack, her wings pressed against the thread
  319. >You quickly crawled on her back and pressed them back down, not letting Twilight get free
  320. "Be good, Twilight! Or I may have to find someone else--"
  321. >"No! Don't...don't say..."
  322. >You shush her again and re-web her torso while the rest of you releases her bottom
  323. >As you crawled back, you admired your work
  324. >Not nearly as exquisite as your webs back home, but alas, time and need were the enemy of elegance
  325. >Twilight was webbed to her bed, all but her head and her rear exposed
  326. >You licked your lips and grinned when you saw her quivering marehood, fluid pouring from her sex
  327. >The smell of her musk made you feel slightly lightheaded
  328. >You salivated and were overwhelmed by a sudden need to lick her juices
  329. >Leaning down, your legs bracing her rear and hips in your webs, you licked below her marehood
  330. >A lady does not kiss and tell, but you have been around the stable so to speak
  331. >So you knew what a mare tasted like and could safely say it was nothing spectacular
  332. >But Twilight for some reason, her juices tasted like the most expensive wine you have ever had the privilege of savoring
  333. >You couldn't resist lapping up the spent fluid from her bum and legs
  334. >Twilight groaned and begged, misinterpreting your licking for another form of teasing
  335. >But you could barely help yourself, you were craving it almost like it was....
  336. >Food?
  337. >Could it be that...this new form of hers actually delighted in...
  338. >Curiosity and instinct driving you further, you dragged your tongue upward and had your first real taste
  339. >Twilight gasped and you felt her legs attempt to buck out of the webbing
  340. >Her struggling excited you further and you took another lick...and another
  341. >You swallowed and felt a wonderful haze take your body, euphoria even!
  342. >You you NEEDED more!
  343. >Twilight 'winked' when she felt your breath on her swollen lips
  344. >You ran your tongue barely inside her, feeling the growing heat building within her
  345. >Her muffled begging and her struggling worsened as you forced yourself to go slowly
  346. >Slowly would mean more of her delightful nectar, after all
  347. >Your tongue teased the flesh between her lips and her hole
  348. >You could see everything with your multiple eyes, her winking clit, her trembling donut, and everything in between
  349. "You've made me quite the beauty, Twilight"
  350. >You hear a muffled moan and a plea from the foot of the bed
  351. >She winked again and more of her fluid flowed into your mouth
  352. >You sighed and exhaled, the trembling mare below you driving your own lust to levels you've never felt in your life
  353. >You tasted something else on your tongue as well
  354. >Your fangs were beginning to drip again
  355. >You tasted your own 'venom' and you couldn't will yourself to keep up this teasing
  356. >What you could only figure was your stomach growled slightly, the need to feed on your prey overwhelming your conscious mind
  357. "Twilight...I...must...I must drink you!"
  358. >You heard a muffled moan as your tongue returned to her sex, this time going right for her swollen, winking clit
  359. >Her lips contracted and she gasped for more as the first of many orgasms began to rumble through her body
  360. >The first splash of her hot mare juice hit your face and you licked and gulped it down
  361. >The second and third nearly caused you to stumble yourself, your body reacting as if someone was licking you...well...wherever one did on a spider
  362. >Another burst of her nectar coated your lips and you greedily drank it down
  363. >More, you thought, you had to have more
  364. >Your forelegs gripped her chubby flanks and pulled them apart
  365. >You pushed your face further between them and snaked your tongue around her clit, nearly capturing the throbbing organ
  366. >It shivered and its constriction cause Twilight to beg you to stop
  367. >You could hear her, and you wanted to listen but your body was in some sort of lustful autopilot
  368. >Fangs dripping with venom, body shivering with need, you plunged the needle like pincers directly into her clit
  369. >Twilight screamed, a deep moan of sheer pleasure as her own body succumbed to a thunderous orgasm
  370. >You released her clit in time for a stream of her marejuice to coat your face
  371. >You sloppily drank it down, the lewd slurps and moans barely audible over Twilight's screaming
  372. >Good thing too, slurping her food was not very becoming of a lady
  373. >After a period of passion...ecstasy...euphoria, whatever you wished to call it
  374. >You found yourself slumped against Twilight's cushy rump with an intoxicated smile on your face
  375. >You were breathing heavily, your lower body feeling swollen and almost engorged
  376. >But you had to pull yourself up and untie Twilight
  377. >Sucking in a slow, deliberate breath, you slowly crawled along her constricted body till your reached her head
  378. >Twilight was breathing as heavily as you were, her pillows covered with bite marks and her own spittle
  379. >You certainly lived up to what her spell was intended for, it seems
  380. >Nuzzling her with your leg, she stirred and turned her head as much as she could
  381. >"Rare....ity..? That was...I...where am I?"
  382. "In your bedroom, sweetie, let me help you up, hmm?"
  383. >She nodded weakly
  384. >You let your legs do the work for you, unwrapping the limp alicorn
  385. >"I...I'm not...changing you back..."
  386. >You giggled and gave her cheek a peck
  387. "I thought you'd see it my way~"
  388. >It took a few minutes to completely free her
  389. >Unlike Spike, she put no effort to escape so you laid her on her side
  390. >She gave you a dreamy little smile before laying her head back down
  391. >"Can you...cuddle with me?"
  392. >Rarity sighed and nodded, lowering her body by the middle and wrapping her left legs around Twilight's body
  393. >"So soft..."
  394. "You're pretty squishy yourself, Darling~"
  395. >You pulled her under you and your right legs found their way around her, making a sort of blanket out of your body
  396. >Twilight mumbled something before drifting off to sleep
  397. >You, on the other hand, heard a bit of commotion from downstairs
  398. >You couldn't tell which of your friends was arguing with Spike but they were insisting on coming up to Twilight's room
  399. >Something about her screaming
  400. >With a sneaky grin, you pulled a blanket on Twilight and leaped to the ceiling
  401. >As quick as you could, you constructed a crude web right behind the door to Twilight's room
  402. >Her next meal was on its way upstairs
  404. END
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