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  1. How do I make gems for trophies?
  3. To make the Etched Aquamarine Eye gems that are required for several trophies, you need to have 1009 skill in Spellcrafting (to make the gems at a yellow level). First, you need to get the supplies. All but one if found in the housing zone markets (not the houses merchants) under the Alchemy supply merchant. They are at the bottom of the page. You will also need a diamond seal.
  5. The first step is to get a cleansed Diamond Seal. Go to the taxidermist in the market and hand them a diamond seal. This is the NPC without a title next to the taxidermist apprentice. The next step is to make a crushed diamond seal. Make sure you have 1 cleansed diamond seal and a bewitched hammer which you buy from the the Alchemy Supply merchant. The crushed diamond seal is listed as the second to last item on your Spellcrafting list. Finally the last step is to make the Etched Aquamarine Eye. Once again make sure you have all the supplies. It is the last item at the bottom of your list. Total cost for 1 Etched Aquamarie Eye including the diamond seal is about 270g.
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